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In The Cloud Computing, Communication, Marketing and Management Systems

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In The Cloud Computing

Internet Web Based Business Systems and Applications Traditional Business Practice Pay for and use software on local computer Pay for each additional user All data stored on local computer and only accessible on it No daily backup Compatibility issues anytime software upgrades Limited and difficult compatibility between programs

Compare the investment to the productivity and extra hours per week you will achieve after implementing the technologies in this system not to mention the additional clients and customers you will have Create an unlimited number of accounts at no additional charge No software to download or make work on your operating system or network Nothing to store on your local computer, everything stored, backed up and secured in the cloud A directory of hundreds of free web based advertising sites to post advertisements and links to your content The ability to buy customers on a pay per customer basis Use cutting edge voice recognition and instantly update business associates, content, email, text messaging and social networks Systems to leave voicemail messages like text messages and avoid unnecessary phone calls Watch thousands of TV shows and movies online and share them with contacts Follow the next hot technologies, and implement them Create your presence and identity on hundreds of different networks controlled by you

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In The Cloud Computing Create an internet based document storage system for all documents technologies accessible from any internet connected computer Web browser based desktops that will give you point and click access to your entire business from anywhere in the world A web based password protected bookmark management system with the option to add notes and comments to each bookmark A web based password protected website creation and management system where you can set up links to all of your new internet activities and profiles

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In The Cloud Computing

Contacts and Contact Management Traditional Business Practice Contacts kept in program on local computer Managing in groups is difficult Other communications not integrated Finding past emails difficult Sending email to group confusing No back up Can’t auto add email senders Can’t respond with chat, video or cell phone text message Can’t see senders photo Can only apply one label per email or contact

Create and manage your online rolodex and filing cabinet All your contacts are online, password protected and added to your web based contact management system automatically Keep your email signature updated by pointing and clicking Video conference, internet chat and cell phone text message with your clients through your online interface Keep track of what all your contacts are doing in their lives and keep in touch with them instantly Send emails to up to five hundred contacts at a time by choosing them individually or by groups System automatically suggests and then adds new contacts with auto archiving Set up and manage multiple contact groups with the ability to add contacts to more than one group and manage groups without affecting individual contact info Organize contacts into groups and folders for tracking and communication Build company lists by size, location, number of employee, industry and download them for marketing campaigns

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In The Cloud Computing Easily download contacts for backup and use with other databases Join and create networks of past friends and associates that you can research, communicate with and network with Maintain top of mind awareness with all your contacts and associates Learn internet and social media etiquette Analyze all of your current databases and contact lists and combine them for detailed management and marketing Communicate with contacts through multiple avenues such as email, chat, video conferencing, document collaboration, conference calls and many more A web based password protected document, spreadsheet, presentation, diagram and note storage, retrieval, sharing and editing system A web based password protected group chat system Set up online groups and meetings The ability to reconnect with hundreds or thousands of past friends, contacts, customers and acquaintances and quickly learn add them to you contact management system Multiple internet based meaningful gifts that can be delivered through web based communication Reminders via email, text message and pop ups for working with clients The ability to easily be recommended by your contacts and clients and also to make recommendations for them while tracking them for easy look up Access to thousands of weekly meetings, seminars and events The ability to produce and promote your own meetings, seminars and events Set up your own groups real world and virtual world

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In The Cloud Computing

Internet on Remote Traditional Business Practice Multiple programs have to run at the same time to work You constantly are cutting and pasting info between programs Other communications not integrated Most data on available on mobile device what is doesn’t sync well If not on main computer no access to data Calendar doesn’t send email and text reminders No group communications

Organize and use an internet desktop that allows you access to your internet desktop and communication systems Access these technologies and your contacts on the go from your handheld internet device as well as any computer or laptop Update all of your profiles, on all your sites from one central technology without even logging in to the sites A toolbar integrated into your web browser with point and click access to your entire system of information and communication sites and networks The ability to access your entire system from any secure internet connected web browser Access to all your calendars, contacts and your document system plus all reminders and alerts Use your entire communication system including, email, chat, video conference, social networking and group communications Schedule and follow up on all groups and events

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In The Cloud Computing

Secure Information Management Traditional Business Practice Email in box if often filled with garbage No simple filtering system No built in auto responder Documents are in another program and local only Email strings difficult to access No point and click actions from within email Email attachments must be stored locally

Use filters and labels to automatically read, sort and file your communications Average person spends 30 minutes a day just sorting email Create special email account just for in the cloud marketing and communications Automatically reply to basic or frequently received emails with stored updates Integrated task list for export or to handle immediately Create or upload and store documents, templates, contracts, spreadsheets and presentations Covert documents to pdf’s for security and sharing Attach documents to emails, chats and calendar events Allow partner access to certain documents for viewing, editing and comments Monitor information feeds with millions of people contributing and search for specific topics or subjects then connect with the authors Never lose, misplace or be unable to find another email Have multiple email addresses send email to one account for tracking Create and manage your email signature Keep up a back up copy of your online email on your desktop Respond to email with chat or video conference or text message to cell phones

