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Autumn 2013 5th Annual Practice Managers Conference Armed with passports, suitcases, excitement and smiles our Practice Managers from around Australia boarded flights to a remote secret destination in the idyllic setting of Fiji. Everything ran smoothly and on mandatory Fiji time, with all being continually greeted with a warm Bula smile and despite the continual rain, nothing dampened the spirits, energy and motivation of the delegates and the DPRC team. We celebrated our 5th Annual Practice Managers Conference surrounded in five star bliss, with Dental Partners CEO, Alan Clarke, from New Zealand’s mother ship Abano and our loyal Henry Schein Halas sponsors. The theme Choice, Chance and Change, emanated throughout the event and each and every delegate thoroughly enjoyed the up close and personal presentations and workshops presented by the DP Resource Centre team. Our newly appointed Clinical Director Dr Tony Bubear being present gave the delegates a fantastic opportunity to enjoy communicating challenges and sharing triumphs at a practice level. The uplifting theme inspired many and enabled the delegates to open their minds both personally and professionally.

Your DPRC Team Executive Chairman & CEO – Alan Clarke Group General Manager – Malcolm Lean (Jimmy) Clinical Director – Dr Tony Bubear (Bubs) General Manager Operations – Cathy May (BOSS) Head of Acquisitions – Sophie Harmsworth (Boomers) Human Resource Manager – Melanie Funk (Mel) Finance Team Finance Manager – Aden Colville-Smith (Neda) Practice Accountant – Tania O’Hara (Tarnz) Practice Accountant – Jodie Bond (Bondy) Practice Accountant – Jerri Butt (Jerri) Practice Accountant – Lawrance Ram (Lawrance) Accounts Payable Officer – Annette Livingston (Annie) Accounts Payable Officer – Joanne Heckford (Jo) Accounts Payable Officer – Paola Arias (Pao) Accounts Administrator – Linda Williams (Linda) Operations Team – (07) 5635 2039 Assistant Operations Manager – Tana Mawdsley (Tans) District Operations Manager – Amanda Bubear (AB) District Operations Manager – Lisa Conway (Conway) Integrations Manager – Danielle Ruscitti (Dargie) Practice Support Manager – Amanda Calhoun (Am) Practice Support Manager – Lisa Singh (Lily) Practice Support Manager – Tiphany Russell (Tiph) Operations Administration Assistant – Melissa Morley (Mouse) IT Systems Administrator – Kevin Wong (Kevinator) Marketing and PR – Debbie Oliver (oh awesome one) Web & Database Developer – Mohammed Muddasir (Mo) Acquisitions Team Acquisitions Administration Assistant – Renee Reibel (Nay) Legal Administrator – Adeline Yap (Ade)

Contents Memo from Alan............... 2 More listening and better communication................. 2 New additions to the Dental Partners Group....... 3

Working together for your success................ 4 Message from our sponsors..................... 5

Administration Team Executive Team Assistant – Pip Clements (Pipo) Reception/Administration Assistant – Renae Keys (Bub) Reception/Administration Assistant – Shae Lawrie (Shae)

Employees of the month..... 7

HR Team

Upcoming events............... 3

DP in the community.......... 9

DP values......................... 3

Practice directory............ 12

Payroll & HR Officer – Debbie Thynne (DT) Recruitment Coordinator – Natarsha Brownjohn (Tarsh) HR Administrator – Stephanie Allison (Smurf)

Fiji................................... 4

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Filling in the Gaps

Autumn 2013 Memo from Alan Hi all, The year is moving past at a fast pace and we are well into May already. Since our last newsletter, we held a very successful Practice Managers’ conference in Fiji and the feedback on the content has been very positive. However, we have recognised that in the future, we may need venues that aren’t so difficult to get to, even though it was beautiful! The support office management team has settled into place under the new management structure, and we are making good progress in spite of several additional support office changes in recent weeks. Regrettably some of these changes meant that our accounts payable system dropped the ball and, as a consequence, we missed paying several of your local suppliers on the agreed date. For this we apologise unreservedly, and to everyone affected, we are very sorry. Please don’t hesitate to call the Dental Partners Resource Centre team, Malcolm or myself at any time if you still have problems that are not resolved. Our family of practices grew again in the last few months, and we were delighted to welcome Craig and Nice Dental and Radiance Dental to our network. After a careful review of our support office resources and taking into account the growing size and scale of our network, we are planning to phase in several new senior positions to the support team over the new financial year, which will see us strengthening operations, marketing and the accounts team. To understand the advances happening around the world in dental technology, we had a team headed by Dental Partners Clinical Director, Tony Bubear, along with members of the Lumino team from New Zealand, attend the Cologne Fair. We have also had a number of meetings recently in the USA, with suppliers and other large dental groups. The contacts and learnings we have garnered will ensure we are at the leading edge of technology changes and abreast of changes in the profession internationally – all of which will translate into benefits for our business and for your practice. We are in the process of planning our next Clinician Conference and your Clinical Advisory Council is leading the way, to ensure the agenda and content is relevant and engaging. If anyone has ideas or thoughts on the conference, please contact Tony or myself and we will see if they can be incorporated.

