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Career in Video Game Tester- Is it for you? Are you one of those people who think that a job of a video game tester is very easy? It is interesting but not easy. I don’t think any job is easy. It becomes effortless for you if you have the skills and interest for that particular job. It is not just that you buy cd keys and start testing it. Video game testers are paid to play video games when they are in the almost complete stage. This is only like the cover of the book, the main story in inside when you start it. Video game testing includes various other important tasks. The main task for the video game tester is to find the bugs and other glitches in the game cd key. They then have to do all the related paper work and report it to the developers and programmers. The game developers and programmers rely on the testers report to straighten the bugs and glitches in the game cd key. It simply means that the progress of the work depends on the tester. If the video game tester does not sends the reports on time the deadline won’t be met and it can cause the company to lose millions resulting in many lost jobs. It is like a chain in which every employee is important and without even one the chain could break. The video game tester has to have an eye for detail and sharp observatory skills. One has to have the technical knowhow so s/he can do all the necessary paper work about the problems in the video game. S/he also needs to have good communication skills as they have to explain the problems of the video game to the game developers and game programmers. If you have these qualities, and you enjoy playing video games then it can be the best job for you. There is definitely not much physical labor involved but it is not an easy work. Being a video game tester can be a lot of fun as you get paid for doing your favorite thing that is playing video games.

Career in Video Game Tester- Is it for you?