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Teeth Bleaching in Green Bay: A Second Chance for Your Pearly Whites This article describes what a teeth bleaching treatment is and how it presents a simple, safe and non-invasive solution to stained and discolored teeth. Teeth Bleaching in Green Bay: An Overview The results achieved by teeth bleaching in Green Bay are giving our pearly whites a second chance at being‌ well, pearly white! Healthy white teeth are one of the most important components of a beautiful smile. Yet, over the years and with repeated exposure to staining substances, foods and chemicals (of which the food we eat is unfortunately full of), the appearance of our teeth can become drastically altered... and not for the better! Tea, coffee, red wine and the inexorable marching on of the years can cause the enamel surface of the teeth to fade from white to a less attractive shade of yellow. In the case of smokers and those with poor oral hygiene habits, brown stains and blotches can also appear. Even those who brush, floss and visit the dentist regularly are not immune to the accumulation of stains on their teeth: some people are even born with teeth that are more yellow than white. And while this is by no means a reflection of the standard of your oral health, you may wish for a smile that is a little whiter and a little brighter. Teeth bleaching in Green Bay can easily achieve this. Teeth Bleaching in Green Bay: Treatment Teeth bleaching in Green Bay is one of the most commonly performed dental treatments; it’s completely safe and non-invasive. Furthermore it achieves great results in a short amount of time and is completely affordable! So, how does teeth bleaching in Green Bay work? Generally, the treatment requires one or two visits to the dentist. During your first appointment, he will take molds of your teeth and jaw to facilitate the custom fabrication of a mouthguard (a clear plastic tray) that will hold the bleaching agent against your teeth. Once the molds are complete you can either wait around for 30 to 40 minutes while the dentist makes your mouthguard, or you can return for a second appointment, during which you will try it on to see if any adjustments are necessary. Armed with your mouthguard and special whitening gel, you are free to return home and begin your teeth bleaching in Green Bay! The treatment consists of wearing the mouthguard with the whitening gel overnight for two to four weeks, depending on the degree of tooth discoloration you present with. The whitening gel the dentist will give you has been carefully formulated to optimize results while keeping sensitivity of the teeth and gums to an absolute minimum. Teeth Bleaching in Green Bay: Results Teeth bleaching in Green Bay is an incredibly simple and effective treatment to restore the natural and healthy white hue of your teeth. It can be used to tackle serious discoloration as well as for touch ups every few years or so, when the stains start to accumulate again. Remember that while teeth bleaching in Green Bay is a fantastic cosmetic treatment, it can never replace good oral hygiene in the preservation of stunning smile aesthetics!

Teeth Bleaching in Green Bay: A Second Chance for Your Pearly Whites