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No Good Deed

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Elba and Henson are effective and compelling actors, but their chops isn’t enough to save the film of a poorly written script. There’s little good to find in No Good Deed.

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No Good Deed 

By Laurence Washington

araji P. Henson (Terri), a stay-athome mom/ex-domestic violence lawyer who for the sake of advancing a predicable plot, lets escaped convict Colin Evans (Idris Elba), charm his way into her home after posing as a stranded motorist in No Good Deed. Oh, did I mention that Elba’s character has a history of terrorizing women? He’s not a nice guy. A fact that the audience knows thanks to newscaster’s narrative at the beginning of the film. However, Terri doesn’t have a clue until things start going sideways in this Cape Fear wannabe.


Despite telling the parole board that he’s a changed man, Colin’s parole is denied as one board member, who associates Colin to the likes of Jeffrey Dahmer, isn’t buying his repentance. Pissed off, Colin escapes by killing his guards, and finds time to brutally beat his ex-girlfriend to death before ending up on Terri’s doorstep. What a guy, huh? No Good Deed operates as a run-ofthe-mill home-invasion thriller. There’s no delving into the mind of what makes a psychopath tick. It’s a by the numbers monster-in-the-house flick that never challenges the intelli-

gence of its audience, which would have raised the whole level of the film. That’s not to say No Good Deed doesn’t have its suspenseful moments. It does. But there are not enough of those moments, because the suspense is restricted to a handful of small set pieces. FYI: A critics screening of this film was abruptly canceled. The reason given: Screen Gems wanted to guard the uninspired plot-twist. Can you blame them? It’s the worse plot twist in the history of filmdom. Which gives credence to the fact that No Good Deed should have gone straight to DVD.

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The November Man 

By Laurence Washington

ames Bond fans jonesin’ for a Brosnan/Bond fix will be disappointed with Brosnan’s current spy vehicle The November Man – a hardboiled espionage thriller set in modern Russia. Shedding his suave 007 persona, Pierce Brosnan plays hard-drinking ex-CIA agent Peter Devereaux who comes out of retirement to protect a former lover who has damaging information about Arkady Federov (Lazar Risovski) – the next president of Russia. Naturally Devereaux’s ex is murdered or there would be no point in the film. There would just be a bunch of spies standing around doing nothing for the next two hours. So here’s the rub: Devereaux’s exlover is killed by his protégé Mason, an arrogant young agent he trained in the CIA. Devereaux goes rogue and gets into a running gun battle with CIA and Russian agents as he searches

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