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LVGN’s Little Black Book is published monthly in Las Vegas, NV. All materials herein are the property of LVGN Media Group. Reprint by permission only. No implication regarding sexual orientation or preference is made in connection with any person, contributor or advertiser in this publication. LVGN Media Group does not take any financial or libel obligation to the content of it’s columnists and/or advertisers. All views and opinions are those of the writer and bear no implications on the opinions of LVGN Media Group. Boozy Bitch and W.T.F. are trademarks of LVGN Media. LVGNs Boozy Bitch and W.T.F pictures do not suggest or endorse a subjects mental health or physical status. These photos are for novelty only and were taken in public places. Lawfully, not jeopardizing an individuals private space or slandering their well being. LVGN Media is an equal opportunity employer



Welcome to the seventh issue of LVGN’s Little Black Book. I am still shocked on how fast the months have gone by. You will start to see many changes being made to LVGN and our L.B.B. in the next upcoming issues. Our logo and map are one of the first changes placed in this issue. Summer is officially here and soon the infamous Vegas Heat will be upon us. To help alleviate your steadily approaching heat stroke. We featured two of the many LGBT pool parties taking place here in Sin City. For the guys, the Blue Moon Resort and for both sexes, Temptation Sunday @ Luxor. Thanks to our pool guy, Mike, I can opt to stay home and relax at the Casa LVGN Pool. That’s only if I can pry myself from this laptop. However, for those looking to attend a top notch social meeting place. I would recommend you check both of these parties out. Also, featured in this issue is the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. The policy was placed with the intent to help protect LGBT servicemen and women. There are some cases where it cause more harm than good. We have living in our own community many current and exmilitary personnel (myself included), who served under this policy. I’m very thankful, a few shared with us how it was to live with it. Well, that’s it for this month. I would like to thank everyone for being part of LVGN. Without you, it would not be possible. I hope you enjoy.



LVGN would like to welcome Crews N to the community. Crews N, located on 100 E. Sahara (across the street from the Commercial Center) is a new bar with an expected grand opening to take place in July. ―They are a neighborhood bar with an exceptional twist.‖ Owners of Crews N: Dennis and Jody will offer their patrons billiards, darts, Amusement Games, WIFI, and a Happy Hour from 2-7pm. The hours until further notice will be from 2am - 2pm. To find more info on them check out their website @

LVGN would like to send out our condolences to the friends and family of Rullon Burridge ―Tiger‖ Occasionally, he worked as security for the LV Eagle. He also was a Mega Touch Olympian and consistently held the top score in many games. May you find even more peace and happiness now, that life did not already bless you with. You will be missed.

This summer will definitely be labeled as one of the biggest pool party seasons to date in Las Vegas. Parties catering (more so advertising) to the LGBT community are being thrown in many casinos throughout the strip. Who can blame them? With our economy still in a ’recession’ businesses are hunting for that ’Homo-dollar’. Blue Moon and Temptation Sundays@ Luxor are two venues, we suggest you check out.


1. Blue Moon Resort

is proud to be Las Vegas' Only

Hotel exclusively for gay men. Experience Gay Las Vegas in the comfort of an All Male environment with a Staff trained to meet the needs of the Gay Male Traveler. Continuing with Las Vegas Tradition, Blue Moon offers a free Sunday BBQ. Burgers, Dogs, BBQ Chicken, Sausages, Salads, Chips and Salsa. Food is served at 12:00 and is served until its gone - usually around 2:00 pm Crowded until 5 or 6. Blue moon also offers a monthly pass called their FUN Pass. This give you admission to the pool with one monthly charge.



2.Temptation Sundays at the Luxor is hosted by J.Son of Naked Boy News with music by DJ Axis. This is a weekly pool party every Sunday from 1pm - 7pm. There is a cover but locals are allowed in free during a certain time. There are prizes and giveaways catering






week. Temptation Sundays offers cabanas and bottle service and as a plus complimentary popsicles are passed out poolside. For more information and to get on their guest list please email .

