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The Denver Public Schools Foundation believes every child deserves an excellent education. It is our promise to the students in Denver Public Schools – to the entire community – that with your help, we will make that happen.

Dear valued supporter, The single most pressing and critical priority for our nation is to provide a quality education for every child. Our future depends upon it. Denver Public Schools has reached a historically significant milestone in its quest to become the best public school district in the country. Since the 2005 inception of the Denver Plan, DPS students have shown dramatically more improvement than the rest of the state in every core subject area. On-time graduation rates have risen by over 20 percentage points while dropout rates have been cut in half. We are making bold progress toward our goal of ensuring Every Child Succeeds. DPS is now the fastest growing urban school district in America, growing enrollment by more than 20% in the last six years. This is the first time DPS has been the largest school district in the state since the 1970s. The community is choosing DPS as a destination for educating its children.

Our students are our future.

You play a critical role in this growth and progress as part of a powerful community-wide movement to ensure the strength of our public school system. Your investment in the DPS Foundation provides the resources, tools and innovations that are changing the odds for more than 88,000 children and creating a generation of students better prepared to lead our community – and our nation – into the future.

Our Mission:

Our Vision:

In partnership with Denver Public Schools, we raise and manage funds, make strategic program investments, and serve as community leaders so that all students have the opportunity to succeed.

In Denver Public Schools, outstanding educational achievements are the norm and all children have hope of a great future.

Thanks to supporters like you, we raised a record $14.9 million in 2012-13 to support Denver Public Schools. We are grateful for your generosity, and need your help now more than ever in order to close our achievement gaps and reach every child. Despite recent progress, it’s impossible to ignore the difficult truths. Though steadily climbing, only 61 percent of third graders are on or above grade level in reading. We won’t be satisfied until every child is reading at grade level and 100 percent of our high school seniors receive a diploma. With your help, we’re empowering school leaders to identify, grow, and replicate the highestperforming and most exciting new innovations; and we’re expanding core programs proven to have measurable impact on the lives of our students. Together, we will achieve our shared vision: every child in Denver Public Schools will succeed. Thank you for your commitment to our students... to our future. Sincerely,

We are all DPS. 2

Denver Public Schools Foundation

Kristin Heath Colon President & CEO

Annual Report 2012/13

Brooke Brown Board Chair

Tom Boasberg Superintendent, Denver Public Schools


The DPS Foundation secured $4.2 million in private funding to leverage an additional $16 million in federal turnaround dollars to support the DSSN initiative. Thanks to this generous community support, DPS partnered with some of the greatest minds in school reform to build, implement and evaluate the DSSN, including Blueprint Schools Network and the Education Innovation Laboratory at Harvard University.

Taking it to Scale

Early results from the high-dosage math tutoring in the DSSN showed many students advancing multiple grade levels in a single year. This progress helped DSSN classes achieve a five-year record high in the number of students scoring proficient or advanced in math. This remarkable success allowed DPS to make a case for expanding the program using public funding, which voters approved in a 2012 mill levy (3A). DPS is now implementing similar math tutoring in classrooms across DPS.

Fostering Innovation, Transforming Communities

What does it take to improve educational outcomes for an entire community of children?

This is a shining example of private investment allowing school leaders to identify, incubate and evaluate promising new programs, leveraging them into scaled, sustainable solutions for all students. Your support is changing the odds. Not just for the 88,000 students in Denver Public Schools today, but for the many thousands of students who will follow them for generations to come. You’re changing the course of education in our country. Thank you!

Private funding via the DPS Foundation helped DPS partner with the Blueprint Schools Network to determine five core strategies for improvement in Far Northeast Denver, based on national research about the common characteristics of high-performing schools.




1. Excellent leaders and teachers 2. Extended school day & school year 3. College-going culture of high expectations 4. Data driven instruction

The DPS Foundation has helped fund one of the nation’s most ambitious and comprehensive school turnaround projects known as the Denver Summit Schools Network (DSSN) to improve an entire feeder pattern of persistently low performing schools in Far Northeast Denver.


5. Daily math tutoring

DPS opened 5 new schools in the DSSN ENROLLMENT IN 6TH AND 9TH GRADE


to learn more about how DPSF funds

innovative initiatives across the district.


Denver Public Schools Foundation

Annual Report 2012/13

Building on our 21-year history and close alignment with DPS, we are poised to aggressively accelerate our role in 5

At several DPS schools, these innovations in teaching are now available thanks to generous community support. Grant Beacon is one of six Janus Blended Learning Labs in DPS, thanks to a multi-year commitment from Janus – their second gift since 2008, totaling more than $5 million in support from DPS’ most generous corporate donor to date. Blended Learning is defined as the coupling of teacherled instruction with online curriculum. This approach allows students to individualize the pace of their learning, while providing teachers with actionable real-time student data to inform their instruction. When you walk into a classroom at Grant Beacon, you’ll find groups of students working simultaneously in different formats – some complete assignments on their laptops, while others work together in small collaborative groups, while others receive one-on-one instruction from their teacher.

Creating a Better Denver One School at a Time

What does it take to prepare students for the 21st century marketplace?

“The technology allows me to track each of my students individually and instantly, so I can see exactly where they’re answering a question wrong or getting stuck on a problem,” said Jeff Kurtz, a teacher at Grant Beacon. “I used to have to wait until I got home to grade assignments and have a clear picture of where specific kids in the class were struggling. Blended Learning has given me the tools to individualize instruction to the students who need it – and allow others to move ahead at their own pace. It’s truly changed how I’m teaching.”

This is better preparing me for my future, because our generation is technology-based. When they bring technology into school, we’re able to learn more about what our future is becoming. – Cherokee, former Grant Beacon student; current South High School student

Changes Taking Hold

The teachers and students at DPS’ Grant Beacon Middle School can answer that question. Technology in the classroom. Innovations in teaching. Blended Learning.

The progress is already evident. The number of Grant Beacon students scoring proficient or advanced increased by nine percent in reading and by 15 percent in math the first year of Blended Learning. What’s more, this fall, Grant Beacon moved from a “yellow” to a “green” rating on the School Performance Framework, the state’s scorecard for how schools are meeting the needs of their kids. Principal Alex Magana says Blended Learning has been instrumental in this progress. “It’s a game-changer in terms of how we’re educating our kids.”

The DPS Foundation funded a

NEW SCIENCE CURRICULUM and fifth-grade science scores





to look inside a Grant Beacon classroom.


Denver Public Schools Foundation

Annual Report 2012/13


A Day in the Life of a DPS Student Enrolled in Fit, Fun & Literacy

Doubled Impact for the

Fit, Fun & Literacy Program

What does it take to help Every Child Succeed?

For students enrolled in DPS’ Fit, Fun & Literacy program, it starts with the basics: a healthy meal, exercise and a safe place to study after school. We cannot expect a child to learn if their basic needs are not met.

enriching after-school experience; served 20,000 healthy dinners to children and their families; and sent students home with 11,000 “weekend backpacks” full of nutritious food to fight hunger over the weekend.

Thanks to a generous grant the DPS Foundation secured from The Salah Foundation, contributions from donors like you were doubled last year to support expansion of Fit, Fun & Literacy. As a result, DPS provided 700 students with an

Fit, Fun & Literacy supports students in the classroom as well. Children enrolled in the program showed higher proficiency in writing and math compared to other non-enrolled students in their school, and also had better school attendance.

When the bell rings at Cowell Elementary School, the day is far from over for dozens of students.

Picture this: in one room, several students conduct a handson science experiment, creating makeshift volcanoes using vinegar and baking soda. Out on the playground, another group plays “gator ball,” getting 45 minutes of rigorous physical activity – which is proven to keep kids healthy and focused. In a quiet corner of another room, a struggling reader gets help with homework, his face lighting up when his instructor praises his progress. At the end of the afternoon, every student sits down to a hot, healthy dinner to end a busy day of learning. At the end of the week, students take home a “weekend backpack” full of nutritious food for the weekend.

