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TRANSPARENCY IN ONLINE EDUCATION Ea In this edition of the newspaper Education the focus is on transparency and how it can influence the quality of education. Society Network and the great speed with which information spreads is a reality, education must fit into this cultural model, taking advantage for students to learn from what is published by his colleagues and certainly the concern with the quality of that is produced will increase, as will be available in "Network."

Of course the network to be used in a balanced way, meaning you can decide how much you want to be known and transparent to others. And please note that it is a challenge to reconcile the balance between transparency and privacy. In this edition we will bring some excerpts from the interview of Professor Morten Flate Paulsen Transparency in Education Online for Michael F. Shaughnessy – Senior


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You argue that transparency im proves quality in online education. W hat exactly do you m ean by this?

“…transparency has the following three positive effects on quality: •Preventive quality improvement, because we are prone to provide better quality when we know that others have access to our work •Constructive quality improvement, because we may learn from others when we have access to their work •Reactive quality improvement, because we may receive feedback from others when they have access to our work”

Any final comm ents?

As you may see, I have a broad view on transparency. I do promote a high degree of transparency, but I admit that there is an ethical and moral challenge to find the right balance between transparency and privacy.

Meet and interview in f ull:


Morten Flate Paulsen is Professor of Online Education, Director of Development at NKI Distance Education ( in Norway and Vice President of EDEN ( - the European Distance and E-Learning Network. He is Doctor of Education from the Pennsylvania State University and Master of Science in Engineering from the Norwegian Institute of Technology.

For Tercília Assis (student educacion on-line) : “The opportunity to record what we build and give the opportunity to meet several people and access is important (transparency), serves as a parameter to other research and reference to further work being done by other students or scholars. And so we leave individualism aside and think about the collaborative construction and sharing”


Transparency in Online Education  

Newspaper about the Transparency in Online Education.

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