More listening and better communication It is clear that the Australian economy has flattened even more following the hiatus created over the election and following a drop in commodity prices that was supporting the retail economy. In this difficult environment, we have seen forward appointments dropping, but the resilience of your practices and your local community patient bases have largely shielded the impact. The support management team has been reflecting on what we do well and what we can do to assist you with this slowing economy. Core to this is your input, and we have identified the need to improve communications between your practices and the support team. We need more one on one contact with you, and we need more opportunities to hear from you and to let you know about ideas we have and initiatives we think will help. To start with, we will be increasing the frequency of our written contact with you. We will also be starting State by State briefings where we can share ideas over a dinner or lunch session. If anyone has good ideas on how this should work and what should be covered, please contact: Tony Bubear 0423 261 795 Malcolm Lean 0431 945 495 Cathy May 0433 058 527 Alan Clarke

Thank you for all for your ongoing involvement and support and I look forward to seeing, listening and talking with you all soon. My kind regards, Alan.

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Autumn 2013

New Additions to the Dental Partners Group Craig and Nice Dental

Radiance Dental

Craig and Nice Dental is a 4 surgery practice situated in the beautiful city of Mackay in the Whitsunday region.

Radiance Dental was established by Dr Bradley Chou to provide modern aesthetic dentistry to families in the surrounding communities of Yeronga, Brisbane.

The practice has been operating for over 50 years with Dr Kerry Craig joining the practice in 2004. Dr Kerry Craig is also joined at the practice by his daughter Dr Kimberly Craig and Dr William Buchorn who has worked at the practice for 18 years.

The warm and friendly team show exemplary customer service with every patient feeling at ease from the moment they walk through the door.

Our small and dedicated team consisting of Janice (Practice Manager), Sarah (Dental Assistant), Gemma (Dental Assistant), Dr Ron Koh and Dr Bradley Chou are very pleased to join Dental Partners and are committed to continually provide comprehensive dental care for their patients.

We are a friendly, HAPPY team and delighted to be a part of an excellent group of like-minded people.

L-R: Ron, Sarah, Janice and Brad

September Upcoming DP Events Dentists Conference Theme – Diagnosis, Treatment Planning and Case Presentation

6th, 7th and 8th September

Dental Partners Resource Centre PO Box 1146, Southport BC QLD 4215 p. 1800 60 90 44 | p. (07) 5591 7772 | f. (07) 5532 8548 e. | w.

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Innovation Integrity Balance Positive Vitality


Filling in the Gaps

Autumn 2013 Working together for your success

One of the major initiatives for Dental Partners in 2013 is to implement our Preferred Supplier arrangement with Henry Schein Halas which was showcased at our fabulous Practice Managers conference in Fiji. As a recap, the following outlines the key elements of the program:

Preferred Partner/Supplier Model 1. Best Price on the DP Select Range* 2. Tablet ordering and stock levels 3. Organising and labelling stock locations 4. One delivery per location 5. Information to help our decision making *HSH

has negotiated with leading manufacturers of those brands our practices use most often. These brands have also been endorsed by the Clinical Advisory Committee.

This will provide huge benefits to you and DP. It will: • Save time and money. No need to shop around for the best price on most popular products. • Enable us to spend more time with patients. Limit time ordering, receiving, and putting away stock. • Help us manage our stock. Not run out, or knowing where it is, when, what and how much to order. • Limit wastage through expired stock. • Make our life easier during stock take. Yippeeeeee! • Being so simple anyone can do it and all in one click. As with all new programs, the key to success is the implementation plan. Thanks to a few pilot practices we have developed a 7 step implementation plan as outlined in the diagram to the right. Great News! The HSH team has now been trained on this process and are already rolling out the program with plans to have all practices moving to tablet ordering soon. As you could appreciate there are a number of steps (including WIFI availability) that need to be completed before we can fully implement the

Dental Partners Resource Centre PO Box 1146, Southport BC QLD 4215 p. 1800 60 90 44 | p. (07) 5591 7772 | f. (07) 5532 8548 e. | w.

Acquisitions p. 1800 60 90 44 e.

process, and we would like to ask for your support so that we can move forward as quickly as possible. If you have any questions on the process please don’t hesitate to contact your local PSM or HSH representative. Thanks again for your support and we look forward to hearing your success stories as we move forward on this exciting new initiative.

