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IN THIS ISSUE EDITOR'S NOTE To the readers I'm not sure if it's just me, or if the time on this planet really is getting increasingly faster and more tumultuous, but I find myself constantly looking around for a way to help. A way to contribute. A small "spark" I can produce to start a fire of change. With that, I'm often met with the realization that I am just one person. What the hell could I possibly do that's going to register on a larger scale? While it's been proven true that one person does have an immense amount of power, that TRIPLES when that person has an army behind them. A support system, a TEAM. We accomplish more when we join forces; we become an indispensable, UNITED FRONT. It is my belief, that as humans, it is our job to watch out for each other. Any time I get on the internet, social media, and a lot of times just walking out the door I see people lashing out and hating one another - when our society today absolutely calls for us to band together and use our collective positive power to heal ourselves. I believe as bad as things have gotten, we can turn it around and move forward together in love. Many times, that turn around can happen in the smallest ways, starting in your own life. Get in touch with charities or local and national organizations linked to the things that mean the most to you. I've included a list of some of my favorites below for you to read into. A wildfire starts with just a spark - if enough of us can "spark" some positivity in our own way, we will set our world ablaze with change of epic proportions. Best regards, Corey Wall Deputy Editor, Photography & Arts Helping homeless and trafficked youth Assisting homeless, LBGT youth, and other vulnerable populations Natural Resources Defense Council St. Jude Children's Research Hospital American Civil Liberties Union Planned Parenthood

DENVER RAW ARTIST Meet Nina Stewart and Allison Frost Denver's Raw Artist.

4 RAPPERS ON THE COME UP Denver Rappers on the come up in a the city of dreamers.

BEHIND THE GLASS WITH PAT D The world of glass blowing with Pat D.




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BEHIND THE GLASS WITH PATRICK DARRESS BY JOSH COWDEN Learning a brand new trade can be daunting and for many, that fear is the exact reason why most millennials have still not found a career. However, this is not the case for Patrick Darress, he has found his passion early and has quickly jumped head first into the learning process.  Darress is 22 years old and is currently working hard to become a legitimate glass blower. “I really fell in love with it once I saw my first real heady piece, and realized that glass could be actual art and not just a smoking a Device.” This was around 16 or 17 years old and after falling in love with the craft at as a teenager, the adult in Darress decided to put that passion to work. Over the years he found himself in different shops all over the springs and was constantly absorbing knowledge. One day while hanging out at another local artists’ shop, he was asked to make a few dab straws and instantly knew that it was something he wanted to do for a living.  Since then, it’s been about one full year of Darress blowing his own glass. Working on everything from rigs to pendants, the progress Darress has shown is amazing and the growth can clearly be seen in the work. While is earlier stuff looked how you might expect a beginner blow to have, his recent recyclers have some very impressive functioning and he’s already starting to work on coloring. While he still pretty solid at making pendants and smaller work, Darress cites that rigs and bigger pieces are his passion. 

Darress cites that a lot of the skill has come naturally to him, but he also doesn’t take away from the talented artists he’s learned from like Pedro Grime and Dylan Kelly. While he is still currently in school for Gallery Management and a minor in Visual Arts. Darress has plans to make glass blowing full-time in the future. As of now, he is working on perfecting his form, creating a brand, and continuing in absorbing as much knowledge as possible.  He’s testing his limits every day and constantly pushing the boundaries of his skill set. As of right now, Darress is renting out space to blow at a local headshop in Colorado Springs, DBK, located at 2833 N El Paso St, 80907, Colorado Springs, Co. You can follow his art on Instagram @Pat_d_Glass and keep an eye out at the local headshops in the springs for some of his latest creations. 






Meet Myell Westcoast. Denver artist on the come up and has connected with some of Denver's creative talent. Look out for Myell Westcoast.


         eet four artist on the come up in the city that dreams. Among the sea of dreamers we've found some of the most promising talent. Let's talk Hip-Hop with Myell White,Young CJ, Wes Dawg, and Jonni Blvnts. 