Photos courtesy of J.son



This following letter is an email I received just after the Vegas Pride Events. I wasn't able to attend the pride festivities because of obligations elsewhere but from what i was told this was one of the better prides this year except for some minor issues. I thought it was best to let our readers decide on how to take it. The writer didn‘t include their name and I left the following entirely in its original form. Enjoy! - Rickey LVGN Executive Board Southern Nevada Association of Pride, Inc. 631 N. Stephanie St. #498 Henderson, NV 89014 Praise and Comments Regarding 2010 Pride Events Good Afternoon, After spending Friday night at the parade and all day Saturday at the festival, I have several comments to share with your board. As an entertainer (not a drag queen), agent, and executive producer of many production events, I am well qualified to say what I need to say. I have not shared my name because I do not want to get involved in the petty politics of the Las Vegas gay community – please respect that. The parade was AMAZING - so well choreographed. Congrats to the parade committee. The parade last year was a disaster and boring due to the long intervals between each entry. This year everything flowed very well! Congrats to the festival committee for the great turn out of attendees. It seemed so much larger than previous years. However, I think the logistics and entertainment committees need to be fired! Here are my professional assessments of the day: * Glad to see the expanded area in the front where everyone entered and the smooth flow of security and ID check. * Having to walk through the DISASTER of the food court area every time someone wanted to get to the other exhibits was ridiculous. The food area was a mess, blocked the flow of traffic, and not enough seating area to eat. * Next year, set the food court area off by itself over where the other vendor tents/stage was and have more tables, leave the secondary stage there for entertainment to enjoy while eating. That way the mass of people waiting for food will not block the traffic flow through the festival – while having a larger area for table seating and entertainment to enjoy while eating. * The dance area inside the building was not properly marked and not well attended.



* Selling drink coupons upon immediately entering the festival with NO beverage stand anywhere near it (except to push your way through the mob of people at the food vendors) was stupid. Have more coupon purchase personnel closer to the beverage tents. * Not enough porta-potties. Cleanliness and upkeep of the potties, hand washing stations, etc. was another disaster. I think all ancillary entertainment (secondary stage and dance floor areas) should close at 8pm, thus allowing for a clear focus of the headliners on the main stage for the wrap-up of the festival. Now, let‘s review the unprofessional disaster of the entertainment and Steve Erics. * Headline entertainers?? Where were they? What a mess! I happen to know the inside scoop and unprofessional contract negotiations and shadiness as it pertains to the entertainers by Steve Erics. Are you investigating the possible misappropriations by him in the entertainment bookings? * This is Las Vegas – the entertainment capital of the world, what a crappy line-up of entertainers this year, what an embarrassment to our town! * S. Erics has been bad mouthing Frenchie Davis for weeks all around town and to the other entertainers. He was pissed due to the fact that she appeared at the Gay Men‘s Chorus event just 2 weeks prior to pride. That is no one‘s fault but his – does he not know what a non-compete rider is to an entertainment contract? It should be stated on all pride headline entertainers that they cannot perform within the southern Nevada area for 30 or 45 days prior to pride – it‘s as simple as that. Oh wait – maybe he didn‘t send her a contract like he didn‘t send some other‘s contracts. Where did you find him? Find someone who knows the business side of entertainment for next year! * What was this crap of bringing ‗Momma‘ in from LA to MC the event? Las Vegas has many more well known entertainers that were never asked to MC the event. I also know Momma was not happy from being so overworked due to the cancellations and unprofessional scheduling disasters on the main stage. * Maybe if you paid the headliners to perform like you should, they would appear and be happy to entertain at LV Pride. Headliners need an area to sell/sign headshots/CD‘s even with a nominal fee/stipend to perform. Pride festival in general is so much better since it has been moved to the Government Center. I feel your board needs to do a better job of handing out committee roles to people who are more qualified and who have actual practical experience doing those assigned roles. As I said before this is Vegas, there is no reason why pride has to be unprofessional when so many of us are headline entertainers and/or run multi-million dollar Cirque shows. I hope this letter will be taken under the intent which I sent it – to learn from mistakes and move forward from the positive criticism. Keep up the Page


―Gay Travel‖ launches the search for America‘s FIRST ―Gay Travel Guru.‖ More than an awesome job, it‘s an opportunity to travel around the US, Canada and Mexico and get paid to do it. I have the task of hosting launch parties in the HOTTEST cities across the country (poor me =p) to spread the word and find applicants. Looking for your big break? This could be it! The press and online followers will be tracking your every move. This could be your path to becoming the next …hmmm … Anderson Cooper?

So who is the ideal Gay Travel Guru? Are You The Chosen One? So who is the ideal Gay Travel Guru? He or she has to be adventurous, a great communicator and social media savvy. Once selected, the Guru will spend six months traveling across North America, sharing his/her adventures through social networks about how to ―travel queer anywhere.‖ He/she will receive a $30,000 salary for the six-month period, a stipend for each trip to cover meals and other miscellaneous costs, and company paid airfare, hotel stay and transportation. So if you‘re out of work or hate your job, stop bitching about the bad economy. This is your chance to get the job of a lifetime!



