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Root Canal Treatment Explained

What is Root Canal Treatment? Root Canal Treatment is a dental treatment to eliminate tooth infection and reduce tooth pain.

Root Canal Treatment This dental procedure treats the center of the tooth canal that has the infection. This treatment is also called “Endodontic�

How is it treated?  The pulp that contains blood vessels and nerves get decayed due to the

bacteria within the mouth.

 Here, the bacteria are removed and the infected pulp is extracted from

the canal.  It relieves discomfort, preventing the risk of, or removing a source of


Infection ď‚— When there are fillings

leak, decayed or broken teeth, bacteria within the mouth will invade the damaged tooth. ď‚— The multiplied bacteria

get spread around the root canal via the hole where nerves and blood vessels gets through.

Infection  The tissues at the root cavity get swollen and

reddish.  This type of infection can even make your face

swollen and painful.

Purpose ď‚— The infected root canal can

be treated either by Root canal treatment or the tooth can be removed from the mouth. ď‚— The purpose is to maintain

the natural tooth rather than removing it and fixing an artificial tooth.


 It gives a natural presence.  Protects other teeth from

infection and strain  Effective chewing  Normal sensation  Eliminates pain problems

Facts ď‚— The treated teeth can survive for up to 10

years. ď‚— Does not cause any pain, since an anesthesia

is given before treatment. Avoid chewing directly on the treated tooth, until the treatment is completed.

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Exceptional root canal treatment in miami  

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