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Narrow implants

Two narrow implants instead wide one ‫‏‬Dr. Gustavo Yatzkaier

Area of 36, a gap between 35-37 of more than 15 mm, in this case two narrow implants or one wide implant could be chosen; as according to the CT image, the width was borderline, it was decided to install two 5 3/13 implants, healing caps were laid on the day of the operation.


Figure 1: panoramic section of CT image

Figure 2: cross section for a CT shows a borderline width

Figure 3: 2 implants in place, including healing caps before suturing

Figure 4: after suturing

Figure 5: PA image after the procedure

Dr. Gustavo Yatzkaier  

Dos implantes estrechos en lugar de un implante ancho, Dr. Gustavo Yatzkaier