Consider this: without Fit, Fun & Literacy, many of these students would go home to an empty house. They would lack adult supervision and might have no one to help with homework, and may not have access to nutritious food to replenish them after a long day. Thank you for investing in after-school programs – one of the many ways you are helping Every Child Succeed.


Fit, Fun & Literacy in their own words.


Denver Public Schools Foundation

Annual Report 2012/13


DPS Foundation Funding – Impact at a Glance To learn more about the programs and innovations funded by the DPS Foundation, visit

A to Z Fund for Teachers and Classrooms Over $1 million granted directly to teachers and classrooms since 2006.

After-school Programs

Middle School Sports

Serving 17,000 students and their working families each year.

5,600 students competing in 17 different sports each year.

STEM Education

Literacy Initiatives 3rd grade reading proficiency has increased 10 percent since 2010 thanks to funding for targeted literacy programs.

5th grade science scores have increased 13 percent since private funding supported a new elementary school science curriculum.



Leadership Development for Principals and Teachers Professional development and training for EVERY school leader in DPS.


Denver Public Schools Foundation

Annual Report 2012/13


Financial Overview

Our donors trust their dollars will be put to use in the most meaningful and lasting ways to affect positive change in our schools. In 2012-13, the DPS Foundation’s operating expenses were seven percent of the total revenues, gains and other support. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) indicates that for accountable non-profits, fundraising costs should not exceed 35 percent.

DPS Foundation Strategic Plan 2016


Since 1992, the DPS Foundation has served as DPS’ fundraising partner. We generate resources, build relationships and champion public education to impact system-wide achievement and help Every Child Succeed.

Building on our 21-year history and close alignment with DPS, we are poised to aggressively accelerate our role in service to the district and the more than 88,000 students we serve. To that end, our Board of Directors, inclusive of Superintendent Tom Boasberg, undertook a strategic planning process in 2012-13. The outcome of this process – the DPS Foundation’s Strategic Plan 2016 – sets a road map and business plan to drive significant growth in the nature, scope and value of our role, both to the district and to the community at large.

Success in 2016 will mean the DPS Foundation raises $15-$20 million annually; has doubled our active donor base; funds innovation across the district; and serves as a champion for public education in the community.

You – our valued supporters – are critical in helping us achieve these ambitious goals. Our Strategic Plan underscores our commitment to the shared vision we ground our work in: helping Every Child Succeed.

Read the DPS Foundation Strategic Plan 2016 at

Family and grant-making foundations $11,603,000 & organizations Corporate & corporate foundations 2,007,000 Individuals 258,000 Local government & agencies 100,000 In-kind 41,000 Special event, net 714,000 Investment income 173,000 Total revenues, gains and other support $14,896,000

EXPENSES Program services & grants $13,798,000 Management & general 473,000 Fundraising 604,000 Total expenses $14,875,000 Change in net assets $21,000 Net assets, beginning of year 6,927,000 Net assets, end of year $6,948,000

Denver Public Schools Foundation received an unmodified opinion by independent auditors Kundinger, Corder & Engle, P.C. for the year ended June 30, 2013. The complete Independent Auditor’s Report on Financial Statements is available upon request.


Denver Public Schools Foundation

Annual Report 2012/13


78% 13% 5%

Family and grant-making foundations 78% & organizations Corporate & corporate foundations 13% Individuals 2% Local government & agencies <1% In-kind <1% Special event, net 5% Investment income 1%


93% 3% 4%

Program services & grants Management & general Fundraising

93% 3% 4%


hour each week with their students, reading and developing strong mentoring relationships along the way.

Partner Profile: IMA Financial Group Many of our most powerful and effective Partners are those that engage with their school in a multitude of ways. IMA Financial Group is one such Partner, supporting Bryant-Webster ECE-8 school for the past six years. Tutoring is one core activity of the partnership. IMA employees spend an

School Partners Program

The DPS Foundation’s School Partners Program generates corporate volunteerism, in-kind and financial donations from local businesses and organizations in support of individual DPS schools. Currently over 40 businesses are active School Partners, offering more than 3,000 hours of volunteer time impacting students at 40 DPS schools.

What could your business do for a school? Consider the possibilities: • Build a tailor-made partnership with a school, harnessing the talent and expertise of your employees and organization to benefit students and teachers.

• Sign up for the TutorMate online literacy program, allowing your employees to tutor students online once per week without ever leaving their office. • Join the Power Lunch program, a collaboration between DPS, the DPS Foundation and Mile High United Way. This rigorous literacy program pairs your employees with a DPS 3rd grader for weekly 45-minute reading sessions.

Learn about all the opportunities to engage through the School Partners Program at, or contact Nicole Capage-Brown at (720) 423-3226 to sign up today!

“It’s incredible to have that weekly interaction with the kids,” says IMA’s Aundrea Evans. “Over the course of the year, they get to know me and look forward to seeing me. And getting to spend time reading with them truly is a highlight of my week!” In addition to tutoring, volunteers improved the grounds and spruced up classrooms at Bryant-Webster during IMA Make a Difference Day. “The teachers come in and are just wowed at how their classroom looks with a fresh coat of paint,” says IMA’s Shae Miller. “We’ve heard them say it will be a better learning environment for their students!”

School Partners:* · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·

Assured Title Agency Atkins Ashford University Barnes & Noble Buckley Air Force Base Clayton Fixed Income Services Coffee at the Point Crescent Real Estate Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce Dovetail Solutions Downtown Aquarium Dufford & Brown EKS&H Granite Properties, Inc. Healthgrades Hogan & Lovells IMA Financial Group Janus Johnson & Wales University Kiewit KPMG

IMA has fundraised for Bryant Webster on multiple occasions, and in the holiday season, they adopt Bryant-Webster families and gather gifts to make the season special. In these many ways, IMA has truly contributed to the success of all students at Bryant-Webster. The impact of this dynamic partnership can be seen in the response of the students when they see IMA volunteers at the school. “You see the kids, and they give you a high five, tell you how nice the school looks since you painted, and they thank you for coming to read with them,” says Miller. “You know you’ve made a difference – the kids know you’re there for them. It’s really meaningful – to them, and to us.”

School Friends:* · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·

Li’L Teeth Dentistry Leprino Foods Mile High United Way Mortenson Construction Noble Energy Otten Johnson Robinson Neff + Ragonetti Patton Boggs PEAK Resources Polsinelli PricewaterhouseCoopers RevGen Partners Snelling Staffing St. Joseph Hospital TIAA-CREF TeleTech Van Gilder Insurance Western Union Westerra Credit Union Zachry Engineering Corporation

Our most sincere appreciation for the valuable support provided by these School Friends for special projects during the 2012-2013 school year.

· · · · · · ·

BBVA Compass BIC National School Supply Tour Bikes for Kids Carson Scholars Fund Concerts for Kids Kids in Need Foundation Target READesign Project

* As of September 1st, 2013


Denver Public Schools Foundation

Annual Report 2012/13


A special thanks to 2013 Gala Chairs Margot & Marc Pinto and Britney & Dick Weil for their leadership and commitment to the DPS Foundation.

Presented By:

The 2013 Achieve Gala:

Every year, we invest in the Denver Public Schools Foundation because we believe

$900,000 raised to help Every Child Succeed

support in the performance of Denver’s schools over the past decade.

