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Five Truths about Dental Implants in Phoenix This article discusses five different areas pertaining to dental implants, such as same-day implants, a more youthful appearance and healthier digestion processes.


ith so many bits of information flying about the Internet, it becomes near impossible to figure out what is true and what is false. In some instances, this is not too much of a problem: everyone likes reading a little celeb scandal, even if it is entirely made up. But when it comes to your teeth, it is not so exciting reading someone’s vague idea of what the tooth related procedures entail. Keep reading and you can find out all the exact truths about teeth implants, dentures and bridgework.

1: Replacing A Single Tooth With A Bridge Requires Removing Enamel From The Adjacent Teeth, Even If They Are Healthy True. This is one of the reasons why dental implants are a better option for replacing a single missing tooth. Teeth implants do not affect the surrounding teeth at all, allowing for optimum dental health. Bridgework, on the other hand, requires damaging two perfectly healthy teeth, possibly resulting in nerve sensitivity and tooth decay.

2: Dental Implants Can Give Me New Teeth On The Same Day True. You need to have an initial consultation with your dental implant specialist in Phoenix, during which you will get X-rays of your mouth and decide on an implant plan that is best suited to your specific needs. On the day of the procedure, it is possible that the implants can be placed and new teeth fitted on the same day depending on the state of your oral health. If you have suffered tooth loss as a result of gum disease, your dental healthcare specialist may want to focus on treating the infection before replacing teeth.

3: Dental Implants Can Help You Live Longer True. Removable dentures result in a weaker bite force resulting in a restricted diet, malnutrition and even difficulty digesting. Chewing is an important part of the digestive process as there are digestive juices in your saliva that help break down the food. Teeth implants help ensure a strong bite force making it easier to chew your food properly. This aids in a healthy digestive process thus resulting in better nutrition and a longer life. 4: Dental Implants Can Prevent Premature Aging True. The tooth root plays an important role in stimulating the jawbone. The jawbone functions similarly to that of a muscle in that it requires constant stimulation to maintain its shape and volume. When chewing, the tooth root provides the jaw with this stimulation. When the tooth is missing, the jawbone atrophies, creating a ‘sunken in’ appearance, which is called posterior bite collapse, and often makes the face look aged. With dental implants, Phoenix residents will not have to worry about premature aging, because the implant mimics the function of the tooth root, thus keeping the jaw stimulated and the facial structure youthful in appearance. 5: Dental Implants Are Virtually Identical To Natural Teeth True. Due to innovations in cosmetic dentistry, teeth implants are fabricated to closely resemble the color and shape of the tooth/teeth they are replacing. When deciding on the best implant procedure, factors like the tooth coloring and shape are taken into consideration. A color is chosen that perfectly matches the rest of your teeth to ensure that it blends in with the adjacent teeth. Texture is even added to the replacement tooth to break up the reflection of light on the porcelain. This ensures the most natural outcome.


Five Truths about Dental Implants in Phoenix  

This article discusses five different areas pertaining to dental implants, such as same-day implants, a more youthful appearance and healthi...