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Oct 17-23, 2008

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by Audrey Cunningham Are they healthy snacks or cholesterol-boosting no-no’s? Regardless of the medical community’s current opinion (and it seems to change daily), nuts are still a favorite of many Americans. • Georgia produces more peanuts than any other state, Call Lu 921-7281 or Delphia 994-4469 with Texas close behind. Peanuts are Georgia’s official state crop, and half of the peanuts grown in the Peach 7-Day Mexican Riviera from $449 State are used to make peanut butter. And that’s a lot of 10-Day Mexican Riviera & Sea of Cortez from $599 nuts: It takes about 850 individual peanuts to make one 14-Day Mexican Riviera & Sea of Cortez $899 18 ounce jar of peanut butter. 15-Day Circle Hawaii $ 1,099 • Have you ever purchased a package of raw cashews, 16-Day Circle Hawaii $ 1,299 still in their shells? Probably not. The shell contains Book by October 22, 2008, to take advantage of urushiol, which causes a skin rash similar to poison ivy fantastic fares — with most sailings roundtrip from when it comes in contact with human skin. It can also convenient San Diego** based on availability be toxic if ingested. Even if you do find cashews labeled as “unroasted,” they’re not just raw. They’ve been steamed in order to remove all traces of urushiol. • Walnuts grow on trees and are harvested using three distinct machines. The first shakes the walnuts to the ground. The second blows them into neat rows away from the tree trunks, and the third one “vacuums” them Watch Artist Susan Hanson, up. • Almonds are usually considered to be nuts, but at work. Sign up for classes! they’re more closely related to peach pits. Almonds Oregon’s largest selection of lampwork glass may be bitter or sweet. Sweet almonds are the ones you’ll find in dessert recipes and in cans of mixed nuts. beads. Unique findings & beading supplies. Bitter almonds contain prussic acid, which is used to make cyanide. But if properly processed, bitter almonds lose their toxicity and can be used in the 2 stores in 1 kitchen. They’re a key ingredient in amaretto liqueur. 10343 Hwy 101, Seal Rock Call 541-563-8789 • Many jewelers still use finely ground walnut shells to polish pearls and other gemstones. Similarly, some Open10:30 am-5 pm Wed-Sat cosmetic companies (including Aveda) use walnut Nearly New Consignment shells in their body and facial wash products as an Moving? Renovating? Bored with your exfoliant. beautiful pieces? Call us. Buying & Selling • Despite their name, Brazil nuts are more likely pre-owned furniture is popular in our “green” to come from Bolivia than from Brazil. Brazil nut trees can live more than 1,000 years. Of course, they deworld. Let us make it easy for you. velop an extensive root system in the process. Because of this, the trees leech a lot of natural barium from the soil, making Brazil nuts (ever so slightly) radioactive. A single Brazil nut can make a Geiger counter click, N O but scientists have deemed them safe. Consumption of o P the nuts has no noticeable impact on your typical daily w E exposure to radiation. N

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Published By DenLu Publishing LLC

Oct 17-23, 2008

Page 2 Issue # 009

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River Hwy. Otis

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TIDBITS GOES NUTS (continued):

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Fish Bits

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Email your stories, (keep it clean this is a family paper) jokes, riddles & photos or tips. Send it to P.O. Box 239 Otis, OR 97368 or email to: or call Lu at 541-921-7281 TIDBITS GOES NUTS (continued):