Tana Mawdsley Operations Manager

7 STEP PROCESS Site inspection/ checklist

Visit 1

Introductory meeting: online overview

Visit 2

Stock cleansing

Visit 3

Labelling of locations Complete field form and submit Online practice training

Visit 4

Ongoing management



Filling in the Gaps

Autumn 2013

Message from our sponsors of the PM conference CLINICAL CLINICAL

Fuji VII and Fuji VII EP Fuji VII and Fuji VII EP CLINICAL

Fuji VII and Fuji VII EP Fuji VII and Fuji VII EP are purpose designed for: are purpose designed for: Fuji VII and Fuji VII EP are purpose designed for: VII anddesigned Fuji VII EPfor: are purpose designed for: areFuji purpose are purpose designed Protection offor: erupting molars Increasing rates of enamel hypomineralisation and childhood caries Protection of erupting have amplified the needmolars for protection solutions for the occlusal Protection of erupting molars Increasing rates of enamel hypomineralisation surfaces of permanent molars, especially during thechildhood prolonged Increasing rates of enamel hypomineralisation andand childhood cariescaries have amplified the need for protection solutions for the occlusal eruption phase. have amplified the need for protection solutions for the occlusal surfaces molars,especially especially during prolonged surfacesofofpermanent permanent molars, during the the prolonged eruptionphase. phase. eruption

Dr J Lucas

Dr J Lucas

Dr J Lucas

Dr. H Ngo

Protection of exposed root surfaces A growing, increasingly medicated, elderly dentate population Protection of exposed root surfaces Protection exposedroot rootsurfaces surfaces means moreofincreasingly exposed at risk of caries. Fuji VII EP A growing, medicated, elderly dentate population A growing, increasingly medicated, dentate will provide the highest level of protection for these surfaces. means more exposed root surfaces at elderly risk of caries. Fuji population VII EP means more exposed at risk caries. Fuji VII EP will provide the highestroot levelsurfaces of protection forof these surfaces. will provide the highest level of protection for these surfaces.

Dr. H Ngo

Dr. H Ngo

Caries stabilisation and indirect pulp capping for active lesions Caries stabilisation and indirect pulp capping for active lesions An effective seal, through the use of a superior wetting and high An effective seal, through the use of a superior wetting and high Caries stabilisation andionomer indirectcement, pulp capping forfor active lesions fluoride releasing ionomer cement, is beneficial for ensuring fluoride releasing glass glass is beneficial ensuring An effective through the use of a superior wetting and high success with this success withseal, this technique. technique. fluoride releasing glass ionomer cement, is beneficial for ensuring success with this technique.

Dr. H Ngo

Dr. H Ngo

Dr. H Ngo

When patient compliance may not be ideal, choose Fuji VII EP

When patient compliance may not be ideal, choose Fuji VII EP for enhanced protection of surfaces at risk. for enhanced protection of surfaces at risk. When patient compliance may not be ideal, choose Fuji VII EP for enhanced protection of surfaces at risk. 2













Call Ainslie Gordon to order Fuji VII or 2 Fuji VII Gordon EP today to on order 0435 006 Call Ainslie Fuji981 VII to or receive your free GC Umbrella

Fuji VII EP today on 0435 006 981 to Call Ainslie Gordon to order Fuji VII or receive free Umbrella Offer valid until 30thyour of June 2013 or whileGC stocks last. Fuji VII EP today on 0435 006 981 to receive your GC Offer valid until 30th of June 2013 or free while stocks last.Umbrella Offer valid until 30th of June 2013 or while stocks last. Dental Partners Resource Centre PO Box 1146, Southport BC QLD 4215 p. 1800 60 90 44 | p. (07) 5591 7772 | f. (07) 5532 8548 e. | w.

Acquisitions p. 1800 60 90 44 e.


Filling in the Gaps

Autumn 2013

Message from our sponsors of the PM conference Does your practice use paper bags for new patients packs or teeth whitening product, please contact Jacqueline for competitive quotes for custom bags.

Cake to the rescue have designed our All-In-One Rescue CAKE Kits to offer FUN, EASY BAKING. The Rescue Kits come equipped with Disposable Bake Trays and with everything you need to BAKE.

Edwina from Modern Dentistry has kindly supported our conferences and has her own business Anché. For a great range of Australian designed gifts and home wares, visit online boutique Anché.

Every day, we think of ways to connect & make our customers happy, Banana Peel thongs will suit every taste from the ultra trendy, the athletic to the classic. Introducing you to a new lifestyle of chic, trendy & fashionable thongs. Banana Peel only use lead free, non-toxic paint & materials are environmentally friendly & biodegradable. Good for you, great for our earth. His and Her Thongs is your exclusive shopping destination.

