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This article discusses the use of sedative medications in patients that have long suffered discomfort, be it mild anxiety or debilitating fear, associated with the dentist and dental treatment. Qualified and experienced dentist, Dr Kevin Gasser in Arizona, has come to the rescue of thousands of people that suffer from crippling anxiety and stress associated with those bi-annual dental check-ups. Even the most stoic and hardened of patients feels that flutter of nerves as they sit awaiting their treatment in the dentist’s chair. This slight case of the nerves, of course, increases exponentially with the size and complexity of the procedure or treatment administered during the appointment. So what about patients that suffer a debilitating phobia of dental treatment? Do they avoid the dentist altogether? Unfortunately, for thousands of patients around the country, this is the case and the result is that their oral health and hygiene are being unnecessarily neglected. Thankfully, oral sedation in Arizona offers a way out of all those terrible physical and psychological fear symptoms, thus enabling patients to get the treatment they need in order to keep their teeth and gums in top condition! What is Oral Sedation in Arizona? Oral sedation in Arizona involves the administering of relaxant medications (or tranquillizers) in pill-form prior to a dental procedure. These medications, explains Dr Kevin Gasser in Arizona, are designed to affect the Central Nervous System (CNS) and induce a consuming sense of calm, detachment from reality and relaxation. While patients are completely aware of what’s going around them, oral sedation in Arizona removes the fear trigger associated with certain visual (needles, sharp implements), audio (dentist’s drill) and other sensory stimuli. As a result, Dr Kevin Gasser in Arizona is able to complete longer and more complex procedures in a single appointment without causing any undue stress or discomfort to the patient. How it works is simple: for oral sedation in Arizona, patients are given one or two pills prior to their appointment so that they begin their treatment feeling completely relaxed and anxiety-free!

Why Opt for Oral Sedation in Arizona? While most people opt to receive a relaxant prior to their dental appointment for the above-mentioned reason (in the prevention of anxiety and stress), there are a host of other benefits afforded by oral sedation in Arizona:  Some patients have a low pain threshold and, even with simple procedures, can benefit from the ease and comfort offered by oral sedation in Arizona.  Sedatives can help patients with an uncontrollable gag reflex, explains Dr Kevin Gasser in Arizona.  Oral sedation in Arizona enables the dentist to perform longer and more complex procedures in a single sitting without causing the patient any discomfort. This works out in the patient’s favor financially.  Because oral sedation in Arizona renders a patient’s dental experience completely pain and anxiety-free, they no longer tend to put off their bi-annual appointments. As a result, dental problems are attended to in a timely manner, thus maintaining a much higher standard of oral health and hygiene. A Final Note on Oral Sedation in Arizona Dr Kevin Gasser in Arizona is helping patients to overcome the crippling fear associated with the dentist’s chair through the administration of gentle medications designed to safely affect the CNS. The induced state of relaxation by oral sedation in Arizona enables patients to comfortably and easily have tooth extractions, wisdom teeth removal, dental implants and other procedures performed in order to maintain optimal oral health and hygiene!

Oral Sedation in Arizona: Helping Countless Patients to Overcome Anxiety and Fear  

This article discusses the use of sedative medications in patients that have long suffered discomfort, be it mild anxiety or debilitating fe...