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HYPER ISLAND - Creative Task

1. The Creative Task Fear represents so much more than just fear. It can take us further than we thought we would ever go. Fear can push us to make big changes in our lives. And it can open doors we never knew existed and lead us to discover new things, people, places, ourselves, tools and ideas. Now we want to know how you perceive fear. In what way would you uncover fear and tell the story in order to help yourself or someone else to overcome and challenge an existing fear? Your solution can be either written and/or visualized as a multimedia but should be driven by digital technology, data and/or have a marketing/business focus. Your solution could be, for instance but not limited to: - A new way to help people overcome their fears - A new way to learn more about fears in order to overcome or live with a fear - A new way to feel safe - A new way to change mindset around fear - A collaborative tool to express yourself and your ideas on how to overcome and challenge an existing fear

Delivery: In English – a presentation of your idea/ solution/ concept* To present your idea, you can make use of images, photographs, video, animation, music, sounds or text and typography or whatever you can come up with. You only create and upload ONE Creative Task, regardless of how many programs you apply for. *Do not limit yourself, but remember that we have no more than 5 minutes to review it.

Your work will be reviewed based on the following: Innovation, Feasibility and Originality Presentation and Effective Communication


HYPER ISLAND - Creative Task

2. My task, a new way to help

The easy communication is often the best solution. To get this information before the take-of with some easy communication will make you feel more come and in control.

On the next slide you will see a example of the poster.


HYPER ISLAND - Creative Task


STEP BY STEP The aircraft start, and the sound come from the engines. The wings are often tested before take-off and thats why you could see theme move in and out. Sometimes we can start the engines and then turn them off to check some instruments on our flightmode. From the take-off we accelerate from 0 km/h to over 1000 km/h so that we can get the speed we need. Then it can feel a little bit like a rollercoaster and thats normal. 10 minutes from the start we stabilize the aircraft and slow down to normal speed. Why you could feel turbulence is becuase of the extreme preasure in the air and that we sometimes hit strong airbumps. The wind can get strong which is normal. For safty reasons we need you to strap on your belt if its get very bumpy. It do not have to bee something that is dangerous, it is just to take extreme precasion. 15 minutes before landing we inform you to strap on your belt again. Then we drop speed and loose height. It can sometimes get bumpy when we go through the clouds and turbulence can occur. To land the aircraft we have constant information from the big station that tell us what to do and which line we should land on. The wheels precipitate and our wings get up, so that we can land. The speed we have when we land is between 230 km/h and 400 km/h, depending on the landing site.

Thank you for flying with Norwegian!


Hyper Island Creative Task  

Dennis Demirtok Creative Task Case: Fear of flying Norweigen Datum: 2013-04-01

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