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SPRING Also, DenVhere's first year anniversary this may!

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Yves Saint Laurent

Ramona In Red

Bererra International

A Look At Some Spring Fashion


Drag Queens at Tracks

Prom Fashion w/ Bererra International

COVER/FAR RIGHTmodel: ramona photography: gavin atkin make- up: aubri atkin dress: marie-margot bridal couture jewelry: katharine-marie designs RIGHTmodel: ksenia busigina photographer: gavin atkin hair /make- up: allison beach agency: natalie lynn models / the justice modeling and talent agency

2 DenVhere | Spring 2012

This Issue: DenVhere Staff: Georgez Dabit: Editor-In-Chief/Creative Director Gavin Atkin: Head photographer Conner Pascale: Graphic Designer Kenneth Hamblin: Photographer Kira Norton: Journalist/Clothes designer Kimberly Clerkley: Journalist Jordan Ainsworth: Public Relations Aubri Atkin: Hair/Make-up Kellie Johnson: Junior Editor Bradi Wells: Photo Retoucher The Cover: Ramona: Cover Model Marie-Margot Bridal Couture, Maggie Burns: Dress Designer Katharine-Marie Designs, Katharine Salzgeber: Jewelry Designer Photographer: Gavin Atkin Hair/Make-up: Aubri Atkin Lighting Assistant: Roman Martinez Models: Ramona Gwen Couture Stephanie Lewis Victor Villalobos Julian Garfio Ksenia Busigina Other Involvement: Vanity Room Hair Salon Barrera International-Design Tracks Denver Georgez’s Models Nxt Models Natalie Lynn Models/ The Justice Modeling and Talent Agency

Spring 2012 | DenVhere 3

Custom gowns for the woman who says YES! to elegance . . .

2100 W Littleton Blvd. Suite 248 | Littleton, CO 80120 | 303.748.3562 |

Model, Oumou from Donna Baldwin Talent | Hardy Klahold Photography | Styling by Mary Spicer | Jewelry by Stranded Jewelry | makeup by Tiffany McCray

It’s your day, it’s your dream, it’s your dress!TM

Yves Saint Laurent By: Kimberly Clerkley

Anyone who knows high fashion knows that designers are incorporating elements of the late sixties and seventies into their designs for their 2012 collections. In addition, many designers have paid homage to the Yves Saint Laurent fashion house by showcasing anniversary styles within their present day collections. Yves Saint Laurent was a household name, cultural icon, and design legend, who ruled the seventies and essentially made history. Yves Saint Laurent was one of the first designers to allow women to be more than just a pretty face. He embraced the feminism movement, and produced fashions that further empowered women to have freedom. Yves Saint Laurent was one of the first designers to gender bend. He took a man’s tuxedo and added female sexuality to the ensemble. Prior to that, women had never really been featured wearing pants on a runway.

Yves Saint Laurent’s feminine masculinity became the mood of the decade. Women embraced one shoulder pant suits and high waisted skirts with tuxedo dress shirts. His looks didn’t fall into the typical gender look, but rather allowed women to have more variety in their wardrobe, along with new identities. Women finally had options that were liberating from the 1950’s look. Yves Saint Laurent ushered in a new wave of fashion that allowed women to be anything they wanted to be; his designs were beautiful, practical, and dual-purpose. Women could wear a blazer over their pant-suit and have a day look and then simply remove the blazer for an evening look.

Yves Saint Laurent passed away in 2008, leaving behind a legacy that changed the fashion world. He made so many contributions to fashion that upon reviewing the many collections the fashion house decided the world had to remember, and celebrate, his best work. In 2010, the Yves Saint Laurent fashion house announced a traveling exhibit showcasing his best and most brilliant work. The YSL exhibit has arrived in Denver, running March 25, 2012 through July 8, 2012 at the Denver Art Museum. Tickets are currently on sale and this is a fashion showcase that has been highly recommended and not to be missed.

Yves Saint Laurent, Black velvet sheath dress, “Paris rose” satin bow, “Paris” haute couture collection, Fall–Winter 1983. © Fondation Pierre Bergé-Yves Saint Laurent, Paris. Photo by Gilles Tapie. 03, 04, 64, 71 Installation view of Yves Saint Laurent: The Retrospective at the Denver Art Museum. Photo by Jeff Wells; courtesy Denver Art Museum.

