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Kenny Marchant From Humble Beginnings to Humility in High Office



What’s Right with Texas? Jobs and Taxes! Yes, thanks to our conservative Republican leadership in Austin, there’s a whole lot that right with Texas! • Texas is ranked #1 in the nation for favorable business climate. • Home to more Fortune 500 companies than any other state, including New York or California. • 245,000 new jobs in the past 12 months as a result of Republican pro-business legislation. • Half of all new USA jobs and lowest unemployment in USA. • More than 7,000 new physicians in the past 3 years as a result of tort reform legislation passed in 2003. • One of only 7 states with no State Income Tax. • 2nd lowest individual tax burden of all 50 states.

Denton County’s State Senators and State Representatives are ranked among the state’s most conservative, as are our two U.S. Congressmen. Keep Texas heading in the right direction – vote to keep it RED in November! Paid for by the Denton County Republican Party and not endorsed by any candidate or candidate’s committee. /$03*/5)45 46*5&t$03*/5) 5&9"4tt'"9tXXXEFOUPOHPQPSH



EDITOR’S NOTE First, an Obama victory is not a foregone conclusion and I am still not convinced he has closed the deal with the American public. However, as this election season draws to a close, it is time for us to ponder what it all meant. Where did we go wrong? Where did we go right? Is our nation better off than it was before? What have we learned? As we sit on the precipice of a major American milestone with the election of a black president, I can only imagine the giddiness of those on the political left, not because of something as irrelevant as the color of Obama’s skin, but because of the ease with which they will further weave their failed far left values into the fabric of this great country. Make no mistake. If Americans fail to derail this runaway freight train, the center-left rhetoric of the campaign season will give way to the far left socialist tendencies of post election euphoria. I am convinced Team Obama, Speaker Pelosi, and Majority Leader Reid are poised to lead this country down a path it doesn’t actually want and doesn’t really deserve. As we each begin to absorb the idea of a major realignment in America’s political landscape and take stock of our values and our Party, resist the urge to embrace talking point explanations and recognize our healing will be a process. For my part, I am starting this process by exploring the basics: 1. NEW OPPORTUNITIES: This election affords us the opportunity to review and redefine what it means to be Republican, Libertarian, conservative, center-right, or whatever label best embodies our political philosophies and personal value systems. If there is a silver lining to a bad situation, this is it. 2. REPUBLICAN FAILURES: Republican leaders utterly failed in their stewardship of the Republican brand. It is a failure best reflected in their support of bigger government and outrageous spending, their inability to enact meaningful government reform, their lack of urgency in finding solutions for illegal immigration, social security, and energy independence, and their complacency with respect to the deterioration of the link between the Republican brand and traditional American values. 3. ACCEPT OUR PUNISHMENT: Republicans deserved to be punished. Collectively, we compromised at every opportunity and it is our turn to wonder the vast political wilderness. The Democrats were out there earlier this decade and have returned better and stronger. Our own return will be incumbent upon four things: 1.) acknowledge the blown opportunities of the Republican Revolution, 2.) Identify real solutions for the real problems facing America, 3.) identify a new generation of leaders, and 4.) learn how to use the tools of organization, social networking, and new media to communicate at the grassroots level in a manner that resonates with mainstream Americans. I am told ‘tis the season for hope and change. Well, I still have hope and for better or worse, we will change.

Scott W. Graves Editor-in-Chief


W W W . R E D C O U N T Y . C O M

Scott W. Graves Editor-in-Chief Publisher

Dianne Edmondson Contributing Editor


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Down ballot races could be in trouble. By Dianne Edmondson











From Humble Beginnings to Humility in High Office


Opposition to California Proposition 8: By Dennis Prager





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Denton County General Election Information By Rudy Cajka



Denton County Victory Team




Interview with Ann Coulter By Jonathan C. Movroydis

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Denton County Judge Mary Horn By Myra Crownover


Congressman Kenny Marchant (24th CD).



Will Denton County Remain

THE Red County?

Down ballot races could be in trouble. The Denton County Republican ticket from top to bottom is filled with individuals committed to the Party’s conservative principles. Our nominee for President, Arizona Sen. John McCain, is a war hero of unquestioned courage and an experienced legislator with over 20 years of service to his country. And aren’t we all just proud as we can be of our Vice Presidential candidate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin! You betcha! What a boost she has been to our morale and our election hopes! But let’s also not lose sight of the other excellent elected officials in our lineup from right in our own Denton County backyard, because many – if not all – of our candidates in contested races are vulnerable to defeat!

WHICH RACES ARE LIKELY TO BE CLOSE? Denton County is blessed with two strong conservative members of the U.S. House of Representatives. Congressman Kenny Marchant represents southern Denton County and Congressman Dr. Michael Burgess represents the majority of Denton County. Each shares his Congressional district with other counties where the GOP vote is not as strong, so it’s Denton County’s job to keep these Congressional seats Republican. But in the recent primary, each of our Congressmen polled fewer votes than his Democrat opponent did in the Democrat primary! Moreover, each of these Congressmen faces not only a Democrat challenger, but also a Libertarian opponent. Libertarians take votes from the GOP, not from the Democrats, so in a tight race, that third party “spoiler” could actually send a Democrat to represent part of Denton County in Washington – not a pleasant prospect! Denton County’s state Republican legislators also face the “three way race” challenge with a possibility of being unseated by a Democrat thanks to Libertarian “spoiler” votes. We have a powerful advocate in the State Senate with Sen. Chris Harris, but even this veteran legislator is being challenged by both Democrat and Libertarian candidates, as is freshman State Representative Tan Parker, ranked among the most conservative legislators in the state. State Rep. Myra Crownover, a principled conservative, also is facing a Democrat who is waging an aggressive campaign for her seat, plus a Libertarian. Disturbingly, both Sen. Harris and Rep. Crownover received fewer votes districtwide than their Democrat opponents, while Rep. Parker outpolled his challenger by only a razor thin number!


W W W . R E D C O U N T Y . C O M

COULD “SPOILER” CANDIDATES CAUSE DEMS TO BE ELECTED? Such a “spoilage” is not without recent precedent here in Texas. Indeed, in 2006, that Libertarian “bleed off ” of Republican votes cost five Republican legislative seats, due to small Democrat margins (1% - 4%) which probably would have gone Republican had not the Libertarian candidate pulled a slightly larger percentage of votes than the margin. And consider this troubling fact: a loss of only FIVE state legislative House seats throughout Texas will give the Democrats control of the state House. That would mean an abrupt halt to our conservative agenda which has met with a great deal of success in the recent legislative sessions controlled by Republicans. Two of those five losses could come from right here in Denton County unless we turn out the maximum Republican vote. In truth, NO contested seat is safe in Texas today, including Denton County. We have Democrats challenging both our County Commissioner candidate Hugh Coleman and Constable Ken Jannereth, as well as District Judge Carmen Rivera-Worley, who runs county-wide.

DEMOCRATS ARE ENERGIZED! No one can deny that the Democrats are energized and smell blood – their Primary turnout was a 3000% (yes, that is three thousand percent!) increase over the normal Democrat numbers, and we know that they will be voting in record numbers again in November. It is our responsibility not only to vote ourselves (and vote straight Republican!), but also to be sure that our neighbors, friends and relatives also understand the importance of this election and how important their votes will be. To keep Denton County THE Red County, we all must take part in the Victory efforts right here locally. To find out how you can help, contact us at or phone 940/321-2671. Winning elections is a team sport, and we need YOU on the team!

