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QUestions ABOUT internships

Experience speaks.

This is about you. As a Denisonian, you’re being educated to think critically, write, create, adapt, decide, lead, and communicate. And as part of your preparation, you can broaden your skills through the Denison Internship Program. Internships are more important than ever as you define who you are and learn how to connect your liberal arts education to life after Denison. Internships also help connect you with alumni and other employers who are part of the Denison network and dedicated to impacting your career development. Whether you find an internship through DULink or through another source, you can register your experience with us and earn official notation on your transcript. This is where you start, with answers to a few questions. Read on. You might already have ideas. You might not. Either way, Ca r eer E x p lo rat i o n & D e v e lo p m e n t i s h e r e to h e l p.

anna Farrell ’13 (left) National Park Service Youth Intern Program // Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore in Empire, Michigan DURING HER INTERNSHIP, Anna worked with park ranger interpreters, law enforcement, a museum technician, an environmental protection specialist, visitor use assistants, building and utilities maintenance, roads and trails maintenance, island maintenance, natural resource specialists, invasive plants, site restoration, wildlife, and pest management bio-techs.

sKills & QUalities eMploYers Want!

Ability to…  Speak, write & edit

for effective communication  Work in a team

environment  Make decisions &

solve problems  Utilize technology

& software  Plan, organize

& prioritize  Find & process

information  Analyze

Why should I intern?

quantitative data  Influence others SOURCE: Job Outlook 2013, National Association of Colleges and Employers

It allows you to test the waters of a field or discipline. —Shawn ’13 My internship took me to Colorado for 10 weeks. I had a blast! All the research in the world couldn’t match the firsthand knowledge I gained. —Erika ’13 It helps you make connections, explore careers, and enhance your skills. —Allison ’15

Internships distinguish you from others. Any time you have a chance to intern, go for it! —Chelsea ’13 It’s like spending a snapshot of time in someone else’s shoes, perhaps even the shoes of your future self. —Caitlyn ’13 You might also discover what it’s like to live independently, navigate another city, use public transportation, cook, and manage your time and budget. —Daniel ’14 ExpEriEnCE spEaKs: You should intern because the job market is for sure a challenging one. You’ll need access to every tool out there to leverage opportunity for yourself in making and controlling your future. You can’t afford not to intern. —Phil McIntyre ’93 CEO, THE BRAND GALLERY AND PGM ARTISTS

It allows you to create a specified internship that fits your needs. The program also has great connections with opportunities in all fields of work. —Katrina ’13

How is the Denison Internship Program different from other programs?

Many internships are offered by Denison alumni exclusively to Denison students. —Shawn ’13 It’s different in that it can provide extensive and intensive experiences simultaneously. Moreover, it’s convenient and efficient, helping students to locate and accrue experience. It’s intentional, and it’s welcoming to internship providers. —Stetson ’14 ExpEriEnCE spEaKs: There is a close tie for those who have spent time in Granville. There is an established tradition of a strong alumni network that has meaning in helping each other. —Phil McIntyre ’93 CEO, THE BRAND GALLERY AND PGM ARTISTS

Denison alumni offer internships to “pay it forward.” The Denison connection is very powerful, and it allows this internship program to stand out. —Dr. Jason Hurbanek ’99 HINSDALE ORTHOPAEDIC ASSOCIATES

samuel esarey ’13 NASA Glenn Research Center, Energy Conversion Laboratory // Cleveland, Ohio SAMUEL SUCCESSFULLY CREATED a nanoporous block copolymer template and learned about crystalline structures, solid state physics, and how to use a number of analytical instruments. He created a report of his findings, which will be used as a reference in a scientific journal article, in which he will be named a co-author. And he was asked to return for a four-week summer internship and to reapply for an internship the following summer.

