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Cornell Tech, Manhattan ​hi there I'm Kirsty one of the internship pop managers here at the Career Service and thanks for tuning into your video demo I'm going to take you through our application form today I short list applications on a daily basis so all the advice contained to be in the individual is from my first-hand experience of reviewing hundreds of applications and seeing the common reasons why students don't pass our first stage shortlist and as I video demo so feel free to skip ahead to a section that you're particularly interested and are working on in your application aim and please feel free to come back and view the video again before I look at the actual application form itself I wanted to give you some some general advice that that's applicable to the whole application process and the first point is about air giving evidence and examples so it's not enough to just meet statements about your skills and your experience you need to back that up within with examples for this if we can't just read between the lines unfortunately so in order to take sail yourself as best you can it's good to give lots of examples and evidence similarly avoid generalizing so it's a very giving specific examples and it's about in making a specific application to that company for that that specific rule and we know that you'll be working on multiple applications and you might want to use some of the content across those that's Fame and that makes sense in terms of managing your own time but just make sure that you tailor all of that content and make it clear that you have a genuine interest and they're all the e.r applying for the third point is about proofreading so that's really important because along with a lot of the big graduate recruiters out there we all pay via two strikes in your a policy for vetting errors in which includes spelling grammar any typographical mistakes and as quite frustrating for us to have to reject an application which is otherwise really really good just on this basis and so it's really important to proofread run a spellcheck can we be asked before him to take a look at it for you with a fresh set of eyes doing all of those things we'll just make sure aim that you're going to aim hopefully pass the first a shortlist the fourth and fifth points are quite similar any of the remaining sticking to the word limit so firstly no cheating please no continuing your answers and in two different boxes of the forum it makes it quite messy and confusing to follow for the employer and the word limits are their enemies and you they're there for you to show point number five that you can make concisely which is a skill and an of itself so it's your opportunity to show yes I can give specific detail yes I can give examples but I can make concisely and and get that across to you within the word limit I'm going to open up the application form now and just take you through so when you log into Glasgow few years and find a rule that you're interested in you'll then click to apply and you'll see your application form firstly right at the top it's advising you that you can't see if I'm returned to you that plication any point so and also that there's a three-hour timeout after an activity so I would suggest that you come on and you have a look at the the questions in the application form and but then you maybe work on your answers and in a word document that you can see if I on your computer and only when you're ready to submit your application maybe come back to this and paste your answers in and do your final peripheries of everything in the three hours of an activity means you can have it logged in and you can be working on it and that's that's no problem but if you were to go in do something else open up another window or another tab and forget about it and it would timeout after three hours and you would lose any information that you don't put so I want you to just in visual awareness about laws before we got started all your personal details like your contact details they'll pull through from your student record aim and you'll be able to end Glasgow careers take a look at those maybe update your phone number if it's changed it maybe add than an additional email address that you would prefer us to contact you on if it's not your student email address so make sure that you do all that because that's how we'll be contacting you about any upcoming interviews or messages from employers that we have aim so to start off with you're asked to list your current university studies and we've given you a little idea of the best format to display this information and just so that it's easy to understand and so less than your modules in chronological order and just trying to make the information as presentable as possible please the next section is about aim your education prior to something at the University of Glasgow so again you might have this might have taken place out with the UK and aim if it has and you have kids that you think we might not understand or be fully aware of then please just make your best day for providing a context and explaining what those bleeds and what the grading system means in the

country that you studied and again we've given you an idea of how best to display this information and in an easy-tounderstand format under the work keeps feelings section now so again we've given you an idea of the format that we're looking for we're also asking for it to be aimed and put in chronological order with the most recent job or a piece of work experience that you've had first and here we're looking for a good level of detail so we're looking to find out about the responsibilities that you had and I would definitely recommend linking those to any of the responsibilities and the job that you're applying for and so in any similarities or vain assume that you think it's quite very thin then make sure that you tailor your application rather than just being I know it can be quite tempting to just cut and paste your what keeps feelings from from a CV that you might have I definitely recommend paying a bit of attention tailoring it to the application and providing as much detail as possible equally you don't have to just talk about paid work experience in this section you can also mention any voluntary experience you've undertaken or maybe any initiatives or things you've been part of at the University any clubs or societies so it's all about sailing yourself aim as best you can so make the most of this section on to your motivations for applying so this is aim is your opportunity again to sell yourself to explain why event chested in Nashville to showcase the research you've done on the company and on on the industry and in I would recommend talking about your past experience that relates to the rule and what you're doing currently if your studies or if your alias adventurist relate to the rule and then talk about your future career aspirations so past present future aim assess you're going to help you in your career aspirations or your career development it's really good to detail all of that here and again coming back to the point about it being specific and not submitting a general application and it's really important to tailor this to the rule remember it as a professional application form so it can be it is good to be honest but maybe don't be too candid in this section maybe don't talk about the fact that you're looking to you in pick up make some make some caps for your cash and so keep it quite professional okay on to one of the key sections in the form so when we're short Lessing what we're looking at is the general reading quality of the form we're looking at your if you've provided detail in the work experience section we're looking at your motivations for applying but primarily the key area for us is the essential and desirable criteria specifically the essential criteria for the rule we're looking to see really strong evidence aim that you meet all of these criteria before we can pass you in through the shortlist stage on to the employer to consider and so for this section I am going to go in back to the slides that I had if you can bear with me in one moment I'll get it's and I just want to spend a bit of time talking about the essential and design it's actually via section and to help you get it right the first thing I would say about this is please make it clear make it easy for yourself there as a word limit there's no as such there's no need to cut and paste cool criteria and leer we will have a list of what the criteria where and we will be able to cross-check that with your application so save those words don't paste the whole criteria and to form just maybe my a 1 e 2 e 3 and address