• Other than humans (and maybe angry elephants), the only creatures capable of cracking open the tough outer shell of the Macadamia nut are Hyacinth macaw parrots. Good thing, since this nut is a staple part of their diet. Macadamia nuts are very toxic to dogs, however, so if you have both a parrot and a Premium Craft Beer • Belgian Ales • Wine pooch, keep their food dishes separate. Best Selection & Variety • Mr. Peanut has been the Planters mascot “Where the Locals Go for Brew to Go” since 1916 (see image). For much of the Pick your favorite microbrew 1990s, however, the venerable little peanut for a unique & delicious MIXPAK. man appeared mostly in the background of Special Orders Welcome Planter’s ads. The company thought he might be a bit “old-fashioned.” Early in the new millennium, however, established in 1923 the company decided to Groceries • Ice • Agates • ATM • Bait reintroduce Mr. Peanut as a Hot Dog Bar • Hot Steamed Tamales hip, yet dignified, party-animal Camping • Tackle• Firewood & more. Enjoy Fantastic Tide pools, view resident type of guy. He appeared in a seals & hunt agates on Seal Rock Beaches series of animated commercials dancing away like a legume 10181 Highway 101 in Seal Rock 10 miles south of Newport half his age. Sales of 541-563-3930 Under new ownership Planters’ products increased more than 15% the first year. • If you’re going to feed peanuts to your 1 pound mild-flavored fish fillet, about 3/4 inch thick friendly neighborhood squirrels, please give them 3 tablespoons butter or margarine, melted the roasted (not raw) variety. Raw peanuts contain a 1 tablespoon lemon juice chemical that can make the little critters ill by prevent1/4 teaspoon salt ing the absorption of protein into their systems. 1/4 teaspoon paprika • Despite its name, there are no legumes in Chock Full O’Nuts brand coffee. The company’s founder, William 1. Heat oven to 375°F. Grease bottom of rectangular Black, got his start in the business world by running a pan, 11x7x1 1/2 inches. small nut stand in New York City. He later added a 2. Cut fish fillets into 4 serving pieces if needed. lunch counter, where he served sandwiches and coffee. Place pieces, skin sides down, in the pan, folding thin Over time, there was such a demand for his special ends under if necessary for even thickness. blend of coffee that he sold it commercially to grocery 3. Mix remaining ingredients; drizzle over fish. stores. He gave his brew the same name as his lunch4. Bake uncovered 15 to 20 minutes or until fish eonette: Chock Full O’Nuts. flakes easily with fork.

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• Peanut brittle was invented in America during the early 19th century. And the novelty fake peanut brittle can with a spring-loaded “snake” inside? No, it wasn’t too far behind. That particular gag was invented in 1915. • The pecan is the only tree-borne variety of nut native to the United States. A single pecan tree can produce 1,000 pounds of nuts. Luckily, pecans can be frozen up to two years without losing flavor or texture. They’re handy to keep for making those sinfully delicious pecan pies, which originated in New Orleans. And for the record, the average pecan pie has 78 pecans. • Until the mid-1970s, most of the pistachios that were consumed in the U.S. were imported from the Middle East. There, the method used to harvest the nuts commonly damaged the outer shells, leaving them discolored and bruised. That’s why, for many years, inthe-shell pistachios were dyed red. Today, virtually all U.S. pistachios are grown in California. And modern harvesting equipment allows the nuts to be harvested blemish-free, so “white” pistachios are becoming more common. Still, a few consumers insist that the red ones are better. • Before they cut out free snacks altogether, many airlines switched from nuts to pretzels. That’s to accommodate travelers with peanut allergies. Some individuals have nut allergies so strong that just sitting in the same aircraft as someone scarfing nuts in the back row will affect them adversely. • In North America, hazelnuts are only grown in the Pacific Northwest: Oregon, Washington and British Columbia. They are used primarily for confections, such as pralines and chocolate truffles. Hazelnuts are known as filberts in certain parts of the world. Extract from the nut can be used as flavoring. • The term “peanut gallery” dates back to the 1880s, when vaudeville acts were common. Typical theatres were divided into three sections: orchestra (“floor seats”), balcony (“second tier”), and gallery (“nosebleed section”). The spectators in the gallery were invariably the most critical. They were also quite vocal in their disapproval of any act that they didn’t find sufficiently entertaining. Roasted peanuts were the most How well do you know Lincoln County? Quit wishing -- Go fishing common snack offered at these venues, so of course, displeased folks in the gallery often pelted onstage per- Lincoln County is home to how many lakes? formers with peanut shells to emphasize their level of Can you list them? Send in your replies to dissatisfaction. (continued) Tidbits of Lincoln County attn fishing bits P.O.

