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Welcome to Denville Designs Since 1990 Denville Designs was founded in 1990 and has over 26 years experciance in curtains and blinds; with the largest selection of fabrics to suit all styles and budgets. In addition to the brochure and website, you can visit Denville Designs showroom in Gibraltar. You will see our exclusive fabric ranges and can speak directly to our knowledgeable and friendly staff who can also help you coordinate your paint colours and wallpapers . I look forward to welcoming you to Denville Designs Gibraltar in the near future. Meme Fairbank, Director.

How we can help you Measuring & Fitting Service Call our showroom to book an appointment with one of our experienced fitters. Our fitting service is available in Gibraltar and the whole area of Campo de Gibraltar.

Expert Advice

Our highly trained and experienced sales staff have an excellent knowledge of all the fabrics and made to measure curtains and blinds. They can help you choose the most suitable fabric, colour and style. They are also familiar with all the major designer paint ranges so can propose fabrics which work well with your colours. Most of these paint cards are held in the showrooms for easy reference.

Home Consultation

One of our interior design team will come to your home with fabric samples and paint cards to help you choose the best style, shade and texture for your soft furnishings.

How to get a quote

You can get a quote by e-mailing your measurements, or by calling us or visiting our showroom. It is helpful to send us images of the windows as well as the measurements as we can discuss exact fixing point for the curtains and blinds.



While blinds are often considered to be ideal option for a modern look, curtains work equally well, and usually more effective insulation from cold and noise

Two Tone

Eyelet Heading

Tab Top

This is an inexpensive way to create a smart contemporary look; combine two fabrics in different colours and textures such as linen and velvet. Using two shades of the same colour has stylish impact.

A curtain pole threaded through metal eyelets in the top of the fabric panels creates a simple look that stacks neatly with no rings or tracks. Perfect for an understated contemporary interior.

Requiring less fabric than gathered or pleated headings, tab tops are a cost-effective way to use expensive fabrics. For added interest, decorative hold-backs will create an appealing shape.

Soft Pelmet

Hard Pelmet

Clip On

While they are associated with traditional decorating schemes, pelmets have been embraced by designers of contemporary interiors. Fabrics can be stiffened with buckram to give them a more solid look.

Pelmets can also be made from wood that can either be painted or covered with fabric. For a sleek, pareddown look,create a pelmet that runs the entire length of the wall and blends with the wall colour.

The simplest type of heading is made from clipon-rings. Available at haberdashers,they are unlikely to be robust enough to hold heavy curtains but are ideal for lightweight panels such as sheers.



This style of curtain is a natural choice for period houses. If you want to create a restrained feel, consider using fabrics and accessories in a subtle palette of colours

Swags and Tails

Fringed Self Valance

Shaped Pelmet

This style is a classic ingredient for the English country-house look and is ideal for formal dining and sitting rooms. To soften the elaborate appearance, use fabrics and trimmings in neutral tones.

The valance on this curtain is made from a width of fabric attached to the head of the curtain .The fringe on the sides and botteom edgematching the trim on the curtains leading edge-creates a neat finish.

For a discreetly decorative feel, this hard, shaped pelmet is a great option. Here, definition has been achieved by adding braid to both the pelmet and the fabric tie-backs.

Gathered Valance

Simple Swag

Box Pelmet

This valance combines a gather with a deep upstand (the fabric that protrudes up from the pole). Ideal for bedrooms, it is often made with a floral fabric and is perfect for creating a country style.

The combination of elaborate swags and patterned fabric can create quite a theatrical look, but when they are made from plain fabrics such as silk or linen they offer a simpler, more classic feel.

This is a great way to create a neat, traditional look. There is a wide variety of pelmet finishes on offer such as painted, gilded and wood. A pair of elegant tie-backs or holdbacks complete the look.

Curtains CLASSIC

Combine simple details, restrained fabrics and effortless functionality to create a pair of curtains that will look good in any setting and stand the test of time

Pencil Pleats

Shaped Pelmet

Pleated Pelmet

With its simple, restrained feel, this style of heading is suited to a wide range of interiors from living rooms to bedrooms. Depending on the look you want to create, the pleats can be shallow or deep.

This style of shaped fabric pelmet, stiffened with buckram, offers a great opportunity to create a Geometric, Art Deco feel. A plain linen fabric in a muted shade would be ideal for this style.

Box pleating is a great option for a wide variety of different types of upholstery and soft furnishing. On this design it lends a smart, tailored look that is perfect for living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms.

Self Valance

Button Detailing

Tie-Top Heading

To create this smart design, the band of fabric added to the top of the curtain has been given a box pleat. A classic choice of fabric would be a damask design in a rich opulent colour such as deep red.

Fabric-covered buttons in either a matching or contrasting fabric make a tab-top heading more decorative. Button kits are available from haberdashers-or look out for ready-made leather buttons.