Should my career plans be decided before interning? Not at all. It may be to your advantage if you aren’t sure what you want to do in the long run. It allows you to be more flexible with opportunities. —Katrina ’13 It’s best to go into an internship with an open mind. You could miss out on excellent learning experiences if you think you have to wed yourself to a career path before interning. —Stetson ’14 Part of the fun of interning is figuring out what fits for you and what doesn’t. —Erika ’13 Having a list of three or four possibilities isn’t a bad idea. —Daniel ’14 Even if you are one of the lucky few who have known what you want to do since the age of two, you should go into it looking to explore the job to its fullest. —Hannah ’14 Don’t be afraid to not have things set in stone. You’ll get there! —Michael ’13 The liberal arts teach you that the world is complex and there are many ways to do things, so by all means, consider your path to be ever-changing. Internships provide a great channel for shaping your career plans, giving you the space to try things out before committing to a full-time position. —Caitlyn ’13 ExpEriEnCE spEaKs: You may be surprised! Doing an internship may help you decide not to go into a field that you had been considering. —Dr. Anne Taylor ’86 THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER

DURING HIS INTERNSHIP, David participated in lab research and learned biochemical research techniques, including chromatin immunoprecipitation (CHIP), cloning, primer engineering and sterile procedure. He also worked on identifying the function of a specific protein in E. coli and presented his data to a room of peers and professionals. He gained solid experience, useful contacts, and was asked to apply for an Emerging Infectious Disease Fellowship after graduation.

David abbott ’13 New York State Department of Health // Wadsworth Center for Medical Sciences in Albany, New York

When is the best time to look? The earlier the better. DULink is a good place to start. —Yiqing ’15 You can look for internships year-round. Don’t be afraid to ask professors if they have recommendations of places where students have had success in the past. —Daniel ’14 The best time to start looking is now. Never let opportunities pass by. —Stetson ’14 It never hurts to drop in Career Exploration & Development and have a talk with them. Also, ask around. Your parents, friends, and professors may have connections. —Michael ’13 It’s not limited to any certain time of year. You never know when your dream opportunity might show up. CE&D has great resources. The most important thing is that you are always on the lookout. —Hannah ’14

insiDer tip

DEaD LinEs Every internship has its own application due date

anna Cohen ’14 American Jewish World Service // Pader, Uganda ANNA COHEN ’14 (LEFT) WAS INSPIRED to look further into issues of international aid and human rights after engaging in an internship through the American Jewish World Service in Uganda. She describes her work with this NGO as life-changing and is confident that she positively impacted others through her work.

ExpEriEnCE spEaKs: The timing is an individual choice. The best time to do an internship is when you have developed a sense of what might be of interest. It makes sense to “test the waters” with an internship. What makes Denison unique is that our internship program is not tied to a particular period in your academic career, but to your readiness to take on an experience that will provide breadth and depth, helping you to understand your career capacity and the world of work. —Kathleen Powell DIRECTOR, CAREER EXPLORATION & DEVELOPMENT

Kaini Zhou ’13 Eli Klein Fine Art // New York, New York KAINI DESIGNED THE OFFICIAL POSTCARD FOR ZHANG GONG’S solo exhibition. She facilitated pricing and contract-writing between the gallery and Chinese artists. She helped with curating, installation and de-installation of paintings, photographs, and sculptures for the gallery and its clients. The experience validated her belief that she would like to join the field, either as an artist or as a gallery director.

Does Denison provide support for housing or transportation? Yes. I was awarded a stipend, and it allowed me to work at two unpaid internships. —Allison ’15 Denison students are fortunate to benefit from a network of generous donors and supporters, and I’m grateful to have been able to take advantage of the opportunities from my unpaid internship. —Erika ’13 Denison’s support was the sole reason why I was able to complete two internships in one summer. —Shawn ’13

There is a process through which you can apply for a stipend. The money you could be allotted is limited to a certain amount, but the stipend can help to offset housing and transportation costs. —Caitlyn ’13 ExpEriEnCE spEaKs: We are privileged to offer a competitive internship stipend program funded by dedicated Denison alumni and employer partners. This program is just one of many ways students can interact with our team as they build four-year plans focused on individual goals and interests. —Brian Collingwood ASSISTANT DIRECTOR, CAREER EXPLORATION & DEVELOPMENT