MYELL WESTCOAST Myell White also known as Myell Westcoast was born in Denver, CO on May 3rd of 1995. He like most, fell in love with Hip-Hop at very early age. Although, he was brought up around his mothers music ,of which, ranged from Gangsta Rap all the way to Soul. He recalls his very first CD that his mother allowed him to get, Bow Wow's first album Beware of Dog.

He knew that album triggered something inside him. "That album changed me. It was like, He was so young but he held himself like the older rappers and I thought well if he can do it why can't I." Myell says. From there the seed was planted and that's the only thing Myell could see himself doing for the rest of his life. He began writing music  around 12 years-old after listening Lil Wayne mixtapes. "I remember Lil Wayne would take any popular song and make it his and I knew I wanted to be on that kind of level." He didn't start actually rapping until his sophomore year of high school. He started recording freestyles off of his IPad and putting em on You Tube but stopped due to lack of traction, 

In 2015 Myell and his brothers; Trillsif, Kev, and Mikkie NoName formed O.E . This stood for Overly  Educated. This when he decided to take music serious which resulted in a two mix tapes, a slew of singles and a few write ups from Pat and Annie's and 

What is your motivation to pursue music?

Where do you see yourself in 3 years?

I've always wanted to do music it's always bee a passion of

Hopefully 3 years head of what I'm doing now.Â

mine. Also music has always been the one thing I understand the most so I just figured why not give it a try.

Tell me about a time that changed you. Man we'd be here all day if we went there haha. I just had my

Out of all the song's you've made, which one is your

first kid, my daughter Aveya and that right there is a life

favorite and why?

changer. Shouts out to her momma Makenzie for being a great

That's a hard question, I'd say right now 5.7.17 because I just

mom btw.

played for my dad and said that's his favorite. You mentioned that Bow-Wow's "Beware of the dog album changed you? Tell me more about that, any song in particular? I know people are gonna see this and be thrown off but in 2000 I was 5 and to me the tightest rapper was Lil Bow Wow. What other rapper do you know that rapped like that at 13? And don't even get me on songs in particular just pull up Bounce with Me and listen to that cadence.


What musicians inspire you? My top 5 without putting it in order is Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Kendrick Lamar and Big Sean

Do yo have any upcoming projects? I've been working on my debut album These Things Happen. I've been working on it for over a year now and everything we s finally in place I'm just waiting on a perfect time to drop it.


Young CJ is a young artist originally out form Phoenix, Arizona. He is now living the dream in Denver. CJ is no rookie in the game, he has been doing shows and music in Idaho Falls for so time. He just released his first mixtape called "If Only It Was That Easy" which is available on Spotify, Soundcloud, and Itunes. Recently, the rapper Just finished mixing his second mixtape titled "Day Onez" which he did with a local musician from Idaho Falls who goes by KD. The mixtape is said to release sometime this August. CJ is also working hard on a few other projects with a couple of artists from Denver who go by; Focus and Tatro.  In addition, he is working on a East coast tour for this October with a Wisconsin artist known as Laser Beam Green. Look out for Young CJ coming to a stage near you.