From April 30 – August 2, interested applicants will write travel reviews, post photos, videos, tweets, and use word-ofmouth to demonstrate why they are the perfect candidate for the job. As the online resource for news about the most fabulous destinations in the world, will use its own social community, Meet, other popular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, public voting, and a questionnaire and job application to select its Gay Travel Guru. Applicants can find complete rules, details regarding each round, and learn more about the opportunity @ www.lasvegasgaynew gaytravel The name of the Gay Travel Guru will be announced on August 2. The job will begin soon thereafter. Take The First Step! If you‘re a social butterfly and want to apply in person, join me at one of our launch parties. Go to to find out where I‘ll be. Want to soak up sun (and stares) on South Beach? Or take to the slopes in Aspen, home of the legendary Gay Ski Week? Prove to us that you have a unique voice and that we should pay YOU to embark on the job of a lifetime, as America‘s FIRST Gay Travel Guru. Page


I‟m completely full of it. This isn‟t big news. No need to stop the presses and change the headlines. Most of what I do for a living involves writing and talking, so I consider the manipulation of language part of my By Tom Moilanen job. Friends and acquaintances will tell you without reserve or hesitation that Moilanen isn‟t 100% with the program. Aside from other excuses, why would I want to be? Mainstream society is pretty darn ho-hum. A huge chunk of the population wouldn‟t know an original thought if it formally introduced itself, and authentic, articulate expression of self exists essentially in those considered on the fringe. So why all the introductory filler? Because last month, I mentioned this column will be taking on a porn review format. I was going to veer in the direction of my older work, “Peeping With Tom.” I intended to regress, to conjure that sneering, wise-ass voice that has earned me the financial equivalent of two kumquats and a rutabaga. (Kumquat. What a great word. Sounds like a twisted version of the female anatomy.) However, a bright, young college student changed all that. We‟re not talking your typical freshman dinglefritz, the kind that sends most professors racing for the Valium. This fellow is an English major, and a damned good writer. During a chat about topics and whatnot, he suggested I use school as a source. At first I thought he meant a source of emotional consternation and its resulting escapist recreational drug use, but nope; he was talking material. Content. Stuff. The metaphoric light bulb went from its usual scant flutter to a full-blown epiphany, and I realized that outside of a few snide remarks, I‟d never done it. Six years in the lecture hall and nary a published word. A bazillion ignored articles and not a mention. But education is often the clitoris of the editorial page, and since I‟ve spent most of my adult life rubbing people the wrong way, it‟s only fitting I give this a few strokes. There is a distinct difference between the Clark County School District and the Nevada System of Higher Education, yet the principles remain similar. (I‟ll ignore the obvious pun. It‟s too easy, and therefore, no fun.) Yet the central complaint is that we‟re churning out a batch of idiots. How, why and what to do about it inevitably follow. Teachers blame parents. Parents blame teachers. Conservatives blame unions. Liberals blame conservatives, for just about everything. I‟ve served as a Teaching Assistant, Part-time Instructor and full-time faculty at both UNLV and the College Of Southern Nevada. Never worked for the District. But here‟s my take: If, indeed, good portions of the student body are foaming at the mouth while eating their own feces, the answer is simple: Nobody gives a rip. . Page 18

School personnel – from administration to janitorial staff – are in it for the paycheck and the bennies. Parents, particularly in Las Vegas, are more concerned with sustaining a lifestyle they can‟t afford and the dismal prospect of schlepping cards or cocktails the rest of their lives, and students – who could use a little direction from these alleged “adults” – are left floundering in a seething pool of lethargic apathy I‟m not the only person who has lamented that Las Vegas exhibits nothing but downright disdain for anything of substance. Its very nature doesn‟t attract high-caliber people, and its cultural environment molds those of that bent into disillusioned cynics. And we scratch our heads in bewilderment because Johnny can‟t read? Grab the mirror, people. Remove the finger from your ass, stop pointing it at others, and stick it where it‟s most visible: Right in front of your own eyes. Government can‟t do it. Money can‟t do it. Technology can‟t do it. You won‟t fix education until people first fix themselves, because it is within people that education resides. The system isn‟t broken. We are. If daddy is screwing the cocktail waitress, mommy is blowing the pit boss, and grandma has a bingo dauber in one hand and a cigarette in the other, no wonder Suzie can‟t write a coherent sentence. If administrators and teachers relentlessly piss and moan about salaries and policies, it only follows that Jimmy won‟t be able to find Iraq on a map. And if Jimmy and Suzie see a total disregard for societal ethics and higher-minded pursuits from those who pretend to care, guess what? That‟s what they‟ll become. To paraphrase George Carlin, “If your kid needs a role model and you‟re not it, you‟re both fucked.” In other words, folks…well, there are no other words. Occasionally I run across a student who has innate smarts, internal discipline, a family that isn‟t a mess and the fortitude to ignore a climate that holds the arts and sciences in contempt. It is then, and only then, that I remember what matters, and sharing that which I‟m completely full of has rewards that last far beyond the next payday.

Man Chat

Goes Video By Michael Krans

Chat is back.

But it‟s not the AOL chat rooms of the late nineties.

