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Sept 12-18, 2008

The Neatest Little Paper Ever Read Issue # 004 Published By DenLu Publishing LLC Advertising Call 541-921-7281 Premium Craft Beer • Belgian Ales • Wine Selection 3rd Best Quarter 2008& Variety “Where the Locals Go for Brew to Go” Week 37 Pick your favorite microbrew For a unique & delicious MIXPAK. SepSpecial 7 – Sep 13 Welcome Orders

*GoGo West * west to Honolulu. Portland, Oregon to

Seal Rock Store

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Groceries • Ice • Agates • ATM • Bait Hot Dog Bar • Hot Steamed Tamales Camping • Tackle• Firewood & more.

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Honolulu, Hawaii $380.00 per person


Based on availability. ISSUE 2008.37

Hot Hollywood Dogs Call: Delphia

Walker Travel 541-994-4469 pages 1-4

John Fitzgerald Kennedy pages 5-6

A Tidbits Cheat Sheet pages 7-8

Main Street Cafe Open for Breakfast & Lunch 5 am - 2 pm Mon. - Fri. 6 am - 2 pm Sat. 7 am - 2 pm Sun.

“No one leaves here hungry” Home of the Giant Portion 336 - 9150 (Orders to Go) 297 N. Main St. • Toledo (across from City Hall)

HOT HOLLYWOOD DOGS by Marcy Stephens

The world’s most famous collie, Lassie, made her TV debut this week back in 1954. So let’s look back at some canines that earned their keep (and then some) by working on TV and film. • Although Lassie was referred to as a girl in both the film and TV series, the dog that portrayed her was male. Female collies lose their coat once per year, which might cause disruptions in filming schedules. Male collies are larger, too, so they’re able to work with taller child stars and not look too small. • The first Lassie was a collie named Pal. Later, Pal was bred with several females in an effort to produce pups with the same wide white blaze on the face, white collar of fur around the neck, and four white paws. The Lassie TV series of the late 1990s starred an eighth-generation descendant of Pal. • A recurring gag on TV’s The Nanny involved Miss C.C. Babcock’s dog, Chester the Pomeranian. He seemed more attached to nanny Fran than to his owner. That’s because the nanny – actress Fran Drescher – was Chester’s real-life owner. What’s more, he was very possessive of her, so it wasn’t difficult to train him to growl at C.C. (actress Lauren Lane) whenever she picked him up. turn the page for more!



Enjoy Fantastic Tide pools, view resident seals & hunt agates on Seal Rock Beaches

10181 Highway 101 in Seal Rock 10 miles south of Newport 541-563-3930 Under new ownership Come say Hello!

Walker Travel offers

Costa Rica

Natural Paradise Tour This tour continues to be a

10 day Tour!

including all meals & activities. Prices range from $995.00 per person Call Delphia 994-4469 for complete details

PJ’S Wash & Fold

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OPEN FOR BUSINESS 7 a.m.-12 p.m.Monday-Friday

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24 Hour Self-Service Coin-op

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For One on One Personal Attention. Your Future is Important To Me. Is This the Right time to Buy? Always… Property is a Good Investment.

10449 NW Pacific Coast Hwy - Seal Rock, OR 97367 541-563-4918 The Little Red Store with FUDGE & more! ~~~ Hot Dogs, Wraps, Carmel Corn, Cheese Corn, Ice Cream, Salt Water Taffy, Baked Goods, Soft Drinks & Coffee Drinks

Open 7 days a week 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. ??