Q&A Why did you start to make music? Any Inspirations? I was a senior in high school and we had to write an auto-biography for our end of the year project. For one of the pages in the paper you had to write lyrics and I started writing lyrics to a G-Eazy song called "Sad Boy" and it just inspired me!  So I began to write lyrics to more Drake and Big Sean beats until I felt like I was ready. After that I started getting into producing myself and I had found a studio in Idaho Falls, Idaho called "Aurora Studios". I've done multiple projects there and continue to stay in touch with the owner Chase Hebdon. If you could pick one artist dead or alive to sit down and talk to who would it be and why? Drake. Drake came from Toronto at the perfect time. He almost single handily put that city on the map. He's opened a door for artists from that city now. I respect how true he has kept himself and his music. He's an artist that can adapt to the era yet still have the same feel. I feel like I can relate to him in the sense I don't come from a hot spot like California, Or New York, Or Detroit. I'm a kid from Phoenix, Arizona that started in Idaho Falls, Idaho. August is coming up, are you excited to release "Day Onez" and what are you hoping to accomplish with this album? Yes! Everyone back home in East Idaho kept telling me how they wanted KD and I to do a project together! We had done one song "Nah it's all good" on my first mixtape "If Only It Was That Easy" and the people loved that song! KD and I have been best friends since we were 13 years old. We used to write and rap for fun. Well for this next project we just took it serious and I hope everyone enjoys this next step in my rap career. I hope to accomplish just a more professional feel all-around. I felt like with my first project it was different but I'm the kind of person that knows it can always be better. And that's all I want. I hope KD and I can get together and put on a couple shows for this project and build off of it. Top three favorite artist? My top three? Well two are like picking between parents! 1.Drake 2.G-Eazy 3. Jon Bellion Any messages for the fans and readers? Always pursue your dreams. Picture what you need to do to get where you wanna go and go and do the first step. Nothing worth keeping happens overnight. You have to visualize your end goal and then starting building a bridge to it every way you can. Few people will see the vision until your already there. But your the only one that needs to see it at first




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One thing that is truly amazing about Colorado is the diversity within the people that you meet. Everyone has a story and one that is worth telling, is that of Jonni Blvnts. Jonni's personality shines through in his music like a ray of sun. He has songs that are for everybody and anybody. His unique individualism draws you in, keeping you wanting more. There is not doubt Jonni is capable of amazing things.

Jonni is originally from Beaufort South Carolina but was raised in Jacksonville, FL, However, he has love for the Mile High City like its home.When he was 16 his mother sent him to live with his father where he stayed with him for half of his senior year of high school, Spending the other half with a friend until he finally graduated.

"MY NAME IS JONNI BLVNTS, MY MOMMA CALLS ME JOSH, AND MY HATERS CALL ME TRASH." After high school, he decided to move to Denver and purse his dream of making music.

Q&A 01

I like to ask artist what inspires them to create music, Is there anything/anyone who has inspired you to make music? I look at my family as inspiration, they're some of the most creative people I know. I know that in the end, no matter what happens they're proud of me and want nothing but the best for me


You seem like a really cool cat but, I believe there is more that meets the eye. Tell me about a time that changed you and why that event? I remember I was 15, living in Hawaii. I was the new kid at my school and my style was so different. I almost got into a fight my first week just for being different. I wrote my first rap about it and performed it for like 10 people at lunch ended up getting applauded by the whole cafeteria. Ever since then I knew I was gonna be great at whatever I do!


I been on a Jonni Blvnts binge, why the hell aren't you on the radio yet? But no, on a real note, where would you love to see yourself on the in a few years? I'm not on the radio because my sound is very different from major artist. I don't sensor anything. I feel my peers respect me more for it but I wouldn't mind being on the radio. I see myself being the headlining artist out of Denver. So when big names such as Mac Miller, Travis Scott, Lil Wayne come to Denver I'll be the guy they ask to open for them. I just want to put my city in position to culturally change the world.


Among the four rappers on the come up is WesDawg. He has been creating music in the 303 for several years. He is one rapper who sees outside the abstract and continues to release tracks habitually which makes him a heavy weight contender in the hip-hop game. Wesley Daniels also know as WesDawg has been creating music since 2010 when he looked around and seen that all his friends ended up getting incarcerated .He consistently elevates his craft with every new song release.


"There is a lot of hate here, everyone is trying to be the best in the city"

While rising above the social hierarchy Wes hasn't collaborated with many artist but has been working on his own music. However the rapper, feels underrated in the Denver music scene, "There is a lot of hate here, everyone is trying to be the best in the city" he says. I couldn't help but to agree with Wes as we discussed the issues surround the Denver music scene, take a peek look at our Q&A.

What drives you to make music?

Musically, where would like to see yourself in few years?

