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Wireless Auto Hands Free Kits- Bluetooth Car Kit According to statistics, 10.5% of accidents on the Ukrainian roads is due to the fact that drivers are on the move using a mobile phone. Among other things, now the drivers will be fined and for talking on a cell phone while driving. Equals the amount of the fine from 425 to 510 UAH. and depends on whether the driver of the car or the one carrying passengers. Of course, from force majeure are not perfect, but still, better safe - than sorry. Partly, to prevent potential danger, and certainly save you from the penalty can speakerphone. Car Kit - a device by which a car, you can talk on the phone without holding the phone to the hands, and using external speaker and microphone.

In this article we will focus on wireless auto kits, in which the transfer of information from the phone is with Bluetooth. Their main difference from the usual installation handsfree is the lack of need for direct connection of a mobile phone. And since Bluetooth technology is now supporting all mobile phones in the car kit will not have the choice to become attached to the model of your mobile. Car Bluetooth kit are divided into two groups - embedded and portable devices. To begin let's talk about the embedded sets. As the name suggests, built in (installation) devices require professional installation. There are two ways to connect these devices: an electrical connection and a connection to the car cigarette lighter socket with a special cable. In addition, built-in auto kits differ in their design features and are divided into several types. The first type consists of a main unit, which, in fact, and is built in, as well as the external microphone and speaker, which, in turn, is mounted in the cabin. Speaker, as, perhaps, you might guess, is designed

for voice conversation. The second type consists of a base unit and a remote microphone. Microphone, as in the first case, is mounted in the cabin. Such a device can be connected to the unit or the CD-receiver, car and thus transmit a caller's voice through your own car's acoustics. And finally, the third type - consists of a main unit, which contains the CD-receiver and support for Bluetooth, and external microphone. Sometimes in these devices microphone is also built into the receiver unit. The voice in the latter two types of devices is transmitted through the speakers connected to CD-receiver. The main advantage of kits listed in the last two examples, is the excellent voice quality companion, because the sound is played through the car speakers. Because the devices are composed of several units, it is possible to extend their functionality. Thus, some of these kits come with a sufficiently large number of functions, such as the LCD display, which displays the signal strength, phonebook, caller ID, log of incoming, outgoing and missed calls, mute the radio during a call, etc. However, despite the many advantages of embedded kits, more comfortable and versatile as a portable device. Typically, such Dension offer many features such as noise reduction function, voice dialing, support the Handsfree and Headset profiles and work in full-duplex mode (both speaking and listening). Portable Automotive Spare Parts, in turn, are divided into two types: volatile and non-autonomous. Both species have a special attachment to lock without damaging the mounting surface. Energy-powered devices is due to the car battery through the cigarette lighter socket. Standalone devices have their own battery power and is not tied to the installation site. Them, as opposed to the installation of energy-and can be used as a car or in the office and at home. In addition to the standard types of car kits there are also original, such as, for example, overhead mirror with Bluetooth and hands free car kits, where the caller's number is displayed on the rear view mirror. The table below provides examples and basic characteristics of the most popular Bluetooth-kits. Speaking of the upcoming Christmas holiday, such a wireless hands free car kits can be an excellent, and above all a useful gift for the Hungary for any motorist. For More Details Please Visit Us At :-

Wireless Auto Hands Free Kits- Bluetooth Car Kit  

Car Bluetooth kit are divided into two groups - embedded and portable devices. To begin let's talk about the embedded sets.

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