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March 2010


Exclusive Interview: Mariah Hanson, owner of Club Skirts: The Dinah Homoscopes Boozy Bitch of the Month

MARCH 2010

32 | Smile, you are on LVGN



26 | Mariah Hanson Interview


12 | BABY TALKS...HOLLA everyone this is

12 On our cover: Our first year. A collection of pics over the past year

8 | History of LVGN...We fought hard to get our name out there ... Page 4

BABY!!! I am so happy to be writing a column for LVGN! …..

16 | UNCLE TOM‟S CRABBIN‟…Beauty is only skin deep. These are obviously clichés that quickly come to mind regarding labels, stereotypes, and other broad umbrella statements...

22 | SALIVATE...I am so glad it is starting to be spring because I am tired of the cold. I do apologize about not having a restaurant review this month. I was in Washington…..



Issue 4 March, 2010 Publisher Dennis Heer Editor Rickey Turner Creative Director Thaddieous Ferguson

18 | SPOTLIGHT...Welcome to Spotlight. This is a new column to take a closer look at the members of Lambda Business & professional Association.

36 | WEEKLY EVENTS 38 | The Place to…..

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LVGN’s Little Black Book is published monthly in Las Vegas, NV. All materials herein are the property of LVGN Media Group. Reprint by permission only. No implication regarding sexual orientation or preference is made in connection with any person, contributor or advertiser in this publication. LVGN Media Group does not take any financial or libel obligation to the content of it’s columnists. All views and opinions are those of the writer and bear no implications on the opinions of LVGN Media Group.

Page 5

Welcome to our fourth issue of LVGN’s Little Black Book. You are probably wondering. How are they having an anniversary issue on just the fourth one? Our company, LVGN (Las Vegas Gay launched in March 2009. I remember last year when we launched. I was out taking photos of this picnic during PRIDE. This ‘amazonish’ woman, who I thought was a lesbian, told me I would last only three months. In this issue, you will see my exclusive interview with Mariah Hanson, the owner of Club Skirts. Club Skirts: The Dinah is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Dinah Shore Weekend this month. This event takes places every year in Palm Springs. In addition, LVGN is now a member of the Lambda Business Association. They are the first Gay Business Alliance in our city with over 175 members. Therefore, every month we will do a spotlight on one of those members. The Hunt for LVGN’s Next Cover Model will start on March 1st. Make sure to go to our website Las Vegas Gay and vote for your favorite. The winner will win the cover of our April issue. I have some prizes from our sponsors lined up. You can still join the competition until its end on March 15th. Thank you once again for everyone’s support. I would like to say welcome to the new members of the LVGN family. I hope you enjoy this issue. I decided to keep it a guessing game on which columnists will be featured by mixing things up each month. I also would like to say good luck to Andy aka 6-pack in his competition this month. Until Next Time, Rickey T. Page 6

Las Vegas Gay (LVGN) … This is our story Las Vegas Gay, better known as LVGN officially launched March 2009. We fought hard to get our name out there armed with just a little red Nikon camera, in the beginning. So here is my recollection of the past year. I wrote this so I can show all of our readers, how for the most part, we popped out of nowhere and came to be. This will also set aside any rumors on who actually is behind LVGN. The shock from doing this for a year still has not settled. It is amazing how time flies. Dennis and I never thought starting a little website a year ago, as just a hobby. Would end up growing from that into a magazine. It is funny I was told my website would last about 3 months and then would lose its popularity. Dealing with just the whole dismissal of us starting a website was the fuel for all this. Spite is so much better than revenge. I would like to revisit March 2009. Back before we started The Little Black Book. I was just a student living off the G.I. Bill. Its funny Dennis is also my roommate. We met as complete strangers and now look at us. So just like many locals, we had a ton of friends coming to visit us in Vegas. We were tired of being travel agents for all the gay tourists. “There is no where we can get a complete listing of all things gay to do in Vegas”. We would hear over and over. I would suggest many well-known outlets to show the Vegas scene. They wanted more. Page 8

So one day, Dennis approached me with the idea of starting a website. I was actually the second choice in the beginning. Our other roommate turned down the idea because no one knew what to do. I have always had the knack for knowing what people like to do and see. I think we were actually going to call our website something else. I felt LVGN flowed better than any other name. With one obstacle down, the next would be how to get hits to our site. A ton of sites pop up when you google: Gay Vegas. Those websites have always been so vague and difficult to navigate. So who would want to go back to them? We wanted LVGN to be so simple anyone could use it and for it to focus on everything in Vegas. To let people have a choice on what to do by including everything. (Continued on page 10)

Our site could have easily been designed with a template program and we called it a day, but it would show no individualism LVGN shows the heart and commitment we put into it since it„s all done manually. Just like the difference between store bought cookies and homemade. LVGN was finally more than just an idea. I would say last year‟s PRIDE was our first big event. I went out taking photos for the site. It was something fun to do. I never lived in a city where I could have a record of all I did and

have the ability to share it with others. I am ex-military and so I am not used to having such a public profile. My most memorable moment is when I went to the Betty‟s Out Picnic. The whole thing felt a little awkward because my friend, Luciano and I were one of the few men in attendance. That feeling I got from that picnic made me realize that even though we were all the same attending that picnic. Generation and sexual gaps have molded us to feel that we weren„t. I wanted to change that. I wanted LVGN to be inclusive to all things in our community because for so long we have lived separate gay lives. It is my own twist on a P.S.A., “Leave no Gay behind”. Just because something does not benefit me was no reason to leave it out. So LVGN continued to gain popularity and we tried our hardest to be all inclusive and give the inside voice. Our success actually has a lot to do with Paul San Felipe, the owner of Piranha. Even with, how in this community everyone „talks‟. A lot people tried to tell us whom we should do business with. I have to say he has been a friend over this year and one of our biggest supporters. Also with my review, I wrote back in December. It showed that we were not going to be bias towards him because of it. (Continued on page 14)