Seal Rock Store

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Salmon River Market

groceries, gas, directions, propane & coffee “Specializing In friendly Service” Come & say Hello! fill your cup or propane tanks 541-994-2611 1264 Salmon River Hwy 18,Otis, Or.

AB&R Coin Laundry 1078 N Coast Hwy One block South from McDonalds New Machines ! New Hours ! New Management !

Bradish Lake is a Lake in Lincoln County, located at latitude - longitude coordinates of N 44.60817 and W -123.70539. Bradish Lake is shown in the center of the topographic (topo) map, which is sourced from the United States Geographical Survey map USGS Harlan quad. The nearest major town is Eddyville, OR.

Box 239 Otis, Or 97368 or email us subject fish to win.

THIS IS A HAMMER By Samantha Mazzotta Weatherstripping 101

Q: This is my second year in an apartment with drafty windows. The landlord said it was OK for us to do whatever we like to stop the cold air from rushing in. I'm tired of putting up crinkly, ugly plastic sheets, though. Is there an alternative? -- Blair J., Malden, Mass. A: You have some additional options besides plastic sheeting. Weather stripping can stop drafts while allowing windows to be opened or closed as usual. Three types of material are available: metal, vinyl or felt. They are attached one of two ways -- with brads (very small nails) or by adhesive attached to the back of the strip. Vinyl or felt stripping is easier to work with, while metal stripping is much more durable. Since you're in a temporary living situation, I'd recommend you stick with vinyl weatherstripping, particularly compressible foam strips. These strips come on a roll that costs less than $10, and they have an adhesive backing so that all you have to do is peel and stick. Run a strip along the bottom of the window sash -- the part that meets the frame when you close (continued)

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Oct 17-23, 2008

Page 3 Issue # 009

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What to do and where to go in

COLDWELL BANKER MILLER’S REAL ESTATE Hwy 101 and 7th Street Yachats, Oregon Local: 547-3171 Toll free: 800-626-8439

Looking for Fun .... Real Estate Listings:

Lincoln County



the window. Be sure clean the adhesive area well and let dry. If the outdoor temperature is below 45 degrees Fahrenheit, you'll want to heat the sash bottom for a couple of minutes with a hair dryer to ensure the strip will stick well. If your windows rattle and have drafts coming in all around, add tubular vinyl stripping. This is a roll of tubing, sometimes with a flat strip protruding from the side. It's applied to the outside of the window along the edges. Hold the strip flat and taut against the bottom and sides of the sash while a partner carefully nails the tubing to the sash (use only brads to attach, and don't nail to the sill). If you can't access the outside of the windows because you're in an upper-level apartment, run felt weatherstripping along the interior sides of the window sash, folding over and along the top and bottom if possible. The felt strip may have an adhesive back, but should also be attached with brads spaced about 3 inches apart. HOME TIP: Drafty windows are a major source of heat loss in homes, yet can usually be insulated in a couple hours for just a few dollars -- an investment well worth making. Send questions or home-repair tips to, or write This Is a Hammer, c/o King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475. (c) 2008 King Features Synd., Inc.

