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Web & Social Media 1: Design Times Tools, processes, and techniques used in the production of digital media including illustration, image manipulation, and layout of text, graphics, video, and interactive media.

Dennis On • Period 3 • May 17, 2019

Line Art Project

Block Art Project


Personal Logo

http://bit. ly/OnDennis-YearLongPortfolio

Semester 2 Projects

Ironman Text & Photoshop Dispersion

My Favorite Project This Semester

Summarize what you learned doing this project in ACA Test Prep.

Marvel Mockup (best screen)

I used marvel app to make a home screen for my app. I like this website but there are a lot of things that need some improvement. I prefer figma over this because it is easier to use. 2

Web & Social Media 1: Design Times

Figma Mockup (best screen)

I enjoyed using figma becasue it was easy to use and understand. You could also prototype the app unlike marvel app. I made a login screen for my About Me App using figma and prototyped it. Dennis On • Period 3

I learned how to use effects and layer masks during the iron man logo tutorial. During the dispersion tutorial, I learned to masking an gradients. I used these skills on my epic life poster.

Semester 2 Personal Logo (Avatar/Monogram) This is my NFTE business pn competition logo. Me and my team mates created it in Illustrator for our business, Uplift. The brain represents the apps function- encouraging better mental health. The heart beats represents our sensors.

May 17, 2019


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“I’m The Bestest”


This is my epic life poster I made in Photoshop. I was born in San Jose and although my family and I have traveled a lot, I have lived here all my life. As a child my mom told me I laughed 4 Web & Social Media 1: Design Times

a lot and enjoyed being outside. I made this poster with a gradient in mind. The older pictures of me as a baby are black and white and it gradually gets more saturated with color as I get older.

Dennis On • Period 3

May 17, 2019

The pictures are in order it came out. I like the graduwith the bottom left corner al gradient and the crop out being the oldest photos and pictures pictures of me. the top right corner being the most recent photos. I enjoyed doing this project and“I’mam really proud of how 5 The Bestest�

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Web & Social Media 1: Design Times

Dennis On • Period 3

May 17, 2019

Semester 1 Projects

Line Art project

Block Style Illustration

Dirty Water Drop

This is a block art illustration I did of a squirrel on Adobe Illustrator. I had taken the photo of a squirrel at a beach in San Francisco. I put a white rectangle over the picture in Illustrator and drew the details in black. I learned about the uses of negative space through this project and how it’s applied in logos. This help me improve on using the brush and blob brush tool and make me pay attention to details because I had to add a lot in this project.

This is a dirty water drop I illustrated in Adobe Illustrator. I used a tutorial for this water drop and with the help of my class, I finished it. This tutorial taught me how to use the pathfinder panel. I also learned how to use gradients and fills. This tutorial got me familiar with more of the tools in Illustrator. Some of these tools I use very often later on in the semester.

Charactoon 1

Charactoon 2

Personal Logo

This is another tutorial I did of a cartoon rabbit. I really like the end result and love the tutorial. It was easy to follow and very clear. I made the rabbit and some carrots to go along with it using Adobe Illustrator and love the way it came out.

This is a similar tutorial to the first charactoon tutorial I did but this time, with a fox. I had a very easy time doing this tutorial because i had already gotten the skills down when I did the rabbit. The rabbit tutorial really got me familiar with the tools in Illustrator and I was able to illustrate the fox with a couple of mushrooms easily.

This was a project I did in class where I designed my very own logo for my personal brand. The logo includes my personality and interests. I designed mine with a neon sign in mind because to me, they give off a very fun vibe and I love fun. I enjoyed the process of designing logos and experimenting with what I like. I made about 35 logos and after a lot of thinking, I had decided to choose this logo.

I did my line art illustration of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. I had gone there and and had taken the photo a few days before I started the project. With the photo in my drive, I put it into Adobe Illustrator and traced over it with my pen tool. At first, I had a hard time getting the hang of Illustrator because it was the first project I had ever done. It was my first time using Illustrator, but after some time, I had finished it and I am very proud. It taught me a lot about Adobe Illustrator and how to use it.

“I’m The Bestest”


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Year-long Reflections I was in the Web and Social Media Design class for my freshman year at Silver Creek High school. I enjoyed this class and have learned a lot. In the first semester, we learnt about Illustrator and a bit of photoshop. In Illustrator, we did line and block art drawings. I learnt a lot from that. I learned to use the pen tool, how vector lines work, how to use the blob


Web & Social Media 1: Design Times

brush, and how negative spacing works. In the second semester, we used more Photoshop and Indesign. In photoshop, we made a personal life poster that shows me as a baby all the way up to now. In indesign we made this magazine and some ads for our world series of innovation and cooper hewitt project. I enjoyed being in this class and the business plan competition.

Dennis On • Period 3

May 17, 2019

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