AOL inspired, for sure, but with an important technological advancement: video! Welcome to The Jetson‟s era of chat. After ten years from its initial launch on AOL, the chat craze emerged again this spring with the introduction of, a popular website that puts users face to face with strangers via video. Users go on in front of their web cams to talk and IM with strangers from all over the world. There‟s no log in, there‟s no registration. Press play and you are instantly connected with a stranger. Chatters can see each other live and even talk on an open mike. The site says you must be 16 and wear clothes, but there's no registration and no way to verify a users age. During testing, we met 18-year-old girls from Holland and some grunge rockers from the UK and a middle-aged man from Spain, holding a plunger. We guessed he was a plumber but were afraid to ask. Young adults are often intrigued at the idea of meeting people from around the world. Some even claim to have met celebrities. "I swear I saw a Jonas brother," said Kevin Turner, 25, from Washington DC. “My friend chatted with Ashton Kutcher.” A number of spinoffs have followed suit, including a gay version called However, the gay version has proved disappointing to users. With‟s raunch factor being pretty high, we expected would take it to new levels of inequity. Sadly, it‟s quite the opposite. Every person we encountered was fully clothed, and actually looked bored to be on the site. Additionally, the site was not able to maintain its traffic. We frequently received a notice stating: “All users are currently engaged in sessions. Hit NEXT to try again.”

Worse than that, not one person on was remotely attractive. Leave it to the gang at to offer a better alternative. After initial testing in Boston and New York, Manhunt Chat launched nationwide earlier this month on With high-quality video, oversized pictures and the most men online, Manhunt Chat is already touting itself as the best way to meet other gay guys in real time. On Manhunt Chat, guys can join rooms of local guys, or join one of the special interest rooms where men are video chatting on a wide range of topics from leather, jocks, and even feet. If you‟re looking for raunch – as we were- you are in the right place! It‟s like entering your own personal BH. The most popular feature that all the men on the site seem to be using is the multiple chat function. It enables guys to view several cams at the same time. During testing, we watched five men on five different screens pleasuring themselves at the same time! There are cleaner rooms for lessadventurous guys but they didn‟t seem as active during testing. It‟s a new frontier in chat and just like it was in the old west, it‟s pretty wild.

#1 Nothing on You B o B ( F Bruno Mars) #2 Break Your Heart Taio Cruz #3 Your Love is my Drug Ke$ha #4 Haven‟t met you yet Michael Buble #5 Hey, Soul Sister Train #6 Pyramid Charice #7 Hey Daddy Usher #8 Find Your Love Drake #9 I am Mary J Blige #10 Need You Now Lady Antebellum Page


KPLV-HD 93.1HD2 Brings us the TOP 10 hits. You can listen to all of these Songs, watch videos and more. Listen on 93.1HD2 Get your Pride Radio ―PRIDE PASS‖ and get the updates. Check out: Pride Radio‘s Website….. Videos on Demand

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell „Don‟t Ask Don‟t Tell‟ is the common term used for the policy restricting the United States military from efforts to discover or reveal closet gay, lesbian, and bisexual service members or applicants, while barring those that are openly LGBT from entering the military service. This policy was put forth because of the delusion, that allowing LGBT men and women to serve openly "would create an unacceptable risk to the high standards of morale, good order and discipline, and unit cohesion that are the essence of military capability." DADT was introduced as a compromise measure in 1993 by then-President Bill Clinton who campaigned on the promise to allow all citizens to serve in the military regardless of sexual orientation. Today our country's attitude toward the LGBT community has significantly changed for the better. Therefore, many are calling for a repeal of the policy. In 2007, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General John Shalikashvili was one of the first to speak against the policy publicly. “I now believe that if gay men and lesbians served openly in the US Military, they would not undermine the efficacy of armed forces.” During his 2009 presidential campaign, President Obama called for us to repeal the Don‟t Ask, Don‟t Tell policy. He advocated that there will be a policy change. There will soon come a time where gay personnel are allowed to serve openly in the armed forces. He defends his stand on the issue stating that the U.S. government has spent millions of dollars replacing troops expelled from the military, including language experts fluent in Arabic. After the presidents statement, many LGBT „activists‟ have focused on attempts to ensure the repeal of this policy. However, no change will likely happen before 2011. Here are some our local LGBT veterans opinions on DADT. A policy that was enacted to help protect but in some cases, may have done more damage than good. Page


Steven Melendez- Navy 10 years- 2nd class Petty Officer-1973 to 198325W I served in the Navy for 10 year and when I was pulling men out of the ATF (a boiler room explosion) no one seemed to care who I was sleeping with. I was honest with my friends but could not be that way with everyone and serve as a gay male openly. What a shame. Don‟t ask, don‟t tell is a dishonor to those of us gay men and women who have served with dignity.