Page 10

HOLLA everyone this is BABY!!! I am so happy to be writing a column for LVGN! I would like to thank Ricky for giving me this opportunity to get back to what I love doing. I will be writing my own column "BABY TALKS TO YOU" each month about a variety of different topics. I am sure they will always be of the "adult" nature however if you have any suggestions of things that you would like for me to talk about please feel free to email me at As I sat down to write this article I was trying to decide what I wanted to talk about first. The fact that I am a size queen lesbian and contrary to popular belief... my wife REALLY is a woman lol and unfortunately does NOT have a penis, I decided to write about the HISTORY OF THE VIBRATOR! If you are like me, as you pull out your Rabbit, Walrus, Penguin, Dolphin (since they are always usually named after some strange animal) or even your Glow in the Dark. Whatever the hell kind of vibrator that gets you off when you or your partner goes to grab it... WHERE IT WAS INVENTED is the last thing on your mind! So... I decided to do some research and find out who in the hell do we have to thank for this GENIUS invention! What wonderful female decided that her man or woman sucked at pleasing her and decided to invent something to please herself? Boy... was shocked to learn that a British Physician named Dr. Joseph Mortimer Granville invented the vibrator in the 1880's. Who would have thought that a MAN would have even remotely cared enough about the woman's clit to invent anything to make our sex life more fulfilling? He called it an electromechanical vibrator and it was invented more than 10 years before the vacuum cleaner AND the electric iron! PRIORITIES... people of course we would rather vibrate our clit than vacuum or iron. I mean hell maybe we could vibrate our clit while we vacuum and iron now THAT would make those two chores a lot more fun.Ok now I am getting off track... so anyway as I continued my research I found out that the actual reason that Dr. Granville invented the vibrator is so that he could perform "therapeutic massages" on women. it sounded like he was just some kind of pervert to me until I read why he was giving these so called "therapeutic massages".

Page 12

Supposedly, according to Dr. Granville, we women have a mysterious illness called "hysteria" and a woman's display of mental or emotional distress was a clear indication of her need for sexual release. Well Duhhhh.... Wasn't he a genius? Ummm NOT! Hmmmmm if a woman is crazy, bitchy, PMSing, or crying let's treat this "hysterical" woman with an electromechanical vibrator and ALL of her worries will just be vibrated away. Typical man rationale ladies! Now don't get me wrong though, a fulfilling sex life makes anyone a happier person however women being women does NOT make us hysterical! In closing I would just like to say "THANK YOU" from the bottom of my heart to Dr. Granville for his miraculous and extraordinary invention. Whatever the reason you created them for in the beginning I don't give a shit about that dude! All I know is that when my wife reaches for the Rabbit or the Dolphin or even our newest GLOW IN THE DARK... my heart starts racing and the anticipation as to what is to come makes me feel kind of crazy so I guess you might have had a good point after all. As Joel Osteen says in each of his sermons, "PICK UP YOUR BIBLES...SAY IT LIKE YOU MEAN IT!" Well my advice to you is... "PICK UP YOUR VIBRATORS... TURN THEM ON LIKE YOU MEAN IT" and.... get as HYSTERICAL as you can! :-) Until next month ya'll! :-) BABY

(Continued from Page 10) We have made suggestions to not only his but also other businesses in our community whether they advertise with us or not. I think that is the reason why we have such good relationships with most in our launched for about

community. We were a month or so when he called asking if he could advertise with us. After noticing me out taking pictures. The funny thing is, we made the media kit right before I left for the meeting. I never thought this was going to be an occupation and with that contract, it upgraded from being just a hobby. Months passed after that and the pressure to go to print became present. Since going to print is completely different from blogging on a website. It was a very tough decision to make. Do we do it and try not to fail? We were both content with the position we held. I would say it was around September/ October when the Little Black Book came to thought. The credit really goes to the Fun Hog Ranch and Piranha staff. Dennis and I never really wanted to go to print. Also, if you knew us back then, we would blatantly say that we did not want to. Having no experience with publishing. We did not want too much on our table. I came up with the Little Black Book while at Fun Hog getting boozy. Page 14

During the drive home I suggested, “Hey why don‟t we come out with a little black book”? Dennis agreed and so the LBB was born. Going to print was not an easy thing. The two of us worked ourselves almost to the grave just for the first issue. I became editor and Dennis became the publisher even though we are both owners. I seem to talk easier in crowds and he is more of a homebody so our roles fit. I had to brush up on my grammar with the creation of the LBB. I know I have the worst grammar for the position I hold. It is getting better. I never thought I would be a writer to this extent but I am finding my niche. (Continued on page 30)

By Tom Moilanen

Are we gay? Queer? Homosexual? Faggots? Fairies? Fruitcakes?