each one individually just so that you you can be sure you're adequately addressing them and you're making it really clear for us so that we can mesentery for anything in and and we were clear that you've addressed each of the criteria so to address them it's all about pervading evidence so it's not enough to just see I have excellent communication skills you have to talk about where you develop those skills where you use those skills and give us some evidence and examples in this section it's also good to aim try and give different examples where you can so if you've had a mixture of work experience and academic experience then show that mixture in these answers it's giving it to talk about give it work or different presentations and things that you've done this part of your studies but it's also good to talk about some of your past work experience and definitely try not to focus on just one job in when you're giving each of these examples even if that jobs highly relevant to the rule it's good to kind of in mix it up a bit and have some different examples and leer in just the last point here is what I've kind of said already be aware of the word limit and structure your answer and those logical um be as possible so think about the fact that someone is going to be going through this and taking off if you have made each of these criteria and just make it as clear as possible for them I've got a couple of quick examples here on the screen the first one aim is someone addressing the criteria must have good communication skills they've said I have good communication skills which I developed working as a receptionist by meeting and greeting customers using the telephone and dealing with queries being the face of the company it was necessary to have good communication skills to create a positive impression of the company I also volunteer as a conversational English teacher to the University which is developed by communication skills so there they focused on one example and then we've pervaded and it's in work examples the receptionist but then they backed up by talking about in kind of additional piece of evidence in working as an English tutor at a university I'm just quickly onto another example which is a wee bit more detailed so again this will depend on on the word limit and on after a kind of similar criteria you might want to get them together and give one quite detailed example that makes both of them and so that's what was the ability to work independently with little supervision and they've said it's both an inactive education I have seized opportunities that have improves my independent working skills my extended

project which I completed alongside my a-levels it was carried out entirely independently other than a few progress meetings with my supervisor the SEC's thousand word project demanded advanced research skills and the ability to time manage effectively which I organized myself I successfully submitted the project well before the deadline and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work on a project save it to my studies my time volunteering for the National Trust boosted my independent working ethic as I was assigned of him for which I was entirely responsible I delivered information and answered questions without direct supervision and add the property and was trusted to ensure the security of the room and its contents which I took very seriously so again another really good detailed example I'm doing two slightly different examples from different angles of how they've worked independently with no supervision and so so just a specific example for you to look at here and you can also go on to the Career Service website and we go a bit more about the star and the car techniques when you are providing answers so it's all about getting specific same outlining the tasks and and talking about interactions that you took personally and the results that that in that you obtained you know at the at the end so it's something to to maybe go on and have a read these off before you work on your application I will just jump back to the forum itself no to cover off the last couple of sections for you and so the desirable criteria just to know there may not be any desirable criteria and the job ID spirit that you're looking at because these are optional and if they are there may make your best effort to to try and address them because they will again help you to sell yourself as much as possible and I'm going to hobbies and interests so if you might kind of wonder why this is in the forum but again it's another opportunity for you to get the employer an idea of who you are what your interests your skills and your competencies are so if the role that you're applying for requires team working and you're part of a sports team at the University or you sit on the board of a committee then definitely talk about that and make the kind of parallels and links between the rule that you're applying for and the things that you're doing in your spare time the only other thing I would see in this section is please don't tell any lies to make yourself seem more interesting and obviously you're hoping that you will be successful and that you will get best rule and at that point you will be working in alongside the employer and other people in the organization so you don't want to like to the create any realize that your tale in this section I'm so it's all about being honest and and trying to make it relevant to the room the additional information section is quite a practical section here we want to hear about any holidays you've got picked any and conferences the venison that you're a part of basically any dates that you're not going to be available for an interview so that if we're trying to get in touch with you then we understand what your availability is again it's an additional information section so we have a lot of other information box here if you feel that there's something really pertinent or really male affinity of application that you haven't had the chance to see elsewhere in the forum then it's your opportunity to add that information in here and onto your referees so we look for to of it relieves and which we ask if aim you could ensure that one is academic and when there's work related however as okay to give to work for ladies or to academic references based on on your past experience and who who you can provide here and again we've asked you for a specific structure when giving this information just for us to make sure we have all the information we need and the employers going to be able to get in touch with these people additionally as based practice - to ask permission from someone before you put their name and their information down as in a fooi okay so before you submit your application there's just a final couple of questions about how you hear debate the internship and how you hear debate us and then just some instructions and a data protection statement there for you and then you've asked to just agree with that and submit your rule once you've done that you'll be able to view the status of your application by logging into your Glasgow couriers account so I think you'll find that really useful you'll be able to see exactly what stage you're at and particularly if you're a multiple internships and so before we finish up I just wanted to highlight some further support that's available if you do apply and you're unfortunately unsuccessful we will give you some personalized feedback I'm on exactly where your application fill down and we've it doesn't pass the first stage and you'll be able to use that for applying for a other application other internships 10-lane as I mentioned earlier there's also a whole load of support online at Glasgow a CW k /q years that's our website and most of the content on the around advice is written by our careers managers so I'm extremely really useful in mail ofin and there's plenty on there about applying for work if you do want to see someone one-to-one you can via Glasgow Caviar's look at booking an appointment with a Kabir's manager and there's more information about the different types of appointments on AIM the careers website so I thought I would just finish up with a Twitter handle here and Facebook aim because every Tuesday we also post a series of Tuesday top tips and those are written by myself and the other interns pop manager so they're highly relevant to the specific internship help application pool six and they often address any change that we're seeing coming through by in difficulty students are having with the application form so I definitely recommend tuning in to those and all that means is for me to thank you for your time to be best of luck with your application Adirondack Community College.