Donald Shaw-Marine 4 years-SGT I was in for 4 years and served all over the world. I had gay and bi sex in and out of the service from privates to majors it didn‟t matter and it had nothing to do with my job in the service. There has been and always will be gays ‟men and women‟ in all the service branches. Don‟t‟ ask, don‟t tell is just a lot of bull!! For a long time women couldn‟t serve in combat, we learned different and will again.

Brett Franta- Army 4 years- Specialist- 1984 to 1985 I spent my enlistment overseas in Mainheim Germany. Being more a way of life than a job, the Army taught me a great many things. Discipline, respect, honor, and many traits already in stilled through my upbringing developed further while in the service. Being gay however was mainly what I did behind closed doors. As a soldier on foreign soil, albeit with an American compound, was much like growing up within a military family, there are just things that are anybody‟s business and you discuss things with those whom it pertains to. Don‟t ask, don‟t tell became a policy after my term of service. But in a world where it seems people are so quick to label and judge, perhaps civilians should practice a bit of don‟t ask, don‟t tell, unless it is their own behavior they are discussing.

Rickey Turner - Navy 4 years - 84-89 HN I was an Orthopedic Technician in the Navy. I actually came out while in the Navy to my mother. Everyone knew who the „gays‟ were and no one cared. I personally never had an issue with the policy neither did anyone I knew. The only time I heard of someone getting kicked out under DADT, were the few who wanted to get out. Or it was actually a straight person using it to their advantage. With all the controversy over this policy and the current issues overseas. It‟s not like if the policy is repealed, everyone is going to run to the recruiters office. I doubt a sudden increase in numbers of LGBT recruits. A lot of the publicized issues with the policy didn‟t happen to all of us. So I can‟t see what the difference will be after the repeal. Page 27

To see more pics check out our site: LAS VEGAS GAY NEWS.COM

. W

. F T.

ARIES MARCH21—APRIL19 Taking part in competitive sports could release some of your aggressions today. Taking out your pugnacity on opponents rather than loved ones or coworkers is a healthy, and legal, way of turning negative energy into something positive.

TAURUS APRIL20—MAY20 Drag queens, trannies, fems and anyone else out of the ordinary may get on your nerves this month. Avoid them, but be tolerant of them. Remember that they're part of our culture's rich diversity, whether you like it or not.

GEMINI MAY 21—JUN20 You may approach the month with an air of intellectualism, but very few people will take you seriously. Could it be they consider you a pompous windbag, or because you forgot to put on pants before heading out this morning?

CANCER JUN21—JUL22 Reward yourself by spending some cash this month. You won't get too extravagant because, quite frankly, you're cheap. But the bigger the better, and favorable finances will have you avoiding the bargain basement in search of something top

LEO JUL23—AUG22 Celebrity scandals fascinate you, and you can't get enough of the gossip rags. From Brangelina to JLo to Lindsay, you're happiest when celebrities are miserable. Have fun with that this month. Consider it payback for shelling out good money to see or hear their latest craptacular release.

VIRGO AUG23—SEP22 There may be too much going on this month, and it's upsetting your balance. Your tightly organized plans may fall apart as the day progresses, but bear with it. Being flexible will keep you on track, and help you maintain your cool.

LIBRA SEP23—OCT22 Friends may ask you to mediate as they wrestle with problems. You may be uncomfortable with this request, but you can't say no. Use frank diplomacy and absolute honesty in helping them sort it out. Don't worry if they're upset with your final verdict. They asked for it. Page


SCORPIO OCT23—NOV21 The flamboyant behavior of others unnerves you, but be tolerant this month. Perhaps you can learn something from their uninhibited ability to express themselves. Without them, the world

SAGITTARIUS NOV22—DEC21 Use your sense of humor to defuse potentially explosive situations this month. Whether at work or home, a little levity can keep others from taking themselves too seriously. Laughter truly is the best medicine, and there's no danger of an overdose, so dish it out.

CAPRICORN DEC22—JAN19 Avoid lending your stuff to friends this month, because you may not get it back. Respectfully decline if people ask to borrow things from you. Don't deny it if they accuse you of being selfish, because you are, and for this month, that's a good thing.

AQUARIUS JAN20—FEB18 A power struggle in your relationship may develop. This is never healthy, and could result in a total collapse as you struggle to one-up your partner. What a silly waste of time. Relationships are all about compromise. Finding a middle ground will have you two singing the same tune again.

PISCES FEB19—MAR20 Recent emotional drama may be affecting your health, making you feel worse. Take some time to take care of yourself with some rest, good food and a little exercise. Stress can be a killer if you let it. So relax, and focus on the positive..