Yes! I was offered a full-time position less than a month after the end of my internship. I even had the choice of six locations and decided on NYC even though my internship was in Chicago. —Lily ’13 Reebok not only gave me strong recommendations on my LinkedIn profile, but provided me with opportunities for employment after I graduate. —Michael ’13 You’ll be more confident presenting your résumé and going into interviews with past experience to draw from. —Daniel ’14

Do internships lead to jobs after graduation?

There is a possibility they can. More importantly, I believe they help you to decide what career you want to pursue after college. —Allison ’15 The experience of an internship enhances your application for future positions, meaning it directly applies to jobs after graduation. —Caitlyn ’13 Yes, if the company or organization thinks you are a great fit for them. I was offered a job from the company that I interned with over the summer. —Katrina ’13 ExpEriEnCE spEaKs: Internships are one of the top attractions to employers when they look at job candidates. Regardless of whether the internship is related to a student’s future job, interns grow from their experience. —Christy Fayette ’12 UNDERWRITING ASSISTANT, PROSIGHT SPECIALTY INSURANCE

Caroline harris ’13 and amélie Colwell ’13 International Trademark Association// New York, New York CAROLINE (LEFT) AND AMÉLIE interned with Laura Castle ’08 at the International Trademark Association. This internship at INTA educated Caroline and Amélie on the field of trademarks and intellectual property as they engaged in stimulating projects that involved market research, social media, and membership development.

Career Exploration & Development offers the Denison Internship Program and other services, events, and workshops that help students connect with alumni and employers.

Thanks! With special thanks to all the student interns, members of the alumni network, and employer partners who make the Denison Internship Program so successful, including Stetson Thacker ’14, who interned at Cleveland Clinic and Genomics Medicine Institute; Erika Johnson ’13, who interned at Douglas County District Court, Colorado; Daniel Persia ’14, who interned with La Plaza in Indianapolis, Indiana; Allison Scarlott ’15, who interned at Indianapolis Monthly and Susan Brooks for Congress; Chelsea Flowers ’13, who interned at Headlands Center for the Arts; Hannah Selinsky ’14, who interned at Underdogs, MS Entertainment; Michael Chung ’13, who interned at Reebok; Yiqing Tang ’15, who interned at Annie’s Blue Ribbon General Store; Caitlyn Battaglia ’13, who interned at The Neilsen Company; Shawn Whites ’13, who interned at Kravitz Law Office LLC and U.S. Federal District Court; Lily Hutson ’13 who interned at Marsh; Katrina Tijerina ’13, who interned at Instituto Cultural Steve Biko, Brazil; Phil McIntyre ’93, CEO, The Brand Gallery and PGM Artists; Christy Fayette ’12, underwriting assistant, ProSight Specialty Insurance; Dr. Anne Taylor ’86, The Ohio State University Medical Center; Dr. Jason Hurbanek ’99, Hinsdale Orthopaedic Associates.

DULink 140 Where alumni and other employers post internship opportunities for DU students

Surveyed internship supervisors who noted DU interns’ overall performance as excellent or good



Thanks to all the students and alumni who contributed photos and reflections.



Paper from responsible sources

FSC® Cxxxxxx



Every internship has its own application due date

DU summer internships supported by stipends throughout 2011 and 2012

Stipends Offset the costs of housing and transportation related to unpaid internships—apply!


Minimum total internship hours to max out the experience

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Surveyed DU interns who expressed confidence in their career direction after interning:

95 25 percent

DU international summer internships in 2011 and 2012

DU interns encouraged by their supervisors to apply for full-time, part-time, and/or additional internship opportunities at the end of their experiences




The percentage of DU students who should meet one-on-one with a career advisor

DU internships happen around the world

Earn it through the Denison Internship Program


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