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In The Cloud Computing A phone number that converts your voice mails to text and emails them to you Set up desktop email notification Fully integrated calendar with email and text message reminders Recurring appointments Attach documents to appointments Sync calendar and reminders to your mobile device When address is added to appointment map and directions are created Download thousands of free un-protected books by the world’s best authors and give them as gifts Search all online library information and automatically create subject specific magazines for review and sharing Set up your virtual business cards to hand out online when networking and through email Covert documents to pdf’s View and store documents attached to email as they arrive

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In The Cloud Computing

Internet Publishing Traditional Business Practice All documents must be created on local computer, stored there and emailed No system to share documents for collaboration Everything must be done through browser on this machine All backups must be done manually Any video must be uploaded through the local computer

Create a virtual business card to use with your online contacts Create an online library of all your company documents with an advanced reader interface, magazine, book or flip page interfaces Share your library online through links, email and your social media networks Create videos with your webcam and share them Create desktop and screenshot videos with narration and share them through email, links and social networks Set up your own online Internet television channel and make your shows available there Create videos up to an hour in length and make them available online Create an interactive website in thirty seconds and update it just as easily with links to all of your other content and links Keep an online photo album and share them with the contacts you choose Keep an online video library and share them with the contacts you choose Post content to your friends networks so that their friends can see your content also The ability to almost instantly update all your contacts with news, thoughts, products, sales or promotions

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In The Cloud Computing Have a profile and presence on a dozen of the top business and social networking sites representing hundreds of millions of contacts Your own blog with links to all of your other online profiles and networks Connect with the top minds and business people in any industry some you would have never had the chance to meet let alone interact with Create and monitor a website where you can post current relevant content and engage in conversations with your readers

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In The Cloud Computing

Goals and Priorities Management Book Traditional Business Practice No long term business goals are set or discussed Short term goals are set with no follow up system They aren’t written down Technology goals are never even discussed When goals are set they aren’t incorporated into a calendar with alerts and reminders There is no teamwork or support

Learn goal based priorities management Set long term goals and objectives and solidify them with visualization Create midterm goals and the associated activities Create short term goals and activities Integrate goals and objectives into your online calendar and integrate alerts and reminders Use all systems to help track and adjust goals as achievements and successes take place

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In The Cloud Computing

Internet Communication Traditional Business Practice The client is never asked what his preferred communication is Follow up is missed because communication is not integrated Communication histories are not accessible Effective communication skills are not used

Send text messages to your contacts cell phones from your desktop Hold conference calls for up to ninety six people at no cost Learn the basics of quick, concise internet communication Write your own extremely effective thirty Second messages Monitor which of your contacts are online and instantly chat or video conference with them Customize your interface for your business and your communications

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In The Cloud Computing

Master Your Internet Presence Book Traditional Business Practice When making changes to business practices there is no manual or step by step guide The basics are implemented with no strategy or planning

Cover the overview of the book and its getting started workbook Step by step directions on how to get started and use this book Learn the basics of internet and social media theory and strategies Create a customized plan based on your goals and time constraints Learn the basics of the most prevalent technologies and their uses

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In The Cloud Computing

Internet Research Traditional Business Practice When doing research online a keyword or two is entered in a search engine Basic search commands are not used Effective use of the browser is never used and costs the user hours in wasted time

Laser pin point your internet searches Learn document specific indexing Use search engines as the sophisticated data information systems that they are Learn internet browser management tips and to use your internet browser like an expert to save hours per week negotiating online Save hours every week and get only relevant results when internet searching Access millions of articles you can use to create content and e-books Learn the basics of key word management Do your own detailed background searches and company research almost instantly Review learning centers and libraries with current information and specific to your industry including sales, marketing and recruiting

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In The Cloud Computing

Advanced Internet Set Up Traditional Business Practice No time is spent finding a consistent username Usernames are not planned out or recorded Multiple sites are not reviewed or considered

Researching and finding usernames Find a variety of usernames available across all sites Choose the best universal username to be used Do Basic overview of all available social sites based on popularity Set up and reserve usernames on top sites Create password maintenance system for set ups

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In The Cloud Computing

Identify and Set Up Core Social Sites Traditional Business Practice Workbook is not completed prior to signing up Database of existing contacts not used during sign ups Following plan once set up rarely done Adding new sites to desktop is not done Sites are not bookmarked or organized Posting schedule is not set up or content assistants put in place

