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Tall hanger 1 750 mm – height, material stainless steel

Be stylish into the very detail. Decorative but still practical are the accessories of the new cabinets of Universum Spa. It will make the access into your spa easier, it will allow

Hanging box 440 x 170 x 160 mm,

you to lay the magazine, the glass or the bottle of champagne aside, hang the towel,

max load capacity 4 kg

bathrobe or even plant your favorite flowers around the spa. The unique suspension system is also a part of the new solution. It gives you endless possibilities of placement and combination of the accessories according to your wishes and fantasy. The accessories are made from the natural massive Thermowood just as the cabinet.

Low step 930 x 215 x 280 mm High step 490 x 400 x 350 mm,

Table 2 in1 420 x 200 x 250 mm,

only for large models Taurus, Orion, Columba

top table surface and the champagne box – material Corian, max load capacity 4 kg

USSPA, s.r.o. – headquarters, showroom, production • Dolní Dobrouč 384, 561 02, Czech republic tel./fax: +420 465 543 114-5 • e-mail:

Towel hanger 455 x 250 x 90 mm, when opened plus 305 x 200 x 40 mm, max load capacity 2 kg

Low step – wide 930 x 215 x 500 mm Corner step 630 / 1260 x 215 x 280 mm, excluding the Orion model


THE COVER finally according to your desire

Bringing a design solution for your interior. We gave a new, luxury coat to all spa models

We introduce you the first cover of its kind in the world. Forget the vinyl – we offer the

of Universum Spa range. New cabinet with its balanced shape combined with many

cover in aesthetic and highly resistant easy maintaining fabric with Teflon finish. You can

exclusive details including the under-lighting of cabinet will be a true jewel that you don’t

choose from the whole range of color combinations to match the spa with the rest

have to only look at…

of your home furnishing.

Thermowood in lines – natural carefree massive wood provides the cabinet with inherent design, thanks to decent lines it becomes a self-evident part of the interior.

Corian – modern noble material is not just a decoration, but it also elegantly connects the organic shapes of the shell with the outer coat of the cabinet.

Under-lighting – gives lightness to the whole cabinet, it even underlines the right atmosphere of the romantic moments in the spa. It operates easily via the wireless button that you can place wherever you like.

Even the attachment to the cabinet is easy and handy. Finally, a cover that is not only practical but also stylish! Adjust the spa to your interior.



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