What‟s in a name? You can‟t judge a book by its cover. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Beauty is only skin deep. These are obviously clichés that quickly come to mind regarding labels, stereotypes, and other broad umbrella statements. The general idea, of course, is that looking at the exterior rarely offers an adequate view of what‟s inside. Sounds reasonable, right? Fair, even? To suggest that we go further when appraising people seems like a rational proposition, if not downright necessary. How about, “If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, chances are it‟s a duck,” to nip a quick paraphrase? Sort of an opposite take, right? Suggests that what‟s on the outside is accurate, doesn‟t it? And so goes the gay conundrum when it comes to the brand name. How to package homos to the rest of the world. To each other. To ourselves. This little dilemma rears its head every few years among gay politicos, and I find great amusement in watching the power-hungry quibble over social marketing. It also confirms my suspicions that most activists are in the game for themselves, not for those they claim to represent. The hate that exists within the gay world betrays its united front, which is a topic that could fill a dozen columns. Words are funny animals. They carry a good deal of connotative muscle - of emotional impact - yet most people consider them literal symbols for things or ideas or concepts. But how about the proposition that words can actually create reality? That they don‟t describe nearly so much as they conjure? Realtors sell houses, not homes. But they use the word “home” because it induces a warm, happy feeling that makes the client more inclined to buy. The pro-abortion crowd calls itself “pro-choice” because it is far easier to side with the notion of choosing than it is to deal with the reality of fiddling with nascent life. It is much preferable to think of your kid as having a “learning disorder” rather than confess that he‟s just plain stupid. So, are we gay? Queer? Homosexual? Faggots? Fairies? Fruitcakes? How about the female counterpart? Lesbian? Dyke? Feminist? Butch? It is much preferable to think of your kid as having a “learning disorder” rather than confess that he‟s just plain stupid.

Page 16

So, are we gay? Queer? Homosexual? Faggots? Fairies? Fruitcakes? How about the female counterpart? Lesbian? Dyke? Feminist? Butch? I don‟t care. Many people do care, however, and I‟ll tell you why: Because if you can tell others what words they can and cannot use, you‟ve got a lot of clout. You wield power. You not only control language, but you control thought. We think in language. A thought doesn‟t pop into our brains in some vague, ill-defined form; it takes the shape of language as part of its conception, long before it is ever verbalized to another. Or to the self. You may argue, “Hey, dinglefritz, don‟t tell me you don‟t want to persuade others. That‟s why you write this crap. You‟re trying to influence people.” True, I am. But the difference is that I wish to do so by offering good arguments that support my assertions. I want people to re-think their position because I‟ve presented credible evidence and valid examples. I‟m up front about it. But those who play the PC language game don‟t want you to realize their goal is to change the way you view the world. They want you to think that you‟re noble and righteous because you use certain words and refuse to use others, when what‟s really happened is they‟ve adjusted your opinion for you by dictating what‟s off limits and what‟s not. And, ideally, you will then use these words with countless others, thus exponentially spreading their version of what they want everyone to believe. Loving another of the same gender is but one small slice of the personality pie to begin with, so why is it so important that we adopt a label? Doesn‟t it follow that said label pigeonholes people and forces them into a prescribed pocket? Does it not alter the way you‟re perceived, as well as the way you perceive yourself? If you simply must define your human entirety by your romantic desires, have at it. But don‟t come bitching to me when others think of you only in those terms. It should be water off a duck‟s back, but you‟ve gone and thrown out the baby with the bathwater. You made your bed. And lying in it is often the bitterest of pillows, if you can swallow such a convoluted analogy.

Welcome to Spotlight. This is a new column to take a closer look at the members of Lambda Bus ines s & pr of essio na l Association. Every month we will select a participating Business or professional Lambda member and give our readers some inside information. Itâ€&#x;s amazing the support our LGBT community has and you never hear about it. I thought it would be a good idea for our first Spotlight to give you the 411 on Lambda itself. Lambda Business & professional Association was one of the first Gay Chamber of Commerce types of organizations, which started modestly in 1991. It truly was a grass roots type of organization starting with just a few organizers and growing to where it is today. So, what do they do? Lambda brings together Business Owners and Professionals and its goal is to provide an environment of success for the Lesbian, Gay, transsexual Bisexual and Gay-Friendly Business Community through the exchange of ideas, information and resources. Not all of the Lambda members are Gay, but just gay friendly and wish to reach out to our community. Lambda is a forum for the business community to develop relationships within the Las Vegas lesbian, gay transsexual, and bisexual community through networking, mixers, and special events. One of the cool things that Lambda does every month is hold a Networking Lunch, at Las Palmas Mexican Restaurant. It is held on the second Wednesday of every month. You can expect to hear from interesting guest speakers, and have a chance to meet a lot of great folks. The environment is very casual and defiantly geared towards all of us regulate types. The future looks bright for Lambda. The organizers of Lambda our continuing to grow membership and are looking to have seminars, and annual conferences. They work with many groups to include the HRC, Pride, and The Center, to name a few. I would recommend checking them out by coming to there next Lunch, itâ€&#x;s open to all members and non-members. There is never a pressure to join, although memberships are very inexpensive. To find out more about Lambda visit there website @ We want to hear from you! If you want to nominate a Member of Lambda, or even yourself for our Spotlight, just let us know.