I started making music back in 2010 when my homies had got locked up in the Feds. I

Musically in a few years I will be where I

use to freestyle a lot just playing around

wanna be at as far as a artist. Touring,

but what actually started driving me is

going overseas and a lot of things like that.

honestly that. It opened up a whole lot for me to talk about in my music as far as story

You said Denver has a great music scene,

telling and how it was for us growing up in

however, you mention a lot of artist just

the Montbello community.

hate on each other rather then work together. Why do you think this is such

NoteBook was a really good album, I

an issue among your peers?

would have to say "Misunderstood" is one of my favorite tracks. Which one is

They hate on each other for the simple fact

yours and why?

everyone in the city claims to be the best and the greatest or yet some hate the

I like "Misunderstood" myself however I

moves others are making. There's really no

believe the best song I recorded on that

support you gotta support yourself and

project was "Cold World". In the song "Cold

push yourself in order for people to

World" I'm basically saying you gotta

actually see our grind and hard work.

watch your surroundings and you gotta

That's what I did and stay to yourself

keep a gun on you jus to be safe in this

straight up.

world. You named "Lil Wayne, Kendrick and Drake" your top three artist. In what way have these artists inspired you? Lil Wayne has been my favorite rapper since the carter. What inspired me with Lil Wayne was his work ethic and how consistent he was. He didn't care about how no one felt about um he jus kept making great music. Kendrick Lamar inspired and opened my eyes on different ways to story tell, along with drake and to have fun with it and be serious about your craft. And don't take no shit from no one.





In recent years, the sensory deprivation tank phenomena has swept through pop culture and its influence is spreading quickly. Just last year, sensory deprivation was depicted as an aid to Eleven, the main character of Netflix’s hit show Stranger Things. Joe Rogan also has one of the largest podcast followings in the world and is a constant advocate for the tanks as well, even going as far as owning one for personal use in his house.  So what is a sensory deprivation tank? Put simply, it’s a big tank filled with water, that if set up correctly, can emulate the experience of having no sensory input or stimuli. In complete silence, complete darkness, and unable to distinguish where the water starts and your skin begins. To do this, the water is heated to the exact same temperature as your skin and the tank is filled with almost 10,000 pounds of Epsom salt, that way you are bound to always be floating on top of the water. The tanks are dark and Ear plugs are provided to help aid in canceling sound. Sessions usually last anywhere from an hour to two hours, depending on one’s interest, and some people have even gone as far as to staying the entire night in one of these tanks.     What started as a set of unusual and makeshift experiments by Dr. John C. Lilly, has now been transformed into a wellrespected activity in culture. There are shops all over any major city in the United States and the technology is better than ever. 

So to get a better look at just what exactly this experience was like, we headed down to R.E.S.T Float solutions for our very own float session. Going into the experience, it starts out with a quick session with Zero Gravity massage chairs. This helps stretch out your back and began placing your body into a relaxed state. From there you are escorted back to the float room where you are shown how to operate the tank and can begin taking your pre-float shower. After your ear plugs are in and your all showered up, you are ready to begin your float. When you enter into the tank the first 20 minutes are always kind of weird. You have the option of beginning with a bit of mediation music to ease you into silence, but I find that it really only distracts from the experience. The weirdness of the first part of the float usually just comes from trying to get comfortable. It’s hard to find the relaxed body state in which floating really gets interesting, but once you do, there’s nothing else in the world quite like it. You can literally feel the different parts of your body loosening up and finally relaxing all of the tension we tend to carry around with us.  It really feels good and your body will thank you. In a recent article in Men’s Journal, the health benefits of float tanks included, “reducing stress by lowering cortisol levels; managing chronic pain, injury, and illness; fighting addiction and depression; elevating mood; and even improving sports performance”  

