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Course Descriptions Module 1 (part I) - The Communication Connection: Getting it Right. In this session we will determine our behavioral style and identify the strengths and challenges we bring to the team. •

Determine the goals of the DiSC behavioral profile.

Identify the characteristics of each behavioral style.

Describe the strengths and challenges each style brings to the team.

Module 1 (part II) – Identifying Behavioral Styles and Making Them Work For You At the end of this session you will be able to identify how to identify and adapt our behavioral style to people on our team. •

Identifying and adapting to the teams behaviors

Identify three key questions you can use to recognize people’s styles

Develop strategies for adapting your behavior to others on your team

Module 2 – Making Norms the Norm (TOA) In a virtual team setting it is critical to have guidelines for how your team is going to work together. These guidelines are called a “Team Operating Agreement”. A Team Operating Agreement defines the set of behavioral norms that the team agrees to abide by. This session will focus on creating rules of engagement. •

Describe the role that expectations play and how to manage them

Analyze how a TOA can help build a cohesive team

Define the components of a Team Operating Agreement

List an eight step process to creating a Team Operating Agreement

Develop the guidelines by which your team will operate

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Module 3 – Harnessing the Power or Cultural Diversity This session will look at effective ways to create, sustain and enhance a culturally dispersed work team. •

Clarify influences that shape perspectives within a virtual team

Describe strategies to overcome cultural barriers

Identify how diverse perspectives can improve organizational performance in virtual teams

Module 4 - Leading a Virtual Team: Same Game, Different Rules This session focuses on how to maximize your virtual team management skills and build the capabilities necessary to create a team environment which fosters continuity, growth and learning. •

Identify the leadership skills necessary to succeed as a virtual team leader and member

Clarify how to implement these leadership skills

Define why trust is important to a successful team and how to get it

Module 5 -Technology Tips for Virtual Teams Technology can be scary! Here you learn the top tips for virtual teams to use webenabled tools for maximum productivity and participation. •

Identify and share best practice use of various technologies for optimal virtual team communication

Incorporate best practice use of various technologies for keeping virtual team work productive

(This is a non-technical course, specifically geared to those who do not work within the information technology field.)

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Module 6 - Meet me in Cyberspace Virtual meetings are the lifeblood of the remote team. In order to be effective, these meetings must be well organized, efficient and structured. This 2 hour on-line session details techniques for optimizing any virtual meeting. •

Identify the skills needed to effectively facilitate a virtual team meeting

Determine the three main challenges to facilitating an effective virtual meeting

Develop 5 techniques to improve interactivity and involvement on a teleconference

Module 7 - Bridging the Distance: Team Energizers Virtual Teamwork is critical in today's fast paced, dynamic environment and the need for a common goal is one of the most important tasks. •

Discover virtual team communication techniques

Experience 5 team energizers

Discuss how team energizers can help build collaboration

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Course Outline

Course Outline  

Course Outline