An OPEN LETTER to the EDITOR of the Las Vegas Gay News and to the Nevada GLBTQ Community: OUR FATHER'S DAY LETTER & TRIBUTE! by Mac McCloud, Founder, Bi MEN NETWORK at

"JUST BE THE DADDY!" Improve and Enhance Your Sex and Love Life EASILY - just be the daddy more often! As we celebrate Father's Day this year - I would like to offer these comments on the passing scene of the new millennium and a bit of advice for any active male member here over say 35 who would like to improve and enhance their sex and love lives - free and oh so easily. JUST - BE THE DADDY more and more in your daily life with both men and women. Give up being the sweet young thing or the cute young dude. Pick out say 10 Male Role Models who you admire who you can easily emulate. It does not matter who they are and whether they are living or dead. Take time to pick out your very own 10 male role models. Write them down. Keep your list - update it from time to time! Over time you will be surprised by the deletions and additions to your list. Just pick your own personal TOP 10 from military world conquerors as Alexander the Great or Napoleon to modern film stars and leading men as "The Duke" John Wayne or Aussie "Bad Boy" Russ Crowe. If your own FATHER/DAD was a good DAD he can easily be an example for you. Try to think back on times and experiences when he impressed you in the past. Ponder on this. Try to add any naturally manly ways. and such to your own personal bag of tricks. But keep in mind this is not just acting butch or masculine or macho. It is a mind-set of being the NATURAL LEADER and the hunter and gatherer for your clan. It is also being the "COACH" and the wise sage for your entire clan and village. If you are still married or dating women - it will not hurt to open a door once in a while - and pull out a chair for her. While GALLANTRY may be dead for every other male today - you can still be her hero. You may be surprised how such free gestures will charm her and ingratiate you with her. Even consider just teasingly say after such gestures: "Well, Who's your DADDY?" And RATION them out - not all the time or then they lose their very special-ness. During sex - no matter what is going on in the bed or bedroom (or where ever you having sex) include a few "Do it for Daddy!" or "Suck Daddy's Di*k!" or "Plow Daddy!" Page


As long as you ACT like the DADDY outside the sexual episodes you can pull this off in the bedroom and during sexual play with both men and women. You can be the world's biggest bottom and be f*** by all men and all women with strap-ons - just BE THE DADDY outside of the bedroom! Both MEN and WOMEN today both prefer to be having HOT SEX with a DADDY and not some pussy boy or sweet young thing. Unless you are JAIL BAIT for aging cougars you are better off going for the DAD role. If you are over 35 years old you will both enhance and improve your sex and love lives BOTH and free - by being more of the DADDY. You can do this by realizing that EVERYONE wants someone to lean on - to hug and hold them and provide a big and broad shoulder to cry on or to just lean on. We are all just big grown-up kids afraid of the dark and all the boogey men out there! In our MODERN WORLD many young men and women grow up in homes with no real DADS and have a longing for such men in their lives. Consider helping to fill that void. After all find a NEED and FILL IT. All of this will cost you NOTHING - and will not require FACE LIFTS - TUMMY TUCKS - or joining some gym or buying a fancy new car or yacht or such. But you will have to live it and make it every day become YOU. It will be far easier to pull this off with men in short-term encounters. BUT it will pay off with both men and women long-term in both short-term and ongoing relations. Get your head behind it. Realize that you are GETTING older - you should be wiser and more experienced by now - so live it and act it. Be the LEADER in the group and that does not mean an arrogant bossy ass. Think and act as a mature savvy coach and an older wiser sage. Look for and observe men in your life who have these qualities. In day to day interactions consider jokingly adding "Who's your Daddy!" at times, but the real clincher is during sex - be sure to bring in: "Suck daddy's d**K!" or "Plow Daddy's a**!" and maybe "Daddy's going to f***K youâ€&#x;re a**/ p***y good!" or "Daddy's going to spank you - you've been so bad!" Use the THEATER of sexual play to start the DADDY theme to become fixed into your sex/love objects' minds and hearts. Let us be frank here! Want to be desired and wanted and chased as you age? Well make it real and genuine. It is a process. Just plan to spend the rest of your life in becoming a DAD anyone could be proud of in and out of the bed and bedroom YOU! You will become damn good sex and you will become a damn good companion and friend and coach and playmate that one and all will count on day in and day out. JUST BE THE DAD - we need more of them! Happy Father's Day MEN! Go enjoy it! Page



Temptation @ Luxor hosted by J.Son 1-7p Blue Moon Men’s Resort

Backdoor-2-4-1 Drks 10p-4a Badlands-2-4-1 Drks 4p-7p Buffalo-5a-7a/12a-2a $1.75Beer $2Well Charlie‘s-Something Different 10p-? Escape-2-4-1 Drks 5a-7a/ 3p-5p Flex-2-4-1 Drks 4p-7p Movie Night w/ Joey Freezone–HH 4p-8p Bust 8p-1a Fun Hog Ranch-$1.50 LT 9p-2a Goodtimes-2-4-1 Drks 5a7a/ 5p-7p Krave - Check for Specials Lipstick-301 Dart Tourney starts @ 7p LV Eagle– Beer Pong w/Travis @ 7p-? 301 Dart Tournament starts @ 7p Onyx Theatre-Vegas Improv @ 8p