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predictions for Yaquina Bay

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Published By DenLu Publishing LLC Sept 12-18, 2008

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Fish Bits Hey Guys & Gals, Here is your chance to Strut your stuff! Email your stories, (keep it clean this is a family paper) jokes, riddles & photos or tips. Send it to P.O. Box 848 Siletz, OR 97380 or email to: or call Lu at 541-921-7281 Quit wishing -- Go fishing

Fish Bits is Sponsored by Premium Craft Beer • Belgian Ales • Wine Best Selection & Variety “Where the Locals Go for Brew to Go” Pick your favorite microbrew for a unique & delicious MIXPAK. Special Orders Welcome

Seal Rock Store established in 1923 Groceries • Ice • Agates • ATM • Bait Hot Dog Bar • Hot Steamed Tamales Camping • Tackle• Firewood & more. Enjoy Fantastic Tide pools, view resident

HOLLYWOOD DOGS (continued): seals & hunt agates on Seal Rock Beaches • Mike the Briard appeared as the lovable 10181 Highway 101 in Seal Rock Buck on TV’s Married…with Children. Mike 10 miles south of Newport started his gig with the Bundy clan when he 541-563-3930 Under new ownership was three and a half years old, and stayed Come say Hello! with them for the next nine years. The producers retired him at the age of 12, considered Fishing rule #1: The least experienced fisherman quite old for many large-breed dogs. always catches the biggest fish and you will notice On the show, Buck went to dog heaven, with Al complaining about the cost of a canine funeral. on your worst days the least experienced fisherman will also have the longest memory and the biggest “They buried King Tut for less!” mouth! • The Cairn Terrier first received major show business exposure in 1939, when a pooch Fishing rule #2: The worse your line is tangled, the named Terry played Toto in The Wizard of Oz. The second most famous Cairn in Hollywood better is the fishing is around you. may have been Danny, who played Fishing rule #3: Fishing will do a lot for a man but both Fred, Little Ricky’s dog on I Love Lucy; it won’t make him truthful. and Fremont, the neighbor Wilsons’ spoiled pet on Dennis the Menace. • Even though Mad About You’s Paul Buchman Mr X: “How do you tune a fish” Mr. Y: “You don’t tuna fish you fish for tuna didn’t described Murray as a “rare Flatbush you learn no english?” Pound Collie-Shepherd,” Maui (the dog who Mr X: “No you can tune a fish” played Murray) is really a Border Collie mix. Mr Y: “That’s nuts man how you goin to tune a A trainer rescued him from an animal shelter fish?” in Castaic, California, and found him work in Mr X: “by the scales” a few television commercials. He can do many tricks on cue, including sneezing, shaking his head, rolling over, and (as the show’s fans will recall) chasing invisible mice. • The first dog to portray Comet on Full House was a Golden Retriever named Buddy. Buddy By Samantha Weave Some of those who research our sleep habits claim that humans' normal sleep pattern should alternate four hours awake with four hours asleep 24 hours a day. It was several hundred years BC when famed Greek philosopher Plato made the following sage -- and still relevant -- observation: "One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors." If you pick up those flashy (and trashy) tabloid mags in the checkout line of the grocery store, you might want to consider this: The reading level of tabloids is considered to be 9 to 12 years of age. The first football team on record to have a live animal mascot was the United States Naval Academy. In 1890, the story goes, midshipmen acquired a goat and named it, with a great lack of creativity, "Bill." "Uncopyrightable" is one of the only 15-letter words in the English language that doesn't repeat a single letter. No matter where you live in the world, if you've been paying attention at all during the past 15 or 20 years you've heard the Nike shoe company's slogan "Just Do It." In the late 1980s, the company was filming a commercial in Africa and hired a tribesman in Kenya to say the slogan in his native tongue. Instead he said, "I don't want these. Give me big shoes." And nobody, it seems, caught the substitution. If you're like the average American, you spend more time watching TV than doing anything else except sleeping and working -- more than four hours every day. Thought for the Day: "No man has a prosperity so high or firm, but that two or three words can dishearten it; and there is no calamity which right words will not begin to redress." -- Ralph Waldo Emerson (c) 2008 King Features Synd., Inc.

