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DEN OUDEN GROUP | Organisation • • • •

Family business Founded in 1948 Approx. 125 employees Turnover of approx. € 42 million Advisory Board:

Drs. P.J.J.M. (Peter) Swinkels, Mr. A.A.M. (Louis) Deterink and G.C.M. (Berrie) den Ouden

Den Ouden Group


DEN OUDEN GROUP | Vision & Mission Vision: Mission:

A highly service oriented family business. Worldwide unburdening in soil improvers, biofuels and building materials.

Specializations: • The production of soil improvers and biomass at various locations throughout the Netherlands. • Design, implementation and maintenance of civil and agricultural works and soil remediation. • Detection of conventional explosives, historical research, risk analysis and advice. (Bodac bv) • Worldwide export of organic and organic-mineral fertilizers, liquid fertilizers and substrates. (Ferm O Feed bv)

Den Ouden Group


CONSTRUCTING | Engineering • • • • •

Integrated contracts (UAV-GC) Design & Construct Turnkey project execution Infrastructure maintenance Lean planning

Den Ouden Group


CONSTRUCTING | Infrastructure • • • • •

Civil and agricultural engineering Reconstruction projects Preparing sites for construction and housing Soil decontamination Nature development

Den Ouden Group


CONSTRUCTING | Concrete Pavements • Concrete pavements - Roads - Roundabouts - Bike paths - Bus stops - Company pavements - Target group lanes - Rest areas - Airport platforms • Line structures - Roundabout kerbs - Edgings - Barriers • Print Concrete Den Ouden Group


CONSTRUCTING | Remediation • • • • • •

Soil remediation Tank site remediation Groundwater remediation and monitoring Removal of contaminated soil Environmental guidance and advice Arranging the relevant permits

Den Ouden Group


BODAC | Research & Consultancy • • • • •

Historical Research Project Risk Analysis Cultural History World War II Archaeology Advice and Guidance

Den Ouden Group


BODAC | Explosives detection • • • • •

Analog detection Digital detection Depth detection Excavation work Ammunition separator

Den Ouden Group



Intake of approx. 275,000 tons of: – pruned branches – roadside grass – ditch cuttings – leaves – tree stumps

• • • •

Unburdening in forestry Production of biomass Emergency plan for municipalities Issuing periodically and independently CO²-reduction certificates for clients Den Ouden Group


GREEN RECYCLING | Products • • • • • •

Substrado® Soil improvers Tree Nutrition Groundcovers Biofuels Granules

Den Ouden Group


FERM O FEED | Services • • • •

Intake of poultry manure (approx. 60,000 tons) Production of fertilizers (approx. 45,000 tons) Customized production Customized packaging

Den Ouden Group


FERM O FEED | Products • Fertiplus® 4-3-3-65 OM • Fertiplus® 8-3-3-55 OM • Fertiplus® 8-5-8-55 OM • Fertiplus® 4-2-10-55 OM • Fertiplus® BIO 4-10-2-55 OM • Fertiplus® COW 2-1-3-55 OM • Fertiplus® Substrates

Den Ouden Group


DEN OUDEN GROUP | • • • • •

Corporate social responsibility

Social Return: investing in people and society. Cradle to Cradle: closing green cycles. CO2 reduction: creating awareness among customers and suppliers. Sustainable soil: giving the soil back what it is asking for. Innovation: essential for achieving sustainable targets.

Den Ouden Group


DEN OUDEN GROUP | Certification • • • • •

ISO 9001 ISO 14001 VCA ** CO2 CONSCIOUS level 3 BRL SIKB 7000 - pr. 7001

• • • • • •

BRL SIKB 9335 WSCS-OCE NTA 8080 RHP certificate Certified Compost Control Union Certification

(Quality) (Environmental Management) (Safety) (CO2 Conscious Conduct) (Conducting soil decontamination according to conventional method) (Environmentally sound soil products) (Detection of conventional explosives) (Sustainable biomass) (Certified substrates) (Certified natural compost) (Biological cultivation)

Den Ouden Group


DEN OUDEN GROUP | References Contracting Waste collection station Ecopark The Limes (D&C) Client: Implementation period:

Municipality of Alphen a/d Rijn 2013

Ecopark The Limes is more than just a new waste collection station for the Municipality. This waste collection station is a sustainable step forward in the waste disposal sector. Ecopark The Limes wants to stimulate the environmental awareness of visitors from a sustainable approach. By encouraging proper waste sorting, waste can be used again as a raw material for new products. The new Ecopark also uses solar and wind energy. To complete the picture, the Charity Association Alphen manages a workplace and an education room where primary school children learn about waste, raw materials and economical use of the earth.