17-19 OCT Yachats Mushroom Festival FMI (541) 547-3530 October 17-19. 9th Annual Yachats Village Mushroom Fest. Fabulous Wild Mushroom Cuisine, Guided Mushroom Walks, Talks, Exhibits and Identification, as well as Fungi products, music, entertainment and lots of fun (or fun-gi). Supported by Yachats restaurants, the Yachats Lodging Association, the Cape Perpetua Visitors Center and Scenic Area, Forest Ecologist Marla Gillham, OSU Faculty, Students and Alumni, Cascade Mycological Society, North American Truffling Society, Mycological Natural Products, the Yachats Youth and Family Activities Program, and many Yachats area businesses, naturalists and culinary mushroom enthusiasts. Events happen all over town and at Cape Perpetua. Yachats, Oregon. (541)5473530, 1-800-929-0477. 16 OCT-8 NOV The Queen of Bingo at Theatre West. This comedy follows the lives of two sisters who, looking for more fun and excitement, find just that and more in the world of Bingo. Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m. with doors opening at 7:30 p.m. Theatre West of Lincoln City. 3536 SE Highway 101. Lincoln City, Oregon. (541) 994-5663. www.theatrew 17 OCT. Newport Sea Squirts. “Soft and Squishy” - Children will explore their sense of touch through comparison of tidepool animals that feel soft and squishy. 10:30 - 12 p.m. 2 and 3 yr olds with parents $20 per adult/child pair, $15 members Register in advance by calling 541-867-3474 Ext. 5301. Oregon Coast Aquarium. 18 OCT Yachats: Ladies Club Craft Sale 9a-3p (Clubhouse) Newport: Flock of Fledglings: Parent’s Day Out. “Terrific Teeth.” Join us in this three-part series to learn all about the weird and fun ways animals eat. This first class will focus on those animals that use their teeth to eat (including us!) Register in advance by calling 541867-3474 Ext. 5301. 9:30 a.m. – 12 p.m. 4 &5 year olds, NO parents $30, $25 members. Oregon Coast Aquarium. Newport, Oregon. Lincoln City: Oregon Exploration at the Pacific Coast Center for Culinary Arts. Enjoy the “Oregon Bounty” with the PCCCA’s new executive chef Sharon Wiest and its creator Rob Pounding. This two-hour class runs from 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. and cost is$40 with a meal included. Email Lincoln City Oktoberfest at the Pacific Coast Center for Culinary Arts. Create classic German dishes during this hands-on class with the PCCCA’s new executive chef, Sharon Wiest. Menu: pork schnitzel, apple compote, potato pancakes, braised sausages, fall fruit strudel and (of course) beer pairings! This hands-on four-hour class runs from 2 p.m. -6: p.m. and cost is $60 per person, with a meal included. 801 SW Hwy 101, Fourth Floor North, Lincoln City, Oregon. 541996-2119. 19 OCT Yachats FINAL FOR THE SEASON Farmers Market 9:00a-2:00p (Outside Commons) FMI(541) 528-7192 20 OCT Yachats TaiChi 8:00a (Rm 3) Exercise Class 10:00a (Gym) 24 OCT. Youth Halloween Sleepover. Leave your costumes at home and learn about the aquarium’s animals as you don a variety of aquarium costumes. During this special sleepover, we’ll dress up in some hilarious and educational costumes as we explore seals, sea lions, sea otters, sharks, and more. Register in advance by calling 541-867-3474 Ext. 5301. 6 p.m. – 9 a.m. Ages 7-11 $45 members, $55 non-members. Oregon Coast Aquarium. Newport, Oregon.

Espresso Listings

Newport: Fast Lane Coffee Co 610 N. Coast Hwy 541-574-0316 KundALini Espresso 121 N.E. 15th St. 541-270-8280 Newport Bay Coffee Co. 4852 N. Coast Highway 541-265-4090 Dutch Bros Coffee 822 SW Coast Hwy “Guaranteed to Satisfy” Otis: Dock’s Landing Mona at downtown Otis Toledo: Milltown Coffee Stop W. Highway 20 541-336-2498 Toledo Coffe Depot 615 W Highway 20 541-336-5282 Waldport: Espresso 101 Mile marker 156 Hwy 101 541-563-3939

Requests & Contests 265-2266

Requests & Contests 265-2266

Requests & Contests 265-2266


800 827-7882

800 905-8020

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Lincoln City 994-2181 Newport 265-2266 YAQUINA BAY COMMUNICATIONS, INC

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Oct 17-23, 2008

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FRIENDLIEST AUTO DEALER IN TOWN! 27 S Coast Hwy Newport 541-265-6686 or 800-838-6686

