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For Immediate Release From Chad Jase Outreach and Jared’s Homegoods. Normally American Listed Artist; Dennis Akervik Coelho would be flying around his studio with one of his charges. Mr. Coelho is not only one of today’s most unique contemporary artists, he also does something more important. He takes kids off the streets, kids who have seen way too much for the years they have been on the planet. His kids come from all types of backgrounds; mostly from broken dysfunctional ones. This year he has graduated two of them threw High School a set of brothers who have been back and fourth to Chad Jase Outreach, two very special boys one who is now nineteen and has a blood disease. Why are we talking about this; This is one of the most horrifying stories to be told , but it is necessary as all of Mr. Coelho’d dreams and passions have been crushed by a greedy, unconscionable individual. Follow along to hear this story and maybe you will find it in your heart to help Mr. Coelho. Almost two years ago after his company in Olneyville was embezzled by a family of crooks, (who he is still battling in the legal arena along with an Insurance company who has fought against paying him even though he was insured by the Hartford and Sentinel Insurance.} Mr. Coelho thought he had found his dream home and a place where his kids would be safe, and where they could thrive, in an atmosphere that had much promise. Mr. Coelho had happened upon an ad for a large estate that offered him an option to purchase. There was plenty of room for him his then four kids and two rescue dogs. Mr. Coelho did not realize at the time, that he was walking into a trap, into a scheme , designed by a husband and a wife; He signed a two year with another two year option; he began expensive renovations to expand the Mansion and carriage house so that he could add more beds for the growing population of young adolescents who had slipped threw the cracks of the system, who had been thrown to the wolves by their broken families who could barely feed themselves let alone kids. Some of these kids were engaged in prostitution, gangs, and drugs. Mr. Coelho has worked with Social Workers, Probation Officers and hospitals to get the best treatment possible, for five years he paid out of pocket for things the kids needed, such as medical care, drugs to keep them off drugs, clothes,beds,clothes, x-boxes, ps3 games, cell phones, he wants these kids to have the things that any normal kid would have, things he never had. What Mr. Coelho did not realize at the time was that he would never Own “Tuscany Villas” as it was not possible: for one what he had not been told is that The Family that leased it to him had been committing fraud by signing the Homestead Protection claiming they lived on the property for a 50n in property taxes. They also had borrowed against the property from two financial institutions and had only been paying the minimum interest only. Mr. Coelho had been told that they had owned the property straight out. The lies piled high, Mr. Coelho shelling out tens of thousands of dollars. Despite these things Mr. Coelho met with the owner several times prior to any knowledge that anything had been amiss, he was provided with private sale documents, and proposals to pay off the $850,000.00 that the owners had convinced him it was worth, when in fact it is only worth less than 400,000 and less than what is