Presented by UMB, the 2013 Achieve Gala was a testament to the power and potential of DPS students to serve as our next generation of leaders. The evening featured inspiring remarks and outstanding performances by several of DPS’ most talented students. Elicia Dennis, our keynote student speaker, reminded us all that “education is the gateway to a better life.”


the vitality of our community and our economy rests on a strong public school system and successful students. We’re proud to support more than 88,000 children in Denver Public Schools and honored to have seen the profound impact of our

– Jon Robinson, CEO of UMB Bank Colorado Region / Denver Public Schools Foundation Board of Directors

We also thank members of the Student Board of Education who shared their stores: Brenda Herrera, Jordan Thomas, Chris Urias and Kaleah Williams. And the evening simply wouldn’t have been as magical without the talented performers from Noel Community Arts School Advanced Dance, Denver School of the Arts Sinfonia, Montbello High School Drum Line and Polaris at Ebert Honors Choir taking the stage.

Denver Public Schools Foundation

MARK YOUR CALENDAR for the 2014 Achieve Gala on Tuesday, April 22nd To learn more and reserve your sponsorship today, please visit or call Tiffany Cooley at (720) 423-3964.

Annual Report 2012/13


2012/13 Donors


$250,000 or more

The Anschutz Foundation The Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation Daniels Fund Michael & Susan Dell Foundation Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation The Janus Foundation Mile High United Way The Piton Foundation The Wallace Foundation

$100,000 to $249,999

The Colorado Health Foundation Colorado Rockies Charity Fund, a McCormick Foundation fund The Denver Foundation Kaiser Permanente Fund of The Denver Foundation Kroenke Sports Charities / Kroenke Sports and Entertainment, LLC The Salah Foundation

$25,000 to $99,999

Anonymous (1) BBVA Compass Marcy & Bruce Benson Elaine Gantz Berman & Stephen Berman Tom Boasberg Sara & Scott Carpenter Carson Foundation CenturyLink Comcast Denver Broncos Football Club Denver Post Charities, a McCormick Foundation fund The Foundation for Educational Excellence / Oakwood Homes Hyatt Regency Denver at Colorado Convention Center The LARRK Foundation Margot & Marc Pinto Kristin & Blair Richardson RICOH Kim & Rob Roberts Rose Community Foundation

Target UMB United Airlines Foundation United Launch Alliance U.S. Bank Vail Resorts Britney & Richard Weil Wells Fargo Connie Burwell White and William W. White Foundation Williams Family Fund, a donor advised fund of The Denver Foundation

$10,000 to $24,999

Advancing Colorado’s Mental Health Care Fund of The Denver Foundation Amgen Foundation Carolyn W. and Charles T. Beaird Family Foundation Mary Brauer Sylvia Knobloch Brown Fund, a donor advised fund of The Denver Foundation Campbell Foundation Fund, a donor advised fund of The Denver Foundation CIGNA Foundation Michael Cohen DaVita, Inc. ECA Foundation EnCana Oil & Gas (USA) Inc. Cathey & Richard Finlon FirstBank Helen & Matthew Hayes Hogan Lovells US LLP Janus Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Colorado Donna Lynne & Jim Brown MDC/Richmond American Homes Foundation Mortenson Construction Parsons Brinckerhoff Polsinelli Martha Records & Rich Rainaldi Ross Aviation Mary & Jeff Ross Suncor Energy Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation Walmart Kristin & Bill Waters

$5,000 to $9,999

Anonymous (1) Adolfson & Peterson Construction Adolph Coors Foundation Bank of America Charitable Foundation Baseball Tomorrow Fund Barbara & Daniel Berv BKD LLP Sam S. Bloom Foundation Butler Family Fund, a donor advised fund of The Denver Foundation Ciber Colorado State Bank and Trust Susan Daggett & Michael Bennet Davis Graham & Stubbs LLP DawaBI Thomas Fertal George K. Baum & Co. Go Fish Barbara Grogan Grogan Family Fund, a donor advised fund of The Denver Foundation IMA Financial Group Independence Capital Asset Partners LLC ISC Kinder Morgan Foundation Kutak Rock LLP Level 3 Communications, Inc. Susan & Bruce Madison Marquez Fund, a donor advised fund of The Denver Foundation The Janet Mordecai Trust Newmont Mining Corporation Gwendolyn Nossaman OfficeScapes PCL Construction Enterprises The PeyBack Foundation Pinnacol Assurance Piper Jaffray & Co. RevGen Partners Sinton Dairy Foods Slavens School PTA Sandra & Kurt Stenmark Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, Incorporated Thomas & Beatrice Taplin Fund, a donor advised fund of The Denver Foundation Together for Denver’s Schools Westerra Credit Union

$1,000 to $4,999

Anonymous (1) Gerald Anderson Anton Collins Mitchell LLP Elaine & Max Appel Marianne Baldwin Mary Ann & Michael Bash Marc Beacom Kendra Valis Black & Eric Black Jack & Natalie Blumenthal Boettcher Foundation Kelly Brough Brooke & Bill Brown Winifred Brown Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck LLP Kelli & Cedric Buchanon Stacy Carpenter Kathleen & Robert Clark Leanna Clark CliftonLarsonAllen LLP Kristin & Eric Colon Community First Foundation Community Shares of Colorado Bob Dalton Deane Family Fund, a donor advised fund of The Denver Foundation Tarra Deiter-Enright Delta Dental of Colorado Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce Christine DeRose DIRECTV Mary & James Donovan Downtown Denver Partnership, Inc. Beth & Robert Duncan John G. Duncan Charitable Trust El Pomar Foundation Elitch Gardens Entravision Communications Corporation EOG Resources Exempla Healthcare Gay Faris & Dave Farmer Ellen Filipiak First Santa Fe Wealth Advisors Wendy & Chuck Fish Forest City Stapleton, Inc. Rebecca & Kenneth Gart Laura Lee & George Gastis GE Johnson Construction Company

George K. Baum Foundation Brooke & Thomas Gordon Susan & John Gowen Grant Thornton LLP – Denver Greenberg Traurig, LLP Anne & D. Hanson Jeffrey Harding David Hart Harvestons Securites, Inc. HealthONE Josie & Rollie Heath John Hickenlooper Sylvia & Emanuel “Manny” Hilario Heidi & Bruce Hoyt Dennis Humphries Hyatt Shared Service Center JP Morgan Chase & Co. Debra Kalscheur Kaplan Kirsch & Rockwell LLP Kennedy Childs P.C. The Kenney Group, Inc. klipp | gkkworks Amie Knox & James Kelley KPMG LLP KSL Capital Partners, LLC Leprino Foods Company Richard H. Lewis Family Foundation Lockton Companies, LLC Sharon & Landis Martin Hugh & Patricia McClearn Fund, a donor advised fund of The Denver Foundation Carole & Jim McCotter Ann McCullough McDowell Charitable Trust McGraw-Hill Education Carol & Brad McNealy Merrick & Company Toni & Paul Miller Leslie Mitchell & Rob Insinger NGL Supply Company LTD Noble Energy Northern Trust Cyril F. and Marie O’Neil Foundation Pearson Education, Inc. Theresa K. Peña & Matthew Chavkin Nina Pinto & Paul Wimer Lisa & Ron Ramirez RBC Capital Markets LLC

Krissie Deeks is a native Coloradoan and has been a DPS teacher for 19 years, now in her fifth year teaching Early Childhood Education at Godsman Elementary. Krissie is a hero who directly contributes to the success of her students every day in the classroom. She’s also a DPS Foundation donor, a proud member of the Team DPS Employee Giving Campaign, which has raised $167,000 since 2010 from generous employees like Krissie. “I give to the DPS Foundation because I believe in equity for all students,” says Deeks. “Every child deserves to have the same opportunities in school. I know what I’m able to do in my classroom for my students – but doesn’t every classroom across DPS deserve the same thing? When I give to the DPS Foundation, I feel part of something bigger, that’s helping meet the needs of ALL our kids.” Krissie believes that programs like the A to Z Fund, Fit, Fun & Literacy and Lights On After School help give all kids a leg up on academic success. “I give because I see firsthand every day the difference these programs make. I give because I believe in every child in Denver Public Schools, and I’ll do whatever I can to support their success.”