Dianne Edmondson DCRP County Chair

2008 Scholarship Recipients Beauty and brains can go hand in hand, as Gov. Sarah Palin proves. But you don’t have to go “north to Alaska� to find that combination. Just look right here in Denton County! Two outstanding young Denton County residents were selected to receive a $500 scholarship each from the Denton County Republican Party. This year’s winners are Haley Marshall from Corinth and Sarah Starnes from Denton. Haley graduated from Denton Calvary Academy in May 2008 where she was the graduating class valedictorian and a member of the National Honor Society. She has been actively involved in various GOP political activities and campaigns, and has been the recipient of numerHaley Marshal ous youth awards in recognition for her leadership, academics and volunteerism. She founded and served as President of the Denton area Abe Lincoln Teen Age Republicans Club, was selected as a member of Congressmen Michael Burgess’ Congressional Youth

DENTON COUNTY REPUBLICAN PARTY 1400 N. Corinth St – Ste. 106 Corinth, TX 76210 940/321-2671 Chairman – DIANNE EDMONDSON 1st Vice Chair (Political Aff airs) – TOM WASHINGTON 2nd Vice Chair (Finance) – NANCY DILLARD 3rd Vice Chair (Prct. Chair Development) – RICHARD BOYER 4th Vice Chair (Outreach) – CARLOS GALLARDO Treasurer – BOB McCOMBS Recording Secretary – MARC MOFFITT Corresponding Secretary – CONNIE HUDSON Parliamentarian – MARGARET BARNES Sgt. At Arms – JEFF ANDONIAN Technology Chair –ELLIOTT WOOD Long Range Planning Chair – BILL LAWRENCE Program Chair – AVIE RABURN Prct. Chair Selection Chair – SUSAN ROMERO Development Director – ROY MAGNO Headquarters Administrator – MARCENE SEEBER

Advisory Council during her junior and senior years in high school, and is currently a mentor with the Big Brothers and Big Sisters program. A volunteer for the Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Haley was a featured speaker at the 2008 Grand Prairie press conference giving her presentation entitled, “Those who Host Lose the Most.â€? An avid writer, she was selected as a finalist in the Red Steagall Cowboy Poetry contest. Haley is attending Dallas Baptist University, majoring in psychology. Sarah Starnes graduated from Anna St. Christian Academy at the age of 16, and subsequently enrolled at North Central Texas College. She was a member of the International Honor Society, Phi Theta Kappa, and was selected to the President’s list with a GPA Sarah Starnes of 4.0. Sarah, now 17, is a sophomore at NCTC with a 4.0 GPA. In the fall of 2009, she plans to transfer to the University of North Texas to complete her B.A. in English with a minor in Foreign Languages. When school allows, Sarah attends the Denton Republican Women’s Club. She has been actively involved in various GOP political activities and campaigns for several years. She was a volunteer at the following events: 2006 GOP State Convention, 2008 Senatorial Convention (Dist 9, 12, 30), Denton County Lincoln/Reagan Day Dinners (2007 & 2008), and several political campaigns. As a junior in high school she was selected as a Delegate to Texas Girls State and was subsequently elected to oďŹƒce. Sarah also enjoys reading, hiking, and working on her strip built kayak with her Dad. We have selected two outstanding and exemplary young Texans that represent the epitome and the future of the Denton County Republican Party. Each is a tremendous and an invaluable asset to their community and to Denton County. Out future is bright with energetic and talented young Americans such as our 2008 Scholarship Recipients. n




Pa r t y L e a d e r s h i p

From Humble Beginnings to Humility in High Office If you didn’t know it, you’d never think he was a United States Congressman when you meet Kenny Marchant for the first time. His unassuming manner, born of northeast Texas hardship, hasn’t changed through his successes in both business and politics. Kenny was born in the small town of Bonham, TX, home of the legendary Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Sam Rayburn. From an early age, Kenny’s parents, Helen, a stay-at-home mom, and Hobart , a barber and proud World War II veteran, instilled in Kenny the values of hard work, discipline, service to a cause greater than self-interest, and a patriotic love of country. His parents’ marriage, 58 years strong to this day, serves as an example of devotion that carries over into Kenny’s own marriage, family life, and friendships. Reflecting back many years ago to when Kenny was just a child, Hobart recalls the story of a customer at the barber ship observing Kenny shining shoes after a long day of school. Impressed by the hard-working young boy, the customer looked to Hobart and said, “That kid is going to amount to something someday.” Given Kenny’s humble beginnings, no one could have guessed how true that comment would turn out to be. At the age of eight, Kenny began his own newspaper route. During the holiday season, he sold Christmas cards door-to-door as well as mistletoe he picked from trees. At a local golf course that still serves the community, he collected loose golf balls, cleaned them up and sold them. During these Appointees to the U.S. Service academies and their families received a send-off from Congressman Marchant.

W W W . R E D C O U N T Y . C O M

formative years, Kenny learned the values of hard work and entrepreneurship that would serve him both in his private pursuits and public service. A graduate of R. L. Turner High School in Farmers Branch, Kenny attended Southern Nazarene University in Bethany, OK and worked to pay his way through school by roofing houses. Although he moved to Kansas City, MO after graduation to attend Nazarene Theological Seminary, Kenny returned home a year later and started a roofing business. Relying on his natural business instincts and entrepreneurial spirit, Kenny soon expanded his roofing business into home construction and property development. Though he found success in this endeavor, Kenny encountered many regulatory hurdles he believed led many people to forego opening their own small business.