Hey, Did you hear Fish Bits is now Sponsored by Seal Rock Store! Now if we could just get a sponsor for our brag page.... interested call Lu 541-921-7281 also starred in the film Air Bud, but was unable to appear in the sequels due to an illness that took his life in 1998. • Henry the Bassett Hound played Lt. Columbo’s slobbery, ice-cream-eating pal on Columbo. On the show, mind you, he was only ever referred to as “Dog.” When Henry retired, he was replaced by a younger Bassett Hound. Makeup artists, normally tasked with trying to make actors look younger, touched up his fur to add some years to his face. • Jay Bush was very nervous about appearing on-camera when he was tapped to be the spokesman for the family’s popular brand of beans. The family pet, a Golden Retriever named Duke, was brought on the set to help Jay to relax. Someone got the idea to have Jay “tell” Duke the secret Bush’s Baked Beans recipe. He was initially reluctant, since he thought it sounded silly, but the scenario had spawned a series of related ads. The dog that appears with Jay in commercials is a professional actor; the real Duke doesn’t care for show business and prefers to stay home. • When Frasier topped the Nielsen ratings, the character that received the most fan mail was the Jack Russell terrier known as Eddie. His real name was Moose, and a family that couldn’t handle his rambunctious nature handed him over to a rescue organization. Trainer Mathilde de Cagny spotted Moose and thought he had charisma, so she adopted him. Moose was a fast learner, and six months later, he hit the jackpot by landing the role of Eddie in his very first audition. • Frank the Pug proved so popular after his lone scene in the feature film Men in Black that he was brought back for the sequel. By then, Mushu, who played Frank, was getting grey around his muzzle. The makeup department added a little pancake powder on his snout to bring back his youthful look. • Dreyfuss, from TV’s Empty Nest, was big in more ways than one. He was played by a St. Bernard/Golden Retriever mix named Bear, and became an immediate hit with viewers. Producers had to limit his on-camera time simply because he was so massive. It was difficult to fit more than one actor in a scene when Bear was on the stage. By the way, Bear’s sister, Bodi, is in show business, too. She appeared in the film Steel Magnolias.• Hart to Hart’s Freeway (so named because that’s where he was found) was supposed to be a non-descript mutt good for little more than shedding on the sofa. But in real life, the dog who played Freeway was a purebred Löwchen named Charlie. The unusual breed is originally from Germany, where Löwchen means “little lion.”

Salmon River Market

groceries, gas, directions, propane & coffee “Specializing In friendly Service” Come & say Hello! fill your cup or tanks 541-994-2611

1264 Salmon River Hwy 18,Otis, Or.

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Sept 12-18, 2008

Page 3 Issue # 004

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Looking for Fun .... Real Estate Listings:

What to do and where to go in

Lincoln County

September 12 Book Signing and Historical Presentation at the North Lincoln Historical Museum on Highway 101, at 1PM. The presentation, • A pit bull named Grunt appeared in the 1983 focusing on the book Oregon 1859: A Snapshot in Time, will tour guests through life in Oregon as it feature film Flashdance. Even though became a state. Grunt’s screen time was minimal, he was September 12 & 13 Comedy on the Coast 8PM listed in the movie’s end credits as being portrayed by Jumbo Red. What’s amazing is that at Chinook Winds Casino Resort. FMI 888-CHINOOK. the name of Marine Jahan, who appeared in several scenes doing most of the real dancing September 12-14 Watercolor Flower Painting with Patricia Schmidt at the Sitka Center. All skill levin the film, did not appear anywhere in those els welcome. To register or find out more please credits. The producers wanted the audience to think that star Jennifer Beals was the onebustin’ call 541-994-5485 or visit *Fall Blues Show & Shine, Registration $25 those moves. • Okay, technically, Santa’s Little Helper isn’t First 130 Pre 1973 Cars, Pick-ups and Motor Cya real dog, he’s a cartoon dog. But the faithful cles. For all registered entries, there will be Free Breakfast on Sat. and Sun. and a BBQ Sunday pet of The Simpsons acts more like a real Nite. 18 Sponsors pick awards at 10:30 a.m. on dog than most other Hollywood canines. He Sunday. Special Motel Rates. FMI: 541-928-6246. chews Homer’s shoes, and even steals food Registration Times Fri 3-7 p.m.; Sat 8 a.m. - 12 off the table. The only “tricks” he can do are p.m.Show and Shine, Sat 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. / Dance scratching and licking himself. On the show, in the Grass, 8 p.m.-Midnight. Music by the Blind SLH was a racing greyhound who caused Rhino Homer to lose all his money betting at the September 12-15 Writing the Woods: A Workdog track. He ended up being the kids’ shop on Forests and Storytelling with Charles Christmas present that year. Goodrich, Fred Swanson and Sarah Greene at the • The little Chihuahua that played the Taco Sitka Center. All skill levels welcome. To register Bell dog was named Gidget. She became so or find out more please call 541-994-5485 or visit popular that two stand-in dogs – Dinky and Taco – were hired to handle the scores of requests September 13 Coastal Mushrooms with Lee Gray for personal appearances. When Taco the Wild Gourmet. Signup at 10AM at Harts Cove Bell ended that ad campaign, Gidget made Trailhead (bring lunch) FMI 541-992-3798. one last TV appearance on The Tonight September 16-18Changing Light: Landscape Show. Host Jay Leno offered her a choice of Photography with Gary Tepfer at the Sitka Center. a Taco Bell chalupa or some KFC chicken. Who knew that what Gidget really “quieroed” All skill levels welcome, must be able to navigate rough terrain. To register or find out more please was an extra crispy drumstick? call 541-994-5485 or visit September 17 Toledo Wednesday Street Market 10 am - 2 pm Main Street Toledo Requests & Contests 265-2266