owed on the property. The owners continued to effectuate their scheme and their lies. Comes the beginning of Summer, Mr. Coelho had just finished his paintings that were drying in his studio: the owners sent in a worker with no license who had sanded plaster over $ 100,000.00 worth of paintings. At this point mr. Coelho had called his lawyers and decided it was time to do some investigating, his private investigator had discovered that This family had pulled similar on the woman Architect who previously had lived at the property, she was so distraught she picked up and moved. When Mr. Coelho had confronted the owners they began eviction process. What is most bothersome about this is this family has defrauded the city out of untold thousands of dollars. They have defrauded the city Sewer and water company over the last 25 plus years saying there is a septic system on the property, I have had this inspected and there is no septic system on the property, nor has there ever been one. I have called turn to Ten and other Investigative news outlet but have had no calls returned. The city has informed me that they are going to send them a revised tax bill so that they can get the taxes back. Mr. Coelho’s Lawyers of course want money to go after these crooks who are portrayed in the publics eyes as Church goers. What to do. Mr. Coelho has decided that the best thing to do is auction off the contents of his home and his very valuable art works, according to auction results Coelho’s works sell for 50,000.00 and up. He plans to hold an Auction at his estate to raise the money for him and his charges to relocate to a place comparable to what he has now, and enough money to go after the owners for fraud in the inducement. Mr. Coelho states that he is not going to let it show to his kids how upset this has made him, these kids have been bounced around enough, to do what these people have done is a sin, especially being that they act like they are doing Gods work, they are going to Hell. I will be damned if I let these kids go back to the streets, there is no way. They have been let down enough. The funny thing is the owners of this house who has done these unfathomable things; there kids went to private schools and have a ticket to the best colleges, of course they do if I were doing what they are my kids would have a free pass to. When I called my city councilman’s office they passed the buck as did half of city hall, but I do have a voice: As one of the top contemporary artists in this country; I have more than a voice, I am going to send a message to the people that it is not o.k. to abuse the Homestead privilege and on top of getting the 50 5 off of your taxes, you are profiting from renting the home that your supposed to be living in, they signed a paper that states plainly that they swear under penalties of perjury that they reside at this address, my address. I give to every charity that raises money from everything like Prevention of teen sex slavery, to prevention of Teen Bullying, Teen suicide prevention the Aids Project, the Children’s Hospitals, this year I gave away 300,000.00 in Art, I wonder what these people gave to anyone. I will also bet that they are not reporting the income they earn from this property which is over 150,000.00 a year to the I.R.S. Why does it take a

press release to get anyone in this state to do anything about people like this. I have paid for anything I ever did dearly. People like this get away with this stuff and here is the best part of it. The wife (I am not mentioning any names but it won’t be hard to figure out as it is on the deed to my house at 433 Union Ave or better if you Google it it is under all the shell companies they own; most interestingly the resort in Bonairf their money is being funneled, or thru the religious non-profit they own. Last year I myself had a 50,000.00 loss on my taxes. I gave three quarters of my 480,000.00 salary away to help people. Now I am going to loose my estate because of these disgusting people, you will not believe that the husband is 74 years old and the wife 35 years younger. During a meeting with their lawyer and mine their lawyer stated “That No Judge is going to be interested in this in this State.” So I asked myself what is he saying ? Is he telling me Judges advocate ripping off federally funded programs? Well I beg to differ. I am suing them and I want them to repeat that to the Judge. So The decision is to work in conjunction with my friends at Jared’s Homegoods to hold an auction where the public will have a chance to meet myself and the kids I am raising, I have one young man who has a seven year old boy who I am teaching to paint to deal with his disorders the father has a blood disease so he requires specialized treatment, and these fraudsters want to uproot this program and the family we have built. We are reaching out to the public in hopes that you will help us buy supporting our mission. I will be offering works for sale that have never been released to the public, and something that has never before been done, I am f the items for sale some of which I am listing below. There will be up for sale a series of paintings that are 3’x5’ set of four that have a value of about $600,000.00/ they will be offered at a minimum price of 200,000.00 in hopes that a corporation may want them, they are in Museum quality frames with my factory carved signature on them, they are designed by me and hand carved in a small family owned factory in Nicaragua that I help support. Also up for sale is a front slant Chippendale desk 1790 circa. I am also putting up for sale my library of art reference books which I will personalize. You will be able to buy my 1600 thread sheets, and many other personal items. It breaks my heart to have to sell everything but in order for us to be able to start over we must raise over 200,000.00. I would like to raise upwards of a million dollars as I will have to re-establish my gallery and my businesses. The only other option is to buy these fraudsters out and pay off any bills, taxes, fines and that would cost about 1.5 million. I don’t see anyone giving us that. I will sign things but ask for a minimum donation of 10.00 to sign objects which will only be personalized. We are looking to hold the Auction and sale on either the 13 th. Or 20th. Depending on what the court says. Dennis Akervik Coelho American Abstract Contemporary figurative Impressionist.

For immediate release  

Place Holder; Den Coelho Foundation.

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