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The Pitfalls of Dentures Some dentists still fit dentures on patients who lost teeth to tooth decay or gum disease. But for most patients wearing these artificial replacements, the feeling of real teeth is no longer there. Ask anyone who has dentures on. Ask them if they feel good about their artificial teeth and if they can still chew food like they used to with their real set of teeth. Dentures aren’t always the solution, and the better option in some cases is dental implants. In La Canada and La Crescenta, many dental clinics may provide better alternatives to dentures. For more information about dental implants In La Canada, Just click here. It’s important for dentists to know much about their patients so they don’t mistakenly extract their teeth and replace them with dentures just because they think it’s the solution. Fine dentists will tell their patients their options. But the best way to keep yourself from wearing false teeth any time in the future is to take good care of your teeth. The Journey to Tooth Loss It starts with improper oral hygiene—brushing and flossing—and then the development of gum disease. Teeth in the affected gums become loose. You can prevent the problem from worsening by going to a periodontist for proper treatment. Periodontal disease can get so worse that it may already cause health problems more than simply a dental issue. This is when dentists may suggest having teeth extracted. The afflicted patient will have to wear dentures instead. Another problem that can lead to tooth loss and consequent wearing of dentures is tooth decay, which is also caused by improper oral care. Most people are reluctant to go to dentists, even if it’s highly recommended to go to one at least once a year. A dentist can pin point diseased teeth and can have them cleaned or filled. Many dentists see tooth extraction as a last resort. Tooth loss can also happen as a result of accidents. Athletes are required to wear mouth guards and helmets to keep their teeth from getting shattered during impacts. In some cases, accidents just happen. Dentures: The Inexpensive Solution? A lot of people who like to put on their bright smiles back easily opt for dentures as the relatively cheap solution for lost teeth. But as mentioned earlier, dentures sometimes don’t feel right. They also cause discomfort. Many dentists deal with returning patients who are disconcerted by their either tight-fitting or loose dentures. Some patients complain of gagging. These problems are common for people wearing dentures for the first time, but many get used to their artificial teeth.

Implants and Veneers Many cases of tooth problems can be solved by other means. Some people prefer dental implants, which feel more like real teeth. Dentures are not the solution for discolored, broken, and oddly shaped teeth. Oral surgeons in this case may recommend porcelain veneers. In La Crescenta and La Canada (Los Angeles County), many dentists and oral surgeons help patients in choosing the right option for them.

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Overcome the Pitfalls of Dentures With Dental Implants  

Dentures aren’t always the solution, and the better option in some cases is dental implants

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