* July 1st, 2012 - June 30th, 2013


Denver Public Schools Foundation

Annual Report 2012/13


$1,000 to $4,999 (continued)

The Cohen family is two generations of proud, committed Denver Public Schools Foundation supporters. “For me, it’s a matter of responsibility and duty,” says Mike, son of Sue and Alan Cohen. “I grew up in DPS schools. I contribute and volunteer my time in DPS because I deeply care when I see the disparities between private and public schools in class size, resources and opportunities.” The Cohens made a generous gift to support DPS’ Balarat Outdoor Education Center, which serves 10,000 DPS students each year. “As a child, going to camp was a big part of my life,” says Sue. “Later, counseling at camp taught me a lot about leadership and helped make me the woman I am today. That includes my love of music and singing. I can still sing every song I learned at camp as a child.” By supporting Balarat, the Cohens recognized they were expanding DPS’ capacity to offer an experience that many students wouldn’t otherwise have. “It’s a shame that so many kids never get to see the mountains,” says Alan. “The whole program is set up around leadership building,” says Mike. “I want to know that all kids have access to that kind of learning experience.”


Regal Foundation Anna Ryan Kathryn & Tim Ryan Saunders Construction Nancy & Robert Schulein Fund, a donor advised fund of The Denver Foundation Ellen Scott Semple, Farrington & Everall, P.C. Maggie & David Shapiro Sherman & Howard LLC Patricia & Aaron Slaughter Sleep Supply Inc. Leslie & Geoff Smart Laurie & Gibson Smith Snelling Staffing Services St. Charles Capital, LLC Anna & Brian Steele Strear Family Foundation Ali & Jason Sweeney United Healthcare University of Colorado Denver University of Denver Vestar Capital Partners Armando Vidal Voyager Learning Joseph & Judith Wagner White Construction Group Suzanne & Lee White WhiteWave Foods Jan & Dee Wisor John Witt Julie Wolf & Wesley Williams Marianne & Les Woodward Xanterra Parks & Resorts Xcel Energy Deborah & David Younggren Vectra Bank Colorado Lisa Zoeller & Craig Umbaugh Meghan & Evan Zucker

$500 to $999

Anonymous (5) Katie & Adam Agron Kathryn & Eric Albright Stacey Aronowitz & Joel Mecklenburg Amy Asper Robert W. Baird & Co.

Cara & Don Bechter Robin Beery & Mark Filerman Thomas Beinegar BLX Group LLC Carol & Howard Boigon Brooke & Jon-Erik Borgen Joan & Larry Brennan Molly Broeren & Bill Mosher Jan & Mark Bundy Centre Partners Management LLC Jennifer & Chris Chavez Michelle Chiang Mike Clem Gary E. Cooper Susana Cordova & Eric Duran Stacey & Geoffrey Danheiser The Denver Hospice Kim & Jeff Dolan Dovetail Solutions Colin Dunn Benita Duran Krystal & Bruce Duval Stacy Dvergsdal Cyle Feingold Lois Ferguson The Finney Group Fran & Mike Fisher Stephanie Garcia Sidney B. & Caleb F. Gates Fund Gavlin Family Foundation William Guerci Crawford Hamilton Stephanie & Edward Harvey Megan Hendricks Mary Holleman Ann Hopfenbeck Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Intertech Plastics Inc. Heather Jernberg & Robert Sarfi Marcia & Will Johnson Barb Jones & David Suppes James & Lynn Jui Maureen & John Kechriotis Yun Hui & Michael Kehoe Sharon Kelly & Andrew Holleman Sharon & John Leslie Forest Markowitz William Mathews

Denver Public Schools Foundation

Craig May Robin & Cameron McClearn The McKesson Foundation Microsoft Kirk Mielenz Lisa Farber Miller & David Miller The Morrison & Foerster Foundation Suzette & John Mullins Neusteter Colorado Company/Auer Family Fund, a donor advised fund of The Denver Foundation Carol & Gus Ostermann Marta Osuna Healy & Ted Parks Diana & Alan Peppers Mary & Peter Peterson Kelli & Evan Pfaff Tonda Potts & Kenneth Howe NonaJean & Bryant Reber Cari & Eric Riedlin Peter Riley Sarah & Chris Riopelle Daniel Ritchie Debi & Michael Roads Anne Bye Rowe & Frank Rowe Tammy Schiff & John Stearns Kelly & Paul Schomburg Mary Seawell & Lee Ferguson Kathleen Sgamma Sigma Upsilon Chapter at the University of Denver Emily Sinclair Diane Smith Shayne Spalten & Frank Baumgardt Scott Springer Andrea Stein University Park Elementary PTA Peter Wall Jennifer Walmer Travis Webb Western Export Services Zenith Sourcing, Inc. Zonta Club Of Denver II

$250 to $499 Anonymous (2) John Albright Josh Allen

Annual Report 2012/13

Charles Babb Marjorie Baumert Pam Beardsley Virginia Beauregard Megan Bee & Steve Chambers Pamela Bell Kipp Bentley Kimberly Blankenburg & Matthew Emmons Alexis & Andy Boian Janet Box Amy Bringedahl Kristi & Bud Bullard Nita & Don Burkhardt Mary & Ronald Butz Cheryl Caldwell Nicole Capage-Brown & Eric Brown Mary Ann Casey Causey Demgen & Moore Inc. Teri Chavez & Scott Murphy Edward Chew CoBank Carolyn Coggins Adam & Colleen Cohen Sara Collyar Linda & Eugene Commander Casey Cortese Margaret & Richard Deitrich Kurt Dennis Rebecca Dieter Robert Dilworth Abigail Dixon T.J. Donahue Nancy & Dick Downing Ivan Duran Anthony Durmowicz Britta Erickson & Richard Turner Rachel & Brian Eschbacher Molly & Bryan Ferrer Shannon & Mark Fitzgerald Amy & Bernard Friedman Jean Galloway Debra Geiger Alexandria Gerardo & John Hagan Leslie & Noel Ginsburg Margaret & Russel Givens Google Matching Gifts Program Grant Beacon Middle School

Rebecca Grant Great West Life & Annuity Insurance Company Sharyn Guhman Catherine Hance Pamela Hanes Josh Hanfling Jennifer & Steven Harris Maria & Andrew Harwood Lynn Hawthorne Arlene & Barry Hirschfeld Sadie Honey & Zach Hochstadt Roxanne Jensen & Dean Neuwirth Lashonda Kennedy Cathy & Jim Kidder Susan & Francis King Kathryn Krause Darlene LeDoux Jon Lehmann Peggy Lehmann Kathryn Lester Susan & Leigh Lutz Erin Magley Joanne McGee Virginia & William McGehee Megan & Andy Meyers Donna Middlebrooks & Tom Gougeon Jon Moellenberg Mardi Moore & Bruce Johnson Harris Morris John Moyski Orion’s Mind Russell Parker Virginia & Perry Peine Marilyn & William Plummer Mel & Marlyne Preusser Nicolas Pujet Ellen Rehmar Lee Renfrow Calley Rigg Catherine & Jon Robinson Eileen & Sam Robinson Greg Ross Kristin & Scott Russell Patricia Salazar Karen & David Sanger Bruce Savage David Scarbeary


$250 to $499 (continued)