Page 18

By: Char and Don I would like to open our first review, by giving a BIG thanks to Dennis and Rickey for this opportunity to offer a new perspective on the LGBT life style here in Las Vegas, a Straight Point of View! There are many straight singles and couples in the valley that enjoy the friendship and open arms offered by the LGBT community. Unlike the days of past where straights would never consider visiting a “Gay Bar”, we too have now Come Out. And boy, what have we been missing! This Column will offer up reviews, as the title says, from a Straight Point of View, of the many local establishments catering to LGBT‟s. We will visit different locations on different nights, in order to cover as much of the fun as we can handle. We travel as a couple so our hosts get some idea that we are straight. So far this has not become an issue. On the contrary, we have always been graciously welcomed. The first stop on our journey takes us to Charlie‟s, formally known as Backstreet, Charlie‟s is located on Arville, just south of Tropicana. The initial format was a Gay Country Western Bar. Today, Charlie‟s has evolved into something for everyone. There is a roomy dance floor with great lighting effects and a DJ booth that houses some great talent. The house DJ‟s really know how to mix it up and they keep the crowd hopping, on and off the dance floor. With two bars, the Men of Charlie‟s also know how to mix them up, and they hustle their way around the bars making sure that your glass is never empty for very long! We were welcomed at the door where hugs and smiles were the welcome mat.

Page 20

Each night of the week offers a surprise that will please everyone‟s palette. The event schedule runs from Underwear Night to Retro Night and includes an evening dedicated to the NGRA; discount drink nights and the Big Show, every Sunday around 9pm with live entertainment. Our visit took us on Tuesday night, when Drag Queen Bingo hits the floor, hosted by a couple regular Ladies! Bingo games are free and these games are not for little old ladies with daubers and whoopee cushions. There is a lot of whoopee though, as these two ladies really keep things happening. When they screw up, as they do a regular basis, the house is treated to FREE shots! The girls mix the bingo with a little Live Entertainment to keep the evening moving and prizes are awarded for winning bingo cards with a raffle being held to benefit various valley LGBT organizations. A good time will be had by all! Drinks are good and the pitcher of beer is always a hit. The place is well cared for by the Men of Charlie‟s as they mix with the crowd and keep the house cleaned up as well as the two sets of generally clean restrooms. There are several video poker machines just inside the door as well as on the main bar. A pool table offers a little something extra to do. The large front bar and small cozy back bar keep the lines down while waiting for drinks. The bartenders always have a smile on, sometimes little else, and make a damn good drink. Music ranges from 70‟s through current hits and of course those good old Country Tunes. The dance floor is surrounded on two sides by floor to ceiling mirrors that reflect the good time that everyone enjoys at Charlie‟s. Overall, Charlie‟s offers an environment that is open and friendly to all who visit, be it they young and party type, the single on the prowl, partners night out or Cowboys, and wannabe Cowboys! Good clean fun and great people. On our scale of 1 to 5 cocktails, 5 being the best, Charlie’s Drag Queen Bingo Tuesday nights rates a Check out the Charlie‟s web site at for their schedule of events, a photo gallery and more details. Coming straight at ya,

Page 21

I am so glad it is starting to be spring because I am tired of the cold. I do apologize about not having a restaurant review this month. I was in Washington, DC for a week when all of a sudden the city was hit with the Blizzard of the century. Normally during that week is when I do my restaurant review, but since I was stuck in my hotel room for the weekend I was not able to do one. Besides, I doubt that you really would want a restaurant review from DC. This does bring to me what this month‟s column is about. Travel and food! Many of us have seen television shows that talk about what to do while traveling. Well, I am bringing my own personal experience to this. With the summer months approaching, it will become our time to get out of the heat and see the country. I know I will be traveling a lot over the next few months. As of now I am slated to be in DC 2 more times, Europe for 3 weeks, and a few more cities in the US. One of the things that I am most excited about is the food. Every city has its own specialty that it provides. Vegas, well we are lucky in some ways and not in others. We do have some of the best restaurants in the world, but our down fall is that no raw food is produce here. We don‟t have an agricultural area; we don‟t raise meat; and Lake Mead, well I would not eat any fish from it. So we don‟t have anything here that we can call ours. Other cities do though! Now let me give you some pointers on what to do when you are hungry in other cities. First, if you are staying at a hotel ask the front desk person where they eat most of the time. Locals normally know their own city. They can tell you where the diamond in the rough restaurants are that you never hear about. Also, think about the city you are in! If you are on a coastal city, seafood should be fresh and abundant. I can almost guarantee that you have heard Maine Lobster is amazing. Well, when I was in Maine guess what I ate. LOBSTER! And it was perfect. If you are in a city that does a lot of produce, such as Yountville, CA find a restaurant that focuses on the locally grown produce.

Page 22

My favorite, but expensive is the French Laundry. It was the number 1 restaurant in the world for many years. Owned by Thomas Keller, he takes the best local produce and meats and simply brings it together to be the best experience it can be. Nothing too complicated; it is simple, fresh, comfortable, and exquisite. Now, there are also other trademarks that a city is known for. And believe me, if you can experience it from where is started you will learn why the world loves it now. If you travel to the Big Apple, you have to have a hot dog from one of the street vendors. For some reason a hot dog never gets better than that. When I was in Boston, well I had to experience Boston Cream Pie for the place that was ranked number one. In Vermont, their maple syrup and cheese was at the top of my list. Florida, Conch and Alligator were great. Just remember to keep an open mind, try new things, and experience the place for what it is known for. Overall, food is an experience! Remember that when you travel and make the best out of every chance you get. So next time you are in a new city, do yourself a favor and find your new favorite restaurant there! I will guarantee you will always have a place to call home when you are there. For the fact that food that makes you comfortable makes you feel like you are home.

