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Bubblicious The Company Background: Mondelēz International Inc., formerly Kraft Foods Inc., has announced the spin-­‐off of its North American grocery business, Kraft Foods Group Inc. At the same time as the spin-­‐off; Kraft Foods Inc. changed its name to Mondelēz International Inc. It is one of the world’s largest snack companies and is a leading snack company specializing in food and beverages, and marketed in 165 countries. Company Products: The company owns numerous brands in the Biscuit, Chocolate, Gum, Candy, Beverages, Cheese and Dairy categories. Mondelēz International produces well-­‐known products such as Oreo, Chips Ahoy, Newtons, Wheat Thins, Ritz, Trident, Cadbury products, Kenco, Philadelphia Cream Cheese and many more. Current Sales Analysis: Mondelēz International’s sales have decreased since 2009, dropping 7.4% to date. Although is hasn’t been a significant drop in number, any decrease affects the business in a negative way. Today, Mondelēz International owns 31% of the market share making Wrigley the top owner of the gum market at 58.5%.

Size of Industry: Industry Revenue: 2011: $293 Million. In recent years has declined. Leading gum brand is Wrigley’s, owned by Mars Inc. Wrigley Company owns 5 gum, Juicy Fruit, Orbit, Hubba Bubba, Extra and Eclipse. As well as the Wrigley’s gum flavors Doublemint, Spearmint, Big Red and Winter Fresh. They own 55% of the chewing gum market share in 2012. Mondelēz International owns: Stride, Trident, Chiclets, Bubbloo and Bubblicious. Kraft Foods, which is associated with Mondelēz, own Dentyne. They own 22% of the market share in 2012, becoming the second largest provider in the market.

Opportunities: Sugar Free choices Gluten Free choices Fruity/Mint Version of the gum Stick gum Increased market share by 2017 (Global gum market reaching 23.1 billion) Threats: Aaron Hernandez case, blue cotton candy Bubblicious gum was found at the scene of the crime where he murdered someone. He was seen earlier buying blue cotton candy gum at a gas station near the murder scene U.S., chewing gum sales are down 6% since 2010 according to the associated press Sorbitol, which is a sweetener found is most gums is poorly digested by the small intestine. An average piece of chewing gum has 1.25 grams of sorbitol Chewing gum constantly, especially sugary gums such as Bubblicious can lead to a bad oral health Recent mints/breath freshening candies have made a spark due to the quickness and easy use They’re more convenient and are packaged with more pieces Also a quick loss of taste in gum such as Bubblicious can’t compete with longer lasting gum (which stride has coined as its slogan.) Overall Industry Trends: Mint gum/ refreshing breath Candy gum with intense flavors Sugar free gum Used by students to help with their study’s Used to help quit smoking Flip open packaging Whiting gum Newer gum companies focus on social media advertisement People use gum to help with weight lose

Direct Competitors: Bubblicious’s top competitor in the overall gum market is Wrigley’s 5 Gum, within the bubble gum category it is Hubba Bubba. Target Market: 5 Gum-­‐ 14-­‐25 years Hubba Bubba -­‐ 6-­‐17 years Bubblicious – 6-­‐17 years 5 Gum: Stylish, sleek, sporty, edgy Square packagin, 6 Sticks Easy slit in back of packet to open and close Wrapping matches packaging Gum matches the color of outer design. Font colors match “Natural & Artificial flavors” labeled on front Each flavor is given names of 5 dif ferent senses Smell doesn’t match tasty flavor Hubba Bubba: Fun, exciting, energetic Long rectangular packaging, 5 pieces Tear open only Gum wrapper has Hubba Bubba logo on it, as well as cartoon characters Packaging has cartoony effect Packaging different with each flavor uses the colors of the gum The gum inside is represented on the front packet with logo Website on side of package Small square gum Smell is strong, short bubble blowing.

Media Expenditures: 5 Gum (Stats from 2011): 5 Gum has spent $39,176,000 in 2011 total on advertising, which is 17% of the market $31 million is spent on just TV commercials The “How it feels to chew 5 gum� campaign The other 8 million is spent on print, billboard and social media. 5 Gum has both a Twitter a Facebook page Currently the Facebook page has 7 million likes and their twitter has close to 5,000 followers Hubba Bubba: Spends $3.4 million on advertising, which is 5% of the market. DDB Chicago does their advertising and the money is spent on print, billboard, and social media.

