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Dental implants serve as your natural teeth, thus indicating that they will also be requiring the same routine oral hygiene care and regime as your natural ones. Dental Implants: What are they? Dental implants are devices that are inserted into your jaw to sustain a substitute tooth or bridge. They are also considered as an option over fixed bridges or removable dentures. If you’re having missing teeth then dental implants can be the perfect option for replacement teeth, thereby, improving your smile as well as letting you live quality life. How do Implants Work?

The titanium alternative - dental implants are options for your missing tooth root. During this procedure, the titanium metal implant, resembling a screw, is inserted directly into the lower or upper jaw bone. As the time passes, normally a few months, the implant amalgamates into the adjacent bone, in order to make it adequately stable for supporting a crown. All through the healing process, your dentist will provide you with an impermanent teeth substitution option that can be easily worn over the implant sites. As the titanium implant completely integrates into your bone, the dentist will take an impression to form a permanent crown to place on the top of the implant. What to Expect After You Get Your Successful Dental Implants? Dental implants serve as your natural teeth, thus indicating that they will also be requiring the same routine oral hygiene care and regime as your natural ones. Simply brush and floss like you did earlier. Visit the dentist regularly so that the dentist can monitor your teeth, implants, and gums to ascertain their healthy condition.

Are You a Potential Candidate for This Treatment? Idyllically, if you want to go for dental implants, then you are expected to have general good oral health. As the implant will be directly put in into the jaw, you must also have sufficient jaw bone density for supporting the implant. In addition, you must also have healthy gums generally free of periodontal disease, as the dental implants will be associated with the gum tissues as well as the underlying bone in the mouth. The Many Benefits of Dental Implants • • • • • • • • •

Dental implants replace your missing teeth without impacting the adjacent teeth. Moreover, this can also provide support for a bridge or denture. Offer a sturdy and stable groundwork for the replacement teeth that will look, feel and function much like your natural teeth. You will be able to eat and speak properly, also boosting your confidence. You can reinstate an attractive and a well-functioning smile. Dental implants are an ideal option for your overall dental health as compared to bridges owing to the fact that your natural teeth are unaffected by implants. Since dental implants get combined into the structure of your bone, thus, averting bone loss and gum recession. Helpful in maintaining the condition of healthy adjacent teeth by abolishing the use of clasps and the requirement to grind down your adjacent teeth. Initiates bone and gum tissue stimulation that further results in an attractive and aesthetic result over the course of time.

How Can You Know More About Dental Implants? The experienced dentists engaged in Sun City dentistry will be very happy to discuss the details related to dental implants with you.

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