3-Cheese Tortellini with Crispy Bacon, Green Peas, and a Roasted Garlic Cream Sauce Makes 4 to 6 servings 12 oz Package of 3-Cheese Tortellini 8 oz of bacon cut up into 2 inch pieces 1 ½ cups of sweet peas 2 cups of heavy cream 3 cloves of garlic, cut cloves into quarters 1 cup of shredded parmesan Salt and Pepper to taste Place a pot of water on the stove to boil for pasta. In a large fry pan, place the bacon onto the pan while it is cold and turn heat onto medium high. Bacon will start to cook, keep moving the bacon so it cooks evenly. Once the bacon is medium brown, spoon out and place on a paper towel. Turn the heat down to medium low and with the left over grease in the pan place the garlic for cooking. Leave the garlic in the pan until brown. Once browned, add the heavy cream. At this point add your tortellini to the boiling water in the pot to cook. Back in the pan with the cream, stir to make sure the entire residue on the bottom of the pan is scraped up and stirred into the sauce. Add half of the parmesan and stir into make sure it does not clump together. Add the peas, and once the tortellini is cooked, add directly to the sauce. Stir together and add the bacon back in. Taste it to see if you need to add salt of pepper. Once all together and mixed, serve onto plates and top it with the remaining parmesan. Enjoy!

Even with our economy in its present state. One event has surpassed all others. Every year, lesbians from all over the planet descend on Palm Springs to celebrate the eventful Dinah Shore Weekend. This year is the 20th anniversary celebration. The city has numerous events from different venues celebrating the occasion. However, there is only one with the name: The Dinah. Club Skirts presents The Dinah, has been considered the largest lesbian event in the world. Club Skirts was started over 20 yrs ago as just a Sunday night dance club for San Francisco/Bay Area women. They held their first modern day Dinah Shore Weekend in 1991. I had the pleasure of speaking with Club Skirts‟ founder, Mariah Hanson. To discuss this year‟s event and the celebrations they have planned for the weekend‟s 20th anniversary.

Rickey - LVGN So this year is the 20th anniversary celebration of the Dinah Shore weekend in Palm Springs. When you started Club Skirts? Did you have any idea back then, that Club Skirts would evolve into holding the huge event it does today?

Mariah Hanson No, I never thought it would. I just have always kept it fun. Our very first Dinah event took place in the Palm Springs Museum and now the weekend has catapulted to international fame. Every year the attendance is incredible… I try to outdo myself every year so I strive to make it better than the last.

Page 26

Rickey - LVGN I hope LVGN is around still to have our 20th. March will be our one-year anniversary. It has been such a rush going from doing this as just a hobby with our website. Now having LVGNâ€&#x;s Little Black Book, it has been a lot of work.

Mariah Hanson Wow congratulations. If you just keep that mind set. It will take you far. Loving what you do is the best ingredient for success.

Rickey - LVGN TY. You have had some great performers over the past years. Are there any acts you consider your favorites?

Mariah Hanson I have loved all the acts that have performed for our events. If I had to pick a favorite hmm‌they would be from last year. We had Lady Gaga and The Pussycat Dolls both perform at The Dinah. It was amazing. The Dolls left their Black Eyed Peas tour just to play the gig.

Rickey - LVGN I have only known The Dinah Shore weekend as being mainly a lesbian focused weekend. Do you encourage or discourage men from attending your event?

Mariah Hanson Yes, men can attend. I am not a separatist. A couple of men have already started attending. In the past that was just the way things were. Nowadays especially in the younger generations I see both sexes being together more than we were in mine. Therefore, as The Dinah grows I hope to see more men attending. The Dinah is a celebration of life. You should come down this year.

Page 27

Rickey - LVGN LOL, do not entice me I need a vacation. I would not hesitate to pack up the bf and Miss Deni to drive out to Palm Springs. It is only four hours from Vegas. This year, you have another great roster of artists performing. Like the reunion of all three members of Salt & Pepa. Rosie O‟Donnell is also going to appear at your comedy festival.

Mariah Hanson Yes, Salt, Pepa, and DJ Spinderalla are making a reunion after the group has been broken up for so many years. Rosie O‟Donnell is making her return to stand-up for this year‟s event too. We have Ke$ha, Martha Davis, The Paradiso Girls, Lolene and the lesbian rap duo God-does & She, all scheduled to perform at The Dinah this year. Meredith Baxter will be in our Equality California Fashion Show among many others celebrity models. I would also like to mention our Battle of the Lesbian Webisodes. We started it last year and it is now becoming one of our biggest things every year.

Rickey - LVGN Once again congratulations on all your success. I have one last question. What is your opinion on the new letter added to LGBT by some LGBT -related media outlets? Which do you prefer LGBT or LGBTQ?

Page 28

Mariah Hanson Our community needs to be the ones to stop the labeling of each other especially with emasculating titles like Queer. We should first show love towards everyone in our community by not doing that to ourselves. There is still so much hate in the world towards the gay community. Once we show our own acceptance of all inside the community the world will follow.