Do you need to communicate with your patients better? Are you sending newsletters or recalls? G cast maybe the solution. G cast is a communication platform using email, SMS, fax, direct mail and social media. Please contact your practice support manager to find out if this can work for you.

Dentistry is not easily affordable for all of our patients. One way to assist patients with treatment and to keep ahead of your competitors in the market place, is to offer payment plan options. Medical FeePay is solution for your practice. Please contact Cherie on 1300 789 513 for further information to have your practice set up.

We would like to offer to all your clients a $5 discount for every new account set up on our Webstore! It’s pretty simple; * Go to * Create an account and within 48 hours we will upload a $5 gift voucher which they can use straight away!

Thanks again for offering us the opportunity to join you in Fiji!

Dental Partners Resource Centre PO Box 1146, Southport BC QLD 4215 p. 1800 60 90 44 | p. (07) 5591 7772 | f. (07) 5532 8548 e. | w.

SPEND $150 & RECEIVE A FREE LJ PURSE SET** TERMS AND CONDITIONS Must be completed in one transaction & not

in conjunction with any other offer. Offer valid from 8.5.13 – 25.6.13 or while stocks last. Available with a minimum spend of $150 on G041367 LJ PURSE SET only. Not in conjunction with any other offer or when purchasing gift vouchers. No substitutions. Australia only. For full terms & conditions please visit or call 13 89 90.

Acquisitions p. 1800 60 90 44 e.


Filling in the Gaps

Autumn 2013

December 2012

Employees of the Month! Congratulations also goes to the other wonderful December nominee Dana Engberg

Joanna Tondel

Endeavour Hills Totally Teeth Melbourne VIC

Southport Totally Teeth Gold Coast QLD

My personal life has changed so much in the last couple of years as well. I moved into the house I built with my partner Dale, who on the 23rd March 2013 became my husband. We have been together for 8 wonderful years. We have 3 pets (our children) Mason (dog) Shara and Dexter (Cats). I also had my 1st time overseas to Fiji, with thanks to Dental Partners. I had the most amazing time and I am planning to take a trip back there with the hubby. Can’t wait to see what this year brings!!

Sarah Cole Dr Joseph Chau’s Surgery Hobart TAS Elissa Romaior Cotton Tree Implants and Periodontics Sunshine Coast QLD

I was born and raised in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Helen Bennett


My life changed the day I was given Tracy’s phone number. She set up an interview for me at Endeavour Hills Totally Teeth and I started working there in September 2011. I was looking for work closer to the house I had built in the outer eastern suburbs and it was the best decision of my life taking the position at the Endeavour Hills Totally Teeth. I have never worked with such a fantastic team before. I go to work with a smile on my face every day. I used to be a person who wasn’t very career driven. Now I am so in love with my job, I talk about work all the time. I’m always thinking about improvements I could make or problems I can fix. I would not feel this way if I didn’t have the motivation from my team or the support from Dental Partners.

Congratulations also goes to the other wonderful January nominees

Park Beach Dental Surgery Coffs Harbour NSW Melissa Stever Narooma Dental Surgery Narooma NSW Sal Mallah

Kerry Moir Calm Dental Brisbane QLD

I came to Calm Dental or The Dental Centre as it used to be called 9 years ago after 13 years in Orthopaedics. I was a surgical fitter specialising in Lymphoedema and spinal bracing as well as hip dysplasia in new born babies. I felt like it was time for a change and as I was already a patient at the practice, I thought I would see if I could get a job as a receptionist. Murray put me on and I went straight into surgery and have been with the practice ever since.

Family Dental Sydney NSW Angela Ross Burleigh Totally Teeth Burleigh QLD

Vanessa Johnson Coffs Harbour Orthodontics Coffs Harbour NSW

Apart from work I am kept busy looking after my elderly mother and sometimes my 2 year old granddaughter. It’s my aim to get back to the USA and see the east coast as Andrew and I have already seen the west coast and had a ball for 6 weeks.

Dental Partners Resource Centre PO Box 1146, Southport BC QLD 4215 p. 1800 60 90 44 | p. (07) 5591 7772 | f. (07) 5532 8548 e. | w.

Acquisitions p. 1800 60 90 44 e.