For a relaxed look, consider a tie-top heading made from the same fabric and sewn to the top of the curtain. Bear in mind that this isn't necessarily as practical as rings or tracks.

Poles Wood Poles

We offer a wide range of wood poles in both corded and uncorded options. Brands include Regency, JLS, Sunflex, Swish, Harrison Drape and Integra.

Metal Poles & Bay Pole

Including brands such as Silent Gliss, Integra and Swish as well as our own Regency poles we have an extensive range of both corded and uncorded options. Silent Gliss Metropole is made to measure and is ideal for bay windows. Other options include double layering poles and off the shelf bay pole components.

Tracks Made to measure tracks

We offer a full made to measure service on selected Regency, Silent Gliss and Integra tracks. Made to exact size requirements we can also bend to fit bay windows and archways. Tracks are available corded or uncorded, and we also offer electrically operated systems.

Metal and Plastic Tracks

With such and extensive range there really is something for everyone. Metal or plastic, corded or uncorded, our off the shelf products suit all budgets and weight requirements. We also have a selection of metal and plastic tracks that can be bent into bay windows on site.

Customise your curtains Borders, Trims & Tiebacks

We have an eclectic range of trimmings. Our ranges include the latest trends including beaded trims and pom poms. As well as complete trimming ranges we also offer standalone tieback ranges. From the majestic to the functional there is something for every budget. Trimmings included in our ranges: Tie-Backs, Key Tassels, Rosettes, Braid, Tassel Fringe, Bullion...

Leading Edge and Bottom Borders

Top and Bottom Borders

Upper Border

Outer Edge Border

Double Bottom Border

Inset Border

Border Piping

Leading Edge Fringe


Blinds & Venetian BLINDS

Whether you choose to use them on their own or to combine them with curtains, blinds have a chic, simple look that is perfect for a huge array of schemes and settings

Roller Blind

The clean lines of this type of blind are ideal for a contemporary scheme as well as rooms where space is limited. Even if you opt for curtains, combining them with roller blinds offers optimum versatility.

Pull-Up Blind

This blind is similar in construction to a roller blind, but it is pulled upwards from a cartridge at the bottom of the window, thereby offering a combination of light and privacy.

Roman Blind

Lifting up into a neat stack of folds via a pulley system, this is one of the most popular styles. For effective insulation choose a heavyweight fabric-for the best of both worlds combine with curtains.

Wooden Blind

Bring a classic, timeless style and natural beauty to any home or office.Wood blinds are the best way to improve the look of windows and make your living or working area appear bigger and more spacious.

London Blind

This blind is raised and lowered using two cords threaded though tapes and attached to the back. it is a softer style than a roman blind, with tow attractive inverted pleatsideal for a bedroom.

Aluminium Blind

Aluminium Venetian Blinds are timeless, offering a classic fashion or contemporary dĂŠcor look and they available in a wide range of colours and finishes. Not only does this make them perfect for a contemporary home but also for businesses and offices.

Customise your blinds

Side and Bottom Borders

Blackout lining is strongly recommended to hide the seams of the borders.

Centre Stripe

Cascades and underhangs on Romans will vary according to the size of the blind.

Voile Blind

Blind with beading

Roman Blind with Braid

A good way of hiding joins on wide blinds.


Pelmets are made of hardwood covered in Dacron and in a fabric of your choice. They are available in a selection of shapes and sizes and can be made to fit bay windows. They provide the best solution for light exclusion.


Something special add the luxury of a bespoke valance, the ultimate accessory when dressing your window.


Custom-upholstered beds & headboards create the perfect bedroom with customupholstered bedroom furniture.

Divan Base & Ma ress

Price List Curtains & Blinds. The below prices are for windows sizes 150x230. Including fabric + linings

Pencil Pleat Unlined Lined Blackou lined

Hand Pinch Pleat Unlined Lined Blackout lined

£ 230 £ 313 £ 349

£ 269 £ 353 £ 380

Eyelet Heading Unlined Lined Blackou lined

Roman Blind Unlined Lined Blackout lined

£ 289 £ 372 £ 407

£ 153 £ 179 £ 231

Pelmet Boxes Fabric not included. 150x35 160x35 225x35

£ 120 £ 130 £ 185

Headboards Fabric not included. Plain

90x110 135x110 150x110 180x110

£ 180 £ 300 £ 350 £ 395

Deep Buttoned headboard 90x110 135x110 150x110 180x110

Bed Valances Fabric not included. 90x35 135x35 150x35 180x35

£ 80 £ 100 £ 120 £ 140

Cushions The below prices include feather infills. Fabric not included.

40x40 45x45 50x50 35x50 57x37

£ 23 £ 24 £ 25 £ 25 £ 27

*All the above pricing is approximate.

£ 260 £ 340 £ 395 £ 425

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