Spring 2012 | DenVhere 9

10 DenVhere | Spring 2012

Spring 2012 | DenVhere 11


12 DenVhere | Spring 2012

Barrera InternationalDesign 4th Annual DiverCity Fashion Show Showcased February 10, 2012 featured: cover model, ramona designer: juan jiminez

Spring 2012 | DenVhere 15

Spring fashion is here! “Can’t go wrong with a blue jacket and black leotards for spring!” -Georgez Dabit, Editor-In-Chief

model: ksenia busigina photographer: gavin atkin hair /make- up: allison beach agency: natalie lynn models / the justice modeling and talent agency

16 DenVhere | Spring 2012

"Luxury Within Reach" Made to measure shirts and slacks for men, made with the finest materials from Italy, ordered from the comfort of your office or home. Contact Style Advisor Crystal Gardner for your appointment today, or to learn about the J. Hilburn opportunity.


D.I.Y Here are a few summer DIY clothes that are easy to make and super cute! Poolside cover ups are definitely the way to go! (Left) Start with a size L or XL solid color tee which you can get from any craft store for a low price. Measure the width of your shoulders (you don’t want any peek-a-boo accidents). Once you have the measurement, lay your tee flat and cut a boat neck shaped neckline a little smaller than the width of your shoulders. Next, you will need to cut the sleeves. You will need a needle and thread or a sewing machine for this part. Turn your tee inside-out and draw a curved line from the seam of the armpit to the edge of the sleeve ending about two inches from the bottom of the sleeve. Sew along this drawn line and cut the excess fabric off. Turn right side out and finish this cute look off with a skinny belt! Voilà! (Right) Another dress option is a sleeveless number. Again, you’ll need a L or XL tee and you’ll cut the neckline the same as in the first dress. Instead of keeping your shirt at your shoulders, slide the neckline down to cover your bust. Take both sleeves and tie them in a knot on the front. This will be a cute design to cover your chest. Tuck the ends under the sides of the knot, and you’ll finish with a cute sleeveless dress that is super easy to make!

22 DenVhere | Spring 2012

Photographer: Gavin Atkin Model: Ramona Hair/makeup: Ramona

SOMETHING ELSE TO TRY! Every girl needs a cute pair of cutoff shorts whether you want short shorts or Bermuda length shorts. Start with an old pair of jeans and cut a straight line across both pant legs while folded together. Take a needle and thread and sew the ends of the seams just in case they start to come undone. Take a nail buffer or a piece of sandpaper and distress away! Once you throw your jeans in the wash, they will become more frayed and you’ll have a cute pair of cut off shorts!

Spring 2012 | DenVhere 23

Denver Tracks’ Drag Nation Tracks’ Drag Nation featuring Jade from Season one of RuPual’s Drag Race and Raven from Season Two.







Spring 2012 | DenVhere 25

Aubri Atkin freelance makeup artist

m.u.a. for envhere magazine avon independent sales rep

SERVICES Runway Shows • Photo Shoots • Costumes • Weddings • Day and Evening Makeup • Special Events • Free Avon Consultatoin AVON PRODUCTS Makeup • Hair Products • Clothes (through “Mark.”) • Fragrances • Purses • Shoes • Items for Men and Children • Skincare • Bath & Body • Home Décor • Jewelry • 10% Rebate on 1st Order

-Shop online at -720–234–3052

“Like” me on Facebook: Aubri Atkin Artistry in Makeup

Barrera International-Design Showing Off:

Prom Fashion

dresses /blazer designer: juan jimenez jewelry designer: katharine-marie designs photographer: kenneth hamblin photo retoucher: bradi wells hair: vanity room models: gwen couture, stephanie lewis, julian garfio, victor villalobo

28 DenVhere | Spring 2012

Spring 2012 | DenVhere 29

Curves Next Time On DenVhere…


DenVhere Magazine: May 2012  

The May (Spring) Issue is here! Website: Facebook Page:

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