Filling in the Gaps

Autumn 2013 Congratulations also goes to the other wonderful February nominees (Tanisha Hefferan and Tina Borg)

Carol MacDonald

Tina Borg

Totally Teeth Burleigh & Robina QLD

Dental Excellence Sydney NSW

Marilyn Young

I feel very honoured to be singled out for the “Employee of the month” award. My name is Tina Borg (RDH), and I was awarded “Employee of the month” for February 2013. I first became exposed to the dental field when I joined the Royal Australian Air Force in 1992. I was a young 19 year old woman away from home for the first time. After the shell shock of recruits, I settled into service life. I used to admire the sharp, well dressed girls of Dental and I wanted to join them. So I was fortunate enough to be trained as a Dental Assistant and then on to Dental Hygienist. I have been inspired by many people through my career, including Periodontists and other Hygienists; but in recent times it would have to be the team at Dental Excellence, where I ended up after leaving the Air Force. In particular Dr Fred Calavassy, who helps and mentors me every day to improve and excel. There is no way I could have achieved as much as I did without the help of my very dedicated Dental Assistant - Tanisha Hefferan. One of my favourite hobbies would have to be target shooting. My son and I hope to improve enough to compete eventually, so fingers crossed. I love to go camping and we have an annual camping outing to Narrabeen at Easter, where we have a site right on the lakes. We enjoy many activities there including fishing, swimming and just sitting on the beach reading a good book.

Dr Joseph Chau’s Dental Surgery Hobart TAS Megan Howell Dental Integrity Gosnells WA

Congratulations also goes to the other wonderful March nominees Jodi Grimsey Modern Dentistry Canberra ACT Nicola Harvey Modern Dentistry Canberra ACT

MARCH 2013


Employees of the Month!

Sarah Cole Dr Joseph Chau’s Surgery Hobart TAS

I have been working as part of the fabulously talented and good looking team at Dr Chau’s since March of 2010 and in that time, as a member of the front office crew, I have offered approximately 10 million-trillion big welcoming smiles to the wonderful and often nervous patients who enter our practice (as well as a whole bunch of other important work too!). My time outside of work is spent with my gorgeous husband Anthony, and our 2 stinky teenage boys, Will and Eddie (I am their very proud step-mummy). I love travelling and have been to Hong Kong, Fiji, Thailand, London, Paris and I spent 4 years living in New York City and travelled to a whole bunch of other great US cities while I was there. Other than that I spend my time on the sidelines of footy ovals cheering a little too loudly, going for walks with my fur baby Stevie and taking way too many photos of my gorgeous nieces and nephew. I also have a blog, do zumba, yoga and pilates and enjoy a sneaky glass of bubbles with my girlfriends.

Angela Ross Burleigh Totally Teeth Burleigh QLD

I’m looking forward to working not only working with Dental Excellence, but now with Dental Partners as well, what exciting times. Dental Partners Resource Centre PO Box 1146, Southport BC QLD 4215 p. 1800 60 90 44 | p. (07) 5591 7772 | f. (07) 5532 8548 e. | w.

Acquisitions p. 1800 60 90 44 e.


Filling in the Gaps

Autumn 2013 DP in the community A day in the life of Annette Livingston! DPRC

Cathy was one of Dental Partners first employees and has guided the business in its growth from nine to 62 practices over the last five years. Alongside her role managing the day to day operations of the business, Cathy is also studying for an Executive MBA. She has recently returned from a study trip to China, where participants were invited to visit several large companies and attend lectures at Peking and Shanghai Universities. She shared some of her insights from the trip. • There is a tremendous focus on foreign investment. Government has a “5 year plan” – if your industry happens to be a focus in the five year plan, then the Government will do all it can to remove any obstacles to your investment and provide incentives for you to do business including tax breaks, grants etc • Healthcare and environmentally conscious products (particularly air cleaners) are two particular areas that will see significant investment in the next five years

What projects have you been working on lately? Working on a strategy to get “Employee of the Month”.

What are the first three things you do on a work day? Get my fix of Karl and Lisa on the Today show. Breakfast. Preparing myself for a big day at the office.

How would you describe yourself in three words? Quiet, Sincere and Trustworthy.

If you could trade places with any other person for a week, famous or not famous, living or dead, real or fictional, with whom would it be? Trade places with Ronan Keatings partner.

If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title should be?

What are you looking forward to for the rest of 2013? An overseas holiday towards the end of the year, which incidentally isn’t booked or paid for yet.

What’s your favourite motto/quote? Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.

• The effect of China’s “urbanisation” plan is astounding to see. They build cities and then bring the people in from the rural villages and put them in the new cities. Despite a 20% vacancy rate of new developments, price of real estate in China will continue to rise. There are restrictions on foreign investment in property. Despite China’s size – land is at a premium. • Pollution is absolutely off the scale and the scale and speed of construction is mind blowing. • The Chinese people are unbelievably friendly and the Chinese business community warmly welcomes foreign investors and foreign business people to China. While the younger generation is starting to do business differently to their grandfathers, still, business in China is an adventure – no doubt about it.

