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Take a Glance at Some Types and Benefits of Dental Cosmetic Surgery Do you want that bright sparkling smile? The one which can turn million heads towards you? If yes than Dental Cosmetic Surgery is the solution. Your smile plays an important role in shaping your personality and it is must to take care of it properly if you want to enhance your aesthetic appeal. Cosmetic dentistry is a vast field which covers plenty of procedures. So no matter, whichever dental ailment you have, you will get the right solution for your unsymmetrical dentures. Let’s discuss these various techniques one by one: •

Mouth Reconstruction: This type of a procedure involves a dental surgery. It is beneficial for those who have missing teeth and for ones who suffered sudden teeth fall due to some accident. Here your whole denture will get reconstructed along with suitable teeth fixations.

Crowning: Crowns are actually the replacement teeth which are used as an attachment for dental implant before carrying a cosmetic procedure. This is the best method to replace your missing teeth and to achieve a perfect denture.

Fillings: Teeth fillings are used to fill those painful cavities in your mouth. In aesthetic dentistry usually white fillings are used to replace those awkward silver fillings. The logic behind using white is that it offers symmetry to your denture in color as well as in formation and is not easily noticed by others, giving you a natural smile.

Veneers: It is actually covering your damaged tooth with the layer of enamel and helps in increasing your smile’s beauty and self-confidence. Thus, you can easily cover your decayed tooth with this cap like structure.

The various benefits of getting these above discussed procedures are as follows: 1. This type of a dentistry helps in making your teeth whiter and stronger. The plus point of availing such a treatment is that the processes involved under it are relatively simple, inexpensive and safe and helps in improving your personal attractiveness to a large extent. 2. Apart from that magnetic appeal, it contributes in improving your teeth functioning also. Say bye to those old-fashioned braces now as you can easily get a straightened denture with the help of these advanced techniques. 3. One more benefit of this type of dentistry is that you can easily get back your lost teeth with the help of dental implants and can show off your prettier, whiter and stronger teeth.

Hence, if your teeth needs some makeover than go for any of the above discussed treatments and enjoy unlimited benefits to get back your beautiful smile.

What is Dental cosmetic surgery?  
What is Dental cosmetic surgery?