Piranha Nightclub - Circus Snick‘s Place-Darts @7 $5/$6/$7 Bust Specials beer/ well/ mixed 7p-10p

Spotlight -$5BBust 6p-9p Graves $2 LT

Backdoor-2-4-1Drks 10p-12a Badlands-2-4-1Drks 4p-7p Buffalo-5a-7a/12a-2a $1.75Beer $2Well Charlie‘s-2-4-1Drks Escape-2-4-1Drks 5a-7a/ 3p-5p Flex-2-4-1 Bud all day HH 4p-7p Boom Boom Room w/ Diva Toxx

Freezone-Naked Boy Frat Party Beer Bust 9:30P-2A $7 LQBust

Fun Hog Ranch-- $5/$10 Bust 9p-2a HH 3p-7p

Lipstick—Open 6p-1a Latin Ladies Goodtimes–HH 2-4-1 5a7a/5p7p Krave– Thurstdaze LBBust LV Eagle-$5 LBBust 12p-5p /10p-2a Gong Karaoke @ 9p-?

Piranha Nightclub– 2-4-1 Bottles Svc Snick‘s Place-HH 2a-4a/ 2p-5p Spotlight– Latin Night $5 LBBust 10p-1a

Backdoor-Noches Latina 10p-6a Badlands- $7 LQ Bust 7p-12a Buffalo-HpyHour, $5 beer bust 9p-1a Charlie‘s-$10 LQBust 9p-12a Escape–2-4-1Drks 5a-7a/ 3p-5p Flex-2-4-1Drks 4p-7p Confessions w/ JewDi Vine feat. DJ Ricoche

Freezone– Drag Show & BBust 8P-1A Fun Hog Ranch– HH 3p-7p Gipsy-Crash HipHop DJ MikeySwift@ 11p Lipstick—Undrwr Nite Bust Special Goodtimes–2-4-1 Drks 5a-7a/ 5p-7p Vaquero Night LQBust 10p-3a Krave-Flesh and sKizoFrenia

LV Eagle–Undrwr Nite LBBust 10p-3a Onyx Theatre-Naked Boys Singing Tickets $20 for locals @10P Piranha Nightclub-CoCo Vega @11:30 Check for Specials Snick‘s Place-HH 2a-4a/ 2p-5p

Spotlight– Check for Drink Specials 1a Free Bust In Undies Page



Backdoor-Karaoke w/2-4-1Drks 10p-12a $10 Buckets Budlight Badlands-2-4-1 Drks 4p-7p

Buffalo-HH, $5 BBust 9p-12a Charlie‘s-Drg. Queen Bingo @ 9p-? Escape-2-4-1 Drks 5a-7a/ 3p-5p Flex–2-4-1 Drks 4p-7p Undwr nite 10p2a Freezone– Ladies Nite BBust 8p-1a Fun Hog Ranch- $5/$10 Bust 9p-2a HH 3p-7p Goodtimes– 2-4-1 Drks 5a7a/ 5p7p

Krave- $2 Martini /Check for Specials Lipstick-6p-1a MegaTouch Contest

LV Eagle– Karaoke @ 10p-? Piranha Nightclub– Latinos Noches Snick‘s Place– HH 2a-4a & 2p-5p Spotlight-$5BBust 12p-4p 2-4-1 Drks 4p7p Graves $2 LT

Backdoor-Undrwr Night 241Drks Badlands-2-4-1 Drks 4p-7p Buffalo-HH 5a-7a 12a-2a $1.75Beer$2Well Charlie‘s–Underwear Night Escape-2-4-1 Drks 5a-7a/ 3p-5p Flex–2-4-1 Drks 4p-7p Welfare Wed. @ 12a Freezone– BBust 8p-1a Fun Hog Ranch-$1.50Ritas 9p-2a HH 3p-7p

Goodtimes-2-4-1 Drks 5a7a/ 5p7p Karaoke w/Shiela @9p-1a Krave-‖So you think you can strip?‖

Lipstick-Undrwr Night Free Bust 7p-3a LV Eagle-Undrwr Night Free Bust 7p-3a Contest @245a

Onyx Theatre-Karnival 1st Wed @9p Piranha Nightclub-Ladies Night Snick‘s Place-HH 2a-4a/2p-5p Spotlight-$1.50 Screws & Ritas 8a-4p $2 LT 9p-12a

Backdoor-Noches Latina 10p-6a Badlands- $7 BBust 7p-12a Buffalo-5a-7a/12a-2a $1.75Beer $2Well Charlie‘s-$10 BBust 9p-12a Escape-2-4-1 HH 5a-7a /3p-5p Flex-2-4-1 HH 4p-7p $1 Wells 9-11P

