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Did you think that if you are young you can't be affected by different diseases? There are many things that can affect your health and one which has to be taking into account is gum diseases. You as adult or even teenagers can experience this type of problem as you don't have to be advanced in age to get it. Gum disease is a short form for periodontal which is an infection of the bone and tissues that sustain your teeth. This can evolve in a great issue if not treated, causing your teeth to become loose or even fall off.

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The most common one is gingivitis. It starts with all most no pain at all but if it is left untreated it may aggravate. The best treatment to this type of disease is to have a great oral hygiene: wash your teeth on a daily basis, even 3 times per day, use toothpaste that contains fluoride which can help you protect your teeth from decay. Also consult your dentist on a regular basis in order for him to inspect your teeth and give you the proper indications.

If it is left untreated gingivitis can aggravate and become periodontitis. As time passes the plaque can spread and grow just below the gum. The bacteria in the plaque produce toxins that will irritate the gums and provoke pain. The most affected part of the teeth is the bone and the tissues. As the disease advances the more gum tissue is affected by the bacteria the more damage it will make. The usual case is that the symptoms of this destructive process are very mild and hard to predict. The final result of the disease is that the teeth will be so damaged that they will have to be removed. The solution to this problem is a great oral hygiene. It doesn't take you so much time to take care of your teeth and prevent this from happening. Also if you floss two or three times a week you will get rid of all the potential "attackers".

To sum up, the best choice is to be one step ahead. Keep cleaning your mouth and teeth on a regular basis as it will help you in the future. Also don't forget to keep a periodical meeting with your dentist so he can tell you what to do in case you have some problems.

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Dentists in plano tx  

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