Mary & Paul Schadler Joe Schmidt Lauren Schmidt Jean & David Scott Julia Shepherd Kathleen Shiverdecker John W. Simmons SM Energy Ruth M. Stark Foundation Ann Hoyt Stolfa & David Stolfa Michael Vaughn John Walsh Watershed Investment Consultants, Inc. Arlene & Richard Weisman Reeves Whalen Alyssa & Michael Whitehead-Bust Teresa & Antwan Wilson Carrie Winkler Catherine Wise Joe Woodward Xcel Energy Foundation Adrienne Yang & Adithep Sittiseri Lisa & Robert Yurglich

Gifts up to $249

Anonymous (61) Walter Abel, Jr. Wanda Abel Cynthia Abramson Acclaim Mortgage Marie Accorso Tamara Acevedo & Ramon Trujillo DeAnn & Michael Acosta Ashlee Adams Elaine & William Adams John Adams Maria Adams Ellen Ahn Kristen Allen Mary & Robert Allen Sarah & Bruce Allen Suzanne Allender Emily & Thomas Althaus Sheila Amdur Tamara Anander Carolyn Anderson Diane Anderson


Lorene Anderson Bernadette Apodaca Reiko & Yoshio Arakawa Eleanora Archie Kristen Armstrong Mary Armstrong Wendy & Edwin Aro Wesley Ashley Martha & David Ashmore Cara Athmann Vivian Avila Sandy Baca-Sandoval Jennifer & Lalit Bajaj Patricia Baker Beverly & Thomas Baldwin Terri Baldwin Fred Ball Natalia Ballinger & Mike Korenblat Karen & Lucas Bamberger Marcia & Robert Bankirer Susan Bardwell Louise Barella-Meier Ramon Bargas Joanna Barker Zoe & Kenneth Barley Adam Barnett Robert Barnstable Gail Barry Susan & Mark Barter Betty Barton Holly Batal & Mike Wiltberger Catherine Battaglia Barbara & Fred Baumann Marc Beasley Chris Beatty Deborah Beck Elmer Becker Holly Bennett & John Lebsack Karyn Bennett Lynden Berkley Ann & George Bermant Peg & Jerry Bernstein Judith & Tom Berry Becky Bicha Judy Biegler Kerry Black Scott Black Deborah Blair-Minter

Sandra & Paul Blomeyer J. Barclay Blue Mary Blue Charles Boatright Shelley Boberschmidt Keith Boehler & Patrick Daskol Lee Bollacker Kathryn Boogaard Linda Lebsack Books Rae Ann Bories-Easley & Nate Easley Libby Bortz & Michael Altenberg Julie & Bruce Bowler Gene Boyer Betsy Brachfeld Eric Braden Darby Brady Patricia Bragg Katie Bratlien-Kirby & Steven Kirby Ellen Brettell Ellen Brilliant Laura Brinkman Ingvild & Stuart Brown Bruckman Architects Lawrence Bryskin Mary Kay & Ken Buckius Timothy Buczak Frances & Bruce Burbank Kelly Burdick Shannon Burke Ann Burns The Business Journals Jay Calderone Ashley Calhoun Lois Calvert Roslyn Cantrell Nereida Cantu Carla Capritta Emily Carder Barbara Carlson Jan & John Carpenter Salvador Carrera Judy Carroll Jennifer Draper Carson & Wade Carson Debbie & Rex Carter Tanya Carter Martha & Rich Caschette Judith Cassel-Mamet & Samuel D. Mamet Connie Casson

Denver Public Schools Foundation

Judith Caughey Karin Cecere Meredyth & Raymond Champ Savinay Chandrasekhar Judy Chavez Betty & Don Cheadle Chevron David Chiavacci Colleen Chock Allison & Jeff Christopherson Phillip Clark Maureen Clarke Stephen Clawson Margaret Clinkscales Ann Cobb Joy Eames Coe Rachel Coel Agnete & Phillip Cohen Ann Cohen Jennifer & Matthew Cohen Rabbi Sandra Cohen Catherine Cole Mick Conlon ConocoPhillips Joél Contreras Virginia & Kevin Conwick Patricia Cook Tiffany Cooley Gretchen Cooper Brenna Copeland Karen Copeland Denise Cordova Corona Insights Jan & Stephen Costello Lucia Cowperthwaite Gretl Cox Nicholas Cox Elyse & Kyle Craig Douglas Crane Heather & Thomson Cronenberg Rosemary & John Crouch Sally Cumine Debra Cunningham Danielle Curtiss Carin Cutler Ashley & Frank Daidone Michael Danahey Cody Dangelo

Annual Report 2012/13

Martha Daniel Judy Danielson & Eric Wright Vicki Perlmutter Dansky & David Dansky Justin Darnell Laura Datz Mark Davidson Martha Davidson Amy Davis Emily Davis Hollene Davis Marsha & Pat Dawe Kate Deal Ronald Deal Francis Dean Lisa Dean Kristine Deeks Mary & William DeGroot Craig Dehning Margaret Delany & Richard Madden Stacey Delcau JoAnn delHierro Dorothy Denny & William Stanford Marguerite & Thomas Detmer Mark Detsky Joyce & James Deutsch Aylane & Gabriel Dibildox Sarah Dixon Kathleen & Brian Dolan James Dorrough John Doucette Marita Dougherty Jessica Downs Lindsey Drahota Kathryn Dufford Donna DuHadway Kari & Corey Dukai Shirley Duman Adam Dunn Tracy Dunning & Eric Sondermann Christopher Duran Richard Durity Manny Dworkin Kelly Dwyer Eagleton Elementary School Michael Eaton Gayle Ebel Delores & James Edwards Susan & David Edwards

Ely Merenstein loves music; specifically piano, guitar and singing in choir. His love for music inspired him to do something very special for other children. In 2012, 12-year-old Ely raised money through his Mitzvah Project for the DPS Foundation’s A to Z Fund, specifically to support music education in Denver Public Schools. “Music is a very important part of my life, and I wanted to help bring it to the lives of other kids who might not have the same opportunities.” Ely’s commitment didn’t end there. Now, he sits on the A to Z Fund grant review committee, volunteering his time to review applications and help ensure the funding goes where it will be most beneficial for the students. “It makes me very happy to see music connected to kids through this process,” says Ely. “I believe it’s very important to give back, especially to something that means a lot to you, as music does to me.”


Gifts up to $249 (continued)

Every spring, DPS students take to the stages of the Denver Performing Arts Complex for the DPS Shakespeare Festival – the largest and oldest student Shakespeare festival in the country. In 2013, the DPS Shakespeare Festival simply would not have been possible without the support of United Airlines. As part of their ongoing and multifaceted commitment to Denver Public Schools, United Airlines served as presenting sponsor for the 2013 Festival, providing the funding to make the Festival one of the best and biggest in DPS history. “United is proud to have helped preserve this treasured event for students and families,” said Dan Lynch, United’s Corporate and Government Affairs Managing Director and the festival’s Grand Marshal. In addition to the Shakespeare Festival, United has served as the official airline for the DPS Foundation’s A to Z Fund since 2010, fulfilling travel needs for nearly 100 DPS students and educators. The airline strives to support unique educational experiences that take learning beyond the classroom walls, and we thank them for this extraordinary support!


