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Temporary implants

TEMPORARY IMPLANTS ‫‏‬Dr. Benjamin Retzkin

A 40 year old female patient; upon clinical examination her mandible was found to have missing teeth (figures 4, 5). In the current condition, implants cannot be installed (Figures 7). The treatment plan involves thickening of the alveolar ridge using allogenic bone blocks (Figures 8, 9, 10) and loading on temporary implants until healing (Figures 11, 12, 13). Later, 6 implants with a wide prosthodontic platform will be installed.


Figure 7: Narrow alveolar ridge disable implantation

Figure 8: Bone

Figure 9: Thickening of the alveolar ridge

Figure 11: Performing temporary implants

Figure 12: Fixation of the implants

Figure 1: CT

Figure 2: CT back area

Figure 3: Front area with removable denture

Figure 10: Thickening of the alveolar ridge for implantations

Figure 4: Partial lack of teeth in the lower jaw

Figure 5: Partial lack of teeth in the lower jaw

Figure 6: Performing extractions

Figure 13: Fixation of the implants by soldering


Implantes temporales - Caso 1  

Implantes temporales - Caso 1, Dr. Benjamin Retzkin

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