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The Sale And Marketing Of The FSBO Property The sale and marketing of the FSBO property is one of the most significant steps to be undertaken by the home owner. With little or no knowledge or experience as to how one should go about marketing a piece of property they have come to love and enjoy – is extremely challenging! When you stop and evaluate the property you want to sell, you will quickly realize that you have `personally´ invested a tremendous amount of time, energy and resources – none of which means anything to someone on the outside looking in that may be a potential buyer for your property. One of the most difficult things we, as human beings, have to overcome, is to realize that a potential buyer `DOES NOT´, `WILL NOT´, and `CANNOT´ see your property in the same perspective from which you view it. It is extremely difficult and next to impossible for many people to let go of something to which they have become `personally´ attached. The first step in selling your home is to `detach´ yourself from it. You must let go of it if you want to sell it. The second step is to stand back and look at it through the eyes of a potential buyer. In other words, you need to see the `flaws´ – yes, I said `flaws´, in your property. These are the things that need to be repaired and/or corrected. You may want to solicit the help of a personal friend; one that you know will provide you with their honest opinion. It’s at this point that you will quickly realize others see your home entirely differently than you do. I must caution you that I have seen friendships come apart at this juncture along life’s highway. Once again, we ‘humans’ do not like to be criticized or told what to do. For some unknown reason, this becomes far more difficult the older we become. It is imperative that you keep in mind you have requested your dearest friend’s honest opinion/evaluation of your home. If you are not prepared for any negative feedback – `DO NOT´, let me repeat that – `DO NOT´ seek your friend’s opinion or advice. Friends and friendships are far more valuable than the property you wish to sell. Be open and honest with yourself. FSBO's are NFE (Not For Everyone)! Like my Grandpa used to say: “If you can’t handle a hot potato, leave it for Grandma – ´cause she can!” That was great advice then and the same holds true today. Your property is like a hot potato, if you can’t handle it, give it to a real estate agent that can. And that’s exactly where I come into play. I would welcome the opportunity to assist you with the sale of your home/property. If you would like to get together and explore how I might assist you with the sale of your property, please feel free to contact me to schedule an appointment. There are several things that I have found to be successful when we get together and meet one another. I will carefully explain the services that I intend to offer you: * I will develop a marketing plan tailored to meet your individual wants and needs.

* I will identify ideas that will make your home more marketable. * I will enter your home in the Multiple Listing Service immediately or otherwise, as you direct. * I will promptly advise you of trends affecting the marketing strategy of your home. * Together, we will discuss some of the things we need to do to get your home ready for buyers – we only have one chance to make a great first impression – in that area, we want to excel! * I will provide you with a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA), essential to determining the value of residential property. * Once the value of your home has been determined, we can decide on a selling price that will achieve your goals. * I will present all offers to you promptly and assist in evaluating each. * I will monitor progress toward closing when a contract is accepted. * I will monitor the appraisal and buyer’s loan approval. * I will coordinate and monitor the settlement process. * I will stay in contact with the buyer’s agent to make certain everything is proceeding smoothly. In conclusion, let me say that should you decide to go it alone, I wish you much success. However, if I could show you how I can put more money in your pocket, wouldn’t you at least like to know how? Should you decide to list your home with me, I’ll explain a marketing plan that is designed for your property to sell quickly and I will increase your net equity in the process. At this point, you have nothing to lose and absolutely `everything´ to gain. With absolutely no risk, you owe it to yourself to take the time to investigate this wonderful opportunity. I hope I have convinced you to give me a call and schedule an appointment. I can be reached by e-mail transmittal or any one of the numbers in the 'Contact Info' window located in the top left-hand corner of this web page. I hope our paths will cross and I will have the opportunity of meeting you and working with you. Until that time, I am … Respectfully, Dennis Harper REALTOR®

The Sale And Marketing Of The FSBO Property