Charles Elbot Caren & Doug Elerowitz Amber Elias Sarah Ellery Barbara & Robert Ells Patrick Emery Judith Endean Mildred & Samuel Engel, Sr. Ron Engels John Epps Audrey Epstein & Scott Merenstein Deanna & Arthur Espejo Rebecca Estes Jennifer Evans & Jonathan Postal Colleen Faddick Bernice Fairbanks Paul Faraci Katharine & Gordon Farley Ann B. Fawcett Joncee & Glen Feakes The Feldman Mortuary Charitable Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation of Colorado Jonathan Felix William Fenton Robyn Fergus Beth Ferguson Marissa Ferrari Veronica Figoli Lauren Fine First Data Corporation Lynn Fischer Evan Fischgrund Linda Fisher Sarah Fisher Suzanne & Eugene Fitzpatrick Jill & Peter Fixler Sarah Flanders Jacob Fleck Kathleen Fleming Jennifer & Patrick Flynn Timothy Flynn Jeanette Forster Lauren Forsythe Donna Foster Lori Fox & Tom Downey Amy & Edward Francis

Sarah Freeman Carla Frenzel Marie Friedemann Jennifer & Doug Friednash Michele & Donald Fuerst Michael Gaffney Arlene & Herbert Galchinsky Jennifer Gallagher & Gregory Pinson Leslie & Douglas Gamache Kyle Gamba Margaret & Rick Garbe Anne & Charles Garcia Eleanor Garcia Julieta Garcia-Vicente Bailey Gardner Kristine Garrett Elisabeth Gart The Gary-Williams Company Employee Fund Jean-Philippe Gascon Austin Gayer Bonna Gayhart Lynn & William Geller Marla & Richard Gentry Melissa Gerity Laci & Jon Gettings Perla Gheiler Mario Giardiello K. Sue Giovanini Marilyn Girouard Barbara Glaser Sarah & Joe Glover Leanne Goff Harriet & Charles Goldberg Sheila Goldstein Oscar Gonzalez Donna & Stephen Good Judith & Daniel Gordon Joyce Gottesfeld Helen Gowan Sonia Graber Scott Graham Paulette Grant Georgia Gray Kathleen Green Margaret Green Bradley Grippin James Grisham

Denver Public Schools Foundation

Harold Grueskin Frank Gryglewicz Joseph Gude Marne Gulley Albert Habercorn Anntoinette Hackney Sheena & Edward Hackstaff Theresa Hafner Shannon Hagerman Catherine Hagerty Theresa Hall William Hall Anna Hallen Grace Halmi Simon Hambidge Sara Hamilton Sharon & Bruce Hann Christohper Hansen Ken Hansen Tabatha Hansen Taggart Hansen Chris Harder Ann & Eldridge Hardie John Hardy Carol & David Harguth Carla & Stephen Harner Heidi Harris Dawn & Stephen Hart Martha & James Hartmann D.E. Harvey Cynthia & Marc Haverland Melissa Hayes Happy Haynes Joe Hays & JoAnn Trujillo Hays Debbie Hearty Lora Hebel Virginia Heddens Carol Hedges Catherine Heely Norma & Randal Heinz Roberta Heisterkamp Laura Henderson Bridgette Hendricks Carla Henebry Madalyn & Douglas Henninger Carolyn Henzel Karen Herbert Felicia Hermosillo

Annual Report 2012/13

Beth Hessel-Kirkman Kathryn & Shaun Hester Michael Hickman Kathleen Hill Patricia Hill Anne Hines Amanda Hinkson Sarah Hite Mary Hoagland Susan & John Hobbins Lisa Hogan Anna Holm Emily Holmes Corrie Houck Michele & Bruce Houtchens Romi & William Howell Agnes Hoyt Janet Hoyt Penney Hsieh & Richard Tsai Minnie Huang & Michael Maris Tracy & Jerry Huggins Barbara & John Hughes Elsa & Franz Hummel Suzanne Hunt Ramsay Huntley Mary Hupp Patricia & Martin Hurrieta Martha & Irfan Hussain Yvonne Hutchens Julia Hutchins & David Steiner Kathleen Hutton Pamela Hyde IBM Lilian Inai Ann Irving Suray Ismail Malena Jackson Anne Jacobs James Jacobs Sherri & James Jacoby Cornelia Jacoby-Weitzner & Michael Weitzner Melissa James Suzanne Janzen & Stewart Boal Cynthia Jarest & Cameron Bridges Victoria Jemmott Kalani Johnson Cheryl Jones

Claudia & Wesley Jones Leslie Juniel Lori Kadin-Benson Wendy & Steve Kaeuper Linda Kammerer Allan Kantrowitz Rana & Andrew Kark Leslie Karnauskas Chris Keeley Carolyn Keene & Elizabeth Cookson Judith Keller Patricia & Kevin Kelley Cornelia Kellogg Debbie Kelly Susan & Brian Kelso Amy Keltner Cary Kennedy & Saurabh Mangalik Philip Kennedy David Kenny Julie Keppler Gwendolyn Kerby Linda & Charlie Kercheval Michael Kessler Michele & Troy Kilen Valerie Kilzer Susanne Kim Christa & Shawn Kirk Faith & James Kirk Pamela Kirk Leigh Kirkeeide Timothy Kirkland Christine Klatman Jennifer Klein Melissa Klemish Jennifer Knudsen Lucretia & Richard Koeppe William Kohut Danielle & David Kolojay Alison Kolwaite & Shannon Good Susan Korach Lorraine & Peter Kornafel Michael Kosnett Teresa Kosmicki Bill Kottenstette David Kowalski Michelle Koyama Katherine & Alfred Kozlowski KRG Capital Partners


Gifts up to $249 (continued)

Carlo Kriekels Rochelle & Robert Krovitz Katrina & Aaron Krueger Betty & Warren Kuehner Carina & Marcelo Kugelmas Terry Kulsea Alma Kurtz Henry Kusumi Natalie & Fredric Kutner Scott Laband Doris Lackner Dorothy Lagger Lynne Lake Robert Lamb Dorothy Lamm Gary LaPlante Jacqueline Larner Carol Lassen Robbie Latson George Latuda Marian Lauterbach Esther Lawson April Leahy Timothy Leddy Marlene & Robert Lederer William Lee-Ashley Pieter Leenhouts Kelly Leid Joan & Harold Leinbach Kate & Jake Lemon Helene Leone Renae & Sidney Levin Andrew Levy Marvin Levy John Lewin Karen Lewis Sachem Lfbm Laura & Greg L’Herault Nancy Livingston M. Carol Lofft Eileen Loomis Josefita Lopez-Khosravi & Amir Khosravi Constance & David Lott J. Mast Loughridge Janet Lovato Kirsty Lovell Celia & John Low


Leann Lucero Kirsten Lynch Dennis Lyu Heather & Craig Macari Timothy MacCannell Tracey MacDonald Juanita MacKenzie Kenneth Maestas Alex Magana Dorothy Major Kim & Charles Malek Joan Manheimer Sheryl Manning Janice & George Mansfield Shari Marcely Anita Marchant Icaro Mardones Eva Marez Sarah Marks Philippa Marrack Christy Martello Cathy Martin Donna & Jerry Martin Traci Martin Clara Martinez Greta Martinez Helen & Jose Martinez Katherine Plog Martinez Kimberly Martinez Nancy Martinez Anthony Martini Vivian Masket Mason Family Revocable Trust Nancy & Vance Maune Mary & Thomas Mauries Anatascia & Daniel May Margaret & Derek McCandless Jeanine & Raymond McCleery Catherine McElhinney Charles McElwain Daniel McFatter Mary McGee & Pete Collegio Nina & Rex McGehee Marcia McGowan Ann McGrew Michelle McGuire Brittany Mckeon Evelyn & Neil McLagen