$27.95 Oil Change




Chrysler Dodge Jeep vehicles only Includes Filter up to 5 quarts & multi-point inspection DIESEL & SYNTHETIC OIL EXTRA to take advantage of this offer Coupon must be presented before Service THIS COUPON EXPIRES 11/19/2008


Dog-Proof Your Home

Q: I have a new puppy, and "Jake" keeps getting into everything -- garbage, pantry, laundry, you name it. He's a big chewer, too. How do I get him to stop? -Frank S., via e-mail A: Regular obedience training, along with increased PAW'S CORNER attention, will help Jake stop exploring so much. By Sam Mazzotta However, healthy dogs never lose that urge to explore anything that smells so darn interesting (garbage, laundry, the pantry, you name it). So you've got to limit his access to those areas. Do you own a pet related business? Remove garbage from the living areas of the house every day -- place it in the big containers outside (or in Are you interested in being a sponsor of your garage) and seal the lid against intrusion. Seal the Pet Bits? Would you like to have your business viewed by pantry -- if it has no door latch, attach a short bungee cord from the cabinet knob to a screw-in hook you pet owners each week as they read Pet Bits? place in the frame, so you can latch and unlatch easily. Contact Lu 541-921-7281 and start making a Put your shoes away in a closet or close your bedroom difference! door.

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It's especially important, no matter how well your dog is trained, to not leave anything lying around that you don't want him to get at. Food, alcohol, cigarettes, chocolate, sharp objects or medication are big no-nos. Do place chew toys around the areas that Jake is allowed to inhabit. This gives him a healthy focus for his natural chewing tendencies. Now back to the increased attention. Take time every day -- an hour at least -- to train and play with Jake, outdoors or indoors. Puppies have lots of restless energy, which will fuel their curiosity, so help him work it off. In return, you'll get a much better bond with Jake, and a well-trained dog. Send your tips, questions and comments to Paws Corner, c/o King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475, or e-mail them to (c) 2008 King Features Synd., Inc

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Watch Artist Susan Hanson, at work. Sign up for classes! Oregon’s largest selection of lampwork glass beads. Unique findings & beading supplies.

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In Our Back Yard

Heart Song Gallery 2 stores in 1

10343 Hwy 101, Seal Rock Call 541-563-8789

Open10:30 am-5 pm Wed-Sat

Nearly New Consignment

Moving? Renovating? Bored with your beautiful pieces? Call us. Buying & Selling pre-owned furniture is popular in our “green” world. Let us make it easy for you.

If you are anywhere close to Seal Rock be sure and stop in at Heart Song Gallery established in 2000. The Shop is the studio of artist Susan P. Hanson. It’s a working studio gallery where you can observe how glass beads are made by Susan, a 14 year veteran of this new art form. Lampworking gets it name because hundreds of years ago, artisans heated glass over oil lamps. Today, we use a propane/oxygen torch to heat imported Italian and Czech glass rods to approximately 1200* F and wind the molten glass onto a stainless steel rod, which has a thin coating of clay, this prevents the glass from sticking. The molten glass has the consistency of thick Glass beads made by Susan Hanson, Stop in and honey, and the art is somewhat like sculpture, using colour, form and design to create a small treasure that is see how it’s done. Largest selection of lampwork wearable.The beads are created one at a time, after the piece is completed it is then put into an annealing kiln, glass beads in Oregon. Unique findings & beading which keeps the temperature stable then cooled very slowly to prevent future cracking . Then the bead is resupplies. Monthly lampworking classes. moved from the mandrel and the hole thoroughly cleaned in water with a diamond bit to remove all the excess clay . That’s basically it ....A bead is born” Susan creates each focal bead one at a time so they are unique one of a kind wearable art pieces. Heart Song Gallery Heartsong has a wide selection of one of kind jewelry made by Susan using her glass beads. Two stores in one We also carry every thing you need to make your own jewelry designs ...Hill tribe silver, pewter charms & Nearly New Consignment findings, semi precious gemstone beads, pearls and much more. Come in choose your favorite lampwork beds Be sure and check out her website at and let us help you create your own personalized jewelry.Ask about our monthly lampworking workshops. 10343 n Pacific Hwy,Seal Rock . 541 563 8789 If you're moving, renovating or bored with your Nearly New Consignment Furniture beautiful pieces, call us. Buying and selling pre- We added the furniture in Nov 2007 we take furniture 10 years and newer and have been very successful resellowned furniture has never been more popular as ing couches, dining sets and a wide selection of home furniture. We sell the best in affordable gently used, we now live in a "green" world. Let us make it consignment, and new furniture to make your home more comfortable and beautiful. easy for you. Why consign ...its safe shoppers come to our store. No need for you to haggle with customers or worry about bad checks.We take care of pick up to pricing to advertizing to selling Buying furniture ..get top quality gently used furnishings at great prices.