In 1980, while wrestling with the burdensome obstacles ment rights and to stop illegal that confront many small business owners, he decided to immigration. Recently, he run for a seat on the Carrollton City Council to push for has championed a comprechange to stimulate the local economy. Kenny won that hensive approach to solving election and served as a councilman from 1980 to 1984. In the energy crisis that includes 1984, Kenny was elected Mayor of Carrollton, an office he increased domestic energy held until being elected to the Texas House of Representaexploration and production, tives in 1987. as well as incentives for conservation and research into As a state representative, Kenny earned his reputation as alternative and renewable a savvy, behind-the-scenes legislator and consensus-builder, energy technologies. and was known for working across party lines to pass legisFamily man Kenny Marchant and his grandchild. lation. In the process, he was named “Top Ten Legislator” When not immersed in and “Peacemaker” by Texas Monthly and “Legislator of the the details of legislation, you Year” by the Texas Municipal League. Kenny’s even-handed probably will find Kenny tending to his ranch or reading a ability to bridge the partisan divide eventually led him book—most likely mystery or non-fiction. A self-described to being named Chairman of the House Committee on history buff, he has read nearly every book published about Banking and Investments, where he authored legislation Texans Speaker Sam Rayburn, who represented Bonham strengthening oversight of credit unions, allowing interstate in Congress when Marchant was born, and LBJ, who was a branch banking, enforcing state laws relating to corporate skilled legislator and tactician in his days as a Congressman, fraud, securing public investments, and allowing access to Senator, and President of the United States. Kenny also home equity. In 1999, his colleagues elected him Chair of loves to travel and has done so extensively. His interest in the House Republican Caucus, a position he held for four other cultures and his desire to meet people from all parts years. In the 2002 elections, led by their Caucus Leader of the world have led him to travel to nearly every region Marchant, Texas Republicans held their first majority in of the globe. the Texas House of Representatives since Reconstruction. Perhaps one of Kenny’s most treasured projects has been Kenny was selected to serve as Chairman of the powerful his involvement in providing humanitarian aid through State Affairs Committee. the Ken Marchant Foundation. Established in 1989, the In 2004, after mid-term reFoundation has funded church districting, Kenny decided to loans, mission projects and run for a seat in the U.S. House scholarships. Over the years, the of Representatives. Elected with Foundation has delivered cloth65% of the vote, Kenny repreing, medicine, and equipment sents the 24th Congressional to orphanages and hospitals District which includes parts throughout the world, including of Bedford, Carrollton, Cedar Russia, Bulgaria, and Mexico. Hill, Colleyville, Coppell, DalThe Foundation has also aslas, Duncanville, Euless, Fort sisted with the rebuilding of a Worth, Grand Prairie, Grapechurch in Russia destroyed by vine, Hurst, Lewisville, Plano, the former Soviet regime. The Southlake, and Irving. effort included sponsoring the Congressman Marchant presents military medals to (l-r) Mack church’s choir to travel to the As a member of the Financial Stewart, Washington McClain on behalf of his father Hart, and U.S. to raise funds to rebuild Services, Education & Labor, Robert Harrison. their church. Kenny has utilized his personal resources to and Oversight & Government Reform Committees, Kenny support many church causes and to help those in need with has consistently supported tax cuts and opposed tax inlittle to no fanfare—often doing so anonymously. creases, while opposing wasteful government spending and advocating for greater transparency and accountability in An intensely private man and devoted husband, father, the earmark process—stances which led Americans for and grandfather, Kenny enjoys nothing more than spending Tax Reform to hail him as a “Hero of the Taxpayer.” His free time at home in Texas with his family, Donna, his pro-family record includes voting for legislation supportwife of 33 year, their four children and two grandchildren. ing a constitutional amendment defining marriage as a A respected family man and statesman, Kenny certainly union between one man and one woman and supporting has—as predicted many years ago in his dad’s barber legislation that protects the rights of the unborn. Kenny shop—“amounted to something.” n also has co-sponsored legislation to protect Second AmendRED COUNTY


d e N tO N C O U N t y G O P


Denton County


General Election Information

BY RUDY CAJKA Republican voters in Denton County need to know when, where and how they can vote in this critically important election. The Denton County Republican Party encourages all eligible Republicans to be certain to vote in this critical November 4 election and, of course, to cast their votes for the entire Republican ticket. We also are urging our voters to use the paper ballots that are electronically scanned (E-Scan machines) which are the only way that those votes can be re-counted if necessary in a close race. (If you vote straight Republican, don’t forget to go to the end of the ballot in order to vote on the County’s Bond Proposal.) VOTING EARLY Texas enables residents to vote in the days and weeks before each Election Day to make the voting process more convenient and accessible. In Denton County, nearly half of the voters cast their ballots during early voting. It’s a wise way to insure that you won’t miss the election due to illness, accident, or other impediment on Election Day itself.

Plus, the lines for Early Voting (if any) are normally shorter than on Election Day. Additionally, voters can choose any Early Voting location convenient to them, as opposed to the mandated location on Election Day. There are two ways to vote early: showing up in person during the prescribed early voting period or voting by mail.

The voting process

VOTING EARLY IN PERSON Early voting in person in Denton County is easy and convenient. Before Election Day, YOU MAY VOTE AT ANY ONE OF A NUMBER OF CONVENIENT DENTON COUNTY LOCATIONS. On Election Day, however, you must vote at the location to which your precinct is assigned. Early voting in Denton County will take place from Monday, October 20, 2008 until Friday, October 31, 2008 at most early voting locations. (Some locations have limited dates and times). Some previous locations have been eliminated and new ones have been added. The Denton County Elections website clearly shows the new locations. You can access the website shown below to obtain all of the early voting election locations and times for Denton County voters:

VOTING EARLY BY MAIL You may vote early by mail if: 1. You will be away from Denton County on Election Day and during early voting (such as on an extended vacation, job assignment or even attending college); 2.You are sick or disabled; 3.You are 65 years of age or older on Election Day; or 4.You are confined in jail, but eligible to vote. If you wish to vote by mail in the November 4, 2008 General Election, you must submit an application for a ballot by mail to the Early Voting Clerk at the Denton County Elections Administration. Applications for Ballots for mail may be received by the Elections office up to October 28, 2008. The ballot must be mailed to an out-of-county address if the reason for voting is absence from the county. College students in other states or counties who will not be home to vote during Early Voting may request absentee ballots to be sure they can cast their votes. To receive an application for a ballot by mail in Denton County, go to the following website:

VOTING IN PERSON ON ELECTION DAY If you choose to vote on Election Day, November 4, 2008, you must vote at the location to which your voter precinct is assigned. Your voter precinct number is located on the voter registration card that you received from the Denton County Elections office. You may call the Elections Office in Denton County at 940/349-3200 or Republican Headquarters at 940/321-2671 if you do not know your precinct number. But those phones are often busy. It’s easy to find your voting precinct at the following website:

VOTI N G C H O I C E S Remember, there will be two kinds of machines available for you at the voting sites, electronic and optical scan. Here is the difference: The E-Scan uses a voter verifiable contemporaneous, re-countable paper ballot which is electronically scanned and counted. These ballots can be recounted by hand should a close race call for that procedure. The E-Slate, which is provided under a federal mandate for disabled voters, is an electronic machine which will record your vote but does not provide a contemporaneous, voter-verifiable paper trail. Those votes are not re-countable in the same manner that the paper trail ballots are. You have the right to select whichever machine you would prefer to cast your ballot. If one requests a ballot by mail (example, 65 years of age or older, or out of the county during the October 20 through November 4 period), that ballot will be a paper ballot which can be scanned by a “super scanner” at the Elections Administration office.

To find the voting site assigned to your precinct, use the following link: Remember, to vote in the General Election in Denton County you must be registered to vote. When you vote in person, whether during Early Voting or on Election Day, you must bring your voter registration card or other acceptable form of identification. These acceptable forms of identification include a driver’s license, a Texas ID, a passport, a utility bill or correspondence from a government agency. This election promises to be another nail-biter – both nationally and perhaps even here in some Denton County races. YOUR vote is vital to a Republican victory, so please be sure you know when and where to vote. And, of course, to insure continued conservative government here in Denton County as well as within Texas, do it the easy way and vote straight Republican. You’ll be glad you did! n RED COUNTY


d e N tO N C O U N t y G O P

Denton County Delegates a David Barton, former RPT Vice Chair and founder of Wallbuilders, spoke to a Texas delegation breakfast.

Ever yone love

s Cindy McCain


Congressman Dr. Michael Burgess (CD 26) is all smiles – of course! He’s with the Texas delegation!


Alternate delegate (CD 26) James Dickey was interviewed by a Swedish journalist.

National Delegate at Large Adryana Boyne’s photo made papers all over the country! 12

W W W . R E D C O U N T Y . C O M

(Background image) What fun as the convention winds down and it’s snowing beach balls!

Denton County’s own Mark Davis of WBAP radio found lots of good information for his talk show.

Phyllis Sch head of E ag lafly, founder and le Forum, Kimble, C and Dale D 26 at the Life national delegate of Par ty” re hosted by ception E agle life deleg at Forum for pro es and alte rnates.

at the RNC Who knew that TX Victory Chair Roger Williams could carry a tune?!

The official RNC banner!

A cuddly GOP mascot greeted delegates.