For me, the experience changes once you are able to get comfortable and really learn to relax. As you lie in the tank, your mind begins to drift and the line between sleeping and awake, dreaming and thinking, become very blurred. It almost turns into a lucid dreaming experience, being that the thoughts that manifest become so vivid and clear, you can actually picture them and envision them. With just your brain at work and no sensory input, your brain starts working at impressive speeds and unusual ways. Before you know it, the Tibetan chimes or ringing and it’s already time to exit the tank. While the first 20 minutes feels like forever, the remaining hour flies by in what seems like an instant. Floating is definitely something that everyone should try. Not only does it have a ton of medical benefits, it’s a great resource to help recharge your brain brain and take a break from the stresses of everyday reality. While claustrophobia may scare away a lot of people from trying the experience, it really shouldn’t. You don’t have to close the tank completely and the people at these centers will help you get acquainted the whole way. REST float solutions in Colorado Springs is actually offering beginner float classes where the owner Jason Buck helps teach some mediation techniques and information on the tanks, before helping you try out your very first float for 60 minutes. Take advantage of the rising popularity of this unique experience and head out to one of these amazing float centers to learn more.


tre youth.



TRE YOUTH Throughout life you meet people who will either leave their mark on you in a positive or negative way. Growth is learning to recognize those individuals and those environments and allowing yourself to overcome it. While Tre Youth's story maybe just like yours, there is one thing about him and his music that stands out. He leaves a mark on whatever he touches - inspires the uninspired. Tre is 27 year-old rapper born out of Boston, Massachusetts who is taking his career one project at a time. "I don't want to move my career in the traditional sense. I want to take my time and really meet the right people" he says. He's a confident cat who knows exactly what he want's and what is even more unique about him is the face that he isn't tied up in the money and bit*hes, which is a consistent theme with mainstream rappers.

He started making music when he was out in Boston. However, his father, a military man, was constantly was moving them around leaving Tre to always be the new kid. Through his life he's found way's to keep his soul happy by continuing to do what he loves - create music. His mother, a woman of musical capabilities would often put young Tre into vocal activities but tragedy shook the family when she passed away from cancer when Tre was only 15 .


The traumatic event's took their toll on Tre as he learned to deal with his mother being gone. Although, in every dark tunnel there is a light. Some friends of his banned together and bought a guitar for him and in that he found solace in music. Tre started making music in his early twenties at the time was living in Springfield, Ma. The influence from his peers kept him loyal to the hustle. "You wake up, do your hustle, and chill with homies". He remembers seeing his family members making ton's of money and he eventually found himself in the hustle. It wasn't till some good friend's told him he needed to get out of the hustle and Tre deiced to move. He moved out to Dorchester, in Boston where he continue to push himself to grow more independently. Recently, back in June the rapper released "COLUDS" a six track EP-

which is a must for your playlist. Songs like City Vices and Trust truly capture the artist's individualism. The whole EP is about depression and overcoming it but as well shedding light on the transparency of depression. The clouds symbolize darker days but also overcoming those dark times as to say "we made it through them clouds alive" Tre says with a smile. In a sea of sharks Tre continues to rise above the traditional ways of the music industry. I've had the amazing opportunity to sit down with and talk about how he continues to grow as man, artist, and human.

TELL ME ABOUT WHERE YOU GREW UP AND HOW THE ENVIRONMENT YOU WERE IN SHAPED YOU INTO WHO YOU ARE? When I think of where I grew up, I think of where I first had to be on my own and survive. I grew up in this city called Springfield, MA. In the worst possible area. Springfield at the time was top 10 most dangerous cities in America and to this day the economy there is still in shambles. You can't make any real money out there so you either end up hustling or becoming content.

I was hustling running around getting into bad shit and right after high school my boys told me I need to get out of that environment and I moved to Dorchester, in Boston . I been there since right after high school and kept on hustling from there and tried to grow myself more independently.

DESCRIBE THE FIRST TIME YOU KNEW MUSIC WAS SOMETHING YOU WANTED TO PURSUE? My mom had always had me in vocal activities cause she was a singer herself. I'm blessed for that, but the first time I ever knew I wanted to start growing my music more seriously was when I was fifteen. We had lost my mom to cancer and my whole world flipped. The only constant in my life, the only thing that made things feel alright again was music. To this day it is the only thing I truly feel like I can put my all into and always get it back in return.