Rickey - LVGN Wow, I was not expecting you to say that. It was a good answer. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview.

Mariah Hanson No. Thank you! It was a pleasure. To find our more on Club Skirts presents The Dinah. Visit them at their site. Special thanks to Mona Elyafi w/ILDK Media

(continued from Page 15) I know some of my decisions have been considered controversial or even distasteful. Like the Ginger Grant bio from our 12 Divas feature in December. I am not going to apologize for my feature or what I wrote. One reason is everyone was informed on how the feature was going to be. I wanted my part to be a behind the scenes commentary.. So no matter whose fault it was, even if it was my own I stated it. Hence, the comment I wrote on Shawn M. That whole feature was really a nightmare. Many people did not really take us seriously when we said we were coming out with a magazine. Most thought we were coming out with some sort of Thrifty Nickel-ish rag. I could have taken the high road and left it with a brief statement on his profile but that would have shown favoritism. Especially when I did not show the same favor to the rest of the divas. Before it went to print, I actually stressed on changing it. Many of the other Divas also agreed I had to do what I said I was going to do. So I wrote the truth. Sometimes honesty can hurt but in the end, it is still the truth. The fact that I actually wrote the truth so blatantly was appreciated more than what the commentary said. So it was not an attack on Ginger, he was actually one of the first ones we chose for the feature. Another Diva I dished was a friend of mine. Diva Toxx, the first person I asked to be part of the 12 Divas. After knowing him for years, I thought he would at least not be one to give me the run around. I have gone to his show many times and taken photos of it so I could not understand the whole situation. I wanted the whole feature to show 12 locals who may not always get public recognition like they deserve. Most realized what I was trying to do and appreciated it So now we are to our fourth issue. I would like to say thank you for all the compliments and also for the critiques. Doing this whole thing has been a very humbling experience if you can believe that. So Iâ€&#x;m grateful that everyone has liked it so far. Page 30

For more photos visit our gallery @

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(Feb. 19-March 20). Just like an environmentalist, preserve all the green you can. You are not a cash machine. Your pockets are not bottomless. Your real friends see through that moneybag mask you wear and will stick around when you finally take it off. So make a change or remain in debt. You have so much to bring to the table that doesn‟t cost a dime. Just a little of your time.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20). Speak with your actions while others run their mouths. The climax of your mission at hand does not need to be coached there verbally. Hush girl, do the Helen Keller. It is time to start doing things a little more efficiently so cut out the small talk, the B.S. with “friends” who you really do not like. Trust me you will have more time for the task at hand and a lot more time for fun.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21). Pain just means you are alive. Celebrate life and do not give up. Stay on the rode you are on and out of the fast lane because you just might miss where you are supposed to “get off”. It may seem like the world is turning slower. That is because your eyes are open and you are letting it all in. Its sucks when what you are letting in seems painful but if you keep your eyes open. You will find that what you have been looking for is really just the real you.

CANCER (June 22-July 22). It is time for a change in diet. Beef is what you need. Hit the gym, the sheets, or pick up some „meat‟ while you are out. Being well balanced and healthy is what you should be focusing on. Eat right and you will feel better. Work out and you will have more energy. Feeling well plus the newfound energy will definitely improve your sex life. Do not forget to stretch it will help with the workout. Also, being limber can be.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). Like a fart under the sheets, life stinks. A new hobby is your febreeze. So be on the lookout for invitations to try something new. You will find out that some shit will have to be subtracted from your life to make time for your new endeavors. Simply put, Shit + Life= Life Stinks. So now, try this one. Life - Shit = Life. So free up time that was occupied with stupid shit. Instead, fill that time with something…anything. New + Life = New Life that won‟t stink.

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SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). You are glowing more and more each day. That successful glow of yours is envied. Stay away from the bugs that are drawn to the light, because it is only the light they want. The happier new you makes the bitchy crowd sick. You were once the head bitch on the team but now you are living life and don‟t have time for that anymore. Use that reserve energy to keep your glow shining bright..

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). Being nice all the time is not going to work for events to come. You are like a baby lion. You have the potential to be fierce and sexy but right now you are cute without a roar. Scavengers are closing in and if you do not step up you will be living off scraps. All I am saying is stop being a pussy and start being a lion So ROAR! Confidence is very sexy.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck in the LBGT world it might not be a duck. Not everyone fits a mold. You definitely do not. This month try to look at the world around you with your eyesight less and your other senses a whole lot more.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). Do not expect too much from others. Why invest so much in others knowing they will just let you down? That‟s when the pity party starts. We all like having something to talk about at the bar and the sympathetic ear you tend to look for may not be there. I suggest before someone finds you in a pathetic state. You should invest expecta-

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). When you are placed on the back burner, do not get hot. Its time to move on from the person who put you there. Be sure to do it smoothly and you will not be burnt. If you stay hot, you are only going to attract idiots because only an idiot would pick up something like a hot-burnt entrée. Put yourself back on the menu as a very edible dish and stop wannabe chefs from destroying the ingredients that make you so delicious.

ARIES (March 21-April 19). Let go of the cake and enjoy the frosting. Try not to make it a 24/7 thing, because we all know the painful trouble too much sugar can bring. Have fun for now and the main course will surely come. This backwards way of doing things will surprisingly work out for you in this weird stage of your life.