TX Lt . Gov. D avid and N ational de Dewhurst legate (CD 24) Paul Kr am er.

Libby Goins enjoyed attending with her father, CD 26 Alternate Myron Goins. Note the mighty Mississippi River in the background. Hello, my name is Tom Higgins and I am a Police Officer with the Oakdale Police Department in MN. I was working at the RNC in St. Paul on Thursday September 4, 2008. I was assigned to a bus that transported delegates to and from the Excel Center. I was fortunate enough to be assigned at the Crown Plaza Hotel where the Texas Delegates were staying. I wanted to tell you that I have never met a group of people that were as nice and considerate as the Texans. It was not just me either, I spoke to several Officers that had that route and heard the same from them about the Texans. It was an honor and a privilege to have the opportunity to meet the people that I did. I was amazed at the generosity of the woman (I wish I would have gotten her name) that gave me her Cowboy hat. That meant a lot to me, not to mention the jealousy from the other Officers. I just wanted to say thank you to the entire Texas delegation for making a very long day, a very good, long day. Thank you, Tom Higgins

National convention delegates Bill Lawrence and Adryana Boyne await the next convention session.

out the Excitement ab GOP ticket!

(Background image) This why the Texans were designated, once again, as the “Best Dressed Delegation”! RED COUNTY


d e N tO N C O U N t y G O P

Denton County Victory Team

Tops Again!


Help Needed for Final Phase

Once again, the Denton County team of Victory volunteers has been recognized by the Texas Victory organization as one of the top performing Victory groups in the state. Led by Vice Chair Tom Washington and 11 area leaders, the team sprang into action in the 10 days following the Republican National Convention to capitalize on the excitement generated by the nomination of Gov. Sarah Palin to be our VP candidate. Gov. Rick Perry dropped by DCRP HQ and gave the Victory volunteers a hand.

Our charge? To register as many new Republican voters as possible during that 10 day period. Spurred on by an additional incentive to register “Eight in ‘08” from our two Congressmen, Kenny Marchant and Dr. Michael Burgess, our dozens of deputy registrars scoured the county, setting up voter registration booths at community festivals and homeowner events plus dozens of churches. “We feel confident that we These efforts resulted will reach the final goal of in approximately 650 more than 4800 new voters new voters registered that timeframe, by the October 6 deadline”. during and once again, Denton County was the top producer in the tier of second-largest counties in the state. We feel confident that we will reach the final goal of more than 4800 new voters by the October 6 deadline. (Our first award was for our 5000-piece literature drop on May 17, which represented fully ten percent of all the literature dropped throughout the entire state!) n


Start ‘em young! Johnny Magno (l) and Trevor Mangrum did their fair share on this project at GOP HQ.

CRP volu getting lite nteers hard at wo rk ratu out throu re ready to pass ghout the county.

Bill Lawrence (r) welcomes Texas Victor y Chair Roger Williams, who energized the Denton Count y Victor y team.


W W W . R E D C O U N T Y . C O M


Volunteers Needed! It’s now time to begin the final stage of our campaign and we need more volunteers to help in the following projects: 1) Assemble yard signs 2) Work with sign teams to put out large candidate signs 3) Work with sign teams to put out candidate signs at Early Voting and Election Day sites. 4) Phone calls to remind Republican voters of the Early and Election Day polling sites and times. If you can help with one or more of these projects, please email: or phone 940/321-2671

We need YOU on our Victory team!

Volunteer Recognition Dinner

With more Republican volunteers than ever before, the Denton County Republican Party – in conjunction with Congressmen Kenny Marchant and Michael Burgess -- will hold our largest-ever dinner to honor our volunteers on Thursday evening, November 20.. Always an entertaining evening, this 10th Annual Volunteer Recognition Dinner will take place at Sneaky Pete’s in Lewisville. Social DCRP Executive Director hour will start at 6:00 with dinner Roy Magno honors long-time GOP Headquarters volunteer at 7:00. Earl Collins. “This year we are looking forward to a time of giving honor to those who have tirelessly given of their time, talent, and resources to make the Denton County GOP Sen. Chris Harris (r) congratulates the University the dynamic organization that it is of North Texas College today,” notes Nancy Dillard, chair Republicans 2007 Member of the Year Karis Durant. of the event. “We are proud of our county party and the leadership that your local GOP provides in electing solid conservatives to public office, and we are only able to do this because of YOU, the volunteer grass roots activist. We will be honoring you and showing appreciation for all you contribute to the party’s success.” Annually at this dinner, each GOP club in the county recognizes an Outstanding Member, and other awards also are

given, including the Outstanding Precinct Chairman, plus the prestigious Outstanding Republican Volunteer for 2008 and the Chairman’s Award. Frequent Headquarters and Victory volunteers also will be honored. Musical entertainment will add to the enjoyment of those attending. But a new twist will be the “Eight in ‘08” voter registration contest winners from Congressmen Burgess’ and Marchant’s districts. The Legacy Republican Club Congressmen each are donating a president Connie Hudson (l) hugs their 2007 honoree grand prize of a trip to Washington Rene Caldwell. DC which will be given to one person from Congressional District 24 and one person from Congressional District 26. The winners’ names will be drawn from among those who participated in the contest by Lewisville Area Republican Club president Avie Raburn registering new voters in Denton (l) and their 2007 Member County. Those registering at least 8 of the Year Gaynelle Gray. new voters get a ticket to the event, and for each additional 8 voters registered, that volunteer gets a chance in the drawing. (Deputy Registrars need to contact GOP HQ to get details on being entered in the drawing.) The event is open to any Republican, and reservations may be made by calling headquarters at 940.321.2671 or email to no later than November 12th. Cost of the dinner is $25. n

P d P ol A d by Tan P ar ker C ampaign, D r. H ugh P r ue t t , Trea surer, P.O. B ox 2 71741, F lower M ound, T X 75 0 2 7-1741

d e N tO N C O U N t y G O P

The First

DentonCounty County

Republican V

Ranch host Reagan Lancaster was one of the champions showing off the sport of cutting.

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst (r) with DCRP Chairman Dianne Edmondson and Jeff Hooper, Executive Director of the National Cutting Horse Association. Senator Craig Estes visited with the crowd during the barbecue dinner at the Stampede.


W W W . R E D C O U N T Y . C O M

The First Denton County Republican Victory Stampede was a huge success! Held at the beautiful Lancaster Ranch in Pilot Point, the event showcased both Republican elected officials and candidates as well as the sport of cutting horses.

Victory Stampede Auctioneer Tony Langdon sur veys the by centerpieces donated d Jo Ellard which depicte s. rse ho g tin cut ion champ

State Rep. Tan Parker and his family enjoyed the Stampede.

The VIP reception was well attended.

Congressman Michael Burgess visits with Jo Ellard, of EE Ranches, one of the exhibition riders.

Former State Rep. Jim Horn (center) and his wife, County Judge Mary Horn, share a joke with State Rep. Burt Solomons (l) and Jeannie Deal (in pink).

Rita and Bruce Burleson (l) and Justice of the Peace Joe Holland with his wife, Brenda.

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst (l) with Roy Magno, DCRP Executive Director, and our youngest volunteer (and one of our best ones as well!), Johnny Magno. RED COUNTY



Paid for by Michael Burgess for Congress. Not printed at the taxpayers' expense.

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These are “Senatorial Work Boots.� Good for squashin’ bad bills and kickin’ ‘em back down the hall!