Mannn, I would just say be yourself. As an artist putting yourself out there you're kind of vulnerable

and subject to a lot of judgment and criticism. Just don't let any of it change who you are. Stay yourself and don't get lost trying to please someone else expectations. We don't get to decide what a hit is, or what is cool. The universe does, just put it out there and if people vibe with that energy you'll get it back in return.

HAVE YOU EVER MESSED UP DURING A PERFORMANCE AND IF SO HOW DID YOU HANDLE IT? Of course, everyone does. I've only messed up physically,like tripped and fell into people. I just roll with it though and people feel it too. Its kind of a hype feeling, everyone's all like "AYYEEE" and were jumping up and down and shit. It's good energy.


My mom was a singer, and most of my Filipino side of the family is artistic in some way its crazy. I think a lot of us found solace in our struggles through our art and passions.

around getting into bad shit and right after high school my boys told me I need to get out of that environment and I moved to Dorchester, in Boston. I been there since right after high school and kept on hustling from there and tried to grow myself more independently.

SO I'VE LISTENED TO YOUR NEW EP "CLOUDS", WHAT WAS THE MOTIVATION BEHIND THAT WHAT INSPIRED YOU? Clouds has been a concept I've had for a while. Clouds to me represents a battle through depression and some transparency around the topic. Once we lost my moms shit was all over the place and it was that important time in your youth where you're still figuring out who you are and what your place is supposed to be in the world. The clouds to me represent something I've made it through that I want to help others make it through as well. A symbol so to say, "we made it through them clouds alive". It's just me translating that emotion the best way I know how, through my art, through symbols.

My mom had always had me in vocal activities cause she was a singer herself. I'm blessed for that, but the first time I ever knew I wanted to start growing my music more seriously was when I was fifteen. We had lost my mom to cancer and my whole world flipped. The only constant in my life, the only thing that made things feel alright again was music. To this day it is the only thing I truly feel like I can put my all into and always get it back in return.Â

WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO BEGINNERS WHO ARE NERVOUS? Mannn, I would just say be yourself. As an artist putting yourself out there you're kind of vulnerable

I WOULD HAVE TO SAY I LOVE THE SONG OMO, OUT OF ALL YOUR TRACK WHICH ONES ARE YOUR FAVORITES AND WHY? Ah man I always forget about that song haha, its like really old in my mind cause it took so long for it to even be released that I'm already a very different artist from that. My progression I feel is accelerating with these new choices in my life. My favorite songs recently are City Vice, Foolin, Trust, & How it Go which we just finished a video for by the way. Fucking crazy the energy we're about to drop. These songs though to me sonically, and lyrically represent a lot of how I've been feeling lately while throwing in some references to some of my favorite anime.




Turning Love and Spirituality Into Works of Art Article Design by Corey Wall Words and Photographs Courtesy of Nina Stewart

   Ever since Nina Stewart was young, she knew who she wanted to be. In first grade when she was given an assignment to answer what she was going to be when she grew up, her written answer was, “Artist and Mermaid.” She plans on staying true to that childhood vision. She has always believed in fairies, mermaids, pirates, magic, and love. She promises that she will continue to believe through adulthood. As a human in society, she’s always been a weirdo who wears bright colors and cat ears, believed in unification, and loved to dance around in trees. She has always tried to be a peacekeeper and a reminder that our Earth is sacred and love is all-healing.She claims, “Even though I’ve been an odd one out, it has rarely bothered me because every person’s unique individuality is important to express.” Growing up in Denver, Colorado has elevated her with a diverse, healthy, liberal, and artistic environment.

.Also, having such quick access to the Rocky Mountains has provided her heart a land to fly freely in the forest and connect with nature. She is an environmental activist and preaches the protection and appreciation of the planet through protesting, volunteer work, and writing to congress. She has always been fortunate and has been gifted grounding roots that inspire her spiritual artistic style. Her family has taken her to many different lands and cultures - which has instilled the love for travel that she will forever obtain. Nina’s childhood inspired the magic that she tries to obtain in her art today. As she got older, she fell deeply into her spirituality and her contemplation of the universe. This journey of spirit and light energy in the human form is the roots of her art.


