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Author : Leeann M. Shane

Pages : 224 pages

Publisher : LMS

Language : eng

ISBN-10 : B078N68C15

ISBN-13 :

Book Synopsis For seventeen-year-old Melanie Barton, high school is a war zone. She prefers baggy jeans, cool hoodies, and comfort over beauty. She?s in a constant fight against the popular kids, her emotions, and society. It?s exhausting, and it doesn?t help that things at home are getting harder to deal with ever since her parent?s divorce. Her one safe place is photography class. She can see the world through a lens, and there?s no chance at war in her safe place? right? Wrong.The war she fights gets ten times harder when the biggest assignment in photography class forces her into close contact with Darren ?Dare? Morre, Phoenix High?s very own bad boy.Dare is bad news in every way. He manages to push every single button Melanie has. They?ll never get along enough to finish this project, let alone ever become friends. She?s doomed. Just being around him makes his ex-girlfriend, Maisy, queen bee at Phoenix High, paint a target on her back. The war she?s been fighting becomes all-out anarchy.But

Read Book The Tomboy & the Rebel  

Download pdf The Tomboy & the Rebel By Leeann M. Shane #readonline #kindle #Audioboo...

Read Book The Tomboy & the Rebel  

Download pdf The Tomboy & the Rebel By Leeann M. Shane #readonline #kindle #Audioboo...