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Has Having a Black President Really Changed America? Or Did the Black Man in the White House…?

Rumors t’s November, 2011, approximately one year before Americans turn out again to decide who will be the next Executive Chief of our still great, though imperfect, nation. Between now and can expect the planes and the sparks to fly frequently

as candidates from the various parties try to shake as many hands, kiss as many babies, and verbally spank as many ears they deem necessary to get themselves heard, know, and ultimately elected. And while we may not all agree on who the best man (or

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Denver Urban Spectrum — – November 2011


By The Bramster

woman) for the job is, we certainly all recognize that these are precarious times and more than ever we need to be as sure as we possibly can that the person we pick is indeed the right one for the position. Well, since none of the candidates (with one exception) have ever been President of the US before, all we will have to base our choice on is what they themselves declare and what the media discloses about each of them. And if history has done nothing else, it has taught us that a politician’s pre-election promises are about as reliable as the vows made in lust-inspired Las Vegas wedding; once the honeymoon is over and folks settle into their new homes (the “white” one in this case, their “I do’s” too often become “I won’ts” and nothing short of divorce (impeachment) can get them to change. This brings us to our topic: CHANGE. For wasn’t that the platform our current President, Barack Hussein Obama ran and won on in 2008? And is he not the only candidate with a three year presidential track record we can use to evaluate his performance and gain some sort of indication of what to expect is he were reelected? Now at this point I imagine that some many question why the article is entitled “Has having a ‘Black’ President Really Changed America?”, rather than simply “Has Barack Obama Really Changed America?” Why emphasize his being a ‘Black’ President? My response is that it was America itself that emphasized his blackness back in 2008 when it first became evident that the dark horse (no pun intended) out of Chicago had a real shot at winning the prize. Even in November of 2010 when I asked citizens all along the Front Range what their reason for voting (or not voting) for Obama was (see “By the Color of his Skin”….DUS Nov. ’10 issue), I learned that while there were a handful who actually knew something about the gentleman’s policies and voting record prior to his presidential campaign, the majority admitted they knew nothing about him EXCEPT that he was Black and represented change. So, with just 12 months before what could very well prove to be the most crucial Tuesday in America’s political history to date, I respectfully re-submit the question: “Has Having A Black President Really Changed

DUS November 2011  
DUS November 2011  

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