Requests & Contests 265-2266

Requests & Contests 265-2266


800 827-7882

800 905-8020

Now listen live to

Lincoln City 994-2181 Newport 265-2266 YAQUINA BAY COMMUNICATIONS, INC

COLDWELL BANKER MILLER’S REAL ESTATE Hwy 101 and 7th Street Yachats, Oregon Local: 547-3171 Toll free: 800-626-8439

Mike & Wendy Snidow of Emerald Coast Realty Yachats Branch 360 Hwy 10 Yachats, OR 97498 Call 541-547-4750 or (800) 210-6406 office 541-547-4150 or see all MLS Listings at

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United States Coast Guard 13th District Guardians of the Pacific Northwest

Labor Day Weekend found many happy fishermen, and fisherwomen in Lincoln County. Tuna and other fish were being caught to the limit as was reported by many captains in Depoe Bay, Kernville, Newport, and Waldport. The Coast Guard was there quietly doing their job ready to spring into action to answer any call the boaters, surfers, swimmers, beachgoers, or other waterway goers might need. The 13th District covers all of Washington, Oregon, Montana, and Idaho. We wanted to take the time to thank the men and women who risk their lives to save others. Here are some of their stories from Depoe Bay Thanks guys and gals for all that you do!

Depoe Bay USCG Seaman Devon Kelly has been in the Coast Guard for 3 1/2 months. She came to Depoe Bay following basic train -ing in Cape May N.J. She is in for a 6 yr. stint. She hails from Eclectic, AL. She is next to oldest of 4 children. She is single. “Challenging you push yourself to do the work,” Logan (Dundee, OR) earnest junior photographer she says, “The training pushes you to want to do better. At was out getting photo shots on Labor day weekend. the end of the day it is very rewarding to look back at the people you help”. She loves being with the team members in this unit. Best of luck! Seaman Kelly

Petty Officer BM2 Lazaro Lopez was our escort for our interview. He was a great help and very informed. He came from Corpus Christi, T.X. He is the baby of a family of 7. As a child he was the “Wild Child” He has been in for 3 yrs & 4 months. In May he plans to reinlist. He is happily married to Casie, who is his highschool sweetheart. “I joined the Coast Guard to make a difference and save lives. If I could save one life, I would be happy.” he said. A typical day: 7a.m. Station pass down (update from previous shift), check the boats and make sure they are running and safe, quarters (meeting with whole station) what is planned for the week, preventive maintence, paperwork, and training. When there is a call it comes in from a 911 call or from channel 16. You have to make an assesment of danger. Then a plan of action, who is going into the choppers? This is decided by if it is a person in danger, person in water, boat taking on water. Boat is always launched to answer a call.