This D&C project was carried out by consortium Den Ouden Aannemingsbedrijf and Nieuwenhuizen-Daandels Bouw. The construction of this new waste collection station started in May 2013 and was completed in November 2013.

Den Ouden Group


DEN OUDEN GROUP | References Contracting Bus Stop Accessibility (D&C) Client: Implementation period:

Municipality Bernheze 2010-2012

Client: Implementation period:

Province of Noord-Brabant 2011-2012

Den Ouden Contracting ensured the delivery of the design, preparation, implementation (and maintenance) for above-mentioned projects concerning the accessibility of bus stops. The bus stops had to be made ​accessible for the elderly and disabled. For instance raised platforms (with safety tiles for the blind) and various furniture like a bench, a public waste bin and bike racks were installed. The work for each bus stop was relatively limited, but the total project was a major logistical challenge. Good communication between all parties involved was very important in order to ensure the requirements and desired quality were met. During the realization phase temporary bus stops were arranged in the immediate vicinity of the bus stops. In total 2,000 m of special bus stop kerbs was used. The province, the municipalities as well as the transport companies are very pleased with the method and implementation by Den Ouden on the bus stop accessibility project. The project involved a total of 180 bus stops.

Den Ouden Group


DEN OUDEN GROUP | References Contracting Construction Intersection “Hovenring” Eindhoven Client: Implementation period:

Municipality of Eindhoven 2010-2012

The roundabout between the Heerbaan in Veldhoven and the North Brabantlaan in Eindhoven has been converted into an intersection, called the “Hovenring”.

The Hovenring symbolizes the access to Meerhoven, Eindhoven and Veldhoven and is strategically located near the A2 highway. The intersection is part of the key project ‘West Corridor’, a development zone extending from the central station to Eindhoven Airport. The Hovenring was created because in recent years traffic has increased in such a way that an adjustment was required. The Eindhoven Municipality wanted to lead cyclists over the intersection in a faster, safer and more comfortable way. The bridge consists of a 70 m high pylon, 24 high cables and a circular bridge deck and is entirely made of steel. On the inside of the bridge deck a ballast ring is attached with a diameter of 72 meters. Bodac carried out the explosives detection at the location of the Hovenring. Den Ouden Contracting in collaboration with BAM ensured the construction of the Hovenring.

Den Ouden Group


DEN OUDEN GROUP | References Contracting Site Preparation Work residential zone including boulevard ‘Hoogh Waalre’ Client: Implementation period:

Municipality of Waalre 2011-2013

In a boulevard along lake ‘De Meeris’ in Waalre 57 different types of self-compacting concrete elements have been incorporated. Den Ouden Contracting worked with a digital installation plan. The boulevard, a design of Kragten consultancy in Herten, is located between the water and the new district Hoogh-Waalre. In 2012, Den Ouden Contracting placed four graceful concrete bands of 700 meters, descending to the water in three levels. The work performed concerns the zoning plan Hoogh-Waalre.

Den Ouden Group


DEN OUDEN GROUP | References Contracting Fish Passage Vierlingsbeekse Molenbeek Client: Implementation period:

Water board Aa and Maas 2012

The work performed is located in the floodplains of the Maas river at Vierlingsbeek. A total of 270 fish barriers must be eliminated. Until 2015 the water board deals with 50 locations. The three major obstacles to the Maas river are Sluice Crèvecoeur, Pumping station Van Sasse and Watermill Vierlingsbeek.

The fish in the Molenbeek at Vierlingsbeek can now freely continue swimming. Because of the construction of the fish passage, the stream has no more obstacles to fish passage. The fish passage is part of a project to bring back to life the side brooks of the Maas river. Obstacles to fish passage are cleared and streams get back into their natural channel. A historic waterwheel has also been restored to its former glory. The work consisted mainly of: • soil excavation, transport and disposal; • the application of a “De Wit” passage; • the installation of cascades for basin fish ladder; • drainage works; • the placement of sheet piling curtains.

