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Basic Dental Implant Residency Participants will learn implant dentistry on a consistent weekly basis with academic and clinical course experience. Many implant courses "cram" too much information into a short weekend course. In this mini-residency, participants will view or perform live prosthetics and/or live implant surgery on patients. This gives dentists clinical time to review instruction and bring practical experience to and from their own offices each week. Plus attendance is limited to ensure individual attention. The course is hands-on and will include working on your own patient case! You will follow the development of over 20 patient cases. Basic Course Learning Objectives • • • • • • • •

View live implant surgery each week. Receive guidance in evaluating and selecting your patient cases. Perform hands on surgery, prosthetic and treatment plans for your patients. Receive preparation for AAID & ICOI fellowship credentials. To learn Patient Evaluation, Diagnostic Protocols, CT Diagnosis and Treatment Planning. To learn the basic Root Form Surgical Protocol, Immediate Implants. To learn basic Implant Prosthetics, Computer Milled Abutments, and Removable Implant Over dentures. Marketing Dental Implants and Implant Practice Management.

Guest Lecturers’ Topics: Adjunctive Faculties have been selected to cover a number of topics: Anatomy, 3-D Radiology, Oral Diagnosis, Selecting an Implant System, Pre-op Evaluation, Contraindications, Bone Biology, Prosthetic Superstructures, Treatment Planning, Bone Grafting and Membranes, Surgical Principles, Root Form Implants, Mini-Implants, complications. For more information regarding dental implant course please visit:

Basic Dental Implant Residency