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Cosmetic Dentistry in Green Bay: Restoring Smile Aesthetics and Functionality This article describes the many treatments and techniques cosmetic dentistry uses to restore the perfect aesthetics of healthy teeth and gums. Cosmetic Dentistry in Green Bay: An Overview There is simply no doubt about the popularity of cosmetic dentistry in Green Bay and in fact, throughout the rest of the world. The industry has taken off dramatically in the past decade, which says volumes about the importance people place upon the appearance of their teeth and the aesthetics of their smile. The smile is one of the most important emotive gestures we have at our disposal and when your teeth and/or gums are damaged, decayed or marred in appearance, it can have serious ramifications upon your confidence and self-esteem. Cosmetic dentistry in Green Bay has all the tools, treatments and painfree solutions necessary to restore your teeth to perfect and symmetrical beauty. Cosmetic Dentistry in Green Bay: What it Can Do for You What do you personally find beautiful about a smile? It transforms a person’s face and conveys a million different positive messages about his/her interaction with you; and vice versa. Cosmetic dentistry in Green Bay can perform a wide array of quick, painless, and yes, affordable, treatments designed to greatly improve your smile aesthetics: · Lighten and whiten tooth colour: Teeth bleaching and whitening cosmetic dentistry in Green Bay is an extremely quick and inexpensive way to add that sparkle to your smile that has been dulled by years of exposure to staining substances (coffee, tea, nicotine, red wine, and even genetics). · Cosmetic gum recontouring: In cases where a patient’s gums are either covering the enamel of the crowns of the teeth (resulting in a ‘gummy’ smile) or receding from the crowns of the teeth and exposing the darker root structure, cosmetic dentistry in Green Bay and its specialty network of periodontists can employ a number of surgical techniques and procedures to restore a natural, healthy and even gum line. · Replace missing teeth: Teeth lost through accidental trauma received to the face, decay or disease can be replaced by dental implants, a highly successful procedure that not only restores the fullness of the smile, but also oral functionality as well. · Correct the size, alignment and shape of certain teeth: We’re not all born with perfectly symmetrical teeth that emerge in a pleasing, aesthetic arrangement. Cosmetic dentistry in Green Bay can straighten, align and shape single or multiple teeth to transform a smile from a distraction to others to an enhancement of overall appearance. · Repair broken, decayed, chipped and cracked teeth: general wear-and-tear combined with those unforeseen accidents can result in teeth that look their age and older! Porcelain veneers, crowns, onlays and composite fillings can restore the shape and healthy appearance of a tooth that has become damaged or decayed through a variety of causes. · Correct and improve bites: The cosmetic dentistry in Green Bay that is aimed at restoring the symmetry of the bite not only has aesthetically-pleasing results, but also important ramifications on your ability to chew and speak comfortably! It can also make future wearing of the teeth much less likely.

路 Correct the poor aesthetics and functionality of old dental treatments. If a bite or tooth arrangement was poor to begin with, each restoration done can have the potential to perpetuate the condition. Cosmetic Dentistry in Green Bay In summary, cosmetic dentistry in Green Bay caters comprehensively for oral aesthetics as well as functionality. After all, the oral surgeons and dentists who dispense this quality care are first and foremost concerned with the maintenance of high standards of oral health!

Cosmetic Dentistry in Green Bay: Restoring Smile Aesthetics and Functionality