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Michael Bennet - Is Our Man Op-Ed by Wellington,Wilma and Allen Webb

As this election season ramps up, never has our country been at more of a crossroads. This November we will decide if we are a country that works together to solve problems and build on the progress we’ve made or one of uncompromising political ideology. The race for Colorado’s U.S. Senate seat is an embodiment of those two schools of thought. Darryl Glenn emerged out of a crowded primary that, at one point, had more candidates than the presidential Republican primary. His rigid ideology is far worse than most Republicans in Washington, D.C. today – he thinks the problem with Congress is that there is too much bipartisanship and he’s tired of Republicans reaching across the aisle. If you think Washington is working too well, and you’d like to be represented by someone who would rather grandstand on the Senate floor than compromise to find solutions that work for our state, then Darryl Glenn is your man. We, however, want someone in Washington who keeps his head down and works to solve the tough problems and that’s why we’re endorsing Michael Bennet’s reelection for Senate. For seven years, Michael Bennet has consistently fought for and represented our interests in Washington. He’s less concerned with his image on cable TV and more with what seems to be the impossible these days: working across the aisle to produce real results in Washington. Michael knows that education is the first step to success. He believes that no student should have to forgo college simply because he or she cannot afford it. He’s successfully fought to increase Pell Grants and is working to simplify the FAFSA questionnaire so more students can access financial aid. Michael knows that our success doesn’t end with education, so he’s fighting for more job opportunities for African Americans and to help working families in Colorado. He made it easier for small businesses to write off more start- up costs and his office works with Five Points Business District to publish a monthly newsletter with tips on how to use federal resources as a small business. He supports raising the mini-

mum wage because too many hardworking fulltime Coloradans are still living in poverty. And because Colorado has some of the most expensive child care in the country, Michael is fighting to expand child care tax credits so working parents can afford to put their kids in safe hands while at work. Michael has been a friend of ours and the African American community for years. Recently, when Senator Cory Booker came to visit our great state, he and Michael toured the Vickers Boys and Girls club to highlight important community issues like access to quality education and criminal justice reform. He and Senator Booker have sponsored legislation to reduce mandatory minimums, provide judges with more discretion in sentencing, and ban solitary confinement for juveniles. Michael is also fighting against draconian voter ID laws that will disenfranchise thousands of eligible voters, particularly African American voters. And Michael is fighting to restore the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and require states with gross voting rights violations to submit major voting changes to the U.S. Department of Justice. He is with us for both good times and the difficult moments when our community is hurting. Earlier this year, he celebrated the 150th anniversary of the Zion Baptist Church with us. And after the recent shooting in St. Paul, Baton Rouge and Dallas, he attended New Hope Baptist Church with Mayor Hancock to show support for both the African American community and law enforcement. He knows that for both communities to heal, we must come together and address the issues of mistrust by putting a greater emphasis on outreach between African Americans and those responsible for protecting and serving us. Michael might not always have all the answers, but he’s the kind of person who doesn’t walk away from a problem that is too difficult to solve. He’s spent the last seven years working on education and economic inequality issues in Washington and he’ll continue to take on the toughest problems we face as a nation today.We need more leaders who are willing to work with those they disagree with – and Michael Bennet is our man.

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The Webb Report, is a historic Democratic publication commemorating the November 2016 elections and political campaigns on a local and natio...

The Webb Report  

The Webb Report, is a historic Democratic publication commemorating the November 2016 elections and political campaigns on a local and natio...