Main Street Cafe NOW HERE'S A TIP

By JoAnn Derson

Don't store propane tanks in the garage. They have a freezing point of -310 F, so they can stay outside yearround. "If you're like me and wear glasses and get your hair colored, try this wonderful tip. My hairdresser keeps a container full of glove fingers in her drawer. She cuts the fingers off the plastic gloves after the pair of gloves gets worn. I slip one over each stem of my glasses, and they are protected while the color is on my hair. I can put them on without worrying about the chemicals messing with the plastic, and I just slip them off when my hair is ready to be rinsed." -- F.E. in New York "I line my cookie sheets with aluminum foil. A lot of people do. But as soon as I have made a batch of cookies, I wipe it clean with a damp paper towel. Then I can set it aside to cool while another batch is cooking. I can do many batches with one lining of foil, and this saves me money." -- V.K. in Oregon "I use coffee filters to clean windows and mirrors. They are less crumply than newspaper, but still are lint-free and give a nice shine." -- P.C. in Virginia "My husband is hard on buttons. So, I sew the waist buttons on his pants with dental floss. A touch of shoe polish helps the white to blend in, and it's as tough as he is. I don't recall ever having to resew a button that was put on with floss." -- U.S. in Michigan "My kids love to do chalk drawings, and when they have finished a particularly nice one, we spray it with hairspray. It sets the chalk so that it doesn't shake off or rub off too much." -- S.N. in Georgia Send your tips to Now Here's a Tip, c/o King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475 or e-mail JoAnn at (c) 2008 King Features Synd., Inc.

Open for Breakfast & Lunch 5 am - 2 pm Mon. - Fri. 6 am - 2 pm Sat. 7 am - 2 pm Sun.

“No one leaves here hungry” Home of the Giant Portion 336 - 9150 (Orders to Go) 297 N. Main St. • Toledo (across from City Hall)

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COMFORT FOODS -- Made Fast and Healthy! By Healthy Exchanges Custard Apple Pie

October is National Apple Month. This one is quick and easy, and with the right cooking apple you will have created the great ending to a wonderful meal. 1 Pillsbury refrigerated unbaked 9-inch pie crust 6 cups (12 small) cored, peeled and thinly sliced cooking apples 1 cup Splenda Granular 3 tablespoons all-purpose flour 2 tablespoons plus 2 teaspoons I Can't Believe It's Not Butter! Light Margarine 1 teaspoon apple pie spice 1/3 cup Land O Lakes Fat Free Half & Half Preheat oven to 350 F. Place pie crust in a 9-inch pie plate. Flute edges. Evenly arrange apple slices in prepared pie crust. In a medium bowl, combine Splenda, flour, margarine and apple pie spice. Mix with a fork to make a crumbly mixture. Spoon half the mixture over apples. Stir gently to blend into apples. Carefully pour half & half over apple mixture. Sprinkle remaining crumb mixture over top. Bake for 1 hour. Place pie plate on a wire rack and allow to cool completely. Cut into 8 servings. Each serving equals: 205 calories, 9g fat, 1g protein, 30g carbs, 145mg sodium, 19mg calcium, 2g fiber; Diabetic Exchanges: 1 1/2 Fruit, 1 Starch/Carb, 1 Fat; Carb Choices: 2. Visit Healthy Exchanges at www.healthyexchanges. com, or call toll-free at 1-800-766-8961 for more information about the only national food newsletter for diabetics, heart/cholesterol concerns and healthy weight loss. (c) 2008 King Features Synd., Inc.