What is the best way you could spend $20? Deposit on my overseas holiday at the end of the year.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not at work? Spending time with my family – husband, 2 daughters (around 40 years old) and one special granddaughter, 21 years, walks along the Broadwater, watching football, both AFL and League.

Cathy May General Manager Operations, Dental Partners

The Girl from Bessiebelle.

Dental Partners Resource Centre PO Box 1146, Southport BC QLD 4215 p. 1800 60 90 44 | p. (07) 5591 7772 | f. (07) 5532 8548 e. | w.

Acquisitions p. 1800 60 90 44 e.


Filling in the Gaps

Autumn 2013 DP in the community Exact Orthodontics supporting UBalancer in Schools Adeline Yap

Adeline Yap is the Legal Administrator at the Dental Partners Resource Centre. Originally from Malaysia where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts (Hons), Adeline has lived in the Gold Coast since 2006. She obtained her Postgraduate Degree in Law (Juris Doctor) and Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice at Bond University. Prior to joining Dental Partners in November 2012, Adeline served almost a year as a volunteer law graduate on practical legal training at Aboriginal and Torres Strait Legal Services “ATSILS”. ATSILS is a very busy Southport community legal centre, where she had the privilege of attending to criminal and family law matters. Adeline was the only lawyer allocated to be mentored for the term 2012-2013, by the Honourable Justice Margaret A McMurdo AC. Her Honour was the first woman to be appointed to the District Court bench in Queensland and was also the first woman to be appointed as President of an Appeal Court in Australia. The mentoring program is established by the Women’s Lawyers Association of Queensland “WLAQ” with the aim of fostering networks among female law students and young lawyers with Solicitors, Barristers, Academics and members of the Judiciary. Adeline continues to meet President McMurdo for career advice and discuss other issues pertinent to the legal profession. In her free time, Adeline chooses to volunteer at a community legal centre in Brisbane on Wednesday nights. Adeline is a member of VIEW (voice, interests and education of women), Queensland Law Society, Gold Coast District Law Association and Catholic Women’s League Australia. She speaks fluent Malay and some Chinese dialects. Adeline enjoys reading, watching foreign movies and cooking shows.

The Orthodontists and employees at Exact Orthodontics have entered in to an exciting partnership with Brisbane State High School, and will be mentoring 16 selected students throughout 2013 using the UBalancer online software. In this way they have found a very meaningful way to give back to the community that they serve and help the students at Brisbane State High School, and enhance student wellbeing and life skills by engaging in a mentoring relationship.

UBalancer ‘Step Ahead Program’

Having previously participated in the UBalancer ‘Step Ahead Program’, the employees at Exact Orthodontics are familiar with the UBalancer software, and will now have the opportunity to pass on learned skills to young people through conducting UBalancer sessions with the students. The students benefit from having a role model from the working community take time out to show an interest in their lives. Through this process, the students feel less pressure around their study as the UBalancer process helps them to become more aware of their roles and their priorities , and that life outside of study is healthy ( the importance of diversity). The employees benefit from this program by developing a sense of social responsibility as they contribute to the school community. The mentoring program is well under way now with all the staff at Exact Orthodontics having visited Brisbane State High school and meeting with selected students whilst introducing them to the Ubalancer program. The program was an excellent way to support student well being and with the support of the staff at Exact orthodontics we hope to hear and see some positive outcomes. The staff interacted with the students by chatting about their lives, hopes /goals and interests. The staff were able to use the ubalancer program to open up very rich conversations with students and each term as the Exact Orthodontic team return to the school they will be able to see if goals have been reached and to continue to motivate the students to continue with their goals. My team came back from the experience very enthusiastic and have all really enjoyed the student engagement. They found the experience to be rewarding and for them to “give back “in a community sense , feel they were making a difference. All the staff are looking forward to the next visit in July and hope to continue to support such a inspiring and positive program and make a difference by giving of our time and energy. Life at its best! Life balanced. M +61 413 997 495 I E I I

Dental Partners Resource Centre PO Box 1146, Southport BC QLD 4215 p. 1800 60 90 44 | p. (07) 5591 7772 | f. (07) 5532 8548 e. | w.

Acquisitions p. 1800 60 90 44 e.


Filling in the Gaps

Autumn 2013 DP in the community annual DP Biggest Winners challenge Back in January with the over indulgence from Christmas still taking its toll on our bodies and the PM conference in Fiji fast approaching. Team members at DPRC had an idea. The idea turned into a challenge - The first annual “DP Biggest Winners” 7 week challenge. Most staff members had one goal in mind, to lose weight and become beach body ready for Fiji. Besides Kevin whose goal was to gain kilos not lose them. A joining fee was paid with the understanding that for every kilo gained at our weekly weigh in, we would have to donate a $1. While Kevin indulged on snakes & family sized buckets of KFC, others were taking the healthier approach, swapping bags of chips for carrot sticks and soft drinks for coconut water.

