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Gum Disease in Green Bay: Recognizing the Symptoms This article describes the symptoms experienced by patients presenting with mild to acute periodontal (gum) disease. It also advises that one seek immediate treatment should any of these be evident.

Gum Disease in Green Bay: An Overview Gum disease in Green Bay is no laughing matter; quite the opposite actually and this fact has more to do with complete edentulism (not having any teeth) than just mere tooth decay! It also has to do with the fact that the bacteria in gum disease can be passed to other family members through saliva. Studies are showing a clear link between gum disease and increase incidence of stroke, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, respiratory disease, and premature birth or low birth weight babies. So what is gum disease and how is it caused? Gum or periodontal disease is characterized by an acute and chronic bacterial infection of the soft tissues – or gums – surrounding the teeth. It is most frequently caused by poor lifelong oral hygiene and smoking, although runner ups would include serious diseases (cancer, HIV/AIDS and diabetes) as well as being dealt an unlucky hand in the genetic department. What is surprising to learn about gum disease in Green Bay is that an incredible 80% of citizens have it in some form or stage! That means that if you had to stand in a room of 10 people, only two would not present with bacterial infection of the gums! Hopefully, you are one of these two, but the statistics do not speak in your favor, especially if you are a smoker and can’t remember your last dental appointment! Gum Disease in Green Bay: Knowing the Symptoms One of the biggest problems with gum disease – and probably the reason why millions of people in the United States have it without even knowing it – is that in its beginning stages, it doesn’t cause any serious symptoms. Mild inflammation of the gums, some tooth discoloration and a bit of gum bleeding when brushing can all deftly be filed away under ‘things to not worry about just yet’. However, by the time gum disease in Green Bay becomes acutely painful, you will likely need the associated teeth extracted because they will be too far gone to treat. Take a good look at your pearly whites. Gum disease in Green Bay can cause the following: ●

Brown spots and discoloration between your teeth

Redness of the gums (inflammation)

Bad breath: The bacteria that populate the gingiva (gums) produce unpleasant by-

products that smell as bad as they look (if you could see the accumulations up-close-andpersonal through a microscope). Bad breath can be difficult to gauge subjectively, but if you’ve noticed people shying away or taking a step back from you when you speak, then chances are your breath is on the wrong side of ‘minty fresh’. You could also ask a close friend… ●

Bleeding when brushing or flossing: Infected gums break and tear easily causing bleeding even when mild pressure is applied.

Tooth mobility or shifting

Tooth loss: Book an appointment immediately!

Gum Disease in Green Bay: The Bottom Line If you are a smoker and/or can personally admit that you’ve never been very thorough about looking after your teeth, then chances are that you already have or will develop periodontal (gum) disease. The best thing you can do is to start looking after your teeth (that means brushing regularly, flossing and using an anti-bacterial mouthwash), immediately book yourself an appointment with the dentist and for the sake of your health and the health of your pearly whites, stop smoking! Gum disease in Green Bay is a pervasive but entirely preventable problem that needs immediate treatment before bone deterioration in the jaws and tooth loss ensues.

Gum Disease in Green Bay: Recognizing the Symptoms  

This article describes the symptoms experienced by patients presenting with mild to acute periodontal (gum) disease. It also advises that on...

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