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Backdoor–Karaoke 2-4-1 Drinks 10-4 Badlands– Happy Hour 2-4-1, 4-7P Buffalo– Happy Hour 12p-2a 5a-7a Draft

Little Black Book invites all businesses and charities to contact us for a free listing of your event. Let us know what you have planned and we will put it in. email your events to:

Backdoor-2-4-1 Drinks 10a-12 Badlands– 2-4-1 Drinks 4p-7 Buffalo-Happy Hour 12p-2a 5a-7a Draft $1.75 $2 wells Charlie’s– 2-4-1 Drinks Escape-Happy Hour 2-4-1 5-7a 5p-7p Flex-2-4-1 Budweiser all day Freezone-Naked Boy Frat Party Beer Bust 9:30P-2A $7 Liquor Bust Fun Hog Ranch-- $5/$10 Beer/Liquor bust 9P-2 Lipstick—Open 6-1 Goodtimes– Club Cyanide 11P-3A Krave– Thurstdaze Liquor/Beer Bust LV Eagle-$5 Well/ Drafts Bust 12-5P & 10P-2A Gong Karaoke @ 9 Onyx Theatre-Naked Boys Singing 10P Piranha Nightclub-BoysTown GoGo contest @ 2am Snick’s Place-Happy Hour 2-4a, 2-5p Spotlight-$5 Liquor Bust 1-4P $5 Beer Bust 8-11P

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$1.75 $2 wells Charlie’s-Something Different 10P Escape– Football W/Drink Specials Flex– 2-4-1 Mixed Drinks 4-7P Freezone–Happy Hour4-8, Bust 8p-1 FunHog Ranch-$1-5 Long Island Tea’s 9p -2a Goodtimes– Happy Hour 2-4-1 5-7a 5-9p Lipstick—Open 6-1 Krave– Closed LV Eagle– Beer Pong w/ Travis @ 7 Onyx Theatre-Vegas Improv 8P Piranha Nightclub Underwear Night free bust w/text Snick’s Place Happy Hour 2-4a, 2-5p Spotlight-2-4-1 9p-12, 12-4p Beer Bust

Backdoor-Noches Latina 10P-6a Badlands- $5 Liquor bust 7P-12 Buffalo-Happy Hour 12p-2a 5a-7a Draft $1.75 $2 wells Charlie’s-NGRA Night, .75 Happy Hour 79P $10 Liquor Bust 9P-1A Escape– Happy Hour 2-4-1 5-7a 5-9p Flex-Confessions W/JewDi Vine DJ Ricoche Freezone– Drag Show & Beer Bust 8P-1A Fun Hog Ranch– Happy Hour 3-7P Lipstick—Open 6-1 Goodtimes– Vaquero Night LQBust 10-3a Krave-Flesh and sKizoFrenia LV Eagle– Jock Strap & Underwear Night 10P-3A Underwear Contest @ 245am Onyx Theatre-Naked Boys Singing 10P Piranha Nightclub-CoCo Vega @11:30 Snick’s Place-Happy Hour 2-4a, 2-5p Spotlight-$5 Liquor Bust 1-4P $5 Beer Bust 8-11p

Backdoor– 2-4-1 Drinks 10a-12 Badlands– 2-4-1 Drinks 4p-7 Buffalo- Happy Hour 12p-2a 5a-7a Draft $1.75 $2 wells Charlie’s– Drag Queen Bingo 9P Escape– Happy Hour 2-4-1 5-7a 5p-7p Flex– Underwear Island 10P-2 Freezone– Ladies Night Beer Bust 8p-1 Fun Hog Ranch- $5/$10 Beer/Liquor bust 9P-2 Goodtimes– Happy Hour 2-4-1 5-7a 5-9p Krave- $2 Martinis Lipstick—Open 6-1 LV Eagle– Karaoke 9P Piranha Nightclub– Latin night Free Beer Bust 11P-1 Snick’s Place- Happy Hour 2-4a, 2-5p Spotlight-$5 Beer Bust 12-4P 2-4-1 9P-12

Backdoor– Underwear Night 2-4-1 drinks 10P-4

Badlands– 2-4-1 Drinks 4P-7P Buffalo-Happy Hour 12p-2a 5a-7a Draft $1.75 $2 wells Charlie’s– Underwear Night Escape-Happy Hour 2-4-1 5-7a 5p-7p Flex– Welfare Wednesdays Show @ 12a Freezone– Beer bust 8P-1A Fun Hog Ranch- $1.50 Margaritas 9P-2A Goodtimes– Karaoke with Shiela 9p-1a Krave-So you think you can strip/ Prizes Lipstick—Open 6-3 Underwear Night Free well/beer in underwear LV Eagle– Underwear/Jockstrap Night 7P3A Free well/beer if in your underwear Onyx Theatre-Karnival 1st Wed of Month 7P Piranha Nightclub-Ladies Only Night Snick’s Place-Happy Hour 2-4a, 2-5p Spotlight-$1.50 Screws & Margaritas 8-4p

Backdoor-Noches Latina 10P-6a Badlands- $5 Beer Bust 7P-12 Buffalo-Happy Hour 12p-2a 5a-7a Draft $1.75 $2 wells