She is inspired by the trees, rocks, crystals, plants, animals, landscapes, oceans, and elements of Earth and the moon, sun, planets, and stars manifested in the galaxies of the universe. Also, concepts such as, harmony, light vs. dark, human spirituality, the human figure, sacred geometry, universal laws, science, chakras, metaphysics, history, music, animals, freedom, rainbows, magic and mermaids also evoke many of her visions. But having said this, she believes, “there is inspiration in every corner of life, for our story is incredible.” She feels lucky that she can create something with her inspirations and that the creative process is one of the gateways that connects her to her spirit and soul.Nina’s artistic process has been developing since she was five years old.Throughout all her schooling, especially high school through college, she took an abundance of art classes.

These classes were drawing, painting, sculpting, graphic design, and many miscellaneous crafts and projects. Through all the exploration of the medias she fell the most in love with Acrylic paint for its fast drying, quick layering, and instant bold colors. Most of the time when she paints, she is given a vision and makes a rough sketch on the canvas. She then paints the background first and finishes all the details before she moves to the middle ground. Then she will finish all the details in the middle ground before she completes the foreground She explains “I don’t paint the whole canvas with the base colors first because I get to excited for the details. I like to do it section by section because to me, it helps bring my vision together by finishing other sections based on the last.



Also, she likes to skip around so that she can maintain patience and complete more in one sitting. She claims that her techniques were gathered through her many artist friends and teachers, but they mostly came from play. She thinks the easiest way to develop skills is to go for it, mess up, learn, and go for it again. You don’t need a teacher to learn art, all you need is art supplies, passion, and persistence. It’s important to try innovative ideas - especially the ones you think you can’t do because you will always learn from it and you do it better than you thought you could. She encourages people to not be discouraged to make art because they have little knowledge of formal techniques. The most important part of the process is to pick up the pencil, go for it, and figure out what works for oneself. Her personal creative process helps her understand more of herself and her purpose for sharing art.

Nina plans on spreading her art as far as possible so there’s a chance that someone somewhere might feel a spark of her love. She believes that her soul’s mission in life is to take the abundance of love that the universe has gifted her and spread it amongst humanity and the Earth. She believes that there just needs to be more love in the human world to obtain balance for ourselves, our sacred Earth, and our children’s children. She does not wish to convince anyone to believe like her, but she is hoping to entice knowledge of self and universal awareness in anyone who is willing to listen and collaborate. She believes that this life is a brief beautifully chaotic moment with our current mind, body, spirit, and soul synchronization. We’re only given one chance to live in the now, so she encourages all to just live; just love; just breathe; just be.





Follow Nina on Social Media! @stewart7_art





Custom-made artistry straight from Denver's own, Allison Frost

ARTICLE BY COREY WALL PHOTOS COURTESY OF ALLISON FROST Allison Frost is a true native of this great city of Denver, Colorado (something that is oddly hard to find these days). She is a proud alumni of Manual High School, as well as Denver School of the Arts. Though she initially went to the Denver School of Arts to pursue an education in instrumental music as a trumpet player, art was something that was always part of her soul. So ultimately, it was something she could not help but to pursue. After high school, she went on to pursue her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 3D Animation from the Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design.

Among her many talents, Allison’s art has extended into the world of footwear! She started working on custom shoes in 2008, after winning the Converse/Eastbay “Punk My Chucks” design contest. Her work has since been featured on local media stations such as KWGN Denver’s “Everyday” Show (2010), and Fox 31’s “Good Day Colorado” (2010). Additionally, she was commissioned by Converse as the guest artist in a DSW Shoe Warehouse nationwide giveaway in 2011. She then partnered with Slacker & Steve of Alice 105.9 FM to create a shoe for an American Heart Association fundraiser a year later. Allison has completed over 150 pairs of shoes to date, which are being worn across the United States and in Spain!