Media Plan

Huggies Baby Care Products

Client: Huggies Baby Care Products Parent Company: Kimberly-Clark Brand Background: In 1970 Huggies Diapers was introduced. By 1983 Huggies became the leading premium diapers in the United States. In 1990 Kimberly introduced baby wipes. From the year 2004 until now Kimberly-Clark has been recognized for their Huggies products. Budget: 10 million U.S dollars Sources: MRI+, Neilson Reporter, ect.(listed throughout report)


Tagline: LoveSleep&Play Tagline: Live, Learn, & Get Luvs Total Sales: 9,360,000,000 Total Sales: 292,000,000 Parent Company: Procter & Gamble Parent Company: Procter & Gamble Sources: Corporate Publishing profiles, June 2012. Business Insights. Information obtained by data collected from Supermarkets, Drugstores and Mass Mechandisers.

Strategy Marketing Strategy: expand to new users Increase market share 5% Launch organic and natural baby care products Advertising Strategy: Increase brand awareness with optimal levels of advertising exposure Build awareness in the Northern New Jersey Market Support the new organic product launch Media Strategy: Participate in environments that will inherently maintain and improve the Huggies brand image This method was chosen because it is directional advertising Geography: Huggies brand awareness advertising will focus more on the Northern parts of New Jersey The suburbs are the prime importance We have decided to advertise in this area to increase the BDI and sales Seasonality: Winter: To promote and launch organic and natural baby care products for the dry skin winter brings October-December Spring: Advertise too expectant mothers. Being Summer/Fall months are when most babies are born April-June Summer: Increase awareness to summer products July-September

Target Market ďżź Demographics: Female 18-49 Married/Single HHI 20,000 + High School Graduate/ College Graduate Professional/ Managerial Psychographics: Family Oriented Always on the go Enjoy play-dates with the children Live in suburban areas Own their homes Handles most of the errands for the house Enjoys family dinners ďżź

Proposed Media: OOH

Placement: Advertising in the seasons peak months. October, November, April, May, July, and August. Using Clear Channel Billboards. Each month utilizing 22 facings. In suburban areas near high traffic areas. Rationale: Mothers are usually always on the go. This is a better opportunity for them to see the advertisements. Medium # of units Outdoor Boards 22

Individual Price 151,000

Total Price 906,000

Television Recommendation ďżź

Specifications: Client: Johnson&Johnson Product: Baby Shampoo Flight Dates: 5/13/13-6/16/13 Total Weeks: 5 Target Audience: RW18-49 Secondary Target: RW18-34 Due Date: 2/28/13 Goal: $340,000 Budget Special Instructions: 50% 15’ in access only Program Restrictions: Rotators- Maximum 3 per week, 2 minimum rating, no spots to air 5/27/2013. No court, gossip, or talk shows and no day-part restrictions.

Stations Bought ďżź

WCIU: Receiving 18% of the budget The shows that were bought were the Parkers and Fresh Prince. Both shows had a 2.0 rating Both shows airing during Access Airing 30, 30 second spots between both shows. 15 spots a piece.

WFLD: 30% 0f the budget was spent at this particular station The shows that were bought were King of the Hill, Simpsons, The 70’s Show and Seinfeld The shows rating points ranged from 2-3 points The shows aired during Early Fringe and Access Airing 50, 30 second and 15 second spots

WGN: Receiving 14% of the budget. The shows that were bought were Will and Grace and Everybody Loves Raymond Will and Grace had a 2.0 rating and Raymond had a 3.0 rating Shows aired during Early Fringe and Access Airing 10, 30 second spots for Will and Grace. 15, 15 second spots for Raymond WLS: 21% of the budget was spent at this station The shows are Jeopardy, Early News, Inside Edition and Wheel of Fortune. All shows had a 2.0 rating The shows aired during Early News, Early Fringe and Access Airing 45, 30 second spots WMAQ: 15% of the budget was spent at this station The shows that were bought were Dr. Phil, Extra and Early News. All shows had a 2.0 rating Airing during Early Fringe and Early News. 45, 30 second spots

