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May 2013

PUBLISHER Rosalind J. Harris



FILM and BOOK CRITIC Kam Williams

CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Charles Emmons Angelia McGowan ART DIRECTOR Bee Harris

GRAPHIC DESIGNER Jody Gilbert, Kolor Graphix

PRODUCTION AND OFFICE ASSISTANT Cecile Perrin CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHES A Star Photography Lens of Ansar Sweetz Photography


A Fork In The Road

Boston bombing suspect Dzokhar Tsarnaev has been arrested and charged in federal court. Among the charges include use of a weapon of mass destruction. As I watched CNN televising his capture, I also watched the faces of people who were jumping and clapping in jubilation. Over the next several weeks and months there will be a lot of questions, some speculation and probably many assumptions as the country probes into his life searching for answers. I also watched his mother say her sons are innocent and how she is proud of them. Truly, as a mother of two sons also, my heart goes out to her. And although it was miles away from Denver, this incident was close to home because it was at home - in America. Tamerlan Tsarnaev was 26 and brother Dzokhar is just 19 years of age. Only four years older than my teenage grandson. Last month we featured 33 young people ranging in age from 18 to 30 – close to the ages of the Tsarnaey brothers. These young people participated in our summer journalism program years ago during their formative years as teenagers. They all took different journeys when they took their last step out the doors of the Urban Spectrum Youth Foundation program – going their separate ways. As with everyone, I am sure there were obstacles to overcome, tough choices to make and forks in the road. Fortunately, when they came to a fork in the road, they made sound and just decisions to further their careers and life overall. As of today, none were involved in the Aurora Theatre killing massacre, nor the Sandy Hook shootings, and not even the Boston bombings. But they are involvedJinvolved in journalism, entertainment, computers, health, beauty, music, dance, business, and education - and for some, family and children. We received a mass of verbal comments and written letters praising US for featuring the participants after many years of absence. Why? Because... our children are our future; our children are important; and our children need love and guidance. What would cause a young man to go into a theatre and randomly kill 12 people? Or enter an elementary school and take the lives of innocent children? Or plan the use of a weapon of mass destruction where families would be in attendance? What we do know is that at one time or several times, they reached a fork in the road and went the wrong way. I do understand we have a lot of vices and problems at the helm of the community that need to be addressed and put in check. They may not get the publicity like the others, but they still look the same. And they may not be the same magnitude as the theatre shootings, Sandy Hook or the Boston bombings, but they still feel the same. Sure, we are happy and proud to honor and recognize those in our midst who are doing great - and great things, but let us not forget the ones who took the wrong turn at that fork in the road and lost their way – the ones who need help the most. It’s an old African-American proverb but overdue in time for the community to “Each One Teach One.” Four simple words we should live by daily, in every sense.


Reader Considers DUS Publisher A Classic Giver

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the wonderful Gillian Conte – who, with her graphic design partner, Frank Foster, went on to design the brilliant cover of my (#1 Denver Post Local Bestseller, NAACP Image Award finalist nominated, recommended by the Denver Public School Libraries as an important book about...Colorado history) debut book, “Boldfaced Lies.” Indeed, I’ve been blessed by many with beautiful, supportive hearts and spirits such as Bill and Lucille Porter, Linda J. Williams, Herman Malone, Terry Nelson (and the Blair-Caldwell Library staff), Jeff Fard, Taliah Abdullah, George Sumpter, Steve and Julie Eisold, Eric Hughes, Gay Fliegler, Robert Howard, Tracey Lovett, George Love, and my “coach” Lee Dora Smith (a retired factory worker and one of 14 children of a Mississippi sharecropper and his homemaker wife), and numerous others who said to me, “You’re a Black woman trying…so I’m going to do this.” Thus, please permit me a public opportunity to express MY UTMOST

Editor: This morning, April 9, 2013, on Yahoo News, the book by Wharton School of Business professor Adam Grant, “Give and Take,” was featured. He shared research which suggests that some of the most successful people – not just in business, but in many realms – are in fact classic ‘givers,’ people who genuinely try to help those around them. The April, 2013 edition of Denver Urban Spectrum with its salute to your fellow publishers, in the feature “Community Publications Stand the Test of Time,” is a classic example of your steadfast personal and professional generosity…as well of genuinely trying to help those around you. For example, while my journey to becoming a full-time novelist has been truly grueling along the way, I’ve been even more awesomely blessed. Such as when you insisted that I talk with your then graphic designer,

Denver Urban Spectrum — – May 2013


Rosalind J. Harris Publisher

GRATITUDE…to YOU, and ALL, for making it possible for me to achieve becoming not just a published writer, but also a bestselling and award nominated author. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I promise to pass it forward. May you be blessed for being a blessing. With utmost joy,

Charlene A. Porter Denver

DUS 2013 April Issue Was Heartwarming For Reader

Editor: I hope and pray that this note finds you in the best of health and spirits. My name is Bernard Celestin, I would like to let you know that the April issue of the Spectrum is the most heartwarming magazine that I have read in years, both the story about Gloria and Amani but mostly the story title “ Where are all the Children?” As an African American male/husband/father and veteran, I have long been working with our Continued on page 34

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