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Product Des�gn Portfol�o 2016 Den�z Onat Öztürk

Hello ! My name is Deniz and I was born in Istanbul. I’m in my junior year in Istanbul Technical University, Industrial Design. To me, designing is to find new problems and create new alternatives for different solutions. I believe not accepting visible solution as the only truth and trying to find new ways is what give rise to development.

Hobbies Character Traits punctual

video games drawing - sketching

curious good communicator social

Language Skills TR Turkish - Native

Rhinocheros 5 anime - manga playing guitar/bass

playing violin basketball

EN English - Advanced DE German - Intermediate 日本

Japanese - Elemantary

Programme Knowledge


Solidworks Fusion 360 Keyshot 123D Design Photoshop Illustrator Contact me: +90 530 784 40 71


Student Projects Lamesa Shiv Triird Scales

Renders and Models

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Student Projects

Lamesa Coffee Table

In this project we designed a complimentary furniture for Yataş Group’s new season products. In this project ergonomy and form was essential. Also the products should be compatible with Yataş’s new season furnitures.

MAY 2016



Concept Development


Living rooms are the centers of our living room. So we design ur living rooms for our guests. Sometimes with souveniors, sometimes with expensive and important objects or sometimes with flowers. Furthermore, our livingrooms are the showrooms of our own personality. In that concept Lamesa is more than a coffee table. It is rather a stand where we can show our personality to out guests

Lamesa Coffee Table

In this Lamesa, I wanted to create a place for different actions to come together for user. I tried to seperate areas with different , materials, shapes and height. For accessories or dressing I suggest an eliptic space for the user and for books I created a pocket between two areas.

I tried to create a harmony by using hardness and softness in Lamesa. Also, I use wood as the main material to give a rather warm feeling.

Cloth is made from felt. Felt part to store books. Also I use it to contrast the hardness of the wood and create an oxymoron. An eliptic surface to create an oval area for vases and other accessories that people would like.

Creating steps by using two different shaped areas. Also creating empty places to contrast the fullness of the wood

Lamesa Coffee Table

Shiv Beard Trimmer

In this project we are expected to create and develop a new design concept for an existing or not yet existing domestic electrical product.

APRIL 2016


Electric Razors





Shiv Beard Trimmer

Concept Develop-


Beard Trimmers is a convinient tool for men to shape their beards and such. Novadays, there are a lot of trimmers that can shape beards ine different kind of style, but at what costs? Unfortunately, most of the trimmers are for long hairs and create huge messes our sinks.

Shiv Beard Trimmer

Therefore, compared to other trimmers, will create a minimum mess, because of the vacuum system installed in it. Shiv can be counted as the first trimmer that collects the hair. Vacuum and the blades will operate together as user starts the device. That way it can collect as the blades cut the hair, creating minimum mess

Green Led indicator that shows battery power

Plexi cap for the storage area

Polycarbonate Shell

Shiv Beard Trimmer

Trash Can; where excess hair can storaged and thrown out later. Fan system for sucking in the excess hair.

Silicone handles to increase friction which stops slipping and provides better grip.

Shiv Beard Trimmer

Electric motor that powers blades

Ceramic blades that neglects rust, to provide clean and healty shave

Tribird DIY Birdhouse

In this project we were expected to design a DIY birdhouse for the birds that we choose, which provide shelter from rain and wind.

MARCH 2016

Trinidad is a DIY birdhouse which is designed for small birds like swallow. Its influenced by the birds act of squeezing and building nest to the narrow corners of our roofs. With its closed form trinidad mainly consist of two different size pyramid which can protect from rain and wind. In order to make it more understandable and user friendly, connection parts of trinidad designed as puzzle pieces. It is easy to build. The main stability is provided by the friction between the connection parts. However, if preferred wood glue can be used to increase stability.

Tribird DIY Birdhouse







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201.57 68.80 Tribird DIY Birdhouse





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201.57 68.80 9

5 5.




R 2.55



3 Join the pyramids. Main point in this step that, little pyramids corners should stick out from the big pyramids triangle holes.

1 Connect the parts of big and small pyramid. Also this is the step where we knot the rope. Knotted part should be on peak point of the pyramid

2 Place wooden rods to the holes of the small part.

Tribird DIY Birdhouse

4 Tribird is finished and ready to be a home to out little friends.

Scales Wearable Patterns

In this project we were expected search units in differen districts and places of Istanbul, then create wearable patterns from these units

APRIL 2015

Timeline and Story

For this project I was assigned to Üsküdar and started searching for patterns. Üsküdar is a sea side district in Istanbul which is one of the most essential transportation side. Also because it is in seaside it has the one of the biggest fish markets in the city. Also have the one of the important palace of asian side Beylerbeyi palace is here.

Scales Wearable Patterns

I started extract units for my pattern from different kind of objects and materials. I tried trees to roads, cars to signs, fence to motifs. Finally, I decided on the fishes in the fish market.

After I choose fishes, and I tried to simplify them as possible for my pattern.

I created my continous pattern using simplified fish units.

Scales Wearable Patterns

Then I cut one part of the velcro similar to my patter units and join it with stripes of the other part of the velcro.

In conclusion by using only velcro my wearable pattern was made.

While making Scales, the thing that I most wanted was, to create a wearing unit which is solely based on connection parts. In that sense, velcro was the best material and for me it was easy to apply my pattern. With the combination of stripes and fish pattern creates a feel of watching a stream action. Also I changed the size and the colours of fish because, I wanted them to represent different types of fish in the sea. I choose fishes as my patterns because all of the things that I saw in ĂœskĂźdar, fishes were more appropriate for a pattern. The back connection of the Scales gives another direction to the movement, which breaks down the monotone movement on the front.

Scales Wearable Patterns


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Product Design Portfolio 2016  
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