E3 Officer Brandi Ingram has been in for 6 months of a 4 yr stint. She comes from Panama City, FL. She is single and the oldest of 4 girls in her family. What she likes best if helping people. She has a lot of gratitude to the Coast Guard . “When I was little we had a Bayliner with jet ski on the back and I’m not sure what happened, but we were going under and the Coast Guard was there for my family. That’s when I said that I wanted to join the Coast Guard.” What I like most is helping people. It is challenging, meeting the requirements of the job. Proving to yourself that you can do it.” Her message to other gals out there, “Don’t back off because you think it is only for the guys. It is a great stepping stone to other things in life. Looking at the picture below you can see the rocks uncovered by the wave action that shows the dangers that makes Depoe Bay well known for being The Coast Guard works as part of the Homeland Security for the Most Dangerous Bar to Transit Harbor. It requires a skilled captain. more information check out these websites: boating classes information index.htm Other Coast Guard sites go/site/21/ htm be sure an check out this site http://www.americaswaterway-

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Sept 12-18, 2008

Page 5 Issue # 004

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In Our Back Yard

September is Piano Month Lavada McMahan offers


Piano Instruction in

30, 45, & 60 Minute Lessons Adults & Children 6 & Older

FRIENDLIEST AUTO DEALER IN TOWN! 27 S Coast Hwy Newport 541-265-6686 or 800-838-6686

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Hurricane Kit for Pets

Chrysler Dodge Jeep vehicles only Includes Filter up to 5 quarts & multi-point inspection DIESEL & SYNTHETIC OIL EXTRA to take advantage of this offer Coupon must be presented before Service THIS COUPON EXPIRES 9/29/2008

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Wanted 3 wheel bicycle good condition call Dennis at 541-921-3000

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DEAR PAW'S CORNER: We're at the height of hurricane season here in the South, and I wanted to tell you about how I prepare my whole family, including our two dogs, Sadie and Sassie, in case a hurricane approaches. I keep a "hurricane kit" -- a tote bag and a cooler -- in the entry hall next to the garage. In the tote bag is one change of clothes for each person in the family (my kids are out of diapers thankfully, but if they weren't, a big case of diapers would be included) and copies of our most important documents (house papers, doctor and vet information, etc.), along with a couple of books and coloring books, a hand-cranked radio/flashlight and a small first-aid kit. A smaller bag tucked into the big tote has my dogs' necessities: two extra collars and leashes, extra medications, extra ID tags, a copy of their vet records, a couple of chew toys, a small bag of treats and two folding water bowls. In the cooler is two gallons of water, nonperishable food and snacks. In June of each year I go through the kit, throw away expired food and medications and restock. I also buy an extra case of water and store nearby. My family knows the routine to follow if an evacuation order is issued -- my sons will get the dogs while my husband loads the hurricane kit and extra water into the van, and I grab wallets and keys. It seems like a lot to go through for a storm that usually doesn't come, but we have had to evacuate before and use our "lessons learned" to stay ready. One important thing is, don't bring the kitchen sink! Put only necessities into the kit to get through one to three days without food, water or a change of clothes. And always include your pets' needs when putting the kit together. -- Morgan C., Jacksonville, Fla. DEAR MORGAN: Thank you! Another important thing is to ensure your pets can be found if you get separated. A set of ID tags on their collar with contact information is helpful. Many owners also "chip" their pets, and while some owners are still ambivalent about this practice, it has proven invaluable during disasters in helping pets that have lost their collars get back to their owners. Send your tips, questions and comments to Paws Corner, c/o King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475, or e-mail them to (c) 2008 King Features Synd., Inc.

Teacup Toy Purebred Poodles Puppies and Adults

Available now. Call Mildred


for full details

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Sept 12-18, 2008

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Tidbits of Lincoln County Invites Schools K-12 to send in their News & Events to be posted in our School Bits

School Bits

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Tidbits of Lincoln County Invites all Students of our Lincoln County Schools K-12 to join our Poetry and Short Story Contest! For details email or write to us at P.O. Box 848 Siletz, OR 97380

Remember we need sponsors for the school page so we can continue to offer this service for our youth.

Would like to thank these businesses for

contributing prizes to our winners of our Poetry & Short story contest.

