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This article explores the obsession people have with hygiene, but how the same people are negligent about their oral healthcare. In a day and age where everyone is neurotic about germs, has it ever occurred to us to stop obsessing over our hands and think about what’s going on in our mouths? Periodontal care in Green Bay is one of the most important components of a sound hygiene routine and yet people continue to neglect the health of their teeth and gums. What is really contradictory about this is that the same people will wash their hands before every meal, refuse to touch the banister on the escalator or sit on a public toilet! While these habits are nothing but positive – albeit a little neurotic - you would think that the same philosophy would apply to periodontal care in Green Bay. But, according to the family dentist in Green Bay, only a little more than half his patients are really concerned about germs in their mouths, as opposed to the germs on their hands and bodies. So, folks, what’s the logic? Periodontal Care in Green Bay: A Definition Good periodontal care in Green Bay refers to a hygiene routine that includes regular and thorough brushing and flossing. It should also include a bi-annual visit with the family dentist in Green Bay, so that any problems you might

be unaware of can be diagnosed before they have a chance to do lasting and irreparable damage. Just to be clear, peri means ‘around’ and dontal refers to ‘the teeth’. So together, periodontal care in Green Bay essentially means to look after the health of the soft tissues and bone surrounding the teeth; in other words, your gums! According to the family dentist in Green Bay, your gums don’t require any care more complicated than simple brushing and daily flossing (and perhaps even gargling with an anti-bacterial mouthwash). So why do the statistics show that 80% of the American population fret about the germs on their hands, while only 60% worry about those in their mouths? Even more shocking, the family dentist in Green Bay reveals that a staggering 95% of his patients believe that good periodontal care in Green Bay only requires brushing one’s teeth before bedtime! Good Periodontal Care in Green Bay: The Facts Perhaps it’s time we understood a few simple facts about oral health and hygiene:   

Brushing only really cleans 25% of your mouth, Good periodontal care in Green Bay must include regular visits to the dentist. When it comes to oral health, prevention is always better than cure. You should be flossing at least once a day; an oral hygiene routine is not complete without cleaning between the teeth.

While a fear of germs on your hands may keep you from touching the objects around you, your mouth can contain more microscopic organisms than there are people on the planet! Furthermore, a great number of these nasty germs are associated with debilitating and chronic illnesses that affect the rest of the body, advises the family dentist in Green Bay. Periodontal Care in Green Bay: In Summary Good periodontal care in Green Bay is essential if we are to preserve our oral health and smile aesthetics. But beyond this, looking after our teeth and gums will help prevent the development of diseases that have been proven to share a relationship with gum disease (a result of poor oral hygiene). So, the next time you wash your hands after you eat, perhaps you should give those pearly whites a polish too!

Poor Periodontal Care in Green Bay: Our Neurotic Nation Apparently Not Neurotic Enough!