Den Ouden Group


DEN OUDEN GROUP | References Contracting Renovation Mariaveld Client: Implementation period:

Municipality of Echt-Susteren 2012-2013

The work performed is located in the district Mariaveld in Susteren, in the municipality of Echt-Susteren. The existing road profile has been adapted to current standards. In addition, the vegetation has been addressed and the existing sewer has been replaced. While replacing the sewer the rainwater was also disconnected. The work consisted mainly of: • removal of pavements; • detecting, identifying and securing conventional explosives (CE); • carrying out earthworks; • carrying out drainage works; • installation of foundations; • installation of pavements; • performing additional work.

Den Ouden Group


DEN OUDEN GROUP | References Bodac Renovation Westervoortsedijk Arnhem Client: Implementation period:

Municipality of Arnhem 2011-2013

In May 2011 the first work started for the subsequent widening of the road; the soil decontamination of the former gas factory site, the necessary demolition of some buildings and the repositioning of cables and pipelines. The cable ducts had been contaminated with polluted soil, which was rehabilitated simultaneously with explosives detection works. Several explosives and remnants of explosives were found. To ensure safety a separation cloth was placed in the ducts, so that the boundary of the safe and clean soil remains clearly visible. Below, a summary of the detected CE: • 1x 5.5 inch high explosive grenade, fired (UK) • 1x 3 inch rocket (UK) • 5x shell small-caliber ammunition

Den Ouden Group


DEN OUDEN GROUP | References Bodac N261 Waalwijk - Tilburg Client: Implementation period:

BAM N261 Non Stop vof 2013

This road will be converted into a road with multi-level crossing and 2 x 2 lanes along its whole length. Following a historical research carried out by Bodac, it was decided to conduct a search for Conventional Explosives (CE) from the Second World War. Due to the large amount of CE that was found it was not possible to destroy them all at once. A total of more than 30 explosives was found, which were blown up in two separate explosions. The whole road was closed to traffic during the work.

Den Ouden Group


DEN OUDEN GROUP | References Bodac District ‘The Eng’ Veen Client: Implementation period:

Municipality of Aalburg 2011

For the new district ‘Den Eng' in Veen Bodac has conducted explosives research. In addition to surface detection, depth detection has also been carried out. With the aid of a cone with a magnetometer the soil can be searched for large metal objects up to a maximum of 18 meters below the surface. In areas with a ‘weak’ subsurface, (aircraft) bombs may have penetrated the soil to a greater depth. To find conventional explosives at such depths it is necessary to work with an MDE-drive. This is a long lance with a sensing probe in its tip, which is pressed into the soil in accordance with a predetermined measuring grid (as in probing). This implies that a (senior) OCE-expert is real time monitoring the penetration of the measuring probe into the ground. When a disturbance is measured the OCE-expert can immediately stop the process and register the measurement. This way a major area ​can be mapped relatively quickly and accurately. An advantage of this method is that the soil structure remains intact. During the excavation work remains of a 60 LB SAP missile were found. This resulted in an adjustment of the search order. As expected according to the historical research, remnants of an aircraft bomb were also found.

Den Ouden Group


DEN OUDEN GROUP | References Bodac Lock Belfeld Client: Implementation period:

Department of Waterways 2013-2014

Following a historical research carried out by Bodac, the Department of Waterways requested Bodac to search the outports of the ‘Lock Belfeld’ for Conventional Explosives (CE) from the Second World War. In the future, civil works will take place at the project site with the purpose of deepening the outports of the ‘East Lock’. The surface of the search area was approximately 30,000 m². A total of 23 suspicious disturbances had been interpreted from the detection data. Divers have approached the suspicious objects to determine whether they were explosives. A part of the project area could not be detected and was therefore dredged with explosion-protected equipment and the dredging was subsequently sieved.

Den Ouden Group


DEN OUDEN GROUP | References Green Recycling Roofpark ‘Vierhavenstrip’ Rotterdam Client: Implementation period:

Municipality of Rotterdam 2012-2013

The largest roofpark in Europe is located on the top of shopping boulevard ‘Bigshops Parkboulevard’ in the Vierhaven street in Rotterdam. The design of the roofpark was carried out by contractor Mostert de Winter, part of the BAM. The roofpark is remarkable and unique in the Netherlands because of its size and design. The park is one kilometer long, 80 meters wide (80,000 m²) and its highest point is 9 meters. The park has a lot of green areas and is easily accessible from the district. What makes this roofpark unique is the combination of multiple functions on the same surface. It consists of a shopping boulevard, a service road, a sea wall that protects Rotterdam from the sea and a park on the roof of the complex to give a green boost to the environment.

