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November 7, 2011 Issue 1



Graphic Designer and creator of Swag Guru Clothing, Dennis McMurray, plans to launch PROJECT SG: Swag Guru next year with a whole line of designed apparel for Males and Females alike.

New Clothing Line COMING SOON! Swag Guru 2K12 Launch By Dennis McMurray

Example of wrist band thickness. May come in black or white (undecided)


Greetings to all those who are reading right now! My name is Dennis C. McMurray, the creator of the new clothing brand Swag Guru. This is an update Newsletter that I’ll be publishing every 2 weeks to let you know what’s going on with PROJECT SG: Swag Guru 2K12. I came up with the idea for Swag Guru about a year ago but have yet to launch it. Swag Guru was previously called MRay but I decided to change the name for two reasons: 1. No one could pronounce it and

2. Someone else had taken the name (which is amazing because I totally made that word up...huh.) Nevertheless, here I am once again with the same project bearing a new name: Swag Guru. I’m planning to launch the “Basics [BAsix]” and “Wild Sides [Wild SideZ]” Lines in 2012 with about 10 different t-shirt designs each. Start up will take some time seeing that I have to find ways to obtain the money in order to begin printing, however there are ways that

you can help! I’m currently working on printing some thick wrist bands (like the one I’m wearing in the picture above.) The band will say something along the lines of “SWAG GURU 2K11” or something like that. If you have a better idea for a phrase PLEASE let me know on the Swag Guru Facebook page! Anyways I ask that you tell your family and friends about Swag Guru and it’s approaching release! I’m depending on your support. Have a good week!

SWAGGURU November 7, 2011

Released Designs for the 2K12 BAsix and Wild SideZ Line coming next year. [First Row Shirt 1, Wild SideZ Red with White Lettering] [First Row Shirt 2, Wild SideZ Purple with Distressed White Lettering] [First Row Shirt 3, Wild SideZ Caribbean Blue with Pink Lettering] [Second Row Shirt 1, BAsix Black with Traditional Logo] [Second Row Shirt 2, BAsix White Hoodie with Traditional Logo]

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Swag Guru Newsletter  

Newsletter for the new Fashion Line Swag Guru

Swag Guru Newsletter  

Newsletter for the new Fashion Line Swag Guru