Goal: DP L Early F 30 Access 30/15

TRPS 50 20/20 90

BGT 35000 33000 68000

CPP 700 825

TRPS BGT 250 175000 200 165000 450 340000

Achieved: L Early F(30) Access (30) Access (15) Early N (30)

TRPS 185 90 100 60

IMP 3885 1890 2100 1260

Cost 143000 85000 62,000 42000

CPP 773 944 620 700

CPM 368 449.7 295 333

Total Spots 85 45 35 30

Exception: Due to market conditions: Only five of the twenty-four early fringe programs met the buying guidelines. There are thirteen talk shows and six shows that delivers less than a 2.0 rating in Chicago. I upgraded early fringe to early news, purchased family friendly rotators and included Dr. Phil’s show to achieve day part goals.

Magazine Recommendation

Client: Johnson&Johnson Product: Baby Shampoo Flight Dates: 6/17/13-12/29/13 Target Audience: W18-49 Secondary: 18-34 Geography: National Unit Size: Page 4/c bleed Budget: 10,000,000 Due Date: 3/21/13

Books Bought Parents: 2.2 million circulation Reaching 1.6 million women Parent magazine provides women with the information and advice needed to raise happy, healthy children Woman’s Day: 3.2 million circulation Reaching 9.7 million women Editorial Calendar: June Great Value, July Summer, August Pets, September Big Savings, October Halloween, November Thanksgiving, December Christmas and New Year’s Eve American Baby: 2 million circulation Reaching 7 million women American Baby addresses the needs and concerns of expectant moms and new moms BH&G: 7.6 circulation Reaches over 21 million women For women who reads BH&G home is where she creates her life story and where she raises her family Family Circle: 4.1 million circulation Reaches about 9 million women Editorial Calendar: July Summer Entertaining Specials, August Family Living, September Back-to-School, October Halloween, November Kitchen Trends, December Festive Holiday House

Parade: 33 million circulation Reaches about 22 million women Newspaper Magazine Rationale: Each magazine has a two month prior closing date with the exception of Parade which had a one month prior closing date. The ads were placed opposite of favorable editorial. With an overall total of 31 insertions. Reaching a total cost of 9.9 million dollars.

Creative Brief

Build awareness to Nike Fashion sneaker category Targeting teens ages12-18 living in urban areas Increase market share by 5%within the next two quarters Deliverables:Print advertisements

Tracks Are  My  Runway  

   Nike Wedge Sneaker… Sleek, Fun, Sexy, Empowering

The power of Nike

Hottest Fashion Week Accessory    

Nike Tennis Shoes…Bold, Hard, Athletic, Powerful

The Power of Nike

Never Get Caught Without Fresh Kicks     Nike Baseball Shoes…Fast, Swift, Fashionable, Unstoppable

The power of Nike

Creative Brief:

Develop a recruitment campaign for the Chicago Police Department Convince consumers that CPD is doing a good job and is a great career choice, tone should be positive, powerful, and inspirational Targeting women ages 21-35, in urban areas, married with children and educated Deliverables: Print advertisements and social media

Who Says Moms Can’t Be Tough     Wanna feel like a days works matter? Join the Chicago Police Department Benefits Of Becoming A Cop: Monthly Family Events Family healthcare packages 401K Keeping the streets of Chicago safe

Fun, Friendly, Fierce

A Woman’s Job is Never Done     Wanna feel like a days works matter? Join the Chicago Police Department Benefits Of Becoming A Cop: Monthly Family Events Family healthcare packages 401K Keeping the streets of Chicago safe

Fun, Friendly, Fierce

Young Women Grow Into Strong Women       Wanna feel like a days works matter? Join the Chicago Police Department Benefits Of Becoming A Cop: Monthly Family Events Family healthcare packages 401K Keeping the streets of Chicago safe

Fun, Friendly, Fierce

Calling All New Recruits          January 6, 2013 @ 6pm Family Night Meet new recruits, bring your family, meet current Police Officers. Enjoy refreshments, conversations and the beginning to a new career path. Take photos with your families and upload them to the Chicago’s Police Department private social website. Get to know your fellow officers. Fun, Friendly, Fierce

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