Erin McMahon Molly McMahon Patricia McMurray & Edgar McCullough Maureen McNeil Edward McWilliams Patricia Mead Jessica Meehan Maryann Meggelin Carol Mehesy Evan Mellman Alison Meloni Theress & Andy Mendelsberg Pattie & Robet Menk Dan Merenstein Ely Merenstein Nancy & Joel Merenstein Wendy & Charles Merrill Arlene & Lester Mesner Marian Messner Vickie Mestas Carol Metsker Laurie Meyer-Lancisi & Mark Lancisi Microsoft Matching Gifts Program Adena Miller Keith Miller Linda Miller Michelle Miller Valerie & Zach Miller Helen & Roy Mills Linola Mitchell Doriann & John Moerer Ray Mondragon Kirk Monroe Floridalma Montejo Jeanne Moore Meme Moore Patricia Moore Susan & Lonny Moore Ian Morales Sherri & William Morgan Kerry Morimoto Judith Morr Maureen & Rob Morrell Kimberly Morse Mary Moser & William Richey Ronald Mosness Jamie & Matt Moyer Lorraine Mrva

Denver Public Schools Foundation

Bart Muller Julie & Ryan Murgel Tom Murnan Christine Murphy & Norman Mueller Julie & Michael Murphy Kendra Murphy Kathleen & Eugene Murret Bonnie Nabors Pat & Richard Nearman Beth Nelson Lacey & M. K. Nelson Ruth Nelson Brooke & Joshua Neville Andrew Newman Jennifer Newman Catherine & Bruce Niemeyer James Nobles Robert Nogueira James Nora, Jr. Deborah Norris Patricia Norris Christine Obert Rebecca O’Brien Dan O’Connell Maureen O’Connor-McGinn Carol Okada Stacey Okubo-Davis Leah & Scott Oliver Shayley Olson Danielle Ongart Paula Ortlieb Thomas Owen Suzanne & Chris Pacetti Katheryn & Eugene Packer Daniel Pagliasotti Edna & David Palmer Frank Parce Stephen Parce Rita Parden Taylor & Mike Pardun Tanya Park Charlotte Ambika Parker Chase Parker Nancy & Stephen Parker Cindy Parsons Debra Parsons & David Downs Susan Pate & Stephen Boone Sarie & Kevin Patterson

Annual Report 2012/13

Donna Paul Stacey & Lance Paulson Cynthia & George Pavlik Rachel Payne Kerry & Nathan Pearlman Peepers Optical Theresa & Noel Pelser Gordon Pelton Lisa & Jonathan Perlmutter Beverly Petersen Mia Peterson Patricia Peterson Teri Petitt & John Schieving Justin Petrone Bob Phelps Lillian & James Phelps Laurel Pickering Ruth Pidick Theress Pidick-Mendelsberg Catherine & Eric Piepenbrink Jay Pierce Patricia Pierce Marcy Pierson Roma Pitt Edwin Pittock Anne & Adam Poe Tawny Poggio Miriam Pomeranz Ingrid Porras-Gonzalez Nicole Portee Lori & Maximillian Potter Jami Powell Sybil Praski Caren Press Press Family Trust Joann & Bob Price Jeff Pring Bonnie Pritchett Jason Prussman Emily Przekwas George Pulver Deanne Pytlinski & Neil Schwartz Cindy Quinn Kate Raabe Brandy & Theodore Radey Leif Rains Raleigh Pathology Lab Assoc. Dolores Ramirez

Chanthy Na knows the value of collective impact. In 2006, he and several friends created a Giving Circle to leverage their individual generosity into something more substantial. The participants of this philanthropic circle contribute annually into a collective fund, choosing several charities annually to receive a yearend donation. “We realized that together, we could do a lot more for these great organizations than any of us alone,” says Chanthy. Selecting the DPS Foundation as a recipient was deeply meaningful for Chanthy, a DPS graduate, and now Director of Chief Academic Office Communications for DPS. “It means a lot to give back to a school district that has given so much to my family and to me. And I know the difference it will make in the lives of the kids we serve.”


Gifts up to $249 (continued) Kalpana Rao Torey Raphael Ludivina Rascon Matt Ratterman Raytheon Kristina Reilly Lea Ann Reitzig Robert Renfro Kathryn Reoh Adina Reshotko Rhoda & Ronald Resnick Reuler Lewin Foundation Inc. Shirley Richard Timothy Richman Holli Riebel Karin Riggins Ted Riter JoAnn Rivera Megan Robert Spurgeon Roberts Jeanne & Richard Robertson Ellen & Scott Robinson Charlotte Rocha Kellie Rockey Donald Rodriguez JesĂşs RodrĂ­guez Lonnie Rodriguez Rosemary Rodriguez Ruth Rohs Margaret Roll Elinor Roller Elizabeth Romer Rachel Romer Joyce Rosenblum Deborah & Saul Rosenthal David Ross Rebecca Ross Julie Rottier-Lukens Lisa & Jack Rouff Zachary Rowe Megan Roybal Patsy Roybal Charlotte & Irvin Rubin Jean Rueschhoff Vicki Rumpeltes Martha Runnettte Sally & Kenneth Ruter


Bryan Ruth Christy & Dave Ryan Susan & Kenneth Ryerson Michelle Saab Robin Sadler Bryan Sakuoka Del Samac-Townsend Martha & Erik Sandvold Rebecca & Gary Sauer Sara Anne Saukovich Laura Schaub Paul Schechter Sandra Scherer Linda Schlegel Maria Intan Schmiede & Robert Schmiede Andrew Schnackenberg James Schnebly Kelly Schokmiller Jacqueline Schott Judith & Larry Schulman Stacy Schurman Calista & Daniel Schwartz Kelle & Gregory Schwartz Jane & Rob Scofield Brette Scott James Scott SCU Community Foundation Lynn & Tom Seaman Duncan Seawell Florence Seccombe Leonard Segel Kay Sellers Joyce Sempson Barbara Setterstrom Saloni Shah Elizabeth & Zachary Shannon Robert Shannon Barry Sharcot Barbara Sharp Nancy & John Sharp Richard Sharpnack Heidi Shaw Marilyn Shaw Lisa Shea Linda & Donald Sherman Ryan Sherwood Ernie Shih Tonia Shook

Barbara & Dennis Shull Martha Shwayder Erika Sidney Kurt Siebold Stan Siefer Kaye Siemers Helen Simmons John Simmons Margaret Simmons Joshua Simon Valerie Simons & Ronald Gerrans Thomas Siratovich Nina & Tom Sisk Michelle Slaby William Slamkowski Judy & Gary Sliwinski Virgina Smetana Cynthia Crennen Smith & Keith Smith Cynthia & E. Grover Smith Diane & Merwin Smith Eaton Smith Emily Smith Marcy Smith Stephen Smith Yana & Allen Smith Nicholas Smyth Suzanne Snider Robin & Todd Snidow Jean Solis Stefanie Sommers Shawn Sonnkalb Mike Sophir Michele Sorensen Holly South Caroline Spangler Debra Spangler Michael Spaulding Janice Spearman Kristen & Robert Speth Harry Spetnagel Ashley Spooner Elizabeth Stamberger Andrew Staniszewski Jon Stavney Kristin Steele Roslyn & Jonathan Steeler Brian Stein Ilana Steinberg & Ray Merenstein

Denver Public Schools Foundation

Mildred Steiner Jennifer Steuck Helen & Lyle Stewart Claire & Reed Stilwell Stites Mobile Home Park Elizabeth Stock Marilyn Stocker Patricia Stolfa Marvin Stone Susan & Ryan Stone Marian Straight Steve Stretz Marcia Strickland Harriet Strong John Stryker Caroline & Alverd Stutson Lindsay Arnold Sugden & George Sugden Doris Sullivan Edythe & Floyd Sunshine Matthew Suskin Polly Swartzfager & Russell Cohen Timothy Sweeney Mary Symonton Rachel Tabibi Francine Tafoya Daniel Talero Rose Tanaka Patricia Tanner Sylvia & Jake Tarica Danielle & Nicholas Taro Laurie & John Tatlock Jeffrey Taylor Susan Teige Pamela & Christopher Telli Benjamin Temple Ann & Harold Tepoorten Diane & Dan Terwelp Amy & William Thieme Greg Thiessen Stephen Thornburg Mieke Thorson & Scott Esserman Beverly Thygesen TIAA-CREF Amanda Tierney Karen & Frank Timmons TL Rentals Barbara & James Todd Michael Todd