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School Bits

Oct 17-23, 2008 Page 6 Issue # 009 Advertising Call 541-921-7281 Tidbits of Lincoln County Invites Schools K-12 to send in Tidbits of Lincoln County their News & Events to be posted in our School Bits Invites all Students of our Lincoln

County Schools K-12 to join our Poetry and Short Story Contest! Would like to thank these businesses for contributing prizes to our winners of our Poetry & For details email Short story contest. or write to us at P.O. Box 239 Otis, OR 97368


The Fair Board is in the beginning stages of renovating the kitchen area in the Main Hall into a cyber café for high school students after school. Our goal is to provide an environment that is welcoming, open & safe for our teens. The cafe would provide a secure place for students to come after school to study, complete homework, socialize with friends, play games and have access to computers. We're looking at a January beginning date. The cyber café would open on school days from 3 pm to 6 pm. Below is a list of items we need to complete the project. Donations are gladly accepted. You can also make a monetary donation to the “Lincoln County Fair – Cyber Café”. If you’d like to volunteer to help get this project off the ground, please call 265-6237. ITEMS Needed 6 pendant lights, Guitar Hero game for X Box Extra guitars, Controls for X Box Round or square tables with chairs Board games Recent magazines suitable for teens DVD’s – suitable for teens 6 counter stools, 2 overstuffed couches 4 overstuffed chairs Stand to hold large screen television VOLUNTEERS Needed Whether you want to volunteer a few hours a month or a few hours a day, we would be interested in having you join us. SERVICES Needed Electrician to install outlets for computers and lighting

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Siletz Bay Gallery & Gifts Join us in celebrating our Youth! To sponsor call Lu 541-921-7281