Ntoxxxicated 11P Freezone-– Drag Show & BBust 8P-1A Fun Hog Ranch-Open 24/7 Gipsy-Ghost Machine-Goth Night @ 11p Goodtimes–Noche Caliente 10P Lipstick– $5 LBBust 12p-5p 10p-2a LV Eagle- -$5 LBBust 12-5P & 10P-2A 3rd Saturdays Sin City Chubs Onyx Theatre– $10 Rocky Horror 1st& 3rd SAT NakedBoys @10p $20tix 4 locals Piranha Nightclub-CoCo Vega @11:30 Guest DJ‘s/ Check for Specials Snick‘s Place-$5/$6/$7Bust 9p-1a Spotlight-$5 BBust 1p-4p, 12a-3a Free Bust In Undies, 6p-10p Couples drink 2-4-1 Heaven– Bare Pool Bar 10p inside Mirage Casino

Backdoor-Noches Nortenas $10BBucket Badlands-$5 BBust 9p-12a Miss Frankie Unplugged 9p-12a Buffalo-no HH, $5 Beer Bust 4p-7p Charlie‘s-$5Bust 4p-7p, 3-4-1 Drinks 2p4p Show @9p-? Escape-2-4-1Drks 5a-7a/3p-5p Kroke 9-1a Flex–2-4-1 Bloody Mary‘s Freezone-BBust 8p-1a FunHog Ranch- $5 BBust 6p-9p Gipsy– Last Sunday Illusions w/Shannel Goodtimes– Showtune Sun. 12p-4p Lipstick- $5 LBBust 12p-5p 10p-2a Krave– SINdaze Hosted by JewDi Vine LV Eagle-$5 LBBust 12p-5p 10p-2a Onyx Theatre-Naked Boys Singing @3p Tickets $20 for locals Piranha Nightclub-Latin Night Snick‘s Place 8a-2p $5/$6/$7 Bust Deals 9p-2a Check for Specials Spotlight-$1.50 Bloody Marys 8a-4p $5 Beer Bust 4p-7p 2 L.I. Tea ‗s 6p-10p Revolution Lounge-ClosetSun 10p Inside Mirage Casino $5 Vodka Drks





Las Vegas Eagle Backdoor Lounge 1415 E. Charleston 702-385-2018

Badlands Saloon 953 E Sahara #22 702-792-9262

Buffalo 4640 Paradise Rd. 702-733-8355

Charlie‘s Las Vegas 5012 Arville 702-876-1844

Escape Lounge 4213 W. Sahara Ave. 702-364-1167

Flex 4371 W. Charleston 702-385-FLEX

3430 E. Tropicana 702-458-8662

Las Vegas Lounge 900 E. Karen 702-737-9350

Piranha & 8 1/2 Nightclub 4633 Paradise Rd. 702-791-0100

Lipstick (Lesbian) 3430 E. Tropicana 702-456-5525

Snick‘s Place 1402.1402 S. Third St. 702-385-9298

Spotlight Lounge 957 E. Sahara 702-696-0202

Fun Hog Ranch 495 E. Twain 702-791-7001

Free Zone 610 E. Naples 702-794-2300

Blue Moon Resort 2651 Westwood Dr 866-798-9194

Good times 1775 E Tropicana 702-736-9494

Krave 3663 Las Vegas Blvd 702-290-0436 Page


Onyx Theatre 953 E. Sahara #16 702-732-7225

Get Booked 4640 S Paradise Rd 702-737-7780

The Rack 953 E Sahara #16 702-732-7225

Price Video

New Finish Electrolysis (Permanent Hair Removal) 3850 E. Sunset Rd # G 702-338-1422

Allure Salon 2790 E. Flamingo Ste C & D 702-796-5015

700 E. Naples #109 702-734-1342

Studio 5 Sola Salons

Sinderella‘s Adult Supercenter

8680 W. Warm Springs 702-421-2742

5570 S Valley View 702-736-9700

Tux One and Bridal Galleria Tiger Lily Flower Shop 700 E Sahara 702-737-7077

4500 Charleston Blvd 2550 South Rainbow E– 8 & 9 702-878-TUX1 The Grape 6599 LV Blvd South B150 702.220.4727

The Samosa Factory 4604 W Sahara 702-285-9196

Gay & Lesbian Community Center 953 E Sahara # A19 702-733-9800

Community Counseling Center 1120 Almond Tree Ln 702-369-8700

20% to 30% off Adult Store Prices

Secret Toy Supply

Hawk‘s Gym 953 E. Sahara #35B 702-731-4295

Entourage 953 E. Sahara Ave., Suite A-19



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