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Instruments / Mixing trays

2 Mixing palette with water-retention function


Save time and money, improve quality

Tropical Tropicolino Tropicana Tropicanina A homogenous palette material capable of diffusion provides the porcelain with a continuous supply of the correct amount of fluid. The system • the porcelain palette rests in an acrylic tray of water. • permanent diffusion of the distilled water takes place through the palette surface. • the porcelain’s optimum moist consistency is maintained. Advantages • no purchase of wear-and tear parts (e.g., membranes or filters). • save money, every gram of porcelain is used. • save time, no continual remoistening of the porcelain powder. • porcelain remains consistently moist for days and weeks. • minimal evaporation during work breaks due to air-tight lid.


Millions of micro-pores provide the porcelain with the optimum amount of liquid

• technician can concentrate on modelling. • choice of four mixing palettes for individual use. Note: The use of an agate spatula instead of metal instruments prevents scraping the palette when mixing (see page 84).

Lack of moisture retention results in porcelain being waisted and thus in a loss of money! Mixed porcelain compound that has dried out cannot be used again if it is re-mixed. When the compound dries out the water between the porcelain particles is replaced after 10 sec.

Improved sculptability and stability of your porcelain with Proform-12 (see page 120).

with air. If the compound is re-mixed this will lead to micro-bubbles. The porcelain becomes „milky“ and should not be re-used.

after 30 sec. – nearly optimum consistency

Instruments / Mixing trays


2 Tropical Large porcelain mixing palette with moisture-retention function. • three glazed wells for mixing liquid or stains.

Technical Details Dimensions ≈ 235 x 170 mm (WxH) Description

Art. No.

Tropical incl. lid and acrylic tray


Tropicolino Porcelain mixing palette with moisture-retention function, approx. 30% smaller than the Tropical. • as per Tropical.

Technical Details Dimensions ≈ 160 x 116 mm (WxH) Description

Art. No.

Tropicolino incl. lid and acrylic tray


Tropicana Porcelain mixing tray with moisture-retention function and wells. • 12 large wells for separate storage of porcelain. • 7 smaller wells for small mixing amounts. • 4 glazed wells (without moisture) for mixing liquid or stains.

Technical Details Dimensions ≈ 235 x 170 mm (WxH) Description

Art. No.

Tropicana incl. lid and acrylic tray


Tropicanina Place-saving porcelain mixing palette, 30% smaller than the Tropicana with wells and moisture-retention function. • 4 large wells. • 8 small wells (2 of them are round). • 3 glazed wells (round, for mixing liquid or stains).

Technical Details Dimensions ≈ 160 x 116 mm (WxH) Description

Art. No.

Tropicanina incl. lid and acrylic tray



Instruments / Mixing trays


Info Cleaning the mixing palettes: Tropical Tropicolino Tropicana Tropicanina Manually: • Under running water. • With a jet steam spray. • With sandpaper (400 grain). Baking the mixing tray in the pre-heating furnace: • Remove all porcelain residues. • Allow the porcelain palette to dry for 3-4 hours. • Place palette on a large tray with a soft firing tray

(e.g., Renfert Fibertray) then place in the cold preheating oven. • Bake at a max.heating rate of 7–9°C/min until 120°C (248°F) and hold at this temp. for 60 min. • Then increase the heat at a rate of max. 6–8°C/min to 800°C (1,472°F). • Switch the oven off when it reaches 800°C (1,472ºF).

• Leave the oven closed and allow it to cool off until the palette is warm to the touch. • Do not use metal forceps or pliers to remove the porcelain palette, only remove the palette by hand. • Once it has completely cooled, rinse the porcelain palette under running water.

• While the palette is still wet, rub it down with 600-grain wet sandpaper, then again rinse it under running water. Attention Do not place any strain on the ceramic mixing tray and only bake one tray at a time! Never place the tray into the furnace at an angle (risk of breakage due to expansion)!

Individual porcelain mixing palettes Rainbow Moisturises porcelain compound via perforations in wells.

capillary effect moistens the porcelain


The system • the porcelain palette rests in an acrylic tray of water. • capillary effect to the wells (2 holes each) moistens the porcelain. • permanent optimum porcelain consistency. Advantages • continuous balancing out of evaporation. • porcelain remains ready to use over weeks.

• no gram of porcelain is wasted. • transparent lid gives air-tight seal during work breaks.

Technical Details Dimensions ≈ 183 x 105 mm (WxH) Description

Art. No.

Rainbow incl. lid and acrylic tray


Porcelain Mixing Palette Porcelain mixing palette for porcelain compound and stains. • wells are shaped for optimum take-up of porcelain compound. • larger and smaller wells for apportioning porcelain. • permits mixing of two shades with dentine, enamel and cervical powders. • round, flat wells for 6 different stains. • transparent lid gives airtight seal during work breaks.


Technical Details Dimensions ≈ 155 x 95 mm (WxH) Description

Art. No.

Porcelain mixing tray incl. lid


Instruments / Mixing trays

Indispensable assistant

2 Metrical scoops Stainless steel metrical scoops for precisely apportioning porcelain mass. • slim shape for easy access to small bottles of porcelain. • for reproducible, individual porcelain mixtures. • 4 different scoop sizes. • Size 1 = 0.02 g • Size 2 = 0.05 g • Size 3 = 0.10 g • Size 4 = 0.40 g


Art. No.

2 metrical scoops 1053-0000 with 4 different scoop sizes

Mixing palettes for stains Stain-Mix Porcelain mixing palette for stains with transparent or black lid. • 30 small wells for stains. • 1 large well for glaze. • available with a black lid for light-curing stains.

Technical Details Dimensions ≈ 155 x 95 mm (WxH) Description

Art. No.

Stain-Mix black lid


Stain-Mix incl. transparent lid


Melody Porcelain palette with individual wells for mixing porcelain stains. • 16 sloped wells for stains. • 4 flat wells for individual mixing of stains. • separate well for mixing fluid. • All porcelain compounds and colours are clearly laid out. • transparent lid with air-tight seal.

Technical Details Dimensions ≈ 143 x 85 mm (WxH) Description

Art. No.

Melody incl. lid and acrylic tray



Podloge za mešanje keramike  

iz Renfertovog kataloga, podloge (mixing palettes) sa mogućnošću zadržavanja vlažnosti materijala.

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