Using new email, username and workbook set up core social sites Basic training on all sites Incorporated into internet desktop Integrate database into site set ups Using information assistants review content Come up with initial posts for coming week Make initial posts Add specific sites to calendar entries Create a business network giving you access to over one million professionals in sixty days or less Search connections by region, industry, title, company size Learn to use access to millions of groups on any topic Create groups regarding any topic and grow your membership Create your own private social network Recommend business associates and receive recommendations from them Search for highly recommended professionals

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In The Cloud Computing

Password Management Traditional Business Practice Passwords are not consistent or organized Time is wasted trying to get the site to send you a forgotten password email

Set up spreadsheet document for username and password management Store in accessible email folder with codes

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In The Cloud Computing

Real World Networking Traditional Business Practice Real world networking sites are not bookmarked or managed Upcoming local networking events are never reviewed And not added to a calendar with alerts When one is planned no pre event preparation is done Goals are not set for the event Follow up is dropped after event

Locate all business and networking sites for your local area Bookmark all sites for beginning of week review Integrate possible events with calendar Using sites and site members do pre event planning and strategies Set up post event plan Learn to Promote your own real world events to the sites

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In The Cloud Computing

Set up content and information delivery assistants Traditional Business Practice Internet assistants are not setup When they are the content they deliver is not filtered and organized for review Updating assistants are not used to post to multiple sites Assistants that do Email filtering, move to folders and auto responses sent are rarely used Setting up information feeds for your industry and marketing are not set up Having an assistant search for info on you and your business are missed

Identify and Set up Internet Assistants Assistant to deliver daily content and file it in your information system Assistant to log into your network of sites individually and simultaneously send your update to each one Assistant to screen incoming email and respond to basic ones Have your own personalized newspaper with current content delivered to you every morning Positive news,(helpful) vs. negative, (what sells papers) Stay on top of every emerging trend in your business and industry Have every new marketing idea and marketing plan in your industry delivered to a folder on your desktop for review daily Have marketing materials from competitors delivered to a folder daily Automate your daily internet research Enlist an internet assistant that will simultaneously update all your social networks and content sites for you almost instantly Cutting edge information and links about your chosen topics for that day or week delivered to your folder daily (for your blog, newsletters, articles or appointments)

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In The Cloud Computing Never run out of things to write, blog or talk about, again Access to a directory of the top 100 blogs on the internet to use as examples for your blog and to get blogging ideas and information Enlist your own virtual internet assistant to handle mundane tasks Use an assistant to search hundreds of social networks and information sites to see what is being said and discussed about you and your business.

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In The Cloud Computing

Internet Monitoring Traditional Business Practice Putting systems and Goals in place with no tracking Not using easy automated tools to track successes Not finding what isn’t working and why

Progress Goals achieved Desk tops in use Networks in use and contacts list growing Postings and Connections Successes New contacts per week Re-connecting with past contacts Closing sales Internet chatter What is being said online What is your internet presence How easily are you found Internet Traffic How much mind share are you getting

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In The Cloud Computing

Implement With Sales Team Traditional Business Practice Not systemizing the roll out of new business tools to the sales team Not generating the why with the how Not making enough help available No incentive programs or team contests

Basics covered and explained Belief created in this new way of conducting business Excitement and Motivation generated among team members Strategies and Goal Setting training Beginning plans and set up implemented Private internal team social network initiated Basics covered of above training with endorsement from executive staff Posting and comment content provided to team members Give minimum goals and strategies for achievement Give advanced goals for over achievers Individual and Team Contests for implementation and results

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In The Cloud Computing

Internet Collaboration Traditional Business Practice Little or no collaboration is done Where and how to do it isn’t explained The benefits are not made clear

Collaboration systems explained and covered Training on how to post questions and have thousands of experts in that field respond and give answers Training on how to communicate and interact with thousands of people instantly Explanation on how to answer questions in your field and the benefit of such activities

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In The Cloud Computing

Advanced Internet Technologies Traditional Business Practice Advanced or new and upcoming technologies are ignored

Voice recognition Pen Casting E-Book and Information Product Creation Conference Calls Webinars Embedded Presentations Raising Search Engine Ranking Pay Per Click Marketing Industry Specific Strategies Client Meeting Preparation Analytics

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In The Cloud Computing

Long Term Goals and Strategies Review Traditional Business Practice Once goals are set they are never looked at again They are not reviewed or adjusted Improvements are not looked for It is not a team exercise

Long Term Goals Are they Realistic Are we on Track Do we need to make Adjustments Are short term goals and activities being Met What can we do to Improve What can we do to help each other as a Team

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In The Cloud Computing

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Computing in The Cloud  

A book that shows traditional methods of working and doing the same work in the cloud.

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