Annual Report 2012/13

Deirdre Toltz Kay & Thomas Toomey Spencer Toppen Cassie Dalence Torrez James Trautman Aimee Truesdale & Sean Pawlowski Truist Brian Trujillo Ray Gayle Trumbore & Bryan Hay Neguse Tsehayu Mary & Michael Tully Stacy Turnbull Kellun Turner Deborah Tu-Tygrs Kate Tynan-Ridgeway Pamela Tyrrell Joan Urton Margaret Valentine Valera Valerio Helen Van Anne Geraldine Van Wormer Renee Vanhorn Albert Vasquez Brenda Vasquez Sylvia Vasquez Christine Vaughan Allexis Vean Nicole Veltze Renee Verspoor Jamie Villarreal Sara Visser Sonia Vittoria Stephen Vogler Ferrand Vowell Kimberly Wachtel Jim Wages WakeMed Cary Hospital Medical Staff WakeMed Raleigh Campus Medical Staff Firth & Colin Waldon Peggy Waldon Deidra Walker Huntington Walker Roberta Walker Anna Wallace Jane Walsh Janet & Matthew Walworth Donna & Robert Watford John Watson

Norma Watts June & Sanford Watzman Kiran Weaver David Wedmore Charles Weinstein Tami & Robert Weiser Wendy & Richard Weiskopf Bridgette Weiss Ceci Wells Bonnie & Peter West Milly & Vernon Westphalen Melanie & Terry Wheeler Mary Ginger White Sally & David Whitelock Patricia Whiteside Jerry Whitmore Anna Wickard Jo & William Wilbur Kendra Wilhelm Caroline Wilkinson Charles Wilkinson, Jr. Jennifer Willey Sondra Williams Susan Williams Donna & Donald Willis Rhys Willoughby Enid Willson Aaron Wilmot Gretchen & Stephen Wilson Hugh Wilson Leigh & Michael Wilson Polly & Randy Wilson Stefanie Winfield Margaret Wing Patricia Wintergalen, Ed.D Ann Winters Bette Wisotski Joan & Richard Wohlgenant Erica Wolff Nancy Wollen Kathryn Wolters Nancy Wood Monica Wooley Charlotte & Carl Worster William Wright Altaira Wu Margot Wynkoop Christine & William Wynne


Gifts up to $249 (continued) Patricia Wynne Mike Yankovich Elizabeth & Ken Yates Judy Yaw Brad Yohe John Youngquist Jill & Mansoor Yousaf Joseph Yurkovic Rebecca Zachmeier Karen Landers Zeile Frances & Joel Zemans Franziska Zenhaeusern Marie Zettek Linda Zinn Donald Ziska

In-Kind Donors

2914 Coffee 5280 Magazine The Bookies Burnsley Hotel Canvas & Cocktails CenturyLink Cherry Creek Shopping Center The Children’s Museum Denver Coldwater Creek Colorado Rockies Baseball Club Comcast Community First Foundation Corepower Yoga Corona Insights The Denver Athletic Club The Denver Center for the Performing Arts The Denver Tea Room Dependable Cleaners Eldora Mountain Resort Elitch Gardens FirstBank Gigi’s Cupcakes Denver Hyatt Regency Denver at the Colorado Convention Center Il Posto Museum of Contemporary Art Denver Newberry Brothers Greenhouse & Florist Panera Bread Company Racine’s RICOH


Sage Hospitality Steuben’s TeleTech United Airlines Westerra Credit Union

Gifts in Tribute

We extend our special thanks to donors who made gifts in honor of the following: Terri Baldwin Elaine Gantz Berman Alisha Black-Malon Kate, Claire, & John C. Ben Cohen The Amazing Students at Cole Elementary School Lisa Crady John Dalke Elicia Dennis Denver Public Schools IT Organization Audrey Hedrick Samantha Hogan Claire Howard Collin Keller Renee Levy Donna Lynne & Jim Brown Alex Magana Ely Merenstein Mile High United Way Music Education Margot & Marc Pinto James F. & Mary E. Porcaro Isabel & Manny Ramirez Carla & Rob Rancourt Sawyer Rockey Ali & Jason Sweeney Joyce Synott Sam Urton Lester Woodward

Gifts in Memoriam

We also extend our very special thanks to donors who made gifts in memory of the following individuals: Debbie Anderson Doris Barton Joanne Baumgarten Mrs. Bieman Dr. Omar D. Blair, DPS Board of Education Peter Bruch Beverly Brown Chew Margie Copeland Ben Craig Lynda Dalton Gordon Friednash Ed Garner Dale M. Hamilton Dean Hassman Wallace Hickey Paul Holleman Agnes Hoyt Tom McCallin Joan Gamel Murnan Jean Potts Debra Rivera Fern Schafer Robert Schulein Margaret & Carle Stenmark

Board of Directors* Brooke Brown, Chair Carson Foundation

Christine DeRose RBC Wealth Management

Kristin Heath Colon President & CEO

Craig Umbaugh, Chair-Elect Hogan Lovells

Jeff Dolan Comcast

Nicole Capage-Brown School Partners Program Manager

Jeff Ross, Treasurer Ross Aviation

Mike Ferrufino Latino Communications

Tiffany Cooley Development Director

Dee Wisor, Secretary Sherman & Howard

Doug Friednash Denver City Attorney

Landry de Souza Staff Accountant

Donna Lynne, Immediate Past Chair Kaiser Permanente

Taggart Hansen CH2M HILL

Christine Benero Mile High United Way

Emanuel (Manny) P.N. Hilario Einsteins/Noah Restaurant Group

Sarah Dixon Vice President, Marketing & Communications

Tom Boasberg (ex-officio) Denver Public Schools Superintendent

Charlie Kercheval FirstBank

Cedric Buchanon BBVA Compass

Jon Robinson UMB Bank

Scott Carpenter Anschutz Investment Company

Scott Russell CenturyLink

Chris Chavez United Launch Alliance

Mary Seawell (ex-officio) Denver Board of Education

Leanna Clark University of Colorado, Denver

David Shapiro DaVita, Inc.

Kristin Heath Colon (ex-officio) Denver Public Schools Foundation

Lee White George K. Baum & Company

*As of September 1st, 2013

Denver Public Schools Foundation

DPS Foundation Staff

Annual Report 2012/13

Laci Gettings Development Assistant Michele Kilen Grants Administrator Kim Martinez Vice President, Finance & Operations Mary McGee Vice President, Development Latia Shaw Communications & Development Specialist Amy Thieme Executive & Administrative Assistant Erica Wolff Development Associate


With your help, the DPS Foundation can: Help Every Child Succeed: We direct community support to programs that are proven to have significant and measurable impact on the lives of our students. Our programs help children succeed in the classroom, discover their talents outside the classroom and stay on track to graduate prepared for college or career.

Create a better Denver: DPS prepares students to be productive contributors to our society. By supporting the DPS Foundation, the entire community creates positive, sustainable change in our schools and contributes to the success of our next generation.

Innovate: When it comes to education, great new ideas deserve to be tested, proven and scaled. We support innovation in DPS, providing the funding to identify, incubate, evaluate and replicate the highest-performing and most exciting new strategies to help children achieve.

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DPS Foundation Annual Report 2012-13  

The DPS Foundation shares stories about the impact of your gift on the students in Denver Public Schools.

DPS Foundation Annual Report 2012-13  

The DPS Foundation shares stories about the impact of your gift on the students in Denver Public Schools.