Morton’s Soccer School - Our Newest Sponsor We are very pleased to announce that Dr Joseph Chau’s Bellerive dentist Dr. Coreen Ho is sponsoring the students at MSS.

The gym was now the hottest place to be and stories of how long people could hold the plank position were spreading fast and the Zumba craze spread throughout the DPRC office. The atmosphere in the office was electric with team members supporting, encouraging and pushing each other to new limits. At the end of the seven weeks we were all extremely positive not just with our beach ready bodies but with personal goals we had all achieved with the help and support of our work friends. To celebrate the end of challenge, morning tea was held and the winners were announced.

3rd Amanda Calhoun $160 was raised in the challenge, this will be donated to the Braveheart foundation later this month when the staff at DPRC will be donning on their aprons and holding a sausage sizzle. To find out more on the Braveheart foundation visit their website.

The winner of the first annual ‘DP Biggest Winners Challenge’ was Kevin Wong who gained an amazing 9.5kg. Congratulations Kev! 1st Kevin Wong 2nd Debbie Thynne dentistry with a strong emphasis on overall patient management including prevention and education. She particularly enjoys working with children and their families.

Dr. Ho is passionate about promoting dental hygiene to children and she has kindly donated goody bags containing everything a child needs to learn about the benefits of healthy teeth. Dr. Ho enjoys all aspects of general

Dr Coreen Ho


congratulations To our DP accountant Jerri Butt who had the great honour in representing Australia in Belgium and the Netherlands on the National Equestrian Team. Jerri competed against representatives from over 10 other countries and came in as the highest performing Australian in Belgium placing 13th. In the Netherlands Jerri had the 3rd highest scoring Freestyle routine of her division, finishing in 11th place overall. She now continues on her journey to qualify for the World Equestrian Games in 2014.

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Brenda Spence Exact Orthodontics

Just over a month ago a friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. Tough times, a long mountain to climb and a burden to bear is what lay ahead for her. She was going to be surrounded with many family members to help with cooking and cleaning and transport to the hospital etc but I felt I needed to do something to, so on the 7th of May I held a Sausage sizzle at Exact Orthodontics to raise much needed funds to help find a cure for National Breast Cancer. With the help of Caroline Weinz (Business relationship Manager) from American Orthodontics who kindly donated Sausages, bread, napkins, sauces, pink patty cakes, bottled water and even a lighter to get our BBQ under way. Caroline donated her time for the day as we both sauced up the sausages and saw the delights on the kids faces as they enjoyed every mouthful. Parents made numerous donations and thanked us time and time again for fundraising for a great cause. I was so impressed with the response from our patients we are going to hold a sausage sizzle every second month.

Jerri Butt

Acquisitions p. 1800 60 90 44 e.

A special thanks for all the staff including Victor for wearing pin, a special thanks to Caroline Weinz and American Orthodontics. Everybody’s effort, assistance and time helped to make this event a success.