When it comes to her creative process, instead of jotting down ideas in a preliminary sketch, she lets the ideas come TO HER. She finds inspiration from staring at the shoe, while thinking about her clients’ requested theme and colors, until the idea just “hits” her. You can easily see that Allison pours her heart into every shoe she creates, and she considers each piece to be a work of art personalized for the owner. Each pair takes her an average of 8-14 hours to complete, and the finished product is completely wearable! Not only can you sport some incredible art on your feet, but she also guarantees that the same design will never be made twice. You are the proud new owner of a one-of-a-kind, locally made pair of kicks!          In addition to creating custom shoes, Allison’s work is fairly recognizable in the local volleyball community as well. Allison hand-draws over 2,500 volleyballs annually for South of the Border Volleyball Vacations, and Colorado’s largest adult volleyball league: Volleyball of the Rockies. Although these balls are made for tournament prizes, Allison also makes custom volleyballs for anyone that wants one. Using sharpies and acrylic paint, she translates an idea onto a ball which can either be played with or used as an artistic display. She has also been commissioned by USA Volleyball to create gifts for Olympic & Paralympic athletes at their annual Boyce Awards banquets (20142017).           Though like a true artist, Allison is not limited to shoes and volleyballs – she’ll make just about anything custom! She has painted snowboards, hockey goalie helmets, golf clubs, basketballs, hats, backpacks & purses. She also makes time to give back to the community whenever possible. She regularly donates her work to silent auctions in an effort to raise money for charities such as Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Ovarian Cancer, Breast Cancer, and Muscular Dystrophy.


CUSTOM MICHAEL JORDAN CONVERSE Knowing that Allison’s skills really know no bounds, it was no surprise to hear that she is nearing completion on an indoor mural, which spans half a warehouse (roughly 300‘x25‘). It can be found at the Island Beach Volleyball complex in Denver.       “This is, by far, my largest piece to date - and also the most challenging, she tells us. “When I started it, I had never really painted much, I was always more of a pen or marker kind of girl. But by the time it was done, it taught me so much about believing in myself and not limiting my art. I am so grateful for this opportunity to leave a huge mark on the world.”          Allison recently became a Denver RAW Artist and began experimenting in the world of body painting.  The RAW artist showcase is a huge community of independent artists from over 60 cities in the US. Body painting is a very different process for her, as she is used to working by herself for hours on end. In spite of that shift, she says, “I love the challenge that it presents. I think of it as painting a custom human - just

translating the same type of work I do on volleyballs and shoes onto human anatomy!”  Even though she has typically worked alone in the past, she is grateful be able to collaborate with Divinity Ray, a local hair & make-up artist & professional model, for all of her body painting adventures. “I assisted Divinity in her RAW Artist showcase, where we executed her vision – Divinity did hair and make-up, and I body painted the mermaids. This was another turning point in my career, as it was the first time I got to see my art walk down a runway. It definitely was one of the coolest things I have done yet, and I can’t wait to get more experience in body painting.”      Allison is an exceptional artist of many mediums, and has already proven to be a true staple of the creative community of Denver artists. There’s no doubt that she will be killin’ it for years to come – no matter what her canvas looks like, we are expecting big things from her! Be sure to keep up with Allison’s adventures on Instagram @eternalfrostart!


Assassin's Creed Theme



Allison in Action


Model - Shyanne Swartwood Hair & Make-Up by Divinity Ray

Model - Stevie May Hair and Make-Up by Divinity Ray

Model - Divinity Ray

Catch Nina and Allison at RAW Denver Presents:

Thursday, August 10, 2017 @ 7:00pm MDT The Church Nightclub, 1160 Lincoln St , Denver, Colorado 80203

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Special Thanks To; Nina Stewart, Allison Frost, Myell Westcoast, Young CJ, WesDawg, Jonni Blvnts, and Tre Youth.


Special Thanks To; Nina Stewart, Allison Frost, Myell Westcoast, Young CJ, WesDawg, Jonni Blvnts, and Tre Youth.