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௠ખᆊ೰म‫؞‬ҙዔ‫ڑ‬໯பࢲ Inline Precut Semi-Automatic Tape Mounter ‫ݣ‬ე ዔ‫؞‬ᆊ೰‫ޢތ‬௢Ljᄜ‫ױ‬ԥၖეෳᅋᆊ೰‫ތ‬म‫؞‬ă ฐ‫ڑ‬Ѡ‫ޠ܅‬औᅳ໰ਢLj໯ப෫ԥᄁդූ಺ుă

Overview ・No precut tape is necessary. This machine automatically cuts tape set in the machine. ・Air bubble free automatic mounting (Workpieces and frames are set manually)

໎լ 内藏式预切割机构,体积小。 节省成本   - 使用未做预切割胶带   - 增加贴片数 (与本公司产品比)   - 片间间隔为零片 ● 可以用于非标準贴膜框架。 ● ●

୧211n৹ჾ໯౮ืફӔृ)7ᄪ‫و؍‬෫ࡌ* Comparison on number of wafer-sized tapes per 100m (6inches / 8inches) ᆓᅘ‫غ߲و‬෷໯౮ࢲ Mounter for circle-punched pieces ໯౮ืફ!!The number of wafer-sized tapes 6inches 8inches

3:1ċ491୞ 351ċ411୞


40ċ 231nn

● ●


-Internalizing precut process -Increasing number of precut sheets per tape length -Leaving no space to waste between precut sheets

ᆓᅘ‫و‬ᆊ೰‫ތ‬໯౮ࢲ Mounter for pre-cut tapes ໯౮ืફ!!The number of wafer-sized tapes 6inches 8inches

Compact design for minimum footprint Helps you save more cost by:


ᆢ541୞ ᆢ441୞

Even non standard precut shapes such as Eco Ring shape can be handled (This function may be optional depending on precut shape)

࿰૆઩౮ࣺࣺ‫ޒ‬ཛྷ૏‫و‬෫ࡌ Pre-Cutter ໯౮ืફ!!The number of wafer-sized tapes 6inches 8inches


ᆢ561୞" ᆢ481୞"

(従来比/Conventional ratio)


VWሞߞሚ ੹ျபĄम‫؞‬Ҵ܏ԩিฏ߲ଠ ● ‫ޕ‬ቸහ‫ڊ‬ᅋ‫׋‬஦ಃ  ● ‫ۂ‬ਇ࿄ర

Standard Equipment


‫ޠ‬ዷພ‫ٻڪݽ‬ሿ ‫ޠ‬ዷພࣩെಹ ● ‫ׅ‬঄٫ಹ

Optional Equipment

UV-shielding cover Tape scrap/Release liner rewinding roller ● Touch screen panel for setting up the equipment ● Porous chuck table ●

Table height adjustment mechanism Table heater ● Ionizer ●

ߢ‫ޏ‬/Specifications ౹ண Model Number

ዮ‫ؙ‬म‫ؙ؞‬ਝ‫ڪ‬ Max. Tape Width

֧‫؍‬DŽ ! !X!y!E!y!I!Dž Dimension( W x D x H )

ቺફ Weight

٫ᆚ Power Supply

ਅ಺ Air




300 mm

400 mm 600 mm × 800 mm × 1,170 mm 230 kg AC 200 V, 10 A, 50/60 Hz 0.5 MPa, 250 L/min,(ANR)

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