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541-563-4918 7 days a week When grandchildren Open 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. ?? suddenly come to live at your house and become your responsibility, there's usually no advanced notice. A sudden turn of events Operation Gratitude Gears -- a tragedy, substance abuse, a set of military orders Up for Holidays As you read to a hostile area -- followed by a knock on the door, this, Operation Gratitude has and you're back to raising children. This time it's your kicked off its 2008 holiday Caramel Corn • Cheese Corn • Coney Dogs • Hot Dogs • Baked Goods • Ice Cream • Malts • grandchildren you find yourself responsible for. Sundaes • Shakes • Smoothies • Salt Water Taffy • Soft Drinks • Espresso • Coffee • Wraps season and is busily preparing There are sure to be complications: Maybe you're in an care packages to send to servicemembers in hostile adults-only community. Maybe you're barely making areas. By the time it finishes this year, more than ends meet. Maybe you'd always planned to retire and 400,000 individual packages will have been sent. travel the world -- alone. Maybe your health isn't that Last December, a serviceman opened his care packgreat lately. Maybe you still work a fulltime job. age (the 300,000th package) and discovered that the If you find yourself in this situation, you're not alone; WASHINGTON - About 20,000 veterans forced out box contained, among other things, the keys to a more than 2 million grandparents are raising grandof the military early by a combat related injury could brand-new Jeep Liberty, which would be waiting for children. Fortunately, there are resources. Here are be eligible for hundreds of dollars in special compen- him upon his return from Iraq. Not only that, but the two: sation pay under new rules outlined by the services founder of OpGrat, Carolyn Blashek, went personally Go to and look at the GrandCare Toolkit. this month. Prior to the change in law, only those vet- to Iraq to deliver that package. Gutsy lady. Something There's more to suddenly being responsible for raiserans with 20 years of service could apply for Combat equally amazing is surely going to be in that 400,000 ing grandchildren than one might imagine, until you're Related Special Compensation. However, under new package. thrust into the situation. The Toolkit has links to a rules, any veteran with a combat-related disability If you haven't seen the OpGrat Web site, check it out: wealth of information: where to find help, legal issues maybe eligible for the compensation. Dept Defense Don't miss the photo gallery, (you might need legal guardianship before you can guidance defines a combat-related disability in 1 of wish list, the list of sponsors and the FAQ. So far, even register your grandchild in school or authorize 3 following ways. A Purple Heart disability, which is OpGrat has sent care packages to Iraq, Afghanistan, medical procedures), finances and public benefits, a disability with an assigned medical diagnosis code Kosovo, Korea, Africa, Kuwait, Bahrain, the UAE, health insurance, tax considerations, childproofing a from the Veterans Affairs Schedule for Related DisGuantanamo Bay and onto ships in international wahouse and even a beginner's guide to computing with ability VASRD, that was attributed to injuries for ters. grandchildren. which the member was awarded a Purple Heart. One No part of this effort comes cheap, and OpGrat has See for links to lowith an assigned medical diagnosis code from the had to face yet another increase in postage: It costs cal and state resources, advice for dealing with stress, VASRD that was: $9.30 to send each box. While most of the items in the information on financial assistance you might qualify Incurred as a direct result of armed conflict; boxes are donated by corporate sponsors and individufor and ways to help children who may be coming out As a result of hazardous service; als like you and me, the postage isn't. This holiday of abuse or neglect situations. In performance of duty under conditions simulating season it'll send 70,000 packages. That's $650,000 in While these sites won't do the hard part -- the actual war; or postage alone. While you're thinking about it -- right raising of your grandchildren -- it might help to know Through an instrumentality of war. now -- why not pull out your checkbook and cut a you're not alone and that there is help out there. One with an assigned medical diagnosis code from the check to OpGrat for the cost of sending a box or two Matilda Charles regrets that she cannot personally VASRD that was deemed presumptive or “presumed” to a servicemember who'll be away from home over answer reader questions, but will incorporate them into by the VA to be incurred as a result of combat opera- the holidays? Here's the info: her column whenever possible. Write to her in care tions. To receive the special compensation, veterans Operation Gratitude of King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, must be currently receiving military retirement pay and 16444 Refugio Road Orlando, FL 32853-6475, or send e-mail to columnreveterans’ disability payments and must have a 10% Encino, CA 91436 or greater rated disability recognized by the military (818) 909-0039 (c) 2008 King Features Synd., Inc. as combat related. The amount of the monthly CRSC pay will be based on troops’ rank, years of service and Write to Freddy Groves in care of King Features the severity of injury. In some case the formula for Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853Combat Related Special Compensation could actually 6475, or send e-mail to reduce a veterans’ total monthly payments; however, the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) (c) 2008 King Features Synd., Inc. will calculate all the disability pay impact to make sure veterans are receiving the highest payouts and begin CRSC payments within 60 to 90 working days of receiving their approval letter. All veterans including recently separated service members, will have to apply to receive the new compensation by completing a DD Form 2860 with the required documentation attached. Required documentation includes a signed claim form and: Copy of Chapter 61 board results (Chapter 61 claimants only). Copies of ALL VA rating decisions which include the letter and narrative summaries Copies of ALL DD214’s Medical records that support “HOW” the injury occurred for each claimed disability that meets criteria for combat-related. Refer to CRSC website to learn what combat-related is. Veterans interested in applying for Combat Related Special Compensation should contact their local Veteran’s Service Officer. The Lincoln County Veteran’s Service Office is now open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.. The office is located at 611 SW Hurbert ST Suite C in Newport. Appointments are recommended, walk-ins are welcome. Call 541-574-6955 for appointments.


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