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MADE IN HOLLAND People love a beautiful and safe environment. O ur produc ts contr ibute to this; they are an enr ichment for residential environments and its inhabitants. DE NOOD produces lighting fix tures with added value and are dur ing the day just as beautiful as in the evening. O ur customers can be confident that they are equipped with a high qualit y produc t that is produced entirely inhouse in the Nether lands by professional employees. We combine sk illed craf tsmanship and tradition with moder n lighting techniques and mater ials. We value customer satisfac tion, because we are therefore able to create the desired outcome for all stakeholders.

M odel Kollum

M odel Wildenborch

M od el Haags e K ap

Wor k in progress

M od el Dreis chor

DESIGN LIGHT COLUMNS Lolke Wijtsma, architec t at Van M anen en Zwar t: “ These t wo light columns border the residential area of the street and are placed at the par k ing lots. Architec t Van M anen and Zwar t wanted lampposts that fit the cit yscape in this area of ​​the cit y Sneek in the N ether lands. Along with DE NOOD and the architec t we came up with these unique lamps.“

D es ign li ght columns

model Sluis

Custom e -m ade la mppost s

M od el Wi ldenborch Ex tend ed

M odel K empen The ‘Kempen Grand D eluxe’ lanter n is a new semi- classic lanter n with a moder n look that is designed and produced aspecially for one of our municipal customers.

M od el Kem pen

M aassluis The ‘M aassluis’ lanter n is a copy of an existing lanter n that is completely adapted to the needs of the municipalit y of M aassluis in the Nether lands. I n the luminaires a special LED solution is installed: an indirec t LED lighting technology per for med as SON look-a-like.

M odel M aass lu is

M od el Vonde l

Leidse K ap

M od el B erg se G aslamp

H eem r aads b r idge , Rotte r dam , T he nethe r lands On the initiative of a local resident and thanks to the craf tsmanship of our the coppersmith and blacksmith, since 2014 four brand new replicas of histor ical lanter ns shine at the Heemraads br idge in R otterdam in the Nether lands. And that af ter 73 years of absence, only now with LED. I t took about a year to produce these special lanter ns.

Heemraads br idge R otterdam

Spanjaards br i dg e R otterdam

M odel Haagse K ap R oyal

M odel Haagse K ap R oyal

lighting technolog y We can meet all your requirements in ter ms of lighting techniques and light output because we can build in all k inds of lighting technology. We follow the developments in the mar ket closely and when new lighting techniques are introduced, they can always be built in later on or the lighting solution can be conver ted. There are no limitations regarding the selec tion of lighting.

Lighting solutions

H et loo palace , apeldoo r n , T he nethe r lands DE NOOD regular ly collaborates with architec ts, ur ban planners,



ar tists




customized projec ts. Like these fountains at Het Loo Palace in Apeldoor n in the Nether lands, which DE NOOD produced. The fountains have a symbolic significance: they symbolise the heavens and the ear th. The continents are engraved in the globe. The po r t cities are shown with gilded buttons, some of which spout water. The engravings in the celestial globe represent the zodiac. This sphere also has a gilded galax y on it. The most impor tant stars spray water.

Life -si ze lante r n

wor k i n progres s

wor k in progress

Ar t

model Zandvoor t

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DE NOOD Explore & Experience pocket 2018 (EN)  

DE NOOD Explore & Experience pocket 2018 (EN). Een greep uit de projecten van DE NOOD.

DE NOOD Explore & Experience pocket 2018 (EN)  

DE NOOD Explore & Experience pocket 2018 (EN). Een greep uit de projecten van DE NOOD.

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