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To many, the definition of a Stewardess is somewhat glamorous, and for some, (ie our friends and family), it humorously holds an almostcelebrity-like status. Sipping champagne with the rich and famous, basking in the sun of St Barth’s and dressing in the likes of Dolce & Gabbana are common misconceptions held by our loved ones at home... even to some fellow yachties. Clearly, this version is far more attractive and appealing than reality.


Ask a Stew about their job description, and you can be assured it will bear no resemblance whatsoever to the above! Yes okay, so we have been known to indulge in the odd pair of Prada sunglasses, or perhaps even a Fendi handbag (we deserve it!). And yes, we may have, on occasion, brushed shoulders with the rich and famous, and if we’re lucky enough, may have had the pleasure of cleaning up what their body has...left behind. However, “glamorous” is certainly not a word that makes it into the vocabulary of a Stew when describing our job.

Written by The Talking Stew

Cleaning, serving, ironing, stain treatment and laundry are just a few of our responsibilities that have been bestowed upon us. The terms “slaves”, “serfs” and “servants” have all been thrown around in jest, and at times we’ve all questioned why we’re in this bazaar profession. Cleaning takes up a large portion of our jobs and let’s face it, no-one else can clean a toilet quite like a Stew can! But let’s be honest, as crazy and demanding as our jobs can be, we’re all a little addicted in some kind of way. Whether its because our life is one endless summer and we get to visit some spectacular places, or because we’re always surrounded by friends from around the world- we have a unique job and there are many aspects of it that are enviable. At the end of the day if these are things that you seek and if they make you happy, (and gets you those Prada sunnies you’ve been eyeing), then you’re in the right place.

Guts or Glamour?  

What is a Stewardess ?