Pol Ad by State Senator Chris Harris Campaign


W W W . R E D C O U N T Y . C O M

She’s a


Denton County Judge Mary Horn isn’t one to toot her own “horn� (pardon the pun!), so she was genuinely surprised when she was named a Top Hand by the Texas Department of Transportation earlier this year. The award, which was created in 1973, is the highest given by the commission, and recognizes people whom TxDOT considers to be “transportation crusaders�, individuals who recognize and advance the benefits of improved transportation corridors in their communities. Only 212 people have been so designated, and Judge Horn says she is thrilled to be among them. Included in her endeavors in the transportation arena are improvements to Loop 288 around Denton, as well as State Highways 121 and 161, as she diligently works to help ease transportation bottlenecks and problem areas in North Texas.

Denton County Judge Mary Horn

Denton County is among the fastest growing counties in the nation, she explains, noting that it is the 3rd fastest growing among counties over 500,000 in population and 29th fastest growing overall. “That growth presents many challenges, including multiple transportation issues,� Judge Horn explains. “And we will continue to face these kinds of challenges as our county continues to grow.� Judge Horn is actively promoting a bond issue that will be voted on by Denton County citizens in the November general election. “We need to keep up with this growth in both infrastructure and services,� she says, “and this bond package, which will cost, at the most, only one cent per hundred dollars of taxable value will ease these problems.� Should our growth continue as it has in the last 15 years, she adds, the impact will be even less. For more information on the proposed projects in the bond issue, visit www.dentoncounty. com and look for Trip -08 and More. n

2% %,%#4






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Drill Like Texas By Myra Crownover as published by the New York Sun August 8, 2008

Gulf Coast drilling rig

Texas State Representative Myra Crownover (District 64)

The invisible hand of the marketplace is alive and well in Texas. Over the past 12 months Texas has created 245,000 jobs. That accounts for more than half of the jobs created in America during that time. Not coincidentally, Texas has the second lowest tax burden of the 50 states. Even conservative estimates have projected a $10 billion surplus for the next biennium. Texas also leads the nation in energy production — 30% of the natural gas and 20% of oil produced in America comes from Texas. So what can the rest of the nation learn from Texas when it comes to energy, the economy, and the environment? There is debate in Congress right now as to whether the Atlantic and Pacific Coastlines should be opened to 20

W W W . R E D C O U N T Y . C O M

offshore drilling. In Texas and the Gulf of Mexico, we have been producing millions of barrels of oil for years with no environmental consequences. Offshore drilling safety is so advanced that even during Hurricane Katrina not one drilling rig in the Gulf experienced a significant environmental event. In 1989, Texas Parks and Wildlife collaborated with the oil and gas industry and the Federal government to create the “Rigs to Reefs” program. Under the program, an oil company converts a decommissioned oil rig into an underwater reef. The companies pay the entire cost of the conversion and even donate a portion of the money they save back to Texas.

Since the programs inception, and at no cost to the state, Texas has added more than 100 healthy, vibrant, and productive reefs to our coastline where before there was an underwater mud plain. Texas has chosen to work with the industry instead of against it, and as a result, the Texas coast is cleaner and more productive than ever. Another area where Texas leads the nation is in Enhanced Oil Recovery. In 1972, long before CO2 was considered pollution, oil producers in Texas were treating it as a commodity. EOR works by pumping CO2 into a depleted oil field to push out previously unrecoverable oil. The Texas government did not create this market. Instead, it got out of the way and allowed oil producers to find the most efficient way to extract additional oil. EOR now accounts for 20% of daily production in Texas. Using conservative estimates, the benefits of EOR production will result in $200 billion in additional revenue and 1.5 million jobs created in Texas. The rest of the nation is catching on. The Department of Energy estimates that by using EOR technology, America could add 89 billion barrels of oil to its reserves, leading to untold billions in potential economic growth — not to mention getting the United States closer to “energy independence.” The Texas marketplace also is on the cutting edge of other clean sources of energy. The EOR infrastructure already in place is attracting investment in another clean energy technology — Carbon Capture and Storage. A conventional fossil fuel power plant using CCS technology captures the CO2 before it leaves the plant, instead of releasing it into the atmosphere. The CO2 is then stored underground where it is sequestered for a millennia. This

is an expensive addition to the cost of energy production. However, innovative entrepreneurs are planning to sell the CO2 to EOR producers in order to lower the cost of production for both industries. The Texas government also stayed out of the market when times were bad. In the 1980s, when oil was $10 a barrel, we didn’t bail out our producers. Many businesses failed and many fortunes were lost. However, the ones that survived were leaner, meaner, and more efficient. Unfortunately, in Washington D.C., Congress is talking about a “windfall profits tax,” which would punish the very producers we depend on. In Texas, we prefer to let the market work. Profit is the motivation that keeps oil flowing. The concern over global warming is having a profound impact on how America will produce the energy it needs in the next century. Texas already produces more wind energy than any other state. By 2007, Texas installed wind capacity of 4,296 megawatts, enough to power about 1 million homes. On July 17, the Texas Public Utility Commission approved a plan to add 18,456 megawatts of additional transmission capacity for wind power from rural West Texas to the metropolitan areas of the state. When it comes to energy and the economy, we look at the industry as part of the solution, not part of the problem. So far, the results have been good. Ms. Crownover represents District 64 in the Texas House of Representatives and is the chair of Budget and Oversight for the Energy Resources Committee. n

West Texas wind farm

“Rigs to Reefs” program in action off the gulf coast of Texas



d e N tO N C O U N t y G O P

Sarah Palin Jane Nelson and

have much in common

BY J.R. LABBE AS PUBLISHED IN THE FT. WORTH STARTELEGRAM SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 2008 Jane Nelson was her typical ebullient self in describing how a sales clerk at Tuesday Morning called her “Sarah Palin’s twin.” The comparison of the blonde Texas state senator to the brunette governor of Alaska had nothing to do with their physical likenesses, although they both sport seemingly ever-present smiles. Their personalities and personal stories are remarkably similar. Five children. Endless energy and enthusiasm. Working moms who also found time to volunteer in their children’s schools. Political careers sparked by a desire to take the knowledge garnered by their real-world experiences and use it to help make life better for other families facing the same challenges and demands. Palin’s story is well known to anyone who’s been awake since her ascension to the world stage during the Republican National Convention. But folks may have forgotten the details about the life and early political trajectory of the state senator from Denton County. The former school teacher launched her political career in 1988, when she was elected to the State Board of Education. State Senator Jane Nelson 22

W W W . R E D C O U N T Y . C O M

“My kids were 2, 3, 5, 7 and 9 when I first ran,” Nelson said Thursday during a telephone interview. “I have extended family who helped, and my husband, Mike, is the reason I was able to do it. He’s a saint.” Beyond family, though, Nelson was inspired by the network of women in her community who stepped forward to lend a hand. Many hands, actually. While some GOP supporters pooh-pooh Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama’s background as a “community organizer,” Palin and Nelson both rightfully can carry that label. That’s what hockey moms and PTA volunteers do — organize people and resources to benefit the community. The Nelson Family “I was a big PTAer and community volunteer,” Nelson said. “Women were just breaking into the political arena back in 1987. I had women friends who would say, hey, I’ll drive car pool or bring dinner over every Monday while you’re campaigning, or offering to do little things that they could to help while I was doing what I needed to do to get elected.” Nelson served two terms on the State Board of Education before raising her political sights to the state Senate. In 1992, she defeated Democratic incumbent Bob Glasgow in the District 22 Senate race. Newspaper coverage at the time spoke of Nelson’s pride in her unofficial title: “Mommy the Senator.” Yet the mother of five has heard the same kind of criticisms and questions that have been leveled at Palin ever since she accepted Sen. John McCain’s offer to join the GOP ticket as the vice presidential nominee. “Even back then, I was surprised at the questions about whether a woman could juggle family and a career. People don’t ask that of men.” The answer, of course, is yes, women can and do manage it every day, in thousands of ways, from Wasilla, Alaska, to Watauga. As Nelson said, sometimes it’s by choice, sometimes not. “There are countless widows out there and other people who through unfortunate circumstances end up working and taking care of five kids by themselves.” The side benefit of Nelson’s political career has been the lessons it has taught her children.