Den Ouden has carried out the following main activities: • supply and transport of approximately of 50,000 m³ Substrado® (topsoil mixture with perlite); • supply and transport of 8,000 m³ construct perlite. Both products are lightweight and therefore ideal as a light filling material. The soil was supplied with special large trucks. Transportation tasks were carried out in the evenings and at night, to avoid traffic disturbances around Rotterdam.

Den Ouden Group


DEN OUDEN GROUP | References Green Recycling Sustainable processing of Municipal green waste (Drechtsteden) Client: Implementation period:

Municipality of Dordrecht 2010-2014 Inc. prolongation

Along with the Municipalities of Papendrecht, Zwijndrecht, Sliedrecht, Alblasserdam and the ‘Sport Company’, the Municipality of Dordrecht has signed a four-year contract with Den Ouden. Since October 1, 2010, we undertake the processing of green waste from these five municipalities and the ‘Sport company’ in Dordrecht. Part of the green waste provides sustainable energy for 770 households. The assignment includes the cost-effective and sustainable transport and processing of municipal green waste from these five municipalities. The municipalities want to process a part of their green waste in a more environmentally friendly manner. A projectgroup was formed to collectively implement this trajectory. In addition to the environmental benefits through sustainable energy and reduction of CO2 emissions, this new contract has also delivered a significant cost-saving to the municipalities and the ‘Sport company’. The municipalities together save more than 40% by the increase in volume.

Den Ouden Group


DEN OUDEN GROUP | References Green Recycling Tidal recovery Rammegors St. Philipsland Client: Implementation period:

Kuipers Infra, for Department of Waterways 2013-2014

The Department of Waterways is going to create a pass in the ‘Krabbenkreekdam’ in order to connect the nature reserve ‘Rammegors’ with the Oosterschelde. As a result the ‘Rammegors’ will be flooded. This salinisation should lead to the creation of valuable mud flats and salt marshes.

End of August 2013 Den Ouden started with the removal of 63 ha. of trees and shrubs. Then a trench was dug so the water from the Oosterschelde can soon flow into the nature reserve. The (neglected) trees and shrubs were removed and chipped (reduced) by Den Ouden. The wood chips were then transported to different biomass plants in the area.

Den Ouden Group


DEN OUDEN GROUP | References Green Recycling Supply of biomass for sustainable energy Biomass is organic material used as biofuel and substitution of fossil fuel. Suitable streams are selected by a carefully controlled collection process. The prunings are separated from the other green flows and cleared of contaminants. Then the prunings are chipped or reduced into the fraction desired by the customer. We deliver biomass in the form of Shreds (20-100 to 20-300) and Chips (pruning chips, wood chips). The benefits of biomass are an environmentally responsible processing method, uniform quality, continuous availability and a contribution to CO2 reduction. Biomass is mainly used in power plants, industrial heaters and wood stoves.

Den Ouden Group


DEN OUDEN GROUP | Main Office Schijndel

Den Ouden Group



Den Ouden Group



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Den Ouden Group


DEN OUDEN GROUP | Muiderberg

Den Ouden Group


DEN OUDEN GROUP | Contact Den Ouden location Vlagheide Vlagheide 6C 5482 NM SCHIJNDEL Den Ouden location Land van Cuijk Beijersbos 2 5443 PL HAPS Den Ouden location West-Brabant Rijksweg Noord 8 4735 TX ZEGGE Den Ouden location ‘t Gooi Naarderstraatweg 6 1399 VR MUIDERBERG Den Ouden location Maasland Vliertwijksestraat 45A 5244 NH ROSMALEN Den Ouden location De Peel Den Ouden ROC Ferm O Feed Gerstdijk 6 5704 RG HELMOND

f.r.t.l. Commercial director R.M.H.F. (Rob) den Ouden, Chairman of the board drs. J.J.P. (Jochem) Langenhuijzen RC and Operations director H.W.A.M. (Harm) den Ouden

Visiting address Hermalen 7, 5481 XX SCHIJNDEL Post address Postbus 12, 5480 AA SCHIJNDEL

Den Ouden Group

Tel. +31 (0)73 - 543 10 00


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Naturally... A simple word with several meanings, but above all a word that means a lot to Den Ouden. Den Ouden offers a wide range of servi...

Presentatie gb 4 2014 lr 2  

Naturally... A simple word with several meanings, but above all a word that means a lot to Den Ouden. Den Ouden offers a wide range of servi...