Filling in the Gaps

Autumn 2013 DP Practice Directory PRACTICE NAME


Allenby Gardens Dental Centre



SA 5009

(08) 8346 2197

Amanda McKeon & Alex Parragi

Dr Alex Parragi & Dr Amanda McKeon

ACT 2604

(02) 6295 6190 & (02) 6295 8864

Ashton Dental

Dr Rod Ashton

QLD 4870

(07) 4051 7333

A Smiling Place

Dr Sireesha Nimmagadda

QLD 4000

(07) 3831 1396

Batemans Bay Orthodontics

Dr Mark McLachlan

NSW 2536

(02) 4472 5760

NSW 2209

(02) 9533 5895

Family Dental Centre Belconnen Smiles

Dr Ruchira Singhi

ACT 2616

(02) 6251 5454

Boyd Street Dental

Dr Marcel Mangelsdorf

NSW 2485

(07) 5536 1682

Brunswick Road Dental Clinic

Dr Medhat Ramzy

VIC 3056

(03) 9388 1580

QLD 4220

(07) 5535 1166

Burleigh Totally Teeth Caloundra Dental Centre

Dr Mal Myers & Dr David Johnston

QLD 4551

(07) 5492 6034

Caledonian Dental

Dr Errol Kilov

TAS 7248

(03) 6331 7959

Calm Dental

Dr Kham Le

QLD 4005

(07) 3358 1333

Capital Periodontics and Implants

Dr Scott Parsons & Dr Richard Evans

ACT 2612

(02) 6247 6534

Coastal Orthodontics

Dr Stephen Herriott

NSW 2485

(07) 5536 4436

Coffs Harbour Orthodontic Group

Dr Andy Wu

NSW 2450

(02) 6651 2977

Cotton Tree Implants & Periodontics

Dr Vince O’Rourke

QLD 4558

(07) 5443 8733

Craig and Nice Dental

Dr Kerry Craig

QLD 4740

(07) 4951 2422

Dental Excellence

Dr Fred Calavassy

NSW 2154

(02) 9894 9333

Dental Integrity

Dr Sam Rogers

WA 6110

(08) 9398 2808

Dental Solutions

Dr Chris Wing & Dr Chris Burton

QLD 4567

NJ (07) 5447 3988 & NV (07) 5474 4377

Dental Partners Reynella

Dr Fred Vaskas & Dr Peter Strazds

SA 5161

(08) 8322 5333

Dr Derry Rogers

Dr Derry Rogers

VIC 3141

(03) 9826 2146

Dr Joseph Chau

Dr Joseph Chau

TAS 7000

(03) 6234 5733

Dr Stan Boyatzis

Dr Stan Boyatzis

NSW 2072

(02) 9418 1966

Dr Tony Coyne

Dr Tony Coyne

QLD 4215

(07) 5532 2880

Endeavour Hills Totally Teeth

Dr Hitesh Doshi

VIC 3802

(03) 9708 0876

Evatt Dental Care

Dr Heather Apthorpe & Dr Janine Mylonas

ACT 2617

(02) 6258 5566

Dental Partners Resource Centre PO Box 1146, Southport BC QLD 4215 p. 1800 60 90 44 | p. (07) 5591 7772 | f. (07) 5532 8548 e. | w.

Acquisitions p. 1800 60 90 44 e.


Filling in the Gaps

Autumn 2013 DP Practice Directory Exact Orthodontics

Dr Victor Lalieu

QLD 4068

(07) 3878 4990

Feldbusch Dental Surgery

Dr Peter Feldbusch

NSW 2430

T (02) 6552 1766 & F (02) 6555 8732

Frame Dental

Dr Celso Cardona-Orth

NSW 2134

(02) 9744 7201

WA 6280

(08) 9752 1311

Geographe Bay Dental Glenelg Dental Centre

Dr Jai Soin

SA 5045

(08) 8295 4964

Greenwood Dental Group

Dr Jeff Brown & Dr Jack O’baid

NSW 2060

(02) 9957 2988

Hallett Cove Dental Surgery

Dr Peter George

SA 5158

(08) 8381 6101

Lifestyle FamilyDental Care

Dr Neil Christensen

QLD 4350

(07) 4634 1788

Lighthouse Beach Dental Surgery

Dr Stephan Tessede

NSW 2444

(02) 6582 0322

Lismore Dental Practice

Dr Peter Martin

NSW 2480

(02) 6621 8558

Lynch Dental

Dr Martin Lynch

NSW 2107

(02) 9918 2786

Mermaid Totally Teeth

Dr John Sotis

QLD 4220

(07) 5526 6662

Modern Dentistry

Dr Tony Appleton

ACT 2601

(02) 6247 8400

Nambour Family Dental

Dr Ray Robinson

QLD 4556

(07) 5441 3583

Narooma Dental Surgery

Dr Paul Mood

NSW 2546

(02) 4476 2384

Narromine Shire Dental Surgery

Dr Mick Jackson

NSW 2821

(02) 6889 1699

Natural Dentistry

Dr Ross Mackay

NSW 2072

(02) 9418 1388

Northside Orthodontics

Dr Colin Nelson

QLD 4032

(07) 3350 1133

Ocean Shores Dental Surgery

Dr Brian Donnellan

NSW 2483

(02) 6680 3477

Park Beach Dental Surgery

Dr Mark Mowat

NSW 2450

(02) 6652 3366

Radiance Dental

Dr Bradley Chou

QLD 4104

(07) 3892 6677

QLD 4226

(07) 5562 1188

NSW 2537

(02) 4474 3107

QLD 4215

(07) 5591 3433

Robina Totally Teeth South Coast Dental Care

Dr Deidre Mackay

Southport Totally Teeth Tugun Totally Teeth

Dr Greg Duguid

QLD 4224

(07) 5534 4444

Tweed Dental Centre

Dr Scott Mennell

NSW 2485

(07) 5536 8044

Windsor Chiropractic & Dentistry

Dr Vesna Kokolich

NSW 2756

(02) 4577 3106

Yokine Dental Centre

Dr Sean Slotar

WA 6060

(08) 9349 6686

Dental Partners Resource Centre PO Box 1146, Southport BC QLD 4215 p. 1800 60 90 44 | p. (07) 5591 7772 | f. (07) 5532 8548 e. | w.

Acquisitions p. 1800 60 90 44 e.


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