“My kids have seen that women can do this, too, and that their father can sew sequins on a ballet costume,” she said. “Mike is such a manly man, but he took care of four daughters, got them to ballet, did what needed to be done. And our son witnessed that it’s OK for the dad to do things like make lunches and brush hair. “My kids say that Mike invented Lunchables.” The most difficult juggling experience Nelson faced in her early political days did not involve her children, but her mother. “My mother had Alzheimer’s, and I was her caretaker,” she said, her usual bubbly voice subdued. “The support network that is there for mothers with children isn’t always there for daughters and sons of aging parents. It was the hardest time of my life. “That experience gave me a huge appreciation for other families who are going through same thing, and it has become part of the motivation I have in Austin in my work on health and human service issues.” So what advice does Nelson have to offer Palin? “The brutality of this campaign is unlike what she experienced as governor, but she’s tough,” Nelson said. “You’ve got to have thick, thick skin — and not apologize. I’ve heard criticism for her taking the kids up on stage at the convention. Please. Every male candidate does it. That’s your family.” n



d e N tO N C O U N t y G O P

Here and There In

DentonCounty County

A bevy of new DCRP precinct chairs is sworn in by Judge Margaret Barnes.

Sen. Jane Nelson addresses the Robson Ranch Republican Club.

Rudy Cajka (l) and his wife Carol visit with Ambassador Alan Keyes (center) and Justice Dale Wainwright.


W W W . R E D C O U N T Y . C O M

HQ Volunteer Director Charlotte Magno, back row center, welcomes a group of homeschoolers who visited GOP HQ on a field trip and helped with stuffing literature into drop bags.

Denton County Republicans got comfy at the VP debate watch party.

Denton County Republicans got comfy at the VP debate watch party.

Golfers lined up and ready to roll at the annual DCRP golf tournament.

Lynn Yeargain was a cheery â&#x20AC;&#x153;water girlâ&#x20AC;? at the DCRP golf tournament.

DCRP Chairman Dianne Edmondson has been speaking throughout the county to raise funds and voter awareness. Here, she addresses Highland Village Republicans in the home of former Mayor Bill Lawrence. Current mayor Dianne Costa co-sponsored the event.

Gov. Rick Perry dropped in at DCRP HQ to visit with Victory volunteers.



deNNis PraGer

Hate in the Name of Love

Opposition to California Proposition 8:


Next to the presidential election, California Proposition 8 is the most important vote in America. It will determine the definition of marriage for the largest state in America, and it will determine whether judges or society will decide on social-moral issues. In 2000, 61 percent of the voters in California, one the most liberal states in America, voted to retain the only definition of marriage civilization has ever had -- the union of a man and woman (the number of spouses allowed has changed over time but never the sexes of the spouses). But in May 2008, four out of seven California justices decided that they would use their power to make a new definition: Gender will now be irrelevant to marriage. As a result of this judicial act, the only way to ensure that we continue to define marriage the way every religious and secular society in recorded history has defined marriage -as between men and women -- is to amend the California Constitution. It is the only way to prevent the vote of one judge from redefining marriage, as was also done in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Which is why Proposition 8 exists. But even though California voters decided by a large margin to retain the man-woman definition of marriage, passing Proposition 8 will be a challenge. First, the attorney general of California, Jerry Brown, unilaterally renamed the proposition as it appears on California ballots. It had been listed as “Amends the California Constitution to provide that only marriage between a man 26

W W W . R E D C O U N T Y . C O M

and a woman is valid or recognized in California.” Brown, a liberal Democrat, changed the proposition’s wording to: “Eliminates Right of Same-Sex Couples to Marry. Initiative Constitutional Amendment.” The reason for this change is obvious -- to make the proposition appear as a denial of a basic human and civil right. Marriage has never been regarded as a universal human or civil right. Loving and living with anyone one wants to live with are basic human rights. But marriage is actually a privilege that society bestows on whom it chooses. And even those who believe that any two unmarried people who want to get married should be given a marriage license should regard as wrong an attorney general changing a ballot proposition’s language to favor his own social views. What Brown did was attempt to manipulate people who lean toward preserving the definition of the most important social institution in society -- people who have no desire whatsoever to hurt gays -- to now think of themselves as bigots. According to Sacramento Bee columnist Margaret A. Bengs, “a recent Field Poll analysis found” that the new wording by Brown “had a ‘striking’ impact on those newly familiar with the measure, with a 23-point swing against it.” What we have here is truly manipulative. Four justices create a right, and then a sympathetic attorney general renames a proposition so as to protect a 4-month-old right that no one had ever voted to create. And the left accuses the right of imposing its values on society.

The second hurdle for Proposition 8 is even greater: the multimillion dollar campaign to label proponents of Proposition 8 “haters” and to label the man-woman definition of marriage as “hate.” Or as they put it: “Prop 8 = Prop Hate.” It is apparently inconceivable to many of those who wish to change the definition of marriage that a decent person can want to retain the man-woman definition. From newspaper editorials to gay and other activist groups, the theme is universal -- proponents of traditional marriage are haters, the moral equivalents of those who opposed racial equality. As The New York Times editorial on the subject put it, Proposition 8 is “mean-spirited.” But it is the charge of hate (along with bigotry, homophobia and intolerance) that is the primary charge leveled against supporters of Proposition 8. That’s why one major anti-Proposition 8 group is “Californians Against Hate.” Any honest outsider would see that virtually all the hate expressed concerning Proposition 8 comes from opponents of the proposition. While there are a few sick individuals who hate gay people, I have neither seen nor heard any hatred of gays expressed by proponents of Proposition 8. Not in my private life, not in my e-mail, not from callers on my radio show.

It is the proponents of same-sex marriage who express nearly all the hate -- because in fact many of them do hate, loudly and continuously. But hate in the name of love has a long pedigree. Why should our generation be different? These charges of “hate” against proponents of retaining the man-woman definition of marriage do not speak well for those who make them. I, for one, find it easy to believe that most opponents and most proponents of Proposition 8 are decent people. There are millions of decent people who think marriage should be redefined. I think they are wrong, but I do not question their decency. Why won’t those who favor redefining marriage accord the same respect to the millions of us who want gays to be allowed to love whom they want, live with whom they want, be given the rights they deserve along with the dignity they deserve, but who still want marriage to remain manwoman? n Dennis Prager hosts a nationally syndicated radio talk show and is a visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. He is the author of four books, most recently “Happiness Is a Serious Problem” (HarperCollins). His website is COPYRIGHT 2008 CREATORS SYNDICATE, INC.