Charlie’s-.75 Happy Hour 7-9P $10 Beer Bust 9P-1A

Escape- Happy Hour 2-4-1 5-7a 5-9p Flex-$1 Wells 9-11P Ntoxxxicated 11P Freezone-– Drag Show & Beer Bust 8P-1A Fun Hog Ranch-Open 24/7 Gipsy-Ghost Machine-Goth Night @ 11:00 Goodtimes– Papi Chulo, Noche Caliente 10P Lipstick– Female GoGos @ 9 Krave– Open LV Eagle- -$5 Well/ Drafts Bust 12-5P & 10P2A 3rd Saturdays Sin City Chubs Onyx Theatre– Rocky Horror & Naked Boys Singing Piranha Nightclub-CoCo Vega @11:30 Guest DJ’s Snick’s Place-Happy Hour 2-4a, 2-5p Spotlight-$5 Beer Bust 12-3P Jock Night 12a-3a

Backdoor– Noches Nortenas 7P Badlands-$3.50 Beer Bust 9p-12 Buffalo-$5 Beer Bust 4P-7P Charlie’s$5 Bust 4-7P Show @9P Escape– Open 24/7 Flex– 2-4-1 Bloody Mary’s Freezone-Beer Bust 8p-1a FunHog Ranch- $5 Beer Bust 6-9P Gipsy– Last Sunday Illusions w/Shannel Goodtimes– Showtime Sunday W/Heath 12p-4p. ―in the trenches w/Schree‖@ 8p Lipstick— Female GoGos @ 9 Krave– SINdaze Hosted by JewDi Vine LV Eagle-$5 well & Draft Bust 12-5P 10-2A Onyx Theatre-Naked Boys Singing 3P Piranha Nightclub-Latin Night Snick’s Place– Happy Hour 2-4a, 2-5p Spotlight-$1.50 Mary’s 8-4$5 Beer Bust 4-7P Revolution Lounge-Closet Sunday @ 10pm

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Backdoor Lounge 1415 E. Charleston 385-2018 Badlands Saloon 953 E Sahara #22 792-9262 Buffalo 4640 Paradise Rd. 733-8355 Charlie’s Las Vegas 5012 Arville 876-1844 Escape Lounge 4213 W. Sahara Ave. 364-1167 Flex 4371 W. Charleston 385-FLEX Fun Hog Ranch 495 E. Twain 791-7001 Free Zone 610 E. Naples 794-2300 Goodtimes 1775 E Tropicana 736-9494 Las Vegas Eagle 3430 E. Tropicana 458-8662 Las Vegas Lounge 900 E. Karen 737-9350

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Snick’s Place 1402 S. Third St. 385-9298 Spotlight Lounge 957 E. Sahara 696-0202

8 1/2 Ultra Lounge 4633 Paradise Rd. 791-0100 Krave 3663 Las Vegas Blvd 290-0436 Piranha Nightclub 4633 Paradise Rd. 791-0100 Gipsy 4605 Paradise Rd. 731-1919

Blue Moon Resort 2651 Westwood Dr Las Vegas, NV 866-798-9194

Onyx Theatre 953 E. Sahara #16 702-732-7225

Get Booked 4640 S Paradise Rd 702-737-7780 The Rack 953 E Sahara #16 702-732-7225 Price Video 700 E. Naples #109 702-734-1342 Sinderella’s Adult Supercenter 5570 S Valley View 702-736-9700

Tiger Lily Flower Shop 700 E Sahara 702-737-7077

Gay & Lesbian Community Center 953 E Sahara # A19 702-733-9800 Community Counseling Center 1120 Almond Tree Ln 702-369-8700

The Grape 6599 Las Vegas Blvd South B150 Las Vegas, NV 89119 702.220.4727

New Finish Electrolysis (Permanent Hair Removal) 3850 E. Sunset Rd # G 702-338-1422 Allure Salon 2790 E. Flamingo Ste C & D 702-796-5015

Tux One and Bridal Galleria 4500 Charleston Blvd 2550 South Rainbow E– 8 & 9 702-878-TUX1 702-873-8817

Hawk’s Gym 953 E. Sahara #35B Las Vegas, NV 702-731-4295 Entourage 953 E. Sahara Ave., Suite A-19 Las Vegas, NV 89104

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Commercial Center Badlands Saloon & Dancehall 1 Backdoor Las Vegas Lounge Onyx Theatre 2 Charlie’s The Rack Spotlight 3 Escape

Men’s Clubs Commercial Center Entourage Hawk‟s Gym


Fruit Loop

81/2 Ultra Lounge Buffalo Free Zone Get Booked Gipsy Piranha Nightclub Price Video Page 40

4 Fun Hog Ranch 5 Flex 6 Goodtimes 7 Krave 8 Snick’s Place 9 LV Eagle 10 Sinderella’s

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E Sahara

W Sahara






Commercial Center

W Desert Inn Spring Mtn.







6 Spencer



S Decatur


Maryland Pkwy

W Tropicana


The Strip





W Flamingo


Valley View



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CLICK IT! Getting dressed to head out and take pics for the March Gallery. Hope to see all the peeps out. First stop will be Fun Hog then to the Loop 10:29 PM Feb 18th Las Vegas Gay --- LVGN's Little Black Book The Housewives of Orange County is retarded. It's like watching a bunch of arm-less monkeys fight over a banana. February 18 at 8:20pm

LVGN Little Black Book March, 2010