SHOREBIRDS Siletz Bay Gallery & Gifts

Mariner Square Join us in celebrating our Youth! to sponsor call Lu 541-921-7281

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Sept 12-18, 2008

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A Feast for the Eyes: The Little Red Store Tuna Sandwich and Milk If you ever wanted a reason to sit down to a tuna sandwich and a cold glass of milk, now you have it: Both of those foods can play a part in preventing macular degeneration. Macular degeneration, an eye condition that causes vision problems ranging from poor vision to blindness, mostly affects people over the age of 50. The macula, part of the retina, becomes thin and atrophied, sometimes bleeding. The result is loss of vision, which can mean it's no longer possible to read or to distinguish faces. There's no cure for it, and it's only guessed what the actual causes are. A recently study in London concluded that eating oily fish once a week could reduce the occurrence of macular degeneration, also known as AMD. Omega-3, one of the essential fatty acids, is found in oily fish such as mackerel, salmon and tuna. "Essential" means that the body can't produce it and we need to get it from our diet. (Supplements don't seem to help with macular degeneration.) In another study, Vitamin D, found in milk, was linked to a low incidence of AMD. And yet another study, this one from 2001, concluded that diets that included a lot of omega-3 resulted in low occurrences of AMD. Even more reasons to grab a tuna sandwich: The American Heart Association recommends that we eat oily fish every week. Other research indicates that omega-3 reduces inflammation and can be helpful in preventing heart disease and arthritis. If you want to add omega-3 to your diet, ask your doctor for recommendations as to number of servings and size. A problem with the studies is that while they cited the number of servings of fish in the ideal diet, they didn't explain exactly what a serving was. Matilda Charles regrets that she cannot personally answer reader questions, but will incorporate them into her column whenever possible. Write to her in care of King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 328536475, or send e-mail to (c) 2008 King Features Synd., Inc

with FUDGE & More Open 7 days a week 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. ??

For the Coast’s Premium Fudge, Remember 10449 NW Pacific Coast Hwy

Seal Rock, OR


Alternative Therapies Used to Treat PTSD Fixing post-traumatic stress disorder isn’t easy. The stanCaramel Corn • Cheese Corn • Coney Dogs • Hot Dogs • Baked Goods • Ice Cream • Malts • dard conventional medicine Sundaes • Shakes • Smoothies • Salt Water Taffy • Soft Drinks • Espresso • Coffee • Wraps protocol--drugs and terapy -often works ... eventually ... to a degree. Alternative therapies for PTSD are gaining momentum in the medical community, and with good reason: Many of them work, either alone or in conjunction with conventional treatments. Some of the complementary treatments being tried for PTSD include acupuncture, yoga, mindful meditation, hypnosis, virtual reality, acupressure, Reiki, biofeedback and Tai Chi, a Chinese martial art done with slow, gentle and deliberate movements that focus attention on breathing and relaxation. I've concluded, after much reading, that of all of the different therapies, there really is something to using acupuncture to treat PTSD. Acupuncture uses very thin needles that are inserted into different points in the body called meridians. It's thought that stimulating those meridian pathways releases negative energies. Veterans who have tried it say acupuncture induces a feeling of calm and peace that lasts for days. The problem with these alternative therapies is that not all of them will work on every individual. Sometimes it takes a while -- instant cures are unlikely -- and you might have to try different ones. However, some degree of relief is available. If you try acupuncture or another treatment once a week, and that one session gives you three nights of peaceful sleep, you're ahead of the game. And in many cases, the improvement is accumulative. If you're interested in trying any of these alternatives along with your regular treatment for PTSD or other stresses, make some calls. Try the Vet Center in your area, the closest VA hospital or even the doctors who are treating you. Relief for PTSD symptoms is out there. Write to Freddy Groves in care of King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475, or send e-mail to

(c) 2008 King Features Synd., Inc.

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Tidbits of Lincoln County Issue #004  

Tidbits of Lincoln County Issue #004

Tidbits of Lincoln County Issue #004  

Tidbits of Lincoln County Issue #004