JaMes LiLeKs

Winding Your Way



Recently my daughter had her first political argument in school. She’s eight. The kids had been discussing who they wanted for the next president, and one of the kids was against McCain because he wanted WAR. My daughter asked if this was true, and I could tell she worried about it – as if WAR would consume our neighborhood, with tanks and bombs and smoking schoolhouses. I said he did not want WAR. Later in the store she pointed out the issue of Atlantic Magazine with McCain on the cover: “Why War is His Answer,” it said. She gave me a skeptical look. Explain that. “Any magazine not explicitly founded on conservative principles,” I said, misquoting the late Atlantic editor Michael Kelly, “invariably drifts left.” “What?” Sigh. “It’s commie-symp propaganda, sweetheart. Designed to weaken us from within and herald the imposition of one-world government.” She gave up on me at that point, and I can’t blame her. But she remained in the McCain camp, and told me later that she’d informed her classmates that McCain did not want war. So there. From the sound of it, no one called anyone names, and everyone went outside and played together afterwards – which makes third grade much more civilized than most of the comment boards on the internet. To state the obvious. She liked President Bush for the same reason I liked President Johnson: he was the President, and you looked up to those guys. In the chain of non-family childhood authority figures, it’s God > President > pastor > policeman > principal > teacher. (If you had any questions about who went where, you just asked yourself who could arrest who, if they had to.) It takes awhile before you separate the position from the man; at first they are Olympian figures whose wisdom flows from their very marrow. They know what to do. They know how to do it. This trust remains intact until high school, when a potent combination of peers, teach2

W W W . R E D C O U N T Y . C O M

ers, and a maturation of the glands responsible for snark and irony push them away from the lullabye verities of childhood. The scales fall like manhole covers. They learn things and they can’t wait to tell you how wrong you are. About everything. Millions of American men in the 70s stared silently into their mashed potatoes as their child informed them about Cuban literacy rates. Where did I go wrong? Did I say too much? Did I say too little? Oh, you can’t tell. I was in fifth grade when Nixon won, and it made me happy. All the teachers were for McGovern; I knew this because I’d bugged their lounge. Subversives, the lot of ‘em. Well, no. Can’t remember what they thought at all, to be honest. The next election I was pleased when Nixon won again, because I intuited that we were a Nixon family. Politics played no great role in our house – I don’t ever remember having a political conversation at all until I decided in my second year of college I was a pacifist, and took to critiquing my father’s war service. (He demonstrated actual pacifism by not taking a strop to me on the spot.) My years of liberalism weren’t a rebellion against anything or anyone – it was simply a case of acclimating myself to the atmosphere of college. Not being liberal in college is like wearing a diving suit, and once you’re far from home there’s no one operating the pump that delivers the O2 to your helmet. You long to take it off and breathe the same air everyone else does. Eventually I wound back to my parents’ camp, but I had my own reasons, independently accumulated. That’s the best any parent can hope for, really – wander in the other camp, learn how they think and why, then come home to the values you hope you demonstrated. Some lessons apply no matter which camp they choose, though. If your guy loses, the winner is still your President. I was covering a protest at the Republican Convention, and observed a parent who let her kid poke a paper-mache Bush puppet in the mouth with a stick. It must be sad to grow up thinking the president is something to be mocked and abused. College will be such an anti-climax. n


Generation Next PAC is a network of young business and community leaders committed to making a difference by empowering individuals and causes to provide long-term solutions that will better our individual and collective futures. Our forward thinking and cutting edge approach, combined with our extensive resources, provide a platform for advocates who represent the center-right voice of the Next Generation of Americans.

w w w . G E N - N E X T. o r g


Conservative Firebrand P U N d i t ry

Interview with Ann Coulter BY JONATHAN C. MONVROYDIS

“This is like a bad standup routine,” a female student yelled from the chuckling audience at the University California, Irvine last May. “I am watching my peers laugh at the idea of bombing innocent people.” A set of students sitting in the back rows then began to taunt the tall blonde speaker, as she crafted another irreverent and artful response to the emotive and hyper-progressive questioners in the audience. A male student asked about the potential damage of President Bush’s “pro-American policy,” to which she plainly retorted, “I want a President that’s pro-American!” Finally another student decried that the speaker’s aggressive rhetoric will ostensibly “lead to racism.” It was at this point, effectively managing each flailing verbal blow, she became baffled, but visibly amused as she spat back her sip of diet coke, the audience roared in laughter. The poor girl, her face turning bright red, became a victim of false assumption. That as fiery and controversial Ann Coulter is, her quips are easily as reflective of her six copious best-sellers. Politically incorrect and equally provocative, what the left-of-center members of the audience failed to realize was that she had seen it all before. Educated as a lawyer at the University of Michigan, Coulter went to work for the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee in 1995, working on crime and immigration related issues. She segued her legal expertise as a correspondent and commentator, establishing a reputation as a conservative firebrand after quarreling with colleagues at MSNBC. Then with profuse legal preparation, she completed her first New York Times’ bestseller High Crimes and Misdemeanors: The Case Against Bill Clinton, a step by step legal exposé on the scandal plagued 42nd President. Coulter followed High Crimes with an indefatigable study of modern American liberalism, Slander, Liberal Lies About the American Right, also a best seller, but also which permanently established her as a pop personality in the political circuit. A regular feature on Fox News’ Hannity and Colmes, she frequently spars with left-leaning surrogates, and playfully teases co-host Alan Colmes for his soft anti-Republican innuendos. But her early success and indifferent media caricature doesn’t do justice to her indubitable intellect. Simply, if you want an explanation of what is often perceived as coarseness and insensitivity, just read her third and bountifully cited work, Treason: Liberal Treachery From the Cold War To the War On Terrorism where she bucks the conventional historical wisdom on the political epitaph of Republican Senator Joseph C. McCarthy, infamous for unnecessarily “driving innocent people to suicide.” She contends that “McCarthyism is a myth” invented to silence debate and deflect criticism of the left’s patriotic vulnerabilities. In clearing the Senator’s name, Coulter cites ill-researched and unfounded bias by American scholars and journalists, even alluding to this affectionate and scarcely mentioned quote by then Massachusetts Senator John F. Kennedy in response to an acquaintance’s comparative admonishment of two Harvard law school graduates, McCarthy and Alger Hiss: “How dare you couple the name of a great American patriot with that of a traitor.”


W W W . R E D C O U N T Y . C O M

Coulter’s fourth bestseller, How to Talk to a Liberal (If you Must), is a handbook for conservatives confronted with classic liberal talking points, and is riddled with her characteristic un-PC comments about everything from the War on Terror, to the media, and the Democratic party, leading one reader to call it “therapy.” In her fifth book Godless: The Church of Liberalism, she criticizes the left’s rejection of America’s Judeo-Christian tradition, and deference for the doctrine of human infallibility. It was on this central thesis of subjective morality that she illustrated the “Jersey-Girls,” the 9/11 widows who were utilized by the political left to undermine President Bush’s anti-terrorism agenda: “Now, Americans recognize this, and I think, in the future, they won’t fall for this practice of liberals foisting their unassailable political opinions on us by using a victim we’re not allowed to respond to.” In her latest book If Democrats Had Any Brains, They’ d Be Republicans Coulter also made perennial appearances on the New York Times Bestseller List, and has been talked of as her most outrageous yet. For Coulter, this book must symbolize her reputation as she cleverly describes her latest read: If you’re not being called outrageous by liberals, you’re not being outrageous enough. Red County followed up with Ann following her speech at UC Irvine. When asked about her qualms about fighting a humanitarian war in light of the female student’s scornful comments, she defended her conviction that expedient and non-PC battle pre-empts any response from defeatists, one that “is over before incessant liberal naysaying has persuaded Americans that the war is lost.”

