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Keep Your Jaw bone Healthy w ith Cosmetic Dentistry in Arizona

This article focuses on the negative impact of missing teeth, the exact implications of leaving them unattended to, and the w ays in w hich dental implants help in combatting the said effects.

Living in contemporary urban society has provided us w ith a plethora of technological advancements -the speed at w hich w e now live allow s for endless opportunities and the w orld at your fingertips. Although this fast paced living provides us w ith infinite advantages there are a couple of areas that take a knock. One such area is our diet and our oral hygiene, w ith tooth decay and missing teeth becoming a common problem.

Luckily, some of the modern day technological advancements have been in the realm of cosmetic dentistry in Arizona . Developments in dental technology allow for missing teeth to be a problem of the past w ith dental implant procedures in Sun City.

But I O nly Have a C ouple of T eeth M issing Now it may seem that losing a couple of teeth is not such a big problem; but a specialist in cosmetic dentistry in Arizona says otherw ise. M issing teeth can have a severe impact on both your physical appearance and the functionality of your jaw bone. It is because of these negative consequences that dental implants are highly recommended to Sun City residents w ho have experienced tooth loss.

W hat Exactly Happens W hen I Have M issing T eeth?

Your jaw bone functions in a similar w ay to other muscles in your body in the sense that, w hen not stimulated, the muscle deteriorates. Teeth play an important role in the stimulation of the jaw bone.

Through the action of chew ing, teeth send stimulating forces into the bone. When a tooth is missing, the bone comprising the tooth socket is resorbed by the jaw , resulting in a decrease in volume and density. This w eakens the strength w ith w hich you can bite dow n and changes your overall facial appearance. Specialists in cosmetic dentistry in Arizona w arn that missing teeth could cause a domino effect of instability to pass from one tooth to the next. As the jaw bone deteriorates, the teeth directly adjacent to the missing teeth are affected, possibly causing further tooth loss. How Do Dental Im plants Stop T his? Residents in Sun City w ho receive dental implants stop the process of atrophy in the jaw . Implants are different to other tooth replacement strategies as they mimic the function of natural teeth, including the tooth root. A cosmetic dentistry specialist in Arizona places a screw in the jaw bone, to w hich an abutment and ceramic crow n are attached. This allow s for the jaw bone to continue receiving stimulation through chew ing force and as such, your mouth w ill continue to function as though no teeth w ere missing at all. But It M ight Be T oo L ate Because I’ ve O nly Hear d of T his Now Although your jaw bone might be significantly atrophied, advances in cosmetic dentistry in Arizona have allow ed for various options w hen it comes to dental implant in Sun City. Through close consultation w ith your dental practitioner, it is highly likely that there is an implant solution for you, even if you’ ve had missing teeth for several years. T he J oy of M oder n L iving With the significant advances in technology in contemporary society, w e are now able to fix problems that have been left unattended. Although prevention is the better than cure, it is a relief to know that dentists have put significant efforts into establishing rehabilitative procedures for your dental problems that you left for a little too long.

Keep Your Jawbone Healthy with Cosmetic Dentistry in Arizona  

This article focuses on the negative impact of missing teeth, the exact implications of leaving them unattended to, and the ways in which de...