RED COUNTY: You seem disappointed by the Re-

Q&A with Ann Coulter

conservative movement that you look forward to?

RED COUNTY: You spoke about the reservations you

had about fighting a humanitarian war in Iraq. Why does this worry you, as humanitarianism has been an element of General Petreaus’s counter insurgency strategy?

COULTER: I didn’t say I had doubts. I said the next president who takes the country to war ought to have doubts. Iraq shows us the problem with a humanitarian war.

The choice is: 1.) A humanitarian war like Iraq that carefully avoids civilian casualties and takes years to complete, allowing the Democrats and media time to demoralize Americans about the war;

publican field of candidates and the nomination of John McCain. What is your profile for the ideal candidate?

COULTER: Conservative. RED COUNTY: John McCain has said he is committed to appointing conservative judges, supporting tax cuts, and has been steadfast on the War on Terror. Why then do you have qualms about his candidacy?

COULTER: And he has said he considers Justice Alito

too conservative, he voted against Bush’s tax cuts twice, and he wants to shut down Guantanamo. He also continues to promote amnesty for illegal aliens and attack President Bush. He believes in “global warming” and doesn’t believe in the first amendment. McCain would be lucky to be running for “Bush’s third term.”

RED COUNTY: At the AIPAC conference, Barack

Obama seemed unequivocal in his support for Israel’s security. Is this believable?

COULTER: No. RED COUNTY: What do you make of all the people

turning on the Reagan legacy (for example Newt Gingrich on climate change)? Why the phenomena of the big government Republican?

COULTER: We need the younger generation of rightwingers to rise up and take charge.

RED COUNTY: Are there any rising stars within the COULTER: Yes, plenty -- the great Steve King of Iowa is one of my favorites -- but “rising” means they still have to rise. An Obama administration should give them plenty of opportunities, assuming the country can survive it.

RED COUNTY: Your speaking style is very provocative, have you considered a more politically correct tone with your audiences?

COULTER: No. RED COUNTY: Is it more effective to sell the conservative message or discredit the liberal message?

COULTER: Both. n

OR 2.) A merciless war, like WWII, with carpet-bombing of German cities and nukes dropped on Japanese cities, largely unconcerned with civilian casualties, but which is over before incessant liberal naysaying has persuaded Americans that the war is lost.

Jonathan C. Movroydis is a graduate the University of California, Irvine and is the editor of Red County Campus Watch (



W h at t h e . . .

A Quantum Leap Towards Socialism BY MICHAEL PENTO

Unfortunately, we Americans now realize that the decision by Ben Bernanke to slash the Fed Funds rate to 2% late last year (a three hundred twenty five basis point reduction) was just the opening act in this Republican administration’s socialism play. At the time, some wondered why the government didn’t just allow home prices fall to historical averages rather than seeking to lower the value of the U.S. dollar and send inflation to a 17-year high. We have since learned that the Department of the Treasury has come up with a plan for conservatorship of the G.S.E.s, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, enacting the largest bailout in the history of the United States. If that wasn’t enough, Hank Paulson emptied the arsenal by promising to purchase at least $700 billion of banks’ distressed assets at a price to be determined in the near future. First I’ll explain what the GSE bailout means for us. The conservatorship plan enacted by the government will entail the takeover of Fannie and Freddie for the purpose of continuing their operations, as opposed to putting them into receivership, which would seek to sell off their assets and shut down future business. In contrast, the Paulson plan will actually increase the holdings of FNM & FRE by $144 billion. The total of mortgage-backed


W W W . R E D C O U N T Y . C O M

securities held by the G.S.E.’s will be allowed to increase to $850 billion each by December of 2009. The big idea is to raise cash by selling Treasuries, then exchange the proceeds for bad debt that exists on banks’ balance sheets. One can only imagine why the government would want to compel banks to make even more nonperforming loans to consumers who are already choking on debt. Aren’t they aware that such actions would just make the problem much worse in the future? My Libertarian-leaning heart sinks when I witness Republicans and Democrats slap each other on the back as they congratulate themselves from saving us from the natural workings of the free market. Republicans reek of hypocrisy, claiming the bailout of FNM & FRE and the new R.T.C. was necessary for the health of the real estate market and the economy. After the fall of the Iron Curtain it used to be said that Democrats still believed in socialism, they just thought it had been tried by the wrong people. Well I guess Republicans in Washington believe government intervention in the free market is only appropriate if they’re the ones crafting it.

Alan Greenspan was from 197 to 2006 the Chairman of the Federal Reserve of the United States. He currently works as a private advisor, making speeches and providing consulting for firms through his company, Greenspan Associates LLC

Ben Bernanke is the incumbent Chairman of the Board of Governors of the United States Federal Reserve. Bernanke succeeded Alan Greenspan on February 1, 2006.

Henry “Hank” Paulson Jr. is the United States Treasury Secretary and member of the International Monetary Fund Board of Governors. He previously served as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Goldman Sachs.

It was especially telling when Hank Paulson’s was asked in a CNBC interview how much his bailout plan of the GSEs will cost taxpayers. He responded that he “did not use a calculator” when putting together his scheme. The essence of his response was that he did not care what the bill to taxpayers would be, his main concern was to recapitalize banks and stop home prices from falling. And Hank Paulson and Ben Bernanke certainly don’t know how much the bank bailout scheme will cost as they have no idea what the true values of the assets are which then intend to purchase. Given their lack of insight to the true value of

down is supposed to take place. In the case of Treasury’s new plan to bail out all distressed bank assets, the most likely outcome will be that the Fed will be forced to print money and buy debt issued by the Treasury. Otherwise, the issuance of $700 billion in new Treasury debt may send yields much higher and cause mortgage rates to rise precipitously—making them so expensive that it attenuates demand for home loans, anyway. Just as the U.S. has become addicted to artificially low interest rates—unable to raise them without seriously hurting the economy-- we now have most likely permanently “Well I guess Republicans in Washington believe socialized a good portion of the real estate market and government intervention in the free market is the economy. Does the administration really believe that is better to debase our currency and greatly expand the only appropriate if they’re the ones crafting it.” itobligations of our government rather than letting home the securities, how can they possibly know how much the prices fall to a level that can be supported by the market? taxpayers will ultimately have to be responsible for? These actions have long-term ramifications for the dollar The big problem with these plans is that the government and the national debt. does not have a plausible exit strategy. After Treasury has Thanks to a stimulus package and reckless spending, taken the GSEs into conservatorship and then expands annual deficits are already skyrocketing to nearly $500 their operations, it will not be easy to reduce their size. billion. Now with the Paulson and Bernanke bailout plans, The stated goal is to wind down the agencies’ balance sheet debt could increase even faster. Some Wall Street firms beginning in 2010 at a rate of 10% per annum until they have projected the annual deficit could reach $1.0 trillion reach just $250 billion each. So let me get this straight: in 2009. This outlook may torpedo the recent move higher after the real estate market has become more reliant on in the dollar and makes its long-term picture even more FNM & FRE to securitize the mortgage market we then bearish. Perhaps the need to own honest money (gold) has will be able to allow market forces to take hold? That view never been more apparent. n becomes especially dubious in light of the fact that we will Michael Pento is a senior market strategist with Delta Global Advisors